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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

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KAT-TUN World Tour 2010 - Tokyo Dome

Dated : 16th July 2010

During MC, they talked about Kamenashi wearing jeans. Nakamaru said he wears jeans too. And Ueda said, there are people who suit jeans but there are people who don't suit jeans, to which Nakamaru gave a shock expression.

Ueda immediately explained that it is not that Nakamaru is unsuitable, it's that Kamenashi is more suitable in jeans. Ueda also continued saying that Nakamaru has many strong points, for example his dancing. During Understandable (Nakamaru's solo medley), when Ueda was behind Nakamaru's back (KT-TU back danced for him), Ueda thought Nakamaru danced very well.


Dated : 13th July 2010

Mail One KAT-TUN Section

Mail : I was very happy at Kumamoto’s concert a few days ago. I wore the Japan football team jersey to the concert. Surprisingly, KAT-TUN wore them too during the encore. I was happy as though it was like I played in a match in South Africa. How was it decided who would wear which jersey?

U : ……What? ……What?
N : Didn’t we just talk about the match against Netherlands? That day, the encore during Kumamoto
U : Oh~ That~
N : Didn’t we wear the Japan team jerseys on stage? The question is asking how we decided who to wear which jersey
U : Everyone just quickly took turns and said, “I want number xx” “I want number xx”
N : Yep, I wore Nakazawa (Yuji)!
U : I got one in the end too~ Kame, Nakamaru and Taguchi were the first to get the jerseys?
N : Hn
U : Interest and taking turns; that was how they got them… For me…
N : You were more like, “Oh, so this is left?”
U : I went to get what was there. Are there meanings to the jerseys? Is it possible to buy that jersey?
N : Ah…… I guess they can be bought, the staff chose them
U : The staff just picked randomly? Was there Honda (Keisuke)’s jersey?
N : Honda…… I heard Honda’s ones were sold out
U : I really didn’t know
N : Indeed
U : Eh~~~
N : Maa, so this was decided very quickly as we took turns to choose the jersey number
U : Hn

KAT-TUN Live Tour 2010 - Kumamoto

Dated : 13th June 2010

During MC part...

U : Yesterday, I received a phone call from Johnny-san. He said, "YOU, go do a solo live." And I replied, "Yes, I want to do it." And hence the concert is decided!
N : Hahahaha! When Ueda saw the phone number of the incoming call
U : Oh yes, I was with Nakamaru
N : Ueda saw the number and went, "Who is this?!" (laughs)
-T : Johnny-san often changes his number. No one knew what number he's using!

Ueda was with Nakamaru recording R-ONE KAT-TUN when Johnny called. When Ueda exclaimed, "Who is this?!", Nakamaru took his phone and answered it; after which he said to Ueda, "It's Johnny-san!".


Dated : February 2010

Nakamaru recommended Ueda to play futsal to train his lower body, since boxing is more about training the upper body. Nakamaru asked Ueda to invite him to futsal if he plays. Ueda replied he is really bad at ball skills. Hence, even if Nakamaru invites him, he will reject the invitation.


Dated : December 2007

Nakamaru said he was planning a food trip to Hokkaido with Ueda. He booked the air tickets and Ueda booked the hotel accommodation. Even though Nakamaru had been to Hokkaido, this was his first time there on a private trip. Ueda had said he wanted to go Hokkaido too. Previously, he had gone to Nasushiobara with Ueda without advance planning and the trip didn’t go well. Hence, they would plan this time round.


Dated : May 2007

N : When we have to change clothes quickly, Ueda would never hang the clothes which he took off onto the hanger
U : That is a problem in my personality (laughs)
N : He always share a rack with me. (He doesn't hang his clothes) even though I always hang my clothes neatly
U : Because of that difference, I've always think you're great (laughs)
N : You've been throwing your clothes everywhere even from way back (laughs)
U : Clothes taken off means clothes taken off (laughs) (1)
N : And his clothes will start occupying my area, making my space smaller
U : I'm like this at home too

KAUN's complicated relationships

In a Fukuoka concert years ago...

A : Nakamaru and I are not suitable for each other!
N : Why are you suddenly saying this?!
K : But I like Nakamaru! I feel that I like Nakamaru the most
A : Stop that (angry)
K : But the person whom Nakamaru likes most is Ueda! (sweat)

Translations credit to snowaltz (konoaida)


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