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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Dated : November 2008 (credits to felixkeep)

What are the presents that will make you happy?

Some time ago, Taguchi said to me, "Give me your home address." He mailed my birthday present to my house. I was wondering what it was, since he didn't give it to me personally but to send it to my house instead (laughs). When I was young, I remember receiving a life-sized dinosaur robot for Christmas. I was extremely happy but I was vexing over where to place it (laughs). And I was shocked that Santa Claus came in from the door and not by chimney (laughs). I wanted to see him entering, whether it's by his usual method or not.

What have you been up recently?

I joined a futsal matched recently. It's been some time since I played. The weather was good. I felt good and I sweated a lot. I even managed to score the two points I wanted to, it was great. During the match, eventhough I was tired and exhausted from doing sports, I thought that being able to exercise is a good thing. It's refreshing! From now on, I intend to play futsal periodically for my health.

What are the memorable presents you've given to others?

I'll feel very happy regardless of whoever I give presents to. I'll try to find out what to get from them by weaving this topic into our conversation. However, instances of me asking directly, "Do you have anything that you want?" are becoming more often nowadays. This is because I'll be sad if I give something that the recipient doesn't want or like. I'll give birthday presents to my parents every year. I don't even know if my mum likes the clothes I've got for her. Last year, I said, " Please use these to buy the things you like," and gave her vouchers (laughs). I guess this will be the happiest ending.

What about giving presents to the other members?

I'll give presents or wish them "Happy Birthday" during their birthdays. By the way, my birthday and Ueda's birthday are one month apart. First, Ueda will give me a present on my birthday (September 4th). Based on that, I'll decide what present to give him. This has become a pattern. (Ueda : This is pressurizing (laughs)). And from my last year's birthday, Akanishi has been saying " I bought a birthday present for Nakamaru but I didn't bring it today." Did he really buy a present for me? (laughs)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Dated : June 2010 (credits to belleez)

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Friday, 23 April 2010


Dated : November 2008 (credits to felixkeep)

Q1 : Talking about autumn
Sports and reading books.

Q2 : Talking about the food in autumn
Mackerel pike. Oh, I can eat Mackerel Pike until very clean.

Q3 : Talking about something memorable which happened during autumn
At the sport meets during my elementary school, I took into consideration our team's traits and drew a big banner.

Q4 : Talking about something you must definitely do this autumn
Playing futsal! I got an invitation from my friend earlier and I was very happy, because I haven't played in a long while.

Q5 : Talking about a song for autumn
Ippu-Do-san's 'Sumire September Love'.

Q6 : Talking about date about dates in autumn
Picking chesnuts! Isn't that enjoyable?!

Q7 : Talking about fashion this autumn
Like what we're having now, giving off that simple feeling.

Q8 : Talking about the hairstyle which do you like to do now
The current length is good for hair quality, so I'll like to keep this style for sometime.

Q9 : Talking about something to take note of this autumn
Stealth game. I've got the surreal feeling while playing them! Those games are great!

Q10 : Talking about what you like about autumn
One can lead peaceful lives. This is my favourite season.

Q11 : Talking about the games you would like to play in autumn

Q12 : Talking about the school activities in autumn
Cultural Festival! I think I did something related to food in high school but I can't really remember (laughs).

Q13 : Talking about a location that attracts your attention
Akasaka Sacas. I quite like this name (laughs).

Q14 : Talking about someone that has your attention now
Kojima Hideo-san, my favourite stealth games producer. I thought of writing to him.

Q15 : Talking about something that has been bothering you lately
Playing games too much, which resulted in swollen eyes (laughs).

Q16 : Talking about something you dreamt recently
I dreamt of Mizuno Haruo-san teaching me beatbox. It was great.

Q17 : Talking about dieting
Unhealthy. I don't have good impression of this.

Q18 : Talking about TV
A tool to play games.

Q19 : Talking about rainy days
My mood will dampen. I don't feel like going out.

Q20 : Talking about movies
Movie theatres. I like to go movie theatres to watch movies. But I won't go alone.

Q21 : Talking about studying
It's a good thing for me.

Q22 : Talking about news that matter to you
The news regarding sumo. Eventhough it's Japan's National games. I'm a little disappointed.

Q23 : Talking about mail
Something convenient. I can access Johnny's website and send mails to my friends.

Q24 : Talking about necessities
Mobile phone, keys and wallet.

Q25 : Talking about Japanese comedy shows
Something that is enjoyable.

Q26 : Talking about games
A part of my life.

Q27 : Talking about autumn vacation
I want to be totally absorbed in playing games. Ah, no, I shall play futsal (laughs).

Q28 : Talking about something that you specially reward yourself
Travelling. Before this I went to stay 4 days and 3 nights in Hawaii with Masuda (Takahisa). I was able to relax.

Q29 : Talking about something which you want to challenge yourself with
Nothing special for now.

Q30 : Talking about your favourite thing in your house
50 inch TV.

Q31 : Talking about the colour of autumn

Q32 : Talking about marriage
I'm not really interested for now. But it gives me a blessed feeling.

Q33 : Talking about the future
I'm worried about global warming.

Q34 : Talking about pets
Mister and Choco at home. They heal me.

Q35 : Talking about endurance
For important things. I must also try not to play games.

Q36 : Talking about KAT-TUN
We've settled down.

Q37 : Talking about your earliest memory
When I was about 3, I fell and flew while riding the tricycle (laughs).

Q38 : Talking about heroes
The protagonists in stealth games.

Q39 : Talking about weaknesses
Advance. I suddenly can't do it from junior high 3 onwards.

Q40 : Talking about Kamenashi Kazuya
Suprisingly helpful, he's a faithful person. He called me on my birthday.

Q41 : Talking about Akanishi Jin
Someone who is open. Therefore it's easy to get along with him.

Q42 : Talking about Taguchi Junnosuke
He has a tall body. I've got the feeling that among the members, he can heal others.

Q43 : Talking about Tanaka Koki
Someone who is mischievous but also gentle.

Q44 : Talking about Ueda Tatsuya
Boxing. We've been getting along well since last time. We're of the same age.

Q45 : Talking about Nakamaru Yuichi
I don't know. But I'm gentle towards girls (laughs).

Q46 : Talking about cool guys
If there is something that he wants to be done, whatever it is, he will do it properly without mistakes, following his morals.

Q47 : Talking about crying
My eyes will get swollen. I don't cry much.

Q48 : Talking about something you're afraid off
Earthquakes! Recently, I bought things and food to prepare for earthquake recently, it's important to have food during those time! But I've eaten them all (laughs).

Q49 : Talking about secrets
None, I'm an open person basically.

Q50 : Talking about idols
People who shine. I'm not talking about KAT-TUN (laughs).