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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Need glasses, Yucchi?



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Thursday, 28 October 2010



Q1. What is your favourite food?
Deep-fried blowfish. I like foods that fizzle.

Q2. What is the food you hate?
Hackberry. I like the taste, but I hate how they get caught between the teeth.

Q3. What is the food you’re good at?
Cow meat with garlic. With salt and pepper, or with soy sauce, it gains taste.

Q4. What would you be pleased to find in a bento?
Strawberries. If they’re western-style bento, sometimes you find them.

Q5. What is the “Autumn food”?
Sanma (TrN: it seems it’s a Pacific saury). Eating roasted sanma in autumn is the best, and it’s good.

Q6. What is the menu you’d like your girlfriend will cook?
If it’s cooked for me, everything is fine!

Q7. What is your favourite sweet?
Strawberry tart. I go to buy it at a shop alone too.

Q8. What is your favourite fruit?
Strawberries. But I like all the season fruits.

Q9. What is the “mother’s flavour”?
A roll of cabbage (stuffed with minced meat, TrN). Thinking about it, recently I’ve never eat it…

Q10. What was your favourite menu at school?
Hog kimchee chaofan (fried rice). A menu that reminds me of my elementary school!

Q11. What did you eat yesterday evening?
Cow meat and a steak with garlic that I cooked by myself.

Q12. What kind of restaurant would be the one you’d go for a date?
Depending by the partner, a common bar or a stylish restaurant.

Q13. What do you eat to accompany white rice?
At least umeboshi and layou (spicy seasoning Chinese oil, TrN). If there’re these ones, everything is fine.

Q14. What you can find in the fridge?
Ice. Because putting it in the tea or in fizzy drinks, they become remarkable better.

Q15. What is the best reward you can receive (speaking) about eating?
Blowfish makes me feel better. Cooked in pot or fresh, if it’s blowfish it’s OK!

translations credit to iside89
videos credit to fansubbers




“Everyone lives carrying on his worries. Of course, me too.”

During hard times, I remember the fans!

When KAT-TUN were formed, we took part at the “~SHOCK” show that lasted for 2 months, and that was a huge turning point. Extremely hard days occurred one after another, at the level to almost have bloody urine (bitter smile). However, since we had no choice but to do it, every day was a desperation. But after you've experienced a very hard trial once, even if a job that makes you think “This may be the limit for my capacity right now” arrives, your heart doesn't break down. You think “Remember that time”. Oh well, I don't want to remember that time at all! (laughs)

Speaking about it, even when I was filming the drama “RESCUE” there were days that unexpectedly exceeded both mind and body's limits. I had such a hard schedule that I had almost no time for myself. But when I heard fan voices like “It was good!” from those fans that watched me, I was happy. The encouragements from you all became my strenght as never happened before.

I want to study more and become a more sociable person!

Speaking about “The wall that I was able to overcome”, there's another memory that flashes across my mind, that is the University entrance examination. At a certain point, I was ashamed that I knew almost nothing about this small world. I thought that, as a member of the society, I had to study more, (so I tried) the entrance examination. When I passed it I thought “Now study!” (laughs). But now the assignments' presentations are very difficult, so my present condition is “I have to hang on!” more than “a wall that I was able to overcome”! (laughs). I'm the type of person that tends to hide himself in his world, but from now on my aim is to open to everything is related to mankind. I want to become a more sociable person and become able to communicate with lots of different people.

translations credit to iside89



N : Eh, this month KAT-TUN formally reunite and answer to the readers’ questions. Now we’ll enter in this mood.
Ko : Oh oh!
N : Then, let’s start with the first one. This postcard arrived. “Hello, KAT-TUN. I’m very happy watching your talking during concerts or reading them on magazines. During discussion meetings, the emcee is usually Nakamaru-kun, right? Then, here comes my request. I’d like that at least one time Taguchi-kun, who loves to be the MC, would be the chairman who leads the meeting. The assistant would be Nakamaru-kun (laughs). Penname, Tagurinmei!”
Ko : For me it’s ok.
U : We can do it, we can.
Ka : Then, it’s the attack chance for Taguchi Junnosuke!
All: Ooooooooh! (Applauses arise)
N : Do it properly!
J : Well, recently the weather became really cold, Autumn has arrived. (Why does he speak like a DJ?)
Ko : This was terrible!
Ka : … we’ll accept everything from you.
J : Then, this postcard. “This is a question for everyone. If KAT-TUN had to act in a drama, what kind of drama would it be, what would be each one’s part? Penname, HiroP”
Ko : This is good.
N : War movie! War movie!
U : Ah, I want to do it too.
Ka : It may be good.
N : I’d be the medic
J : Why? Why not at first line?
N : I’m not that type, right?
Ko : I guess so.
Ka : I’d like to do something like the end of one day of war. Young people from various places reunite together… this kind of situation, like a sculptured group of youth.
U : A character that cries is good.
Ko : To be frank, I don’t want to die!
Ka : Isn’t good that character too? A character that says “I don’t want to die during a war!”
Ko : But, something simple to understand would be a school.
J : But if you consider our age, a school would be difficult.
U: Absolutely a coeducational school!
Ka : After that, a situation where men with absolutely different backgrounds gather. Like, 5 men come together, everyone different from the other, they come from different places with different ages and jobs, and at that point something will start? For example, a salary-man…
N : Ah, that’s me.
Ka : A man that came to install the air-conditioner… (stares Taguchi but he doesn’t notice… then points his finger at himself), the son of a noble… and so on.
U : Then, then, then, what do you think about a fiction that narrates if right now, in this era, a war breaks out?
N : In that case, KAT-TUN will stop to exist. Our job is a job for a peaceful era! Are you alright with that? Are you really alright with that? (serious)
U : But at the end it’s only a fiction…
J : It’s a “what if…” discussion, Nakamaru-kun.
U : And my character would be an extreeemely good man. One that cares about his friends. But indeed, after going to the battlefield and wearing an armour, he becomes a completely different person… an unexpected mystery.
N : Speaking about it, if it’s not the Warring States period (1467-1573, TrN), he can’t wear an armour. It would be a helmet.
U : E-Eh ♥ (deceive)
Ka : I want to do something like “The Goonies”, a story about friendship and adventure…
Ko : Then, for me is ok “Home alone”.
J : At your age, Koki? Who will attack?
N : If it’s you (two), it will turn out to be normal violence. You don’t have a drop of cuteness!
J : Seriously I would only build a barricade and at once transform it in a rifle fire battle.
Ko : Yes, it’s true!
J : Yes. Then, the next postcard. “It’s a lot of time that I’m thinking about it, but Nakamaru-kun’s hairstyle doesn’t change….”
N : Ah, no, it slightly changes.
J : “…Why don’t you try an image change, sometimes? Penname, Haruru”.
Ko : It doesn’t change if you don’t change it by yourself.
N : No, no. I don’t do eccentric changes, but I change length and style!
J : But when during the live you said “I changed my hair colour into brown!”, no one noticed it. Even the audience went “Eh?”.
N : Yes, right? Exactly that.
J : What?
Ka : Nakamaru, what if you try for 1 time a full model change?
N : No, because I’ve got slightly curly hair. What I can do is to limit them.
Ka : If you let your hair grow a bit, why don’t you try the hairstyle of one of Sukima Switch?
N : No, they won’t be like that.
Ko : Ah, an “extraordinary” feeling?
N : But I said it can’t be! Because from whichever point you look at him, the one from Sukima Switch has a perm! Those aren’t curly hair!
J : Koki changes hair style very boldly, but there isn’t a good guy that matches Nakamaru-kun?
Ko : It would be great.
N : I don’t want.
U : Let’s go to a Buddhist priest?
N : I don’t go!
Ko : Then, something like last year’s horsetail would be ok, right? Horsetail head.
N : It wasn’t a horsetail! It was an acorn, an acorn!
J : Well, we’ve settled up for an acorn head. Let’s continue. We’ve got this. “Kamenashi-kun has a stoic image, but I wonder what is the temptation that kind of Kamenashi-kun can’t win against. Do the members know? Tell us, please. Penname, Mamiseri”
U : Without limiting to Kame, for a man of course it’s impossible to win against temptations coming from a woman.
Ko : Clothing, food and sex, of course every man…
J : Ahahahahah! That (saying) was “clothing, food and shelter”!
Ka : But even in love matters, I can pretty stop my own feelings.
Ko : Why?! Men and love don’t run that way!
(Here starts a passionate debate between Koki VS Ueda&Kamenashi. They don’t stop…)
J : Yes. I understand, I understand.
N : It’s not “I understand, I understand”! MC, it’s time to stop them… stop them!
J : Ah, really? But you know, the temptation that Kame can’t defeat is shopping, right? He bought lots of things even in Korea.
Ka : When I enter in “shopping mode”, it may happen that I buy everything.
N : You end up buying at least 1 thing, anything… I understand.
J : There are times you fail?
Ka : There are, there are. What I bought that time in Korea…
N : Really?
U : The black jumper?
Ka : Recently, a kohai came…
Ko : You surrendered?
Ka : Yes. I let him search, he told me “Really, this one! This one, please!”…
N : You weren’t able to say no.
Ka : I have a soft spot for pressure… I said “Oh, ok, take it”, and…
N : Really? But you didn’t even wear it. It was new.
Ko : If you’re weak against audacious pressure, be more audacious yourself. Say “That jumper, after you’ve lost interest, you will give it back, right?” 1 time, then other 3 times and will be ok

J : I’m not that type of guy.
Ko : First of all, the kohais don’t yearn for Taguchi.
J : You’re right. It’s like this.
N : Then, after?
Ka : Recently happens often that male friends came to my house and we chat there.
Ko : I’m at home too, but I’m all alone. Recently I talk almost only through internet chat.
N : What a modern kid.
Ka : But this is no good! Go out, call people!
Ko : But thanks to it, I’ve become extremely fast in typing.
Ka : When people come, it becomes a serious real life. You clean the room, cook something…
N : Exactly.
Ko : No, I let the friends that came to my house do the cleaning. I depend on my male friends.
Ka : If I’m alone, I think I can take a bath even in the morning, for example. But if someone comes to my house, it happens I can’t do it properly.
Ko : On the contrary, I take a bath when I’m all alone and too much free. “Ah, I’m free, so I can take a bath”. When I’m extremely free, I take a bath even 4 times in a day.
U : That is too much!
J : Well, well, let’s go forward. “This is only a “what if” question, but if in the immediate future Ueda-kun marries someone, and he gives a marriage ceremony, what would the members give him as a present? Penname, Kayoppe”
N : First of all, we don’t even know if Ueda would send us the wedding invitation.
Ko: Exactly, exactly. Probably he would call us around the third party. “Now I’m doing my third party for the wedding, do you come?”.
J : He’s so light!
U : Oh well, I don’t guarantee I’m going to call everyone.
N : This is bad, this is definitely bad!
Ka : If you invite one, invite everyone! You have to do it.
J : We’d like you invite everyone without exception. Absolutely. By the way which kind of wedding? A flashy wedding? Or a simple wedding?
U : I’ll follow my partner’s desire.
N : According to my partner.
Ka : I’d do a simple wedding.
Ko : For me… would be an “I ended up getting married” improvised wedding?
N : That’s not the question!
Ka : We would change the present according to Ueda’s wedding, if it’s flashy or simple. Which one?
U : Then, I choose the flashy one.
Ko : Then, if it’s a gaudy wedding, we will sing “NO MORE PAIN” on the gondola where the fresh bride and groom are sitting when they get off.
All : Dan dan dadan, dan dan dadann!... (there’s this atmosphere)
N : Someone here has the leading role.
J : But I don’t understand well the image of the wedding.
U : But 10 years from now someone will surely be married.
N : In my case, I’ll do 2 ceremonies.
U : Why?
N : One for very close people. The other one for a large crowd of people.
Ka : Ah… At the end I really prefer a simple wedding. What you said seems bothersome.
J : Then, at the end, what present would we choose?
Ko : When it’s time for the entrance of the happy couple, I’ll enter instead of Ueda. Tatataaa! Ah, it’s not me. What a failure.
Ka : Then there’d be me instead of the minister. And when it’s time for the “You can kiss the spouse” sentence, I’d take away the mask and say “Yo, Ueda”.
U : Ah! I’d be completely defeated by that.
Ko : And there would be Taguchi popping out from the cake. Finally “Time to cut the cake!”. And he would pop out screaming “Ouch!”
J : Ahahah! Stupid!
Ka : Ueda would go back to home completely defeated.
N : With this he wouldn’t be able to look his bride’s relatives in the eyes.
U : Just hearing this discussion makes me think “Inviting these guys is absolutely a terrible idea!”
J : Then, this is the end!
N : It ended…
J : But you know, at the end it’s impossible for me to be the chairman of a meeting.
N : Only now? You say it only now?!

translations credit to iside89

Monday, 25 October 2010


ORI STAR (11th October 2010)

Ori Star : I would like to ask your feeling toward KAT-TUN World Tour 2010 which just finished.

Maru : We are very grateful that Oristar is constantly writing about us

Koki : Because your review made it great, that made us delightfully. (Laughs)

Ori Star : Nah, besides Only Star’s feeling, so how was the feeling to the world tour. (Laughs)

Koki : Different places came different atmospheres and different ways to have fun. But wherever we went, we all enjoyed very much.

Ori Star : There was surprises in overseas concerts.

Ueda : Korea was the first foreign country we did a foreign concert and it really impressed us. Of course, there was a surprise in Taiwan also, I was very happy about those.

Koki : Ma...because, the concert was overseas, so they could do such surprises, while in Japan there're regulations in watching concerts.

Maru : For us, it's no longer a given information but this concert directly made us realized the presence of our fans. In front of us, they enjoyed together with us and supported us. Those are the most valuable moments.

Koki : About Korean fans' reaction, they called my name (and clap along) “Koki! Koki!” (Note : Probably the so-called Korean cheering parts.)

Ueda : For me, it’s half-half “Ueda!” and “Tatsuya!” (Laughs). Eventually, they didn't stick to either name until the end.
Maru: Their craziness level was superb.

Kame : Yes, it was the first time so it was kindof very special, actually. Next year we would like to be shown different ways.

Junno : The “Iriguchi, Deguchi” was also amazing. I’m so happy that the words can be conveyed. Even by speaking normal Japanese speaking but we still got the reactions from fans.

Maru : However, using the word “Iriguchi, Deguchi” there, it wasn't that funny, was it? (Laughs)
Ori Star : There were many things happened during the tour.

Ueda: (Reading Oristar no.09/20 along) Not only in the past but also at this moment I’m still having fun being a KAT-TUN. Afterall, I’m still the same person, notthing's changed.

Maru : (Immediately responding) Don't you borrow the comments of Arashi's Matsumoto-kun (Laughs).

Kame : What?! Your facial expression was like “if it's this guy, then it's (borrowing) for sure."

Ueda : No No No (I didn't)~! (Laughs)

Ori Star : Local newspapers also published about the last concert in Taiwan with 4 encores. That was fabulous, the fans kept asking nonstoppedly.

Koki : It was the last of the last.

Kame : That was brilliant! We had even changed our clothes at backstage.

Koki : Both juniors and staffs had already said “Otsukare deshita” but then a staff came to our room “Sorry, but …(the fans asking an encores)..they are not stopping” that make us have to say “Otsukare” twice (Laughs). (Note : Otsukare deshita = a greeting for one who is coming off work.)

Kame : Actually, it’s slightly complicated. We enjoy encore but doing what they ask everytime, it would be out of control.

Koki : For instance at Tokyo Dome, after the announcement everyone has to leave.

Maru : Probably, the overseas regulation isn’t too strict. Anyway, we could feel the overwhelming passion of our fans so we were very much delighted. Moreover, there was our news in the local newspapers, I was so glad.

Junno : Also, it seems common over there to reveal the concert grosses.

Koki : That surprised us.

Ori Star : While we gathered information for publication, we were surprised about Ueda-kun's accident in the first day's concert.

Ueda : So there were much enough information, weren't it? (Laughs)

Ori Star : Not that much. Could you please tell us more details such as what happened behind the concert or member reactions?

Koki : First of all, we were in the situation that whatever happened, the show must go on.

Junno : There was Kamenashi-kun's solo and then the song Going! but only 4 members came out. We didn’t release our power as usual due to Ueda absence.

Ori Star : How about the four of you with Ueda’s accident? Also please tell about the annoucement at Taiwan's last show!

Maru : That’s very suspicious word, isn’t it (Laughs)?

Junno : When Ueda came to backstage, I didn't think it was this serious. But it seems his injury got worst over time. I thought he was fine because he even joked that “Look! It's (toe) bending”.

Koki : It looks like the adrenaline has been cut out.

Junno : Kamenashi-kun still didn’t know, right?

Kame : Un.. I didn't know this because I did my solo after Ueda's and continued to do with the Nakamaru's Clinic very enjoyable (Laugh). After finishing this, I went backstage to change clothes but found Ueda lie down with staffs surrounding.

Ueda :It was more than a pain at that time, I couldn't feel my left foot.

Maru : Talking now seems like a joke. But at that time when he took the socks off, he went extremely grumble “my toe thumb bend down~!”. But when I looked at both his toe thumbs, they both bended just as the same (Laughs).***

Kame : Ueda's toe thumb was especially bending down, you know (Laughs).

Ueda : Because, I know my toe well (Laughs)

Maru : If there was a bone fracture, then there should be a swelling. But you looked normal, no swelling.

Koki : Right, so I told him “Don’t worry Ueda! No swelling should be no fracture” (Laughs). Afterthat, I heard his toe thumb was indeed broken. I felt guilty for having said that.

Kame : I returned to backstage and found Ueda sitting down with no energy, as if the tiredsome after finishing concert. I knew he was unable to go out. What we would do in the next song, we discussed over this with producers and the injured Ueda.

Maru : A discussion together.

Kame : Un...we talk about, should we stop going for once ? Or what should we do? And can we just don't mention anything until the end, can't we? It seems that no matter what we had to go out with only 4 of us. That would definitely feel strange and to let everyone go back home with the (?) question marks, we would feel bad and would be a sorry to those who carried Ueda's uchiwas. Therefore, we must explain the situation to everyone. I know (when 4 of us went out), among the cheering applause, they transmited their doubts too. It was like this : Starting Going! - Bang - Kyaaaaaaa - Hmm??

Koki : A sudden flatten (Laughs). But no matter what we had to perform Going!

Maru : Before Going!, I and Kame did the “Doctor-Clinic” skit. I had already known that Ueda was carried to hospital but Kame still knew nothing so still managed to joke about "hospital" (Laughs).

Koki : Kame came up with “Doctor” jokes innocently while there was the real "Doctor" at back stage (Laughs).

Junno : It's good to be able to joke about it now, isn't it?

Ori Star : On the second day Ueda-kun came back on stage as if nothing happened. Even other 4 members didn’t have to take care you that much, you looked real cool.

Kame : There, we talked with each other that if it was necessary, then we came to support. Others than that, just perform like normal.

Ueda : I'm the type that hates the sympathy.

Ori Star : At the last show, you even announced “We'll come back next year” also.

Kame : It seemed that newspapers published about that. We really intend to do so (Laughs).

scan credit to koichitanjyobi
translations credit :
JPN to THA murasaki-kyokai
THA to ENG i am mayfairy & yuijbj

Sunday, 24 October 2010



(From 6.42 to 9.33)
U : maa something like girls talk is very hard ne
N : eh? it is?
U : it's very hard, very hard~~
N : it's hard?
U : eyaa... i think that if we talk dirty it'll be cuter aye~
N : are you sure~
U : really! This "K-Chan News"... is it Koyama's? I think that the topic on "What do you consider unfaithful?" is quite cute
N : then what do you talk about in girls talk?
U : it definitely include some topics that can't be talked about... ne~! it's like how some people will only reply "uh uh"
N : that can't be it right...
U : no! really! it's really like this...
N : maybe it's just different for some cases
U : because that kind of cute topics won't continue whenever there are guys around right... like "what do you consider unfaithful" that kind
N : so it's a kind of talk between girls that happen when guys are not around ne
U : yes it is ne
N : how's that?
U : eya... then let's continue our show?
N : no i don't mean to continue the show. so let's talk about topics involving love... how's that?
U : sure... then you shall set a topic?
N : topic... hmm what shall i ask..."what kind of actions done by the opposite sex will make your heart flutter?"
U : that question was asked just now!
U & N : (laughs)
N : it was?
U : it's also frequently asked in magazines right... to answer such questions, i don't even remember what i replied ne... things like physical touch and such, i really don't know how to deal with that
N : ahh... really an idiot ne... a guy that's no good with physical touch
U : no! no... i guess i'll mind, like i'll think... "ahh... this person... what does she want?"
N : like that one will definitely mind ne
U : but it's really quite troubling... because if she's not the type that i like, then i'll change into "don't touch me!"
N : wooa! that's so hurtful! ne... after hearing this, it's better for girls not to touch aye!
U : what about you nakamaru san?
N : working ladies!
U : hahaha why is that so!
N : my heart will flutter (laugh)
U : ladies in office wear right? that's super popular ne (laugh)
N : my heart will flutter ne! for now, isn't it very hard to find jobs? so everyone's working very hard isn't it... to think of "i'm working very hard to graduate from university, but why during such a period during high unemployment?" yet still fighting hard to continue, that's really cool ne
U : ahh... it's like having a goal in sight?
N : it's a bit different from having a goal... just purely feeling that everyone's working hard ne!
U : i see...
N : my heart will flutter!
U : so you like that type ne...
N : i'll feel like i want to encourage her and help her
U : to let her soar to greater heights in society... you like this type?
N : Yes! because look at us, we don't have such experiences right...
U : maa that's true ne
N : maybe that's why too
U : I see, hai~


(From 14.17 to 16.07)
N : Every tuesday...
U : aye! not yet! this hasn't ended yet!
N : is it now?
U : hai... have you decided on the song for nakamaru's punishment game?
N : every tuesday 12 midnight..
U : nonono... have you decided?
N : i don't know how to sing "hato popo"...
U : so anything is okay! if you've already decided then let's start now!
N : then "inu no omawarisan"
U : "inu no omawari"?
U & N : (laugh)
U : "inu no omawarisan" is okay ya?
N : haha do i really have to sing least give me a tempo
U : *dong**dong**dong*
N : drumming?
U : just do it like this! maa... if you laugh then you'll need to restart! because you have to do this seriously!
N : haaaa?
U *dong**dong**dong* are you able to start?
N : then...let's start... (in a small voice) i can't say i don't want to...
U : then let's start! nakamaru yuichi's "inu no omawarisan"..douzo
N : there's still a "-san" ne
U : *dong**dong**dong*
N : (singing) the little kitten that got lost...where is your home..where is your don't even know what's the name of your house...meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow... you don't know anything...inu no omawarisan (the dog police) is very troubled...*bark bark bark bark* *bark bark bark bark*
U : thank you very much! hahaha
N : i feel even lower than expected now
U : why?
N : i don't know too...
U : maybe because you're shy... thank you very much!
N : this is so hard...if it's beatbox then no matter how long it'll be okay...for this there isn't even any tune
U : because beatbox is your special skill aye... then let's end!
N : then... every tuesday midnight's R-ONE KAT-TUN! we are
U : Ueda Tatsuya and
N : Nakamaru yuichi...see you next week
U&N : bye bye~~

Working lady + older than Yucchi = me? *cough*

translations credit to kattunsaikou
video credit to mangasinlove

Saturday, 23 October 2010


R-ONE KAT-TUN NO. 237 - Ueda Nakamaru Showdown games!!! 2

N : The next game is this one.
'It's definitely 270 yen! Let's choose!' game
U : What's that?
N : As we've turned 27 it's important to have a sense of money. Now [here's] a few goods that are sold in a convenience store. They're read out, and out of all of them there's only one that's exactly 270 yen, and you have to guess [which] product it is.
U : I see! =D
N : Both of us will name that product, and we'll see if it's right by hearing the answer
U : I see! =D
N : The person who's right gets 1 point. Are you confident?
U : Sure am! Confident! =D
N : Do you often go to the convenience store?
U : I do I do! =D
N : Ahh that may be right if you can grasp the sense, right? Wellll let's do this...
U : Ahh, is it like that?
N : There's a variety, there's six products right? Well, wait.. I'll introduce those 6 products, okay?
1. Face washing paper
2. mimi kaki (photo)
3. mayonnaise
4. one hand snack - ham and egg
5. tan shio (photo)
6. leggings
And from these there's one exactly 270 yen! We have to guess.
U : Hai! I get it! =D
N : By the way there's 20 sheets of the face washing paper
U : I see! Let's choose quickly~!
N : So then, okay… I've decided!!
U : Let's go! Se~ no!!
N : DON!! Uwa~! We both did it! Ain't that no good~?
U&N : *laugh*
U : We both thought it
N : Well in any case, let's listen.. As both of us picked out face washing paper, why don't we listen to the answer now?
U : Se~~no!!
N : DON! 262 yen.
U : =( How dissapointing. Let's go to the next one! Next! =D
N : Okay… not… this one…
U : Lets go! Se~no!
N : Tanshio!
U : I chose mayo! I thought.. 'which one?' this time..
N : I don't get it. This one's got the feeling it's more than 300 yen but… Let's listen?
U : Hai!
N : The answer is..
U : Se~~no! DON!!
N : Aahh… T_____T
N : Mayonnaise: 270 yen. Tanshio: 262 yen.
*victory bell*
U : Hai. With this it's a tie~! =D
N : Let's hear the other's prices. How much were the leggins? 680 yen. The mimikaki cost 210 yen. The one hand snack, ham & egg is 210 yen.
U : Well, it's the sense! This! =D
N : So that means, well, I gained 1 point~! ^___^
U : No it's me! =DDD
N & U : *cracks up*
N : So from here Ueda-kun has 1 point, I have 1 point. It's become a tie right?

translations credit to kk-me


Nakamaru's Page No. 604
Dated : 13th October 2010

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Lately I went to visit a game company

It was the place that made my favourite game

I was so excited

I got to see what was currently under production and so on
I can't say it specifically, but I was really excited in various ways

I'm already looking forward to next time's release

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

Nakamaru's Page No. 606
Dated : 18th October 2010

The end of weekend break seems tough on us physically and emotionally. Everyone surmounted Monday.

Thanks for your hard work
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Tokyo is gradually becoming colder

It takes over your mood and it looks like you're going to catch a cold

Yesterday I fell asleep topless as I was, and when I woke up somehow or other it felt like I had the beginings of a cold

Everyone please take care

By the way there's a Johnny's Shop mail order right
I first found out the news about Johnny's web shop the other day on the [this?] page

I regularly use mail order for various things, and for people it's quite easy to use so I recommend it
(already it's probably a case that it's a little hard to go back to the normal way now that you know it and use it)

And also it has been decided that KAT-TUN's new song will go on sale

'CHANGE UR WORLD' is used as main song for the sports program 'Going! Sports & News'

Apart from that we recorded various other songs so please check them out

Well from 12 midnight on Tuesday I hope you listen to the radio program that'll be on

It's the usual broadcasting of 'R-One KAT-TUN'

This time it's 'Ueda Nakamaru's first time challenging girl talk! At the end of the program, it's Nakamaru's shameful punishment game!'

Look forward to it

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

translations credit to kk-me


picture credit to nieva-mae

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


In jweb entry dated 18th of October 2010, Yucchi mentioned that he fell asleep half naked and felt that he got symptoms of catching a cold in the next morning. I hope someone will translate the whole entry (>.<)

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Ueda & Nakamaru's 27 year old crash showdown!

Game 1 : 'Oh no, I said '27'! Game'
Rules : The two will take turns to say numbers. The one who says '27' loses. You can count up to 3 numbers in one go. You gain one point if you win.

U : Haai~
N : Shall we start the batting and fielding!
U : Scissors, paper~
U&N : Rock...
N : Ah, wait wait. Scissors, paper~ Rock!... Hai! My victory~~! :D
U : It's fine, it's nothing
N : But who's got this advantage is significant, right
U : Ah yes, it's that! Somehow, that… I forgot it…
N : For the time being, let's start playing!
U : You can say up to 3, right?
N : Yes, let's play! 1, 2, 3! :D
U : 4,5,6...
N : 7, 8, 9! :D
U :10,11,12...
N : 13, 14, 15! :D
U : ..16,17,18…
N : 19, 20! :D
U : 21
N : O_O … Which did you say? Now..
U : Fufufufufu… are you some sort of grandpa? XD 21!
N : 22! Ah, I'll win, right! :DD
U : Eeh? 22? Ah, I'll lose T_T
N : AHEEHEEHEEHEE!!! … :DDDDDD I just realised I'm right! Hurry up keep going! :D
U : 23
N : 24, 25, 26! :DD
U : >__>" … 27!
*victory bell*
U : Ah, now that's stressful, right xP
N : I won! :D So it means, right, because I won! 1 point for me! :DD
U : Un. xP

Fans, if you can't imagine how excited Yucchi was, just look at those GIFs on the sidebar... ahaha!

translations credit to kk-me
picture credit to strawberry-gemm

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Friday, 15 October 2010



After the end of the Tokyo Dome and the Korean exibitions, the “World big tour” will be end soon. During the promotion, there was a time when they went Korea too, so we asked about the interesting points of Korea!

About the study of foreign languages, are you good or weak?
I don't think I'm weak, but I want be good! (laugh) You know, I want to think that since are words, everyone can learn languages. Moreover, I want to think that I'm managing in doing it (laugh). My English scores in middle school weren't good, like I couldn't remember it well. I was said from the teacher to do it, but I wasn't able to understand all the meaning of the things I was studying. It wasn't a matter of “love or hate”, simply I was studying. Since now I've got a goal, the attitude toward the study changed. I've become positive toward the studies. The contents of University English lessons fortunately are different from the ones of middle school, now are very interesting. Now lessons are finished, but because I don't want to lose the study of English, I'll continue.

What language would you be happy to be able to speak?
First of all, English. If you can speak English, you can speak with a fair amount of people. After all, if I can be able to convey what I think, even the journeys overseas would be easier, because if you can't convey your thoughts you will feel stress.

The last Korean words you learned
“Onurunzegashilukeyo”, “Today I'll pay”. Since Korean and Japanese have the same grammar, it's easy to study it, even if I simply don't understand hangul (laugh). But even if I study the way of writing, if I don't understand the pronunciation and the meaning I can't use it, so I'm studying especially the speaking. I want to be able to speak more before the Korean concert. Everyone has studied the useful “anyon”. It's a word similar to a rough “hello”, used all the day. Knowing this, we can say hello. After all, the first step in a conversation is the greeting!

The interesting Korean thing that Nakamaru suggests
Of course the food. The samgetan I ate in Korea was delicious! It was absolutely different from the one I ate in Japan. They brought 1 chicken, but the weight a person alone can eat; isn't perfect for a lunch? I'm not good with spicy foods, but it didn't gave me problems. I thought that it would have to not be changed in Japan.

Recently :
3 weeks from now the lessons will end and will be summer, so now I'm on a mountain. (The interview was taken in July). But there are things worth to do. When you're busy, if you end all the things you have to do, you feel satisfied, right? I like when I can say “I did it! Now I'm free!”. In this term there were subjects that I absolutely didn't want to fail, but now I've got the confidence I'll pass them. Since I think I won't have assigments during summer holidays, I'll end everything before the Korean concert and I'll enjoy the summer holidays doing the tour.

Translator's note : saying that “now it's a mountain”, it means that he has to do his last efforts to end his school semester (that is, the last before reaching at the peak = holidays)

translations credit to iside89
picture credit to

Tuesday, 12 October 2010



The first time you ___ alone

The first time I went somewhere alone was probably to a family restaurant. I think I was in highschool, and after work I got told 'I haven't prepared anything today so eat out ok?' and I thought 'What should I do...?' and that's the first time I went into a restaurant by myself. After I ordered, I had no idea what I should do, so I just played on my phone. The whole time I was waiting I was nervous, my heart was like 'doki doki', (lol).

Your first fight

I do my utmost not to get into fights, I'm the type that's always going "Hey hey, come on now..." (lol). Have I had a fight? Ah, that's right, I had one when I was in junior school. There was someone who wanted to come and pick a fight with one of my class mates. He didn't even have a reason. At first he did nothing to my class mate, but he was so overly persistant that I thought I was just going to have to fight him, and I seem to remember it just turned into a grappling fight. In the end though I got punched in the face and got a nose bleed so I lost. But then I had a reason so it turned into a tussle, and the other kid ended up saying "Ok I got it, that's enough, let's stop this". And I believed what he said so I let our hands go and as soon as I did, I got punched again. That was around first grade, and ever since then, I've stopped trusting people... (lol)

Your first reward to yourself

Well it's not the first, but the time before last, after I finished a tight job as a present to myself I went to the sushi shop I've been interested in. It's not the kind of place you can just enter causually, so I think it was my [good] timing. There was no sign to give prices, they just leave you to it. Anyway from the start there was sea urchin, and salmon roe, just popping out one after the other and I was seriously thinking 'What the hell~', it cost way more that what I thought but even though it was pricey, well ~ it was really good!

Your first tears of happiness, first man-tears

I have this memory of when I was in third year of middle school, watching Titanic and bawling my eyes out. But maybe that wasn't the first time I'd cried like that... It's really hard to refrain from crying while watching movies. I felt really sorry for the friends that went to see it with me.

At the moment/recently

Um... ah, that's right. Today I got home delivery and I could see the guy who brought it on the intercom, he looked like a cheery kinda guy. Then, when I opened the door, just like what I saw on the intercom, was this really crisp looking person. He said "The receipt is with your order thanks very much", and just like that, he left. He handed it over so frantically it seems he forgot to take the money. Man, that really surprised me. Of course I called out 'Hey, I haven't paid you know~!' and paid properly. But if I hadn't said anything, that guy would have just gone no problems, without getting the money, lol.

translations credit to zurui-koi
picture credit to aznongaku

Monday, 11 October 2010


Dated : 6th October 2010
No. 601

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

The other day Akanishi's farewell party was held, and I went to the event

Before departing for his international tour, he greeted his domestic fans

I feel that sort of thing is quite important

In the MC I was received on stage, and on the spur of the moment I engaged in cheerful conversation with the man himself

It's been a new situation, and even if the overseas concerts don't receive successful evaluation, he is still determined and wants to show the best entertainment (possible)

The thing about having a meal with Ueda was washed away, but the plan is to go before too long

Right, well yesterday was the second time for 'I'm pleased with this present', it was held between photo shoots

This time the main person was Ueda-kun who had his birthday on the 4th of October

The following is this time's present line-up

(present 1)

(present 2)

(present 3)

(present 4)

And the chosen present was the vaccuum cleaner

Who's is which present is said in the following

Boxing goods and an assortment of military items

Jersey set

Boxing goods and an assortment of boxing mangas

Vaccuum cleaner

So it can be deduced that Taguchi acquired 1 point

My own prediction was that he might be happy with a number of goods related to his hobby, but I failed wonderfully

I hope I guess correctly next time

See you
Kachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

Dated : 8th October 2010
No. 602

Nyoki nyoki
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Yesterday we had the interviews for 'Ray,' 'duet,' 'POTATO,' and 'Wink up'

Today is the radio recording

I took some photos of cute dogs, so I wanted to include them

(photo 1 : Mister)

(photo 2 : Mister)

(photo 3 : Choco)

(photo 4 : Choco)

The legs/paws are small and cute

Currently 'Nakamaru's Page' is in the middle of carrying out the 600th post commemoration

I'm waiting for everyone's mails

See you
Kachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

translations credit to kk-me
pics credit to lailaKATTUN



Fourth Show (4.10.2010 - 19:00)

Guest: Nakamaru Yuichi

- While introducing Nakamaru, Jin said: “This is the boy who has built this wonderful stage for us.”

- Nakamaru went upstage during the MC, and the first thing Jin and him did was shaking hands. Then Nakamaru asked whether Jin had mentioned him because he had been surprised to see his name in the newspapers that morning, and Jin said he had talked about one time they had lunch together.

- Nakamaru looked at Jin and asked if he had had his hair cut, and that his suit was a Little too big for him (at least someone tells Jin to get clothes his size!). He also said the news had been saying a lot of things about Jin. Jin answered “How about you? Don’t you have less hair now?”

- Nakamaru tried to explain how Ueda’s toe had broken, but Jin didn’t look like he was understanding so Nakamaru tried to reach for his thumb to show him, but Jin jumped away and said:

Jin : “My thumb is important!”
Fans : “And your collarbones?”
Jin (to Nakamaru): “I’ll hit you if you touch them!”
Nakamaru : “Haaa?”
Jin : “My collarbones are very important too! But… What day is it today?”
Fans : Monday.
Jin : Then my thumb is more important.
Nakamaru and the rest of the world : ?????

- Nakamaru said he, Jin and Ueda had been supposed to have lunch together but it was cancelled, and he blamed Jin but Jin said it had been Ueda who had wanted to go boxing.

- In the Q&A corner, Nakamaru was taking the paper sheets out of the box and apparently he was being slow, because Josh told him to hurry up. Nakamaru answered : “It’s the first time we meet, so don’t get that excited!” (lol win)

- In the question about the age, the fan wrote 90-25×2+8÷2 and Jin tried to calculate it mentally so Nakamaru helped by reminding him you have to multiply and divide first and then add and subtract. Nakamaru said a number, Jin tried to check if it was right and said 25. Josh apparently smarter told them to shut up and brought out his phone to use the calculator while the other two stared at him in silence.

Q : What kind of idol do you not like?
A : An idol that takes a lot of pictures with girls.
Nakamaru : Like you!
Jin : They’re just friends!
Nakamaru : They’re still too many!

Q : Do you like men?
Jin : I don’t like Nakamaru.
Nakamaru : …
Jin : I’m not like that, but I have nothing against gays.

- Jin tried to explain the process to compose songs but he couldn’t quite find the right word, so Nakamaru said it and then told Jin “Your Japanese is terrible!”

- Jin rapped Eminem’s Lose yourself and Nakamaru beatboxed to it.

- The encore was Tipsy Love and fans sang along with Jin.

- Jin said “I’m going now~ Bye~” before leaving, and fans answered “Itterashai!”

I found this translation a bit more accurate and fix with the papapics. Btw, who's Josh? *roll eyes*

The spontaneous expression of love.

translations credit to lobanheridanofukushu & elanielyn
thanks to suetsuet

Sunday, 10 October 2010




“Yahooo” “Yahooo”

Yuichi : Ah... it's so good climbing Fuji-san.

Masu : Just as I thought, it's so good to climb Fuji-san with Ueda-kun.

Yuichi : Oiii! (angry) If I were Ueda-kun, you would be left alone 'cause he would run ahead.

Masu : Kidding. Just kidding. Having been here with Nakamaru-kun is really fun. Let's have a trip together again.

Yuichi : We've been going out together very often since the debut, haven't we?

Masu : Yeah. We auditioned on the same day. Nakamaru-kun is 3 years older so it was like a 6th and a 9th grade kid. Even now, he still gives the older feeling. Kinda... “so what!” (laughs)

Yuichi : Hey... (angry)!? We're close friends now. When Masuda was grouped up in the debuting NEWS, I was like "heee...". He's from the same generation (of juniors) so I felt grateful for him but at the same time, the feeling of being overcome existed a bit too.

Masu : I, before getting into NEWS, hadn't been in any other units. But it only took 2 years after entering Johnny for Nakamaru-kun to be grouped up as KAT-TUN. That was great. I used to backdance for KAT-TUN you know ?

Yuichi : Eh... really?

Masu : Now that we become close friends and we travel together. Isn't it strange ?

Yuichi : First trip, we went to Okinawa. And the latter one, we went to Hawaii.

Masu : The Okinawa trip, it was Nakamaru who managed everything and everything was totally a mess.

Yuichi : Not all messed up, there were somes successful too.

Masu : The hotel at Okinawa, we had hoped that when opening the windows, we would be like 'Wow! The sea Wow! Nice scenery". But indeed, I opened the windows to "Whoo? Buildings" Scenery is zero. So I was... ARGGG!! (laughs)

Yuichi : It becomes a lesson learnt that we must be more careful when choosing hotels.

Masu : Anyway, I haven't seen you wear clothes you bought when we shopped together.

Yuichi : I do wear them. We don't meet that often but my casual clothes are not those trendy styles (laughs).

Masu : We don't even share much similarities so really don't know why we become close friends.

Yuichi : When talking to Masuda like "It is just like this.". Masuda always reply "Understood."

Masu : Our differences are so different too.

Yuichi : Next time, let's go to see Las Vegas shows. I'm hoping to go within next year.

Masu : Cool idea. But about booking hotels...

Yuichi : I know it alright!

scans credit to chuckles0505
translation credits :
JPN to THA murasaki_kyokai
THA to ENG yuijbj

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Dated : 4th October 2010

The end of the weekend break seems hard on our mental and physical strength. Everyone surmounted Monday

Thank you for your hard work
Nyoki Nyoki
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

This is 'Nakamaru's Page' 600th update

Keeping this up has become more efficient
Thank you

Now, it has also become a custom, posted up in a backnumber (since No. 501), and I have carried out receiving the opinions [of readers]

Not just thoughts, but because I receive requests as well, please [send] some cheerful mails

I'll be looking forward to everyone's mails

Well, from 12 midnight Tuesday, I hope you'll listen to the radio program that'll be on

It's the usual broadcasting of 'R-One KAT-TUN'

This time it's Ueda's birthday surprise! Ueda's eternally young?!

Look forward to it

Also, KAT-TUN's new song 'CHANGE UR WORLD' is currently being used as Going! Sports & News' theme song

Please have a look and listen to it

See you
Kachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

translations credit to kk-me


Dated : 29th September 2010

This is just a rough translation by makiyo21^^

Yucchi Had Fun At The Indoor Survival Game The Other Day

Junno Seem To Be Too Excited & Dreamt About Survival Game The Night Before~

Yucchi Was Too Excited & Didn't Took Much Pictures, Only 1 At The Changing Room... The Other 3 Seem To Be Very Happy/Satisfied & Had Already Decided The Date For The Next Game~

Yucchi Shared Another Photo Of The Equipments Used That Day - Camo Pants & Gloves, Khaki Vest, Face Mask, Goggles & Balaclava, Gun Was SOCOM~

Yucchi Feels That The Clothing Are Too Light/Thin, It's Painful When Got Hit By Bullets...

Next Time He Will Use Better Protection Equipments He End His Jweb Mentioning There's Recording Later...

translations credit to makiyo21
pictures credit to lailaKATTUN


Dated : 27th September 2010

The end of vacation seems hard on our mental and physical strength. Everyone surmounted Monday

Thanks for your hard work
Nyoki nyoki
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

The summer vacation for school is over, and classes have begun

This term has just a few subjects registered, so I have 4 subjects

Up til now somehow I've been doing well and have acquired credits. Because of this, this term I'll have more time for these subjects, and that's how it is

Today I took a lesson throughout the morning, and from the afternoon onwards with Koki and Taguchi and (Hey Say) JUMP's Arioka, the four of us went to play an indoor survival (game)

At last I could actually use the soft air gun I had received as a birthday present

I enjoyed it

By the way, purchasing Ueda's birthday present has already been taken care of, but for some reason or another, lately I got the feeling that if I were to talk about the presents for Ueda and Koki, some (suggestions) would come up

I definitely wouldn't discuss it, but there's certainly the feeling that a number of possibilities would come up...

Aah, what should I do?

On a different story, to heal the spirit, here are some photos of Choco



100 points

Well from 12 midnight on Tuesday I hope you'll listen to the radio program that'll be on

It's the usual broadcasting of 'R-One KAT-TUN'

This time, we're continuing the wonder of the game situation for girls

Look forward to it

See you
Kachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

translations credit to kk-me
pictures credit to lailaKATTUN

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I hope they will keep in touch and be together as friends forever. I'm so proud of you, Yucchi!

Have you guys noticed? Everytime Jin left KAT-TUN, Yucchi has always been there to support him. Keep moving on KAmenashi, Taguchi, Tanaka, Ueda and Nakamaru! No matter what happens, I will always support KAT-TUN !

Pictures credit to & pornvilai
Video credit to okashisofly

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Fast report of Maru in we'll be together with you!

#Maru showed up in the night one today in Japan. He also went onto the stage and did MC with Jin. They shaked hands first XD

#Maru asked Jin did Jin mention him in the presscon so his name was on newspaper this morning~

#Jin sang Eminem's Lose yourself and Maru did beatbox for him

#A fan wrote 95−25×2+8÷2 as her age in the Q&A sheet, so they started to count and Jin said 25! Maru went shut up! and brought out his cell phone to calculate~XD

#Maru said Jin, Ueda and him were supposed to eat BBQ together but Jin didn't have time. Jin said no it's not my fault. Why blame me because Ueda had to go boxing instead?

#Seems like Maru also mentioned Ueda's birthday.

#When Maru teased Jin that Jin's Japanese was getting worse, Jin attacted back by saying your hair's getting thinner (LOL Jin you are so evil~)

I hope there will be some nice people who can share a fancam or papapics for this report.

Reports credit to yokumiz & luvjin

Monday, 4 October 2010


KAT-TUN World Big Tour 2010 Pamphlet : Nakamaru Yuichi

Point Zero
Where It Started

Before establishing KAT-TUN, I had been in the unit called "B.B.D."....Best Beat Dancing. Wow... missing the old days (laughs). The unit had 8 members and one of them was Ueda. Being with Ueda was probably the destiny. Actually, when KAT-TUN was created, I had never thought that I would end up debuting with these members. I thought it was just another new unit (that I was brought in). But my feeling had gradually changed. Probably starting at the live show... the first live concert under our own name. "Eh.. this kind of pattern has never been done before" (a junior group with their own concert). Then I think "if it was like this, wouldn't they do it (= debut us) ?" I began to see the light from then on and began to realize the role as a member of the group named "KAT-TUN".

We at that time had both good and bad sides. First obvious thing, we were "reckless", "stubborn"... we didn't listen to a thing. We didn't realize what were risky. That was for sure (laughs). No matter how many times staffs had been warning (laughs). As for myself, if I got angry at, I would listen and do as they told. But while apologizing "Sorry", I often thought "Why the hell do they have to be so upset ?". I was still against (them anyway).

KAT-TUN on stage at that time only thought of doing things to strike the eyes. Speaking reckless/madcap things was believed as cool stuffs. Now that I recalled, those habits were apparently very wrong (laughs). Now if I can, I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what we did in the past." (laughs). But that stubborn thing was like the group's power. With the recklessness, we suddenly believed that anything was possible for us. That kind of element, as I previously told, was probably our good side. At the beginning that we characterized our group, we didn't intend to be a rebellious-imaged group but it was all from our own characteristics. KAT-TUN right now stated our own color. Being egocentric, being precocious, but that somehow included our power and passion. So even I think about myself in the past, I still insist on what I did. I see them as accumulating experiences. Maybe no longer having the recklessness but the seed (of recklessness) still takes root in everybody's DNAs. So to it as such beautiful stuff, that wouldn't be KAT-TUN (laughs). On the other hands, KAT-TUN at that time and present KAT-TUN, there've certainly a lot of stories done but eventually we have grown up to be adults who can stay in the basic rules....although, it was too slowly developped (laughs).

If we have to describe to others about a group named "KAT-TUN", probably a group of "members with own characteristics". On this earth, there isn't only good side. If people like us got in a normal company, they would think we swaggered around (laughs). Cause everybody had extreme images. A combination of different characteristics probably.

If all members were me ? I can assure you 100%, this group would not gonna sell (laughs). If that was real, it would be "move aside Nakamaru", "Do it more extremely, Nakamaru", probably things like this (laughs). Among all members, I'm the one with "ordinary image". Being in the group of extreme images, my "oridinariness" can probably be equal to the other side of the extreme images. Anyway, no matter in the past or present, I've never been like "I would like them to see me like this", I've never thought that. But it's just naturally myself to be. On the other hand, Ueda thinks a lot about characteristics. Old fans should know about this well. Suddenly Ueda often says "Let end this kind of character, shouldn't I ?" Are you still think of changing it, Ueda (laughs)? Wouldn't you be confused in changing image ? No no no, he sees it like fun stuffs. I'd like to support him for that. As for Koki, he has an extreme character, right ? That kind of characteristics is really good for the live performance. I envy that. Someone did told me "You...if you try, you'll be able to do it too". But I'm confident that I couldn't do it (laughs). Like a person wanna do something impossible.

Looking at the fans, KAT-TUN probably has many meanings to them. We're probably the group without calmness. But that is the way "KAT-TUN" is. KAT-TUN in these days, all members have rather high passions. All members in KAT-TUN has quite passionate dreams. When we talk, we usually say it straight away. We've been together for a long time. In the work issues, we don't have to refrain from hurting. I receive a lot of stimulants from members. hmm..this is a good relationship.

Who We are …

Last year's live, doing the bungee jumping right ? At that time, I felt the generosities of all the fans. When I jumped down, many applases, many screams, that kind of atmosphere really gave me warmness. “Fans' feelings were sent through this atmosphere". I like to read fan messages. The serious ones with complaints or blames, I can't help feeling sad (laughs). But although, I'm good-for-nothing but still receiving warm welcomes. Just like this the J-Web that I write the diary, I always read everyone's messages. After reading, I usually have high inspirations. In that column, "Let's write what we like", sometimes I use the picture icon representing stories, many fans seem to like it but some of them says "Eh..I don't get the meanings" too (laughs). " there's this kind of responses too". It's a thing to learn about. Not just in the web, living our own lives too, for all of us, to satisfy everyone's need is the difficult thing. But if most people can have fun out of it, it should be good. It would be good to think like this.

Translation credits :
JPN TO THA murasaki_kyokai
THA TO ENG yuijbj