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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Monday, 25 July 2011


... how did you get such knowledge, Yucchi? Encyclopedia?

Dated : 21st of May 2011

In “WHITE” PV they’re classmates!

---Your 15th single, “WHITE”, is used in the Sofina CM too, it’s a fresh song. How’s singing it?
Ko: Refreshing!
J: Eh? Really?
U: Taguchi, ssh. Shut up.
Ko: …the melody is refreshing.
Ka: Yes, It’s a good song with a fresh feeling.
U: You know~ this time we recorded the PV at a German school, right? There were lots of foreigners and I talked quite a lot~
N: When, I didn’t notice?!!
Ko: This time is drama-like. It is story type, based on the idea that 5 years before we all went at the same college.
N: Meeting after 5 years at the school, looking at a picture and laughing.
J: When I looked at the monitor during the filming, the image quality had a movie-ish aura. I think it’s very cool.
Ka: Then, of course, we have added the promised game as special footage!
N: Please look forward to it~

Nakamaru’s absentminded declaration is a severe earthquake for the members?!?

---WHITE lyrics are written with both the male and female point of view. But, if you became girls, what would you do?
N: I would probably have girls talks~
Ka: I would take a bath!
U: Me too!
J: What would you do after entering the bathtub?
Ka: I wouldn’t do something to my own body; I would enter in the girls’ bathroom!
U: Yes! (nods deeply)
Ka: Then I’d wear a one piece dress. I hear it’s fresh/cool, I wonder if it’s true.
Ko: I would emphasize my breast. I want to become a very beautiful girl and being picked up.
J: I want to try a bra! But It seems stiff around the body and not wearable.
N: Then you can wear it on the front. [T/N: he’s referring to the bras w/ hook on the chest.]
Ka: Oh-oh?
J: Ah, I didn’t think about it. …...why do you know it? (smiling widely)
N: Uh. On the contrary, why don’t you know it?
U: The sullen Nakamaru-kun…!
N: Why now I’m sullen?! Of course I know it!
Ko: (Looking at Nakamaru with a “EH?!” face)
N: What the hell, Koki, that face. Surely you know better than me!
U: Nakamaru’s face is too serious (laughs)
Ko: Hey, I don’t know a thing about front hook!
N: You just said the word itself! (laughs)

We too, we cherish the lives!

---Tell us something about the coupling song, “PERFECT”!
Ka: It’s a cheering song for who’s just entered the society. But at the beginning of our debut we were the “will never sing a cheering song” characters, right? (bitter smile)
Ko: But exactly for this reason I think it’s necessary to sing it. We have always wanted to sing it but we were always told “you’re KAT-TUN, so…”. Finally we are able to sing it.
U: I’d like that you listen to it when you feel down.
J: You will be able to cheer up!
N: For example the line “TOMORROW uh~” seems will be really exciting during lives.
J: Tomorrow, haiku of the heart~ [T/N: it’s a pun between tomorrow/tomoro and Tomozou, which I think it’s an old anime character.]
N: …that’s Tomozou, right. No, we aren’t talking about that, but lives. We’re making you waiting a bit.
Ka: The schedule will be decided soon.
Ko: In order that can be realized.
U: There will surely be a live!
J: Yes. Listen to our song and wait with expectation!!

They’re surprised looking at old covers! The reason of their surprise is…
N: Wah! A Yankee mixed among us~!
U: It’s true, it’s this right? (pointing at Nakamaru)
N: No, no, it’s Koki, right? Koki this period was filthy~ (laughs)
Ka: it was still fine! This present Koki is filthier!
J: Ah, it’s true, a Yankee!
Ka: You’re incredible, you had such a period? It looks like you’d fit EXILE.
Ko: I had it. Moreover that’s quite recent. Around 2 years ago?
Ka: This was good, isn’t it (pointing at an older bald picture). It has a feeling of “when you were younger" period.
N: But he’s a complete Yankee!
Ko: Stop this! Can you please stop fooling around using me? You keep saying “Yankee, Yankee”… (tears)

Do you remember when you held lemons for our magazine? [T/N: on The Television covers people have lemons in hand.]
N: I was at elementary school? At a supermarket. [T/N: Not sure what he's meaning here @.@]
Ka: I think I appeared for the first time with “Gokusen” (2005, Nihon TV)?
N: Don’t interrupt!
Ka: After that~ I think it was an interview with Yamapi~
N: What, he’s ignoring me. This guy is losing power to concentrate!!
J: Even before the debut? No, I don’t remember! (bitter smile)

Even the attempt of putting the talk back on track at the end has drifted away, as expected…
N: What, we’re keeping chatting without contents, is this talk ok like this?
Ko: Then, shall we adjust the orbit of our chat?
J: Let’s order all the covers following the year!
Ko: Oooh, we’ve become like this.
Ka: But I think “we’re still just like this?”.
U: For that “24 jikan terebi” lots of TV magazines came for interviews. We did them with an assembly line speed, right?
Ka: That was incredible~
N: Just looking at these magazines memories overflow, but at home now I have lots of CDs. I want to show the booklets so I want to display them. How do you keep KAT-TUN’s CDs?
J: I put them in a box.
U: That box is the garbage can, right? [T/N: pun between box=hako; garbage bin=gomibako]
J: No, it’s different… hey, you just said a smart one! They’re different boxes!
Ko: Taguchi, your tsukkomi was kinda slow! (laughs)

What’s KAT-TUN’s turning point?
Ko: There are lots.
N: From when we became KAT-TUN, every year people of the agency…
Ko: …tell us “This year is an important period!”.
N: They tell us this even now.
U: Indeed.
Ko: Of course we don’t think there are useless periods, it has this meaning. But you know, sometimes is a “we don’t have free time to lose focus!”
J: Every year there are also jobs we are glad to have done, right?
Ka: there aren’t years we say “such a quiet year”.
N: Every year we act with the feelings “this year we must give ourselves”
Ka: But around every 2 years and half, we are brought back to the starting point, more or less (laughs)
U: This is why I think we are daily living at our limits. [T/N: Girigiri de ikiteiru. Real face lyrics.] N: … we’ll give our best to be able to be punctual. [T/N: he says the opposite of “girigiri”]

When Kaito, the Great Pyreenees dog appears, Koki says a pun?

(Kaito hangs around the members)
J: Kaito! Kaai Kai Kai, Kai-Kaito, real pleasure and enjoy~
N: Kaito is indeed big!
Ko: He’s so big-kaito! Just saying. It came in my mind. I wanted to say it. (blushes) [T/N: Koki says “dekkaito” pun between “dekai” (big) and Kaito]
Ka: Kaito, do you want to play again with us? Let’s go to the roof, ok?
U: Ok then, let’s play on the roof~

translations credit to iside89

Saturday, 23 July 2011


... come and clean my room, pleaseeeeeeeeee *bambi eyes*

Dated : 30th May 2011

If you could produce KAT-TUN’s next single, which song would you choose? (Girl from Niigata prefecture, 19 years old)
As coupling song I want a cover of a Johnny’s senpai song. If we did a song by a duo group like Kinki Kids, it would sound fresh and amusing~

Regarding your job as commenter of “Shuuichi”, is there something you began to do or you pay attention to? (Girl from Hokkaido, 24 years old)
I became able to look at the articles, for example newspapers’, more and more until the details. I think that also before I was sensitive to many news, but being in the position to speak in TV, in order to keep up with whichever topic, I always prepare on many news and then face the broadcast.

What’s your recent recommended sweet? (Girl from Kanagawa prefecture, 23 years old)
Recently at home I often eat fruits, like oranges and grapes.

Comparing to the period [when the group] was formed, in what do you think you’ve grown up? (Girl from Fukuoka prefecture, 19 years old)
I/we have reached a modulation of the voice. I think each one reached [to know] the limit in which [each one/we] can freely move, inside the sphere of what we can do.

What’s the best healing thing? (Girl from Tochigi prefecture, 20 years old)
Mister. Even if it’s a mini Dachshund it looks like a Schnauzer (laughs), it’s my cute child (pet).

Connected to the new song “WHITE”, what’s your WHITE side and on the contrary, what’s the BLACK side? (Girl from Kanagawa, 16 years old)
My WHITE side is that recently I’ve learned doing housework seriously. I do the laundry, wash dishes, and throw the trash more or less every day. The BLACK side, many years ago I bought a hanging machine because I wanted to build up muscles, yet now it’s a clothes rack (laughs). Well, I’m using it in a way or another (laughs).

translations credit to iside89