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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Saturday 28 April 2012


\o/ I'm always ready to catch you, dearrrrrrr...

Friday 16 December 2011


Nakamaru’s Page No. 786
Dated : 16.12.2011

Good evening
I’m Nakamaru Yuichi

We did Taguchi's "I like this present nya"

Previously, Taguchi had 3 points and won the game. Hence, we've restarted the game

The presents are as follow:

- Watch and gloves set

- Drinks set which Taguchi likes

- Refrigerator

- Family game console

As to who have prepared the above presents:

- Watch and gloves set

- Drinks set

- Refrigerator

- Family game console

You can roughly guess who is the winner~

Taguchi picked the watch and gloves set

That means Kame received 1 point

Indeed, I didn't think that I'll get that point

I'll work hard the next time!
Happy Birthday, Taguchi-kun!

By the way, changing the topic, I made Aglio e Olio (pasta) yesterday

It was delicious

Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

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Monday 21 November 2011


Do Choco & Mister know there's a lot of girls out there wanna be kissed by their Master too? What are lucky dogs ne~

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Sunday 18 September 2011


Yeah, I know he won't come... AHAHA




The “SOUND” that has the summer feeling
The "zaza" sound of waves! I like that so much. Since I don’t go near the see when it’s not summer, when I hear it I feel “it’s summer, right~”. If it’s a sound I hear during the day, then it’s probably the cicada’s voice. The wind-bell sound is fine too, but with the cicadas I feel the summer more.

Nakamaru’s indispensable summer item
Half pants. Every year I buy and add them, I already went to buy this year ones 3 days before. When I wear half pants, more than thinking about what wearing on top, I’m concerned about what to match on the feet. I often use sneakers also in summer. I already said that with sandals I’m afraid toes will be hurt, but recently I thought “this year, let’s try wearing sandals” and went to buy them. But that time there wasn’t my size… I’ll obtain them and this summer I’ll try to have my sandal debut.

The “small happiness” of summer
The simple feeling you have after taking a shower. That refreshing sense doesn’t stop, right~ In summer, even if you stay at home, you become all sticky at once, right? Then when I feel my skin being sticky I want to take a shower. I don’t do the shampoo every time I wash, so my hair become all curly for the humidity (laughs) but I leave them as they are. Since during summer I am very rough also in clothes, also a rough lifestyle is summer-ish.

The care that I want girls to have because it’s summer
When we go out by car, the fact she buys drinks while I’m taking out the car. Since in hot summers drinks becomes particularly necessary, I’m grateful for it. If she does it voluntary, she really helps me. Like, if she does this for me, inside of me that girl surely takes points! Being caring, it’s impossible that a girl suffers a loss! Parenthesis, actually this kind of care… I’ve never received it by a girl! (Bitter smile)

Recent happening
Recently I’m studying soccer in private time a lot. I’ve become like a physical education student! (laughs) Now, I’m consulting the teacher about the nature of the direction of the thesis, and thinking about it is fun, it can’t be helped. What I’m studying is culture and humanistic faculty, but I was suggested by the teacher “what about taking as theme the showbiz world?”. Now I’m exactly studying media literacy, and I was also told “If you research for 2 years, you can release it as book”, so now I’m totally in this mood (laughs). What I have interest in but are unrelated to the research are “media”, military affairs”, “international situation with East Asia as center”, but outside media there isn’t something I’m good at, and all around the world the media argument is becoming a hot topic too, so I think it’s perfect. Actually, if it will become a book or not… please wait 2 years after I can finish writing my thesis! (laughs)

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JUNE 2011

Celebrate!! 5 years since CD debut and 10 years since formation!!

---The day of the 5th and 10th anniversary, Tanaka-kun sent a message to all the members?!
Ko: yes, yes! And as a response I received from Nakamaru a really nonsensical picture. (laughs)
N: I thought it was funny! (laughs) It doesn’t matter how many years has passed, fundamentally we haven’t changed so much.
Ka: Yeah. But compared to the past, we’ve became able to talk, right?
Ko: We can also have serious discussions now.
U: Probably we achieved even a sense of responsibility.
Ko: In those 3 months after we were formed, we said “let’s do a serious chat”. “The KAT-TUN meeting” (laughs)
N: But there were also times we didn’t know what was the right choice.
Ka: It happens a lot, right? First, there’s the time “let’s do our best as a group”, and then we start solo activities… For KAT-TUN, wasn’t that time long? I think that now is the time when each one achieves power through individual activities and then enforce the unity of the group again. There’s the feeling we reached a new start.

--What do you think the “KAT-TUN-style” is?
N: As expected, the rap must be the charming point.
Ko: Stupid!
All: (laugh)
N: it disproves the Johnny’s image…
Ka: Bald head! (laughs) The first time I met Nakamaru he was bald, right?
N: No, it’s wrong (laughs). I had hair.
Ka: They let us act freely, so we are said we aren’t Johnny’s-like, but recently it seems that more than us, among the young generation people similar to us have increased… How to say, I’ve got the feeling we destroyed the “Johnny’s-style”, so we also feel a bit of sense of responsibility for that… (laughs).
Ko: It’s not that we ourselves don’t want to be Johnny’s-like…
Ka: Isn’t your face’s fault, Koki? (laughs)
N: Because you don’t have a Johnny’s-like face (laughs)
Ko: (laughs) Taguchi has a look “I’m different”
J: Why?! (laughs)

--This spring many people had a new start in a new environment; among KAT-TUN’s members too, there’s someone that has started a new TV program! In this new [working] place, what is your endeavor?
Ko: I’m already into the flow.
U: Me too. After I reach the place…
Ko: Because you don’t need to feel nervous.
U: Yes, I think you must read that moment’s atmosphere and correspond with it.
Ko: Taguchi is a steel heart. (laughs) [T/N: meaning he follows his own rules.]
J: (laughs) If [the new environment] is school, I think it’s fine to look for friends starting from familiar matching interests.
Ka: right. For me, during “Going! Sport&News”, I seal my KAT-TUN self. Because when we appear as KAT-TUN we are the main focus, but “GOING” is a sport program and the protagonists are the baseball players.

--The best part of the new song “WHITE”!
U: It’s a positive and cheerful song. It’s a melody line that can be listened to by a wide range of class of people and it lets a new side of KAT-TUN to appear, among all KAT-TUN songs.
N: It’s refreshing~ Since it’s also in a cosmetic CM, I’d be happy if even women in their 20-30s will listen to it.
Ko: There are also many coupling songs, what’s your favourite one?
Ka: I like “PERFECT”.
U: People who listen to this song can become energetic. I also like how the strings in the intro are inserted.
Ko: It’s beautiful, right. And Taguchi?
J: I like “PERFECT” too. It’s a song with a strong message.
Ko: because it’s a cheering song for the present era. I’m touched when I hear it in the CM and I think “Our song is like this”.
N: The refreshing image of the song perfectly fits the CM, I was happy.
U: It’s like the original freshness of the song grew even bigger with the CM.
J: Since it’s often broadcasted as CM, I’d be happy if you will remember it as a KAT-TUN’s song.
N: Both the song and the CM have a multiplier effect for each other’s image.
Ko: “Yuuki no hana” is a KAT-TUN-like cheering song. It’s our way to express support in our own style.
Ka: Since it’s a song that was created when we said by ourselves “We want to do such a song!”, I think it has become a song that has a KAT-TUN-like message.
J: Because what we can do is all of us to sing a song and then deliver it to everyone. I would be happy if something will be delivered to the heart of the listeners after listening to it.
U: Also the lyrics, it’s a song composed with all of our ideas, so I’d like you to listen to it with knowing this basis.
Ko: “SILENCE” is cool too!
N: Yes. After the earthquake, when everyone had lost their energy, we thought of the people living in the East Japan and wanted them to go back to positive emotions like “Let’s do our best!”, so we created this song.
J: In the lyrics, smiles are compared to “flowers”, but we would be happy if you will make many “smiles” bloom while you listen to it.


Rain man: NAKAMARU (4 votes: Kamenashi/Taguchi/Tanaka/Ueda)
N: Because~~ I’ve got frizzy hair and are weak to the rain (laughs)

Troubleking: TANAKA (Unanimously)
Ko: It’s me, right. I thought it goes without saying.
Ka: You’re a problem wherever you go!
Ko: because I’m called “the walking troublemaker” (laughs)

Travelking: TAGUCHI (4 votes: Taguchi/Tanaka/Ueda/Nakamaru)
Ka: Taguchi goes to Hawaii, to the hot springs, to many places!
J: In Macao I stopped to MGM (A great casino chain famous in Las Vegas)
All: Oooh~ (laughs)

The king of shopping: NAKAMARU (3 votes: Tanaka/Ueda/Nakamaru)
N: I’m good in judging between the “pay attention” side and the “it fine not to pay attention” side, right? It’s this, right? Eh?! It isn’t? (laughs)

Crybaby King: TAGUCHI (3 votes: Tanaka/Ueda/Nakamaru)
U: Taguchi cries at moments I don’t quite understand (laughs)
J: Because I’m very easily moved. Even for films, I cry constantly.
Ko: Also when we took part at the “24 jikan TV” you cried a lot (laughs)
N: When he goes to theatrical plays, he will surely cry watching a sword-fight scene (laughs). Even at “SHOCK”, Takki’s play, he cried!

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...coz our boys love it...teehehehee


Image training before the concert is YES.
Ka: This time the theme is to decide many “YES-NO” things. What do you think, shall we talk about our bad and daily habits?
J: If we talk about habits, Koki always listen to loud volume music in front of everyone, right?
N: Ah, for example before lives, right?
Ko: I do it to raise the tension before the real thing, so it’s absolutely ok!
N: Looking at that hyper Koki my tension raises (laughs)
Ka: But each one of us has different favourite artists.
J: Yes, exactly~! There’s no artist that we all agree “I like this one, I want to listen to him”. What shall we do next time?
U: In this case it can’t be helped, everyone listens to his favourite music using earphones. (laughs)
J: So scattered away! (laughs)
N: Ah, it just came to mind now, but there’s a soccer team that reunites very 1st class players in which they watch their great plays all together before the match. It seems that they look at themselves and their tension raises, sort of “we can do it!”. Don’t you think that this would be fine?
Ka: I understand. I heard that also many baseball players, before a match, watch a recording of their perfect batting and do image training.
N: I want to do it with KAT-TUN too, is this a YES?
J: Eh, watching a recording of ourselves on purpose before a live?
Ko: No, isn’t it good even if it’s not a record of us? For example using a record of a skilled singer artist, I’m sure there’s surely a part that receives a good influence.
U: Exactly the image training Kame said before! I think that watching skilled people and studying them is a YES.
N: Then the conclusion is…
Ka: …a NO! (laughs)
N: Eeh?!
Ka: Or better, it’s because Koki and I are the type that wants to go outside and move the body before the real show, more than staying backstage.
Ko: Talking about it, one time it happened that Kame and I played badminton before the show. I remember we sweated a lot because we settled a rule not to stop until we could do 50 consecutive exchanges.
J: What would it happened if you didn’t manage?
Ka: Don’t worry, after all we are KAT-TUN (laughs)
Ko: It’s unrelated to Taguchi, but after all we are KAT-TUN.
J: I’m KAT-TUN too! (laughs)
Ka: By the way, when last year we did the “7 days in Tokyo dome”, one time after a rehearsal I went out, bought a jersey and a bat and played baseball.
Ko: Maa, in short, isn’t good if each one spends his time in his own style before the real show?
U: Exactly.
Ka: There’s no need to overdo and rise the tension too much either.
Ko: Because during the live it rises a bunch anyway (laughs)

Garlic in KAT-TUN style is a YESYES!
Ka: Then the next chat should be the YES-NO about food. What’s the YES sauce for shabushabu?
N: Recently something like yuzukoshou plus ponzu.[t/n: 2 condiments. The first has yuzu zest and chile peppers, the second soy sauce and vinegar]
Ko: For me, it’s sesame sauce on meat and ponzu on vegetables.
U: For me, when there’s rice I use sesame sauce.
J: Sesame sauce is popular. For me sesame is a NO. I like eating it with simple soup most.
Ka: Eh, really? For me the best YES is ponzu+garlic.
U: Ah, garlic is good.
Ko: I also surely add garlic.
J: It’s indeed good.
N: Then, from now on let’s talk sticking to the garlic (laughs). Is It right to say that for all of us garlic is a YES?
All: YES, YES!
J: Really, everyone in KAT-TUN likes garlic~ If we go out to eat, we would surely eat it.
Ka: I eat it a lot at home too, I always have a stock.
U: Me too, when I cook gyoza at home I add plenty of it!
Ka: Seriously, I can distinguish the difference in taste of chopped garlic types sold by different makers.
J: Then next time let’s do a match for the best garlic! (laughs) choosing the garlic: “The garlic I chose isn’t this maker’s!”
Ka: I’ve got a strong mistake-proof confidence in my ability.
Ko: Then, girls often says “if I eat garlic I’m worried about the smell”, but that isn’t something to be worried about.
U: Yes, yes. It’s delicious so it’s fine eating it.
Ko: “If everyone eats garlic all together you aren’t afraid anymore”.
Ka: Shall we make it this year’s KAT-TUN’s theme? (laughs)
N: What kind of group are we? (laughs)
Ka: If you add sesame oil to grated garlic it becomes even more delicious!
(the 5 continues discussing with passion about garlic)
J:… isn’t it better to change topic now? (laughs)

Looking at mails without consulting, it’s a NO from whichever point of view!
Ka: The next one is the romantic love’s YES-NO!
Ko: Eating dishes with garlic at a date is a YES or NO?
N: That’s enough! (laughs)
Ka: Then for example, looking at the lover’s mails without permission is a YES or NO?
Ko+U-N: NO!
J: I think it’s no problem being a YES.
All: Really?!
N: Here he comes, Taguchi!
U: You, it’s time to spiritually awake! (laughs) It’s unimaginable to look at people’s mails!
Ko: Or better, it’s morally unacceptable!
Ka: It’s unbelievable to look at people’s things at your own pleasure.
J: Eh, but you know, judging from the girl doesn’t it become “he can’t show me it because there’s something fishy, he must be hiding something”?
All: No, it’s different!
J. Really?
Ka: Because it’s the same of peeking at what’s inside the heart at your pleasure, no?
Ko: Yes, yes. In my case, I think I’d break the instant she looks at it.
U: Because it’s the proof you don’t trust the other.
N: Taguchi, it’s better if you pay attention to this everyone’s strict opinion (laughs)
J: No, really it’s fine for me~
U: Ah, no no. Let’s change this month’s issue contents into “This side of Taguchi is wrong” (laughs)
J: Eh?
Ka: It looks like that if we begin such a discussion we won’t be able to stop, so let’s continue with the next topic, ok? (laughs) What do you think that’s a NO about girls’ fashion?
Ko: I already said it in POTATO time ago, but for me names like “leggings” and “salopette” are a NO. Aren’t “spats” and “overall” fine?
Ka: Then, how’s called the thing you have on your ear, Koki?
Ko: What, the pierced earring? [=piasu]
Ka: Ah, that’s correct to call it pierced earring [=piasu]. It isn’t an earring. (laughs) [=mimiwa. It implies it isn’t pierced, so typical female, and it’s a word that has an old-fashion taste]
J: Ahahah, earring! [=mimiwa]
Ko: it isn’t! Then, necklace is “neck ring”? Bracelet is “wrist-ring”? Which era is this! (laughs) [T/N: Koki is comparing the more common English name for those accessories with the related old-fashioned kanji version. Since earring=ear+ring, Koki says necklace=kubiwa (which means “collar” too) and bracelet=udewa]
Ka: No, it’s the same of those. Even leggings, they have changed many times together with the era, and in this changing process the names changed too. That’s what I think.
U: Ah~ of course, got it.
N: For me this isn’t important, I think that’s more a NO men of a couple walking in the city whom bring the woman’s bag in her behalf.
All: That’s a NO~
J: Or better, it’s the wrong usage.
Ko: I understand if you carry a heavy load, but isn’t weird that the man carries anything and everything?
U: It is!
Ka: I think the same. Yeah, finally we’ve got the same opinion! (laughs) Then to conclude, work talk. On 18th May our new song “WHITE” will be released, I also want to do to a concert soon.
N: Yes. Exactly because it’s after the earthquake, I want to go on stage holding stronger than usual the consciousness of “let’s show we can transmit energy!”
U: Because holding concerts this year has a great meaning for us.
Ko: The direction and the concept of the stage aren’t decided yet, but as Nakamaru said, right now the feelings of wanting to enjoy and give energy to everyone are very strong.
J: Exactly because the concerts are an important place where we can become one with everyone, I want to properly prepare it and offer a good product.
Ka: While considering the many state of affairs, we will think about the best ways and show you something that we can accomplish!

translations credit to iside89


Nakamaru Yuuichi's "Please give the idea to me”

This time I didn’t paint a “find the mistake”. I wanted to answer to some requests so I draw 2 cartoon characters’ themes. There were plenty of requests for [drawing] the members, so I chose the dog races one, but I didn’t draw them skillfully. Members also commented a lot, but this time I tried to persist with my ideas.
Then, I also answered to a spring taste request.

REQUEST 1: I always look forward to this WU’s corner. My drawing request is: drawing some cartoon characters of different dog races. I like Nakamaru-kun’s drawing touch, I really would like to see this one. I have a Chihuahua at home so I’d be glad if there was a Chihuahua. (Penname: none)

I tried to draw and answer to the request “draw the members as dog characters”. Probably the image of KAT-TUN keeping dogs is quite widespread. I have received such a request many times. For this reason I challenged it today. There were many opinions from the members saying that "*different race* is good", but this time I ignored their opinions and drew them as I thought (laughs)


Kamechs: It doesn’t eat anything but good dog food. An innate high-level dog.
Nakamaru’s comment: Isn’t Kame a bit Dachshund-like? And isn’t he keeping a Dachshund? Then I made him a Dachshund. Also this dog’s nature is similar to Kame’s. He has simply become a dog (laughs)

Collinosuke: it sleeps a lot and has a warm behavior. Always sleepy.
Nakamaru’s comment: I don’t know its real behavior, but at first glance it looks a quiet dog, so I thought Taguchi as a Collie. It’s my mental image, so I don’t know if it’s fitting.

Doberkoki: It eats meat and doesn’t eat vegetables. Intimidates other dogs.
Nakamaru’s comment: I thought Koki as a Doberman. How to say, I thought that their intimidating characters were similar. [This Koki’s portrait] was well received by Ueda too.

Beagleyuichi: A conservative.
Nakamaru’s Comment: At first I thought of drawing another kind of dog race, but I couldn’t draw it decently so I stopped. Beagleyuichi is a conservative character, so it’s a character similar to me.

Tatsuyatian: It likes to move and is restless. A character that likes running. Friendly.
Nakamaru’s comment: You know, Ueda was the most difficult! Actually I wanted to draw that one… the small size fluffy dog that looks like a stuffed toy… what’s its name? That one that’s very popular now… ah! Toy poodle! Yes, I drew him as a toy poodle but it wasn’t a good drawing so I made him a Dalmatian.

REQUEST 2: In spring cherry blossoms bloom, many insects come out, it has a warm image, so I’d like you do draw something using “spring” as theme. (Penname: none)

I suppose that when this number is on sale the Hanami season will be already finished, but during this interview cherry blossoms are exactly in full blossom, so I answered to this request. Kame asked me to let him think about one character name, but it didn’t change so much from the one I chose, so I rejected it (laughs)


(clockwise order)

SAKURA: When the best bloom season arrives, everyone looks for the sakura tree. Hibernant (animals) or sleeping people exit outside.
HACCHII (sounds like “bee”): It moves a lot. It thinks a lot about his companions and it’s trusted by people.
TSUGURU AND TSUKUMOCCHAN: They were waiting for the spring. They’re really happy for the long-awaited spring that has arrived. Their behavior is kind. They’re an “indoor” type, so while it’s cold they hide and play games.
ASUKA AND SAYAKA (the 2 flowers): They like girls talk very much. They only talk about Make-up, nails, sweets.
JUSTINE/JUSTIN (the sexless ladybug LOL): It’s right in the middle of enjoying this spring. It’s warm so it becomes sleepy. Following the weather, it feels happy.

translations credit to iside89


Really?... but I was born with dark skin. I can't change my skin colour to white even if I used a thousand tubes of Sofina Whitening *face palms* Luckily, they mentioned about cheering up Office Ladies with their songs... LOLOLOL~ I feel counted!

Dated : 14th of May 2011

WHITE, the new song that they want to deliver regardless of the scene or age

---“WHITE” is a song that has another different atmosphere compared to your 2 previous singles.
Ko: yes, but actually we dance a lot even in “WHITE”.
U: Surely the time we won’t dance will never arrive, for us…. So depressing! (laughs)
N: No no, let’s do our best! (laughs)

---The point of view of the lyrics?
U: The first one is from the eyes of a woman, the chorus is a general point of view, and the second one is from the eyes of a man. For this reason, we would like you to listen and notice this too.
N: If [the song] impresses adult women too, it will be good.
J: I think it would be nice if it can become a song loved by everyone, regardless of the scene or the age.

---It’s the CM song for the Sofina whitening, what do you think about women who pay attention to white skin?
J: Women who pay attention to everything are fine, right?
U: Yes, it’s fine.
Ko: You know, I think “Women pay attention, men just pay”. [T/N: ROTFL. Koki says a word play that sounds like “Women use attention, men use money”. Koki, you’re smart XD]
All: Ooh~
Ko: I think it’s a wonderful thing to be conscious of beauty, but more than that Sofina (emphasizes and) exists to become beautiful.
J: Sofi~na~
Ka: At the end, that peace of mind is important. With a Panasonic beauty’s feeling. Fufu (laughs)

---Which production is the PV?
Ko: I think it’s since “White X’mas” that we always say we want to film a PV without dance. I thought “Finally we could!”
Ka: The project says we all went to the same University; then 5 years after the graduation we go back another time to that University.
J: In the scene where we pass around the picture of our 5 in the pass case, looking at a picture of the debut time, Koki was bald! (laughs) So we were all naturally laughing (laughs)
N: A behind the scenes info (laughs) [*]

---About the dressing room corner’s special clip?
Ka: Nakamaru’s project!
N: it’s the best! Because it had many improvements.
J: It was very amusing! It’s a darts competition. Like 1, 2, 3, darts! (wide smile)
Ko: ….amusing, yes. (bitter smile)
J: Even a miracle happened. Particularly Uepi’s miracle was incredible. I’m trying to lift up the hurdle of “It’s amusing, so watch it!” (laughs)
N: Ok! (laughs)

---It passed 1 year from “Going!”, another song with the same white image.
All: (surprised) it was so long ago?!
J: Indeed, we sang it at the lives.
N: So old!
Ko: Well, Nakamaru grew old!
U: Yeah~
N: Ehy, Ueda is my same age! (laughs)
Ko: You danced only this much, but you can dance only other 2 years!
All: ahahahah! (laughs)
N: No no no! (laughs)

KAT-TUN’s coupling song “PERFECT” performance’s behind-the-scenes

--- “PERFECT” was sung very soon at a music show.
Ko: We did it with all our might because we too wanted to communicate, and we received really favorable reviews by Arashi’s members and the staff around.
J: It was good. It was really worth doing it!

---The dance in perfect step is the best part.
Ka: There have been results for practicing reeeally a lot.
Ko: Because we were able to meet many times and made our bodies absorb [the choreography].
J: My feet were full of blisters!
N: Yes, we had blisters!
J: On top of that the theme of the choreography is “to join”, so both the positions follow it and how the steps matches are the main point.
Ko: Because there are lots of songs during the lives with unison dance.

---After the performance, Ueda-kun was talking to Kamenashi-kun…?
U: This guy got the choreography wrong!
Ka: ……… yes. (bitter smile)
Ko: We all noticed it, because he was wrong of about 2 counts (laughs)
Ka: After the highest note, I mistook completely the enter timing (laughs)
U: When we ended singing the song, I scolded him for 20 minutes! (laughs)
N: Recently you’re saying many lies! (laughs)
U: Uhahaha! (laughs)
Ka: As compensation, I gave Ueda the dog he currently has.
U: True, true! (laughs)
Ka: Saying “sorry” (laughs)
N: Don’t enforce a lie with another lie! (laughs)
Ko: And then I entered as mediator and said “Come on, come on, Ueda, don’t say too much, Kame did his best too!”
N: Then at the end they came to me to consult and we settled everything! (laughs)

---In the meanwhile Taguchi?
U: He was taking notes!
J: ahahah! (laughs)
Ko: Taguchi is the secretary! (laughs) Well, the fact he mistook the choreo is true, but from that line on they were all lies! (laughs)

---The rap is strong too.
Ko: This time it happened by chance, but I wanted to support people who are giving their best, saying “you’re not alone!” and “if you do your best you’ll be rewarded”.
J: You really thought about it~ The word count of it is more than the main part.
Ko: It’s more than the first chorus (laughs)
U: It keeps changing every time. This person called JOKER, I think he’s a man of talent that born every 50 years.
Ka: There are few of them, yeah. (laughs)
Ko: Our songs are really saved by this JOKER-san (laughs)
N: It’s you! (laughs)

---In the chorus there is Nakamaru-kun’s effect voice hidden too.
N: At the end of the chorus, yes!
J: The “e-e-e-e“ part!
N: It’s the chorus, but I wonder if the effect takes too much and it can’t be recognized as a human voice (laughs). But during concerts I want to do it live.
J: I want to do the “uh!” at the end of the “TOMORROW” in the chorus all together. I would like that even the audience says “hyu!” with a shrill feeling.

The songs and messages which include the present thoughts of the five boys

---“Yuuki no hana” is a sweet song, it starts with the piano.
Ka: About this song, we created it with the keyword “it’s directed to the stricken area’s [victims]” inside of us.
U: The intro reminds a bit about “Battlefield’s Merry Christmas” [T/N: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence in English].
J: It has that kind of atmosphere.
Ko: It’s really a good song! It worries me that it starts from me though (laughs)
J: It’s strange that Koki starts singing.
Ka: But the lyrics “pierrot” and “come next to me” are Koki-like.
Ko: The “Ueda and I” harmony is also weird, and Ueda’s falsetto is beautiful. Even Kame’s singing voice has a different feeling.
Ka: This song is good, almost to want to make it a single cut!

---“SILENCE” is a song that only KAT-TUN can do.
Ko: The rap in this song is sung in a bit “sigh-like” way.
U: It’s a KAT-TUN-like song, we want to make sure not to lose such an element either.
Ka: “WHITE” and “PERFECT” are songs that they let us sing inside the image of the CM. Considering this, the remaining 2 songs are the ones created with our message, so more than saying they’re rich of variety, probably they include lots of elements.

---Considering all the songs, the harmony is impressive, what is your favourite combination?
Ka: I like Nakamaru’s voice! We harmonize together very often too.
J: I like Nakamaru-kun’s voice too!
U: My part has the image that I’m often with Taguchi.
Ko: Ueda’s high notes are beautiful, Taguchi’s harmony fits too, so the originality creates good stuff and I like all of them.
J: It seems the next combination patterns will become fun~
Ka: Because they aren’t fixed, right?
U: It will be good if we can create new expressions with many combinations.

---Then, send a message to the fans who are giving their best in different situations!
J: I think there are many people like Office Ladies and salary men that suffer of letdown/depression, so I’d like them to cheer up with these songs!
N: There are also many people who are giving their best on work activities. Now I think it’s difficult, but there is also the stream of the society, so if listening to our support songs like “perfect” they become more positive without giving in, I would be happy.
Ko: Now the feeling “I would like you to be strong and do your best” is stronger than before, I want to be strong and do our best together. If even one person thanks to our performances will think “I will give my best even more”, as response we will do our best too. I think it would be good if we can create this wheel.
U: As first thing it would be good if the audience listen to the song and enjoy it. Then, probably the best would be if their positive intentions rise, or better if they can become happier.
Ka: I think there are many people who are living in a difficult situation, but I think also that the “feeling” of that time is very strong. It would be good if even from this single such a feeling firmly arrives. I would be glad if, even just a bit, they could become happier, if both we and they could be positive!

translations credit to iside89

Saturday 10 September 2011

ROBAMARU (。♥‿♥。)

Dated : 6th of September 2011

Tatchan : How are you~ It's Ueda Tatsuya
Yuichi : Good evening, Nakamaru Yuichi .
Tatchan: It’s Radio commercial! It is 283 episode. Nakamaru-kun, Happy birthday!
Yuichi : Thank you very much
Tatchan: (…pa ) ~ **Very lame and soft hand clapping**
Yuichi : Hey, do clap properly!
Tatchan: Laugh
Yuichi : Oh well, 04/09 and I have turned28 years old!
Tatchan: The eldest in KAT-TUN
Yuichi : Yes…..yes
Tatchan:Please work hard a in the group!
Yuichi : Oh well…I want to work hard..but...
When we were turning 20 years old, weren’t people surrounding us saying that “you will feel it’s fast from 20 years old onward” ?
Tatchan: Yes, they said so
Yuichi : Now, I feel in that way!
Tatchan: So how is it? I want to hear your feeling
Yuichi : It was very fast! From turning 27 to 28, I really think that time really flies
Tatchan: Yes, yes
Yuichi : So, I became older
Tatchan: Getting old from 27 years old is quick hey?
Yuichi : Neh~ are you doing the countdown lately?
Tatchan: Yes I did. It’s a real feeling yea!
Yuichi : By doing countdown, you will feel it’s passing fast day by day and you will think that’s it’s important to live your life full on
Tatchan: I think so too! Somehow, It’s like you never reach the satisfaction
Yuichi : Neh~~~
Tatchan: A day by day, I will forget the feeling after a while
Yuichi : I understand, I understand
Tatchan: oh well…this is human..which is kinda useless...
( I think he is referring that human tends to forget something in daily life)
Yuichi :: Yes. But, let’s work hard this year too!
Tatchan : Yes! Here’s the present from the radio show
Yuichi :: Oi~~~~~~
Tatchan : Nakamaru-kun, you are allowed to promote your drama! It’s 30 mins radio show
Yuichi :: Can I promote my drama for 20 mins?
Tatchan : it’s hard to promote for 20mins , so 2-3 mins is fine
Yuichi : Really?
Tatchan: It’s important time measure for radio show
Yuichi : Oh well, I am happy enough as I can use 2 or 3mins of the radio show
Tatchan: Yes, come on!
Yuichi :: eh?
Tatchan: what are you doing? Just tell us the story line of the character that you are playing
Yuichi: Really? Thank you very much. it too early to promote the drama?
Tatchan: Hang on, let me get the timer
Yuichi: Timer?
Tatchan: Yes yes!
Yuichi: Ano~~~ I was playing a NHK drama called : Last_Money_~Ai_no_Nedan. Starts from 13th September , 10 pm with total 7 episodes. 2 days ago, we have wrapped up the 1st episode. Ano~~ Ueda-kun, can I get you not to look at your watch?

**Kya~~ dying to see their face expression~~~~**

Tatchan: Laugh
Yuichi: Please watch the drama!
Tatchan : Yes....
Yuichi: It’s very interesting!
Tatchan : Interesting?
Yuichi: Oh well, I might praising myself, but you gotta watch it! The night of NHK – 10pm!
Tatchan: Another 20 seconds!
Yuichi: Wait, wait ! The story line would attract wide range of audiences
Tatchan: 10 seconds!
Yuichi: Can you please stop doing the countdown?
Tatchan: Please finish it off quick!
Yuichi: After I watched it, I found it’s really interesting
**In the meantime, Tatchan was doing the countdown : 5,4,3....**

Yuichi: The X & Y generations will also...
Tatchan: Times up! ( the sound of the timer! XD)
Yuichi: What’s that? It’s like commercial hot water

Tatchan: Congratulations!
Yuichi: Wait... For X & Y generations, please watch this interesting drama!
Tatchan : Oi~~~
Yuichi: Dakara… I said and for all the listeners, please watch the drama from 13th September!
Tatchan: Alright, it’s finished!
Yuichi: Yes
Tatchan: Yes
Yuichi : Oh well…I felt like I’m doing business
Tatchan: Let’s continue!
Yuichi: Birthday right?
Tatchan: Let’s do it!
Yuichi: Are we really celebrating it?
Tatchan: Of course! It’s not only this though...
Yuichi: Then what’s next? Present?
Tatchan: Oh well, we have prepared the present!
Yuichi: Really??? Actually.... am looking forward the surprise from this radio show!
Tatchan: So....conversely, we have the surprise present
Yuichi: Conversely...You have thought of the surprise present neh~
Tatchan: Yes, Onegaishimasu~~
Yuichi: Really? Eh? This time...what’s inside? This paper bag……
***Dying to see Maru's surprise face~~~~**

Tatchan : I think it will make you happy!
Yuichi: Thank you very much! Can I have a look?
Tatchan : Douzo……
Yuichi: Oi~~~ It’s heavy! What’s that??? Oi…!! It’s manga!! Sugei~~~~~
Tatchan: Your 28 years old’s 1st volume of soccer manga set! There are 28 books!
Yuichi: Laugh
Tatchan: What do you think?
Yuichi: It’s your 2 years ago style/pattern hey!

Tatchan: I was doing boxing neh~~~ I’m addicted several volumes from this manga
Yuichi: Really? Ah...thank you very much! Waaa~~ it’s Shoot!
(The name of the manga is シュート)

Tatchan: Nostalgic hey?
Yuichi: Do you like Shoot?
Tatchan: You are right!
Yuichi: I really like this manga!
Tatchan: So, who are the key people? Please introduce!
Yuichi: It’s 久保さん 神谷 (Kubo Kamiya) , 平松 (Hiramatsu)…..and the dissappeared heel lifts
**Sorry , not too sure about the heel lifts- got it from Google Translate :p **

Tatchan: Yes
Yuichi: there are some others…
Tatchan: Captain Tsubasa?
Yuichi: Eh? In this manga?
Tatchan: yes, it is
Yuichi: Ah~~ 「イナズマイレブン」だ!
**Again, sorry I don’t know well about the manga**

Tatchan: I’ve heard that before
Yuichi: Ah…whistle…nostalgic!
Tatchan: it’s funny, isn’t it? The whistle
Yuichi: Jya….I gonna read it! J- Dream
Tatchan: I’ve heard about it too
Yuichi: Nostalgic! The uniform is nostalgic! I think it’s Africa tournament!
Tatchan: Arh…really?
Yuichi: It was about カズ,柱谷,北沢,武田’s era! I think the football jersey starts since that era and it became successful in Europe and makes me started the Football J-league

Tatchan: It’s definitely a good idea for giving you soccer manga as present. You have spoken a lot!
Tatchan : What you have a said about soccer is a measurement of your happiness
Yuichi: Wait, I gonna have quick check on this manga
Tatchan: Didn’t you read the ending?
Yuichi: Em…. but I didn’t know much. Do you know Yatagarasu?
Tatchan: I don’t know
Yuichi: It’s about uniform, maybe from 4~8 years ago
Tatchan: Wow…you knew it in detail!
Yuichi: The uniform is not old. The uniform of Japan is changing, do you know?
Tatchan: I don’t know...Alright, we can stop this conversation!

Yuichi: The pink uniform for girls are increasing neh~
Tatchan : Yea…it’s kawaii~~
Yuichi: Thank you very much! I will read this slowly!
Tatchan, so…let’s start tonight!

translations credit to l3in8

Thursday 8 September 2011


Who knows, maybe it will bring you luck! LOL

Duet - February 2010
Nakamaru's Part

Q1. What are your goals in your private life for the year 2010 ?

This year too, I would like to pursue my university studies at my own pace. Because I have to wake up early in the morning, I often feel like having a nap during my work time. Talking about this, I felt once a real perfection. Now, I improve the weak knowledge that I have about brain's construction. I find it kind of interessting to learn things that I didn't knew. For that, I think that this year I'll read much books. In the book that I read now, they're speaking about the influence that the television have on us, so when I'm recording a show, I think about whay they say in. Believe all the things written on books isn't a necessary a good thing, I think that to have our own way of thinking is also precious.

Q2. What are your aims in your work life for the year 2010 ?

I would like to reach a kind of perfection. Of course, I want to be number one at work and to improve my work's quality, I think that to always train my body is important. Moreover, it's important to balance my private life and my work one. And I want to travel. I told to myself that I'll do a travel each year but I haven't choose this year's place. To have new private experiences as much as possible, I would like to travel during my work? But it seems that it's a mistake if I doesn't speak about it ['I have to speak about it with manager-san' for example]. But before that, they are things that I want to do in my work (laughs). For myself, I think that I have to correct my weak personnality. I'll become stronger. But if it is something impossible, I will surely give up this idea... (laughs).

Q3. What are your wish and predictions about other members for the year 2010 ?

What Nakamaru wants for the others :

Kamenashi : I think, even I really weak in baseball, that you shouldn't force you body to erase the muscle pain that you have in feet/legs. Also, learn me [how to play baseball]. About my predictions, I think that after your dorama ["Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge"] skulls will totally enter to your heart. But please do your best !

Akanishi : Your movie will be in release soon, your solo single is already out, le number of your solo activites will increase , but I would like you to have a work life as a KAT-TUN member too. So I think that seeing the way you're spread yourself to other area/things, this year will be a very important one for you.

Taguchi : We both went to "table game" [WTF it is ?] together, aren't we ? Generally we go ther twince a year. My wish for you if surely about that. My predition about you... What will it be ? Taguchi will live happily. It's sure. This year too, as all the other, Taguchi will life as he want to.

Tanaka : I want to hold a solo concert alone with Koki. Tecnhically, is it possible to do it around the half of the year, isn't it ? About the prediction, I think that Koki will shown us that his image is ten thousand miles away the real "him".

Ueda : I don't have any wishes for Ueda. I just would like him to don't change. Mah, if I told him to change, he will be embarassed (laughs). About my predictions, I think that he will, as a buch of years, continue the boxing. And thanks to that, he will became stronger and stronger.

What the others want for Nakamaru :

Kamenashi : Please hurry to change yourself ! When we hang out together (they hang out the day before the interview) to drink only water isn't goo (laugs). Change also your way to dress yourself, I beg you. Even your underwear ! To wear boxers, it's ok, but why are the red !? Isn't it to monotone !?

Akanishi : I really want you to do your best for your studies but also for your work. If you want to have your university degree, I'll support you too ! Recently, you began to learn Korean so if one day you really go to this country, I think that you will put a lot much effort into it !

Taguchi : My wish for you is that we go back to the "table game". I want that our bond continue as long as possible. My prediction about you is that you'll have your university diploma at the end of the year. Ah, am I wrong ? It seems. So Nakamaru-kun will stay a 3rd year university student next year (laughs)

Tanaka : Stay as you are (laughs). Kame told you to change them, but I like your underwears as they are. Your style has never changed, isn't it ? Ah, shall we creat the unit "TaNaka" together !? And our first song will be called "Daite Señorita".

Ueda : I think that this year too, Nakamaru will be able to do the things that he wants too. It's for that that I want him to live using his chances. I'm sure that this year Nakamaru will reach the perfection, in his work life and his private too, am I right ?

Potato - July 2007
Nakamaru's Part

-In one year, what new happened to KAT-TUN :

To do a concert with the best plan and to step forward our second anniversary made me really happy. This year's tour finished in Tokyo Dome and if I can, I would like to do it again ! After, honnestly,I really would like that 'Cartoon KAT-TUN' (on Nihon TV) continue as much as possible.It's a show that everybody has waited for, I hope that we'll grow up tahnks to that. Aboutmy personnal work, I wait for my dorama "Sushi Oji!" (will be on air during July on Asahi TV) to be on air (rires).As I think to improve myself at acting, I also would like to play in a film one day.

-The bonds were born during this year's tour :

I really ejoyed this tour, that KAT-TUN made as a six-persons-group. The fans was wild and I really have the feeling that it was because of our power. And if the next near we haven't concerts, after having this perfect tour, I'll feel empty. Moreover, I was really empty to see so much guest !! I told myself "It means that more and more people are looking forward for us", I felt that deeply. During my solo corner, I do intense dance steps, so after doing that I was exhausted (laughs). But I really like carried the best feelings by this way.

-And recently ?

Recently, I bought our tour' DVD. I find it very useful. But we think that the set-list is the same (than during the tour itself), no ?
Our have been edited (laughs). Tomorrow, since I'll be at my home, I'll can watch "Cartoon KAT-TUN" (rires). And during "YOUtachi!" (on Nihon TV) food' taste seems to have changed for me after the corner "kira clear file". It's for this reason that I find that lemon is very sweet for me now. This thing has continue even after the show, onigiris that I ate on my dressing room were sweet too (laughs)

translations credit to jolly-roger-77