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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Thursday, 28 October 2010



N : Eh, this month KAT-TUN formally reunite and answer to the readers’ questions. Now we’ll enter in this mood.
Ko : Oh oh!
N : Then, let’s start with the first one. This postcard arrived. “Hello, KAT-TUN. I’m very happy watching your talking during concerts or reading them on magazines. During discussion meetings, the emcee is usually Nakamaru-kun, right? Then, here comes my request. I’d like that at least one time Taguchi-kun, who loves to be the MC, would be the chairman who leads the meeting. The assistant would be Nakamaru-kun (laughs). Penname, Tagurinmei!”
Ko : For me it’s ok.
U : We can do it, we can.
Ka : Then, it’s the attack chance for Taguchi Junnosuke!
All: Ooooooooh! (Applauses arise)
N : Do it properly!
J : Well, recently the weather became really cold, Autumn has arrived. (Why does he speak like a DJ?)
Ko : This was terrible!
Ka : … we’ll accept everything from you.
J : Then, this postcard. “This is a question for everyone. If KAT-TUN had to act in a drama, what kind of drama would it be, what would be each one’s part? Penname, HiroP”
Ko : This is good.
N : War movie! War movie!
U : Ah, I want to do it too.
Ka : It may be good.
N : I’d be the medic
J : Why? Why not at first line?
N : I’m not that type, right?
Ko : I guess so.
Ka : I’d like to do something like the end of one day of war. Young people from various places reunite together… this kind of situation, like a sculptured group of youth.
U : A character that cries is good.
Ko : To be frank, I don’t want to die!
Ka : Isn’t good that character too? A character that says “I don’t want to die during a war!”
Ko : But, something simple to understand would be a school.
J : But if you consider our age, a school would be difficult.
U: Absolutely a coeducational school!
Ka : After that, a situation where men with absolutely different backgrounds gather. Like, 5 men come together, everyone different from the other, they come from different places with different ages and jobs, and at that point something will start? For example, a salary-man…
N : Ah, that’s me.
Ka : A man that came to install the air-conditioner… (stares Taguchi but he doesn’t notice… then points his finger at himself), the son of a noble… and so on.
U : Then, then, then, what do you think about a fiction that narrates if right now, in this era, a war breaks out?
N : In that case, KAT-TUN will stop to exist. Our job is a job for a peaceful era! Are you alright with that? Are you really alright with that? (serious)
U : But at the end it’s only a fiction…
J : It’s a “what if…” discussion, Nakamaru-kun.
U : And my character would be an extreeemely good man. One that cares about his friends. But indeed, after going to the battlefield and wearing an armour, he becomes a completely different person… an unexpected mystery.
N : Speaking about it, if it’s not the Warring States period (1467-1573, TrN), he can’t wear an armour. It would be a helmet.
U : E-Eh ♥ (deceive)
Ka : I want to do something like “The Goonies”, a story about friendship and adventure…
Ko : Then, for me is ok “Home alone”.
J : At your age, Koki? Who will attack?
N : If it’s you (two), it will turn out to be normal violence. You don’t have a drop of cuteness!
J : Seriously I would only build a barricade and at once transform it in a rifle fire battle.
Ko : Yes, it’s true!
J : Yes. Then, the next postcard. “It’s a lot of time that I’m thinking about it, but Nakamaru-kun’s hairstyle doesn’t change….”
N : Ah, no, it slightly changes.
J : “…Why don’t you try an image change, sometimes? Penname, Haruru”.
Ko : It doesn’t change if you don’t change it by yourself.
N : No, no. I don’t do eccentric changes, but I change length and style!
J : But when during the live you said “I changed my hair colour into brown!”, no one noticed it. Even the audience went “Eh?”.
N : Yes, right? Exactly that.
J : What?
Ka : Nakamaru, what if you try for 1 time a full model change?
N : No, because I’ve got slightly curly hair. What I can do is to limit them.
Ka : If you let your hair grow a bit, why don’t you try the hairstyle of one of Sukima Switch?
N : No, they won’t be like that.
Ko : Ah, an “extraordinary” feeling?
N : But I said it can’t be! Because from whichever point you look at him, the one from Sukima Switch has a perm! Those aren’t curly hair!
J : Koki changes hair style very boldly, but there isn’t a good guy that matches Nakamaru-kun?
Ko : It would be great.
N : I don’t want.
U : Let’s go to a Buddhist priest?
N : I don’t go!
Ko : Then, something like last year’s horsetail would be ok, right? Horsetail head.
N : It wasn’t a horsetail! It was an acorn, an acorn!
J : Well, we’ve settled up for an acorn head. Let’s continue. We’ve got this. “Kamenashi-kun has a stoic image, but I wonder what is the temptation that kind of Kamenashi-kun can’t win against. Do the members know? Tell us, please. Penname, Mamiseri”
U : Without limiting to Kame, for a man of course it’s impossible to win against temptations coming from a woman.
Ko : Clothing, food and sex, of course every man…
J : Ahahahahah! That (saying) was “clothing, food and shelter”!
Ka : But even in love matters, I can pretty stop my own feelings.
Ko : Why?! Men and love don’t run that way!
(Here starts a passionate debate between Koki VS Ueda&Kamenashi. They don’t stop…)
J : Yes. I understand, I understand.
N : It’s not “I understand, I understand”! MC, it’s time to stop them… stop them!
J : Ah, really? But you know, the temptation that Kame can’t defeat is shopping, right? He bought lots of things even in Korea.
Ka : When I enter in “shopping mode”, it may happen that I buy everything.
N : You end up buying at least 1 thing, anything… I understand.
J : There are times you fail?
Ka : There are, there are. What I bought that time in Korea…
N : Really?
U : The black jumper?
Ka : Recently, a kohai came…
Ko : You surrendered?
Ka : Yes. I let him search, he told me “Really, this one! This one, please!”…
N : You weren’t able to say no.
Ka : I have a soft spot for pressure… I said “Oh, ok, take it”, and…
N : Really? But you didn’t even wear it. It was new.
Ko : If you’re weak against audacious pressure, be more audacious yourself. Say “That jumper, after you’ve lost interest, you will give it back, right?” 1 time, then other 3 times and will be ok

J : I’m not that type of guy.
Ko : First of all, the kohais don’t yearn for Taguchi.
J : You’re right. It’s like this.
N : Then, after?
Ka : Recently happens often that male friends came to my house and we chat there.
Ko : I’m at home too, but I’m all alone. Recently I talk almost only through internet chat.
N : What a modern kid.
Ka : But this is no good! Go out, call people!
Ko : But thanks to it, I’ve become extremely fast in typing.
Ka : When people come, it becomes a serious real life. You clean the room, cook something…
N : Exactly.
Ko : No, I let the friends that came to my house do the cleaning. I depend on my male friends.
Ka : If I’m alone, I think I can take a bath even in the morning, for example. But if someone comes to my house, it happens I can’t do it properly.
Ko : On the contrary, I take a bath when I’m all alone and too much free. “Ah, I’m free, so I can take a bath”. When I’m extremely free, I take a bath even 4 times in a day.
U : That is too much!
J : Well, well, let’s go forward. “This is only a “what if” question, but if in the immediate future Ueda-kun marries someone, and he gives a marriage ceremony, what would the members give him as a present? Penname, Kayoppe”
N : First of all, we don’t even know if Ueda would send us the wedding invitation.
Ko: Exactly, exactly. Probably he would call us around the third party. “Now I’m doing my third party for the wedding, do you come?”.
J : He’s so light!
U : Oh well, I don’t guarantee I’m going to call everyone.
N : This is bad, this is definitely bad!
Ka : If you invite one, invite everyone! You have to do it.
J : We’d like you invite everyone without exception. Absolutely. By the way which kind of wedding? A flashy wedding? Or a simple wedding?
U : I’ll follow my partner’s desire.
N : According to my partner.
Ka : I’d do a simple wedding.
Ko : For me… would be an “I ended up getting married” improvised wedding?
N : That’s not the question!
Ka : We would change the present according to Ueda’s wedding, if it’s flashy or simple. Which one?
U : Then, I choose the flashy one.
Ko : Then, if it’s a gaudy wedding, we will sing “NO MORE PAIN” on the gondola where the fresh bride and groom are sitting when they get off.
All : Dan dan dadan, dan dan dadann!... (there’s this atmosphere)
N : Someone here has the leading role.
J : But I don’t understand well the image of the wedding.
U : But 10 years from now someone will surely be married.
N : In my case, I’ll do 2 ceremonies.
U : Why?
N : One for very close people. The other one for a large crowd of people.
Ka : Ah… At the end I really prefer a simple wedding. What you said seems bothersome.
J : Then, at the end, what present would we choose?
Ko : When it’s time for the entrance of the happy couple, I’ll enter instead of Ueda. Tatataaa! Ah, it’s not me. What a failure.
Ka : Then there’d be me instead of the minister. And when it’s time for the “You can kiss the spouse” sentence, I’d take away the mask and say “Yo, Ueda”.
U : Ah! I’d be completely defeated by that.
Ko : And there would be Taguchi popping out from the cake. Finally “Time to cut the cake!”. And he would pop out screaming “Ouch!”
J : Ahahah! Stupid!
Ka : Ueda would go back to home completely defeated.
N : With this he wouldn’t be able to look his bride’s relatives in the eyes.
U : Just hearing this discussion makes me think “Inviting these guys is absolutely a terrible idea!”
J : Then, this is the end!
N : It ended…
J : But you know, at the end it’s impossible for me to be the chairman of a meeting.
N : Only now? You say it only now?!

translations credit to iside89

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