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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Monday, 31 January 2011


Dated : 11th of JANUARY 2011

J: If we have to sum up KAT-TUN's 2010 in one sentence, it would be “We can change” [T/N: in English in the original text]. The new single is simply “CHANGE UR WORLD”.
Ka: You're right. The number of members changed too, and before this, there were individual changes while the solo activities of each one piled up; due to all of this, the balance of the group is changing yearly. Rather than being a year of reconfirmation, it was a year when the members tried to understand every member's mind direction.
Ko: It's true, we gathered many times to talk. I don't know about the other groups, but anyway I've the confidence that in this 2010 year, among Johnny's, we were the group that talked the most! (laughs)
N: As expected, we have realized that if we don't talk, we can't understand each other.
Ka: It sounds like a lesson for couples in their stage of ennui (laughs). Because thanks to our meetings we escape from the crisis of divorce (laughs)
U: Of course our faith as a group doesn't change... mustn't change. This is because [keeping] the balance of the parts that might change is difficult, I think.
Neverthless, what you considered a disadvantage at that time, it could be positive to be the origin of our growth as we look at it on the long term.
N: Indeed. For the time being, taking 2010 as an advantage, it's valuable to be able to reunite and talk all together, for example when it's time to release a new song. Let's continue with this stance from now on too.
J: Even being able to do a tour overseas for the first time was a big event. It was something we've always wanted to do, so I was happy. But it's sad that we couldn't go to Thailand (because the show was cancelled due to the political unrest)...
N: Yeah. I really felt that our job is one that can be done only during peaceful times. I reconsidered and corrected my point of view a bit.
Ka: Oh, you said a wise thing!
J: But Korean and Taiwanese fans were amazing, weren't they? We rarely meet them, and more than being wild/enthusiastic, it was like the power was conserved and piled up and exploded.
U: What I thought when we were doing the Asia performances was that even if our cultures are different, the fact that we can transmit something to our audience, and the fact that we actually transmit it, doesn’t change. I was somehow happy.
Ka: I understand, I understand. With that meaning I felt the blessing during the domestic tour too. I think that the fact that we were able to do the Arena Tour had great importance too. If perhaps we had done only the Dome shows and then immediately done the overseas shows, the feelings would have been absolutely different.
Ko: “After having met our Japanese fans, we challenged the overseas [shows/world]”, right? Thanks to them, we could gain power and we received confidence.
Ka: The Arena Tour was fun, I want to do it again. We may ask Miyazaki Hayao-san to help with ideas for the set on the next tour.
J: You're exaggerating~ (laughs)
U: That's great. Then, starting with that, let's ask for a movie too!
Ka: Exactly (laughs). Because being a voice actor for a Gibli anime is my dream. I'm thinking about the live too, but I had an exchange of opinions with Nakamaru about the direction to take in 2011.
Ko: When did you talk?
Ka: Yesterday we had a date and we talked.
N: In a Cafè in Urahara, yeah (laughs).
J: I want to give my best in order to have a KAT-TUN TV program in 2011. I want to challenge many things I've not done yet.
Ka: I think there are many things we still haven't done as a group. For example, we have never done a theatre play all together...
J: With the members? So embarrassing! (bitter smile)
U: I can do it.
Ko: I just don't want to see Nakamaru's love scene.
N: You don't need to worry, there's no demand. (bitter smile) But if we would be able to do a drama as a group, it seems it would be fun.

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Dated : 17th January 2011

This is Nakamaru Yuichi

In the current 'Logotomo' CM, the expected limited-time original picture (video) of KAT-TUN can (now) be downloaded

So before it was the trial (version) that you (could) see and download

Mm, it's a good feeling

Taguchi looks like a model

Everyone please check it out

Also recently, after a long time, I purchased an accessory

(photo: close up - his hand, accessory on wrist, knitted sweater sleeve (lol am I being too detailed xDD))

It's a bracelet

The noncommital red is nice

It looks like a Misanga *see note*

Talking about Misanga, today it's the Saudi Arabia match in the preliminary round of the Asia Cup

Do your best Japan

Well then around 12 midnight on Tues, there is a radio program I'd like you to listen to

It's Bunka Housou's 'R-One KAT-TUN'

This time it's 'Ueda & Nakamaru's big heated discussion!! Which one's the sullen lewd(person/thing…)!? Also, the new song goes on air for the first time!'

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

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A memorable moment I had last year was in October when I visited a big game company I loved since I was young. They told me to "Come visit and play once" so I took them up on their offer and went. They went so far as to show me behind the scenes where their programmers worked. I was touched. Also, compared to other years, last year I read tons of books. Though there were lots of books I had to read for class too I read at the pace of one book per month. It wasn't novels so much as books that interested me, like non-fiction. When I think about it, I've grown to read a lot more books.

Work-wise, the overseas tour left the biggest impression on me. Korea, Taiwan...and of course Japan was fun too but every fan in their hometown has a different culture so to speak. Every country had a completely different atmosphere and that was really refreshing. This was just my impression but, in Korea it seemed there were a lot of people with stylish pucci black glasses and dark hair. Anyway you put it, Taiwan was closer to Japanese people, their hair and clothing styles seemed more similar to Japan. Everyone's reactions to our songs were all different in their own respect. Not only was I happy to learn about those differences but to have made it overseas was something special; I was able to receive huge motivation and encouragement from it.

This year? Of course I want to tour again with KAT-TUN. There was a bit of talk about a concert outside of city at a complex some time this year but whether we will be able to or not, I look forward to hearing the results. Little by little we've been having more talks about it. If we could produce another album that'd be great too. If I were to speak selfishly, there's a lot that I want to do (laughs). I want to do a play! Last year I was able to act in the drama "Hanchou" but from all of that I was able to learn one thing. I'm much better during rehearsals! (laughs) You know, I'm someone who puts 100% effort into rehearsal. Of course I also intend to put on a better show than rehearsal when it's for real but in the end I'm always better during the rehearsal (laughs). That's why this year, I think it'd be nice if I could learn to control that part. In my private life, school is number one. If I could go at this pace this year with my graduation thesis and seminars, I'll graduate if I can get those credits. I hope to get all my credits without any misses. You say you want me to predict this year for the other members!? Yeah, Kamenashi will hit a home run at the Tokyo Dome! Taguchi will...anyway (laughs). Kidding kidding, I guess his wide amount of hobbies will narrow down!? That guy has a whole lot of interests you know, I think it'd be good if he could narrow them down a bit. Koki will get tired of his long hair and it'll be time that again when he turns into a buddhist monk I guess? Ueda's body fat percentage will drop again! And I will safely graduate from college!

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Sunday, 30 January 2011


I've been told by my friend Lulu, the half naked picture that I've posted yesterday was not Yucchi and Koki at all (>.<) *pat my head* I've already deleted the picture. I should be more careful when reposting next time. I truly apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks Lulu, you help me a lot!

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NTT concert also fine (^_~)"

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Saturday, 29 January 2011


Dated : 28th of JANUARY 2011

Announcer : Then, the question corner! This is from Tohoshinki.
"Please, tell us a ramen restaurant we must go in Japan!"
Tamori : Oh, do you like ramen?
Changmin : Ah, I like it very much, I really like it!
An : Do you like Japanese ramen?
Changmin : Yes.
Tamori : And Shoujo Jidai, do you like ramen?
*girl* : Ah, we would like to know a good ramen shop too.
T : But well, since there are lots of kind of ramen... Kat-tun, what to you think?
Kame : By the way, which kind of ramen do you like?
Changmin : Well, I like tonkotsu ramen, shio ramen, shoyu ramen, oh I like all of them. Particulary, spicy ramen.
Koki : Oh, if it's spicy ramen, then... before coming here we 5 went outside for around 30 minutes and ate all together ramen.
It was a bit spicy tonkotsu.
Kame : it's a place called "Ichiran".
Koki : It's near here.
Kame : Did you eat there?
Tamori : I heard about it.
Changmin : I ate there one time.
Announcer : Did you? It's this one, right?
Kame : it's very good.
Ta : Is this spicy?
Kame : it is and you can choose the ingredients.
[Ok the following part about the ramen is just indicative because I didn't pay attention, I wasn't interested XD]
Koki : You can increase and increase, even ten times...
Kame : For example which meat or seasoning, you choose everything. Even how much, or the onions. You can choose everything by yourself.
Koki : It's dream-like restaurant!
Kame : If you want to go, you can go with our Ueda without problems...
Ueda : Well for me it's absolutely ok, but... why me?
Koki : Oh you were surprised to be involved out of the blue.
Kame : He doesn't talk much and I wanted to bring him into the conversation.

SECOND TALK : Talking about bathing
Tamori : And Kat-tun?
Nakamaru : Well it's not a computer, but Ueda often brings games - that is, portable games with him while bathing. I think he broke around 3...? [*Rewatching, I think it's more vague here. Portable games may be phone games too, or portable consoles like PSP/Nintendo DS, etc.]
Tamori : they may break!
Ueda : I tried to put in the bathroom a dehumidifer or putting a cover on the bathtub, but at the end, yeah, I break them.
Koki : You should just stop that habit, right?
Tamori : When you take a bath, it's better if you stop it!
Kame : Really.
Announcer: It's dangerous, they break easily.

Announcer : You had the suggestion (you requested) for the ramen restaurant too.
Yunho : Ueda-san, I look forward to it.
Ueda : Ok, then, let's go now!
Yunho : Ok, let's go.
Koki : Now?!
Tamori : Are you going now?!

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Thursday, 27 January 2011


screencaps credit to monkeyandkoala


Dated : 14th of January 2011

Everyone who finished Friday
Otsukare sama

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

The 2011 soccer Asia Cup is now in session ne

It's a tournament that decides the strongest soccer(-playing) country in Asia

Talking about the Asia Cup, the strongest memory that remains (in my mind) is the 2004 tournament

In the quarterfinal match of Japan with Jordan, the score was 1 v. 1, so they went to PK (stands for penalty kicks i.e. penalty shoot out)

The condition of the pitch was bad(.) The first and the second left-footed kicks by Shunsuke and Alexander Santosu, both of them, once they kicked, their feet (something something & they) missed, so the score became 2 (Jordan) v. 0

At that time, the feeling of it being unsatisfactory flowed because there was no fairness due to the bad conditions of the pitch (ground) and it looked like (the team?) would give up halfway in hopelessness, but after that the captain Miyamoto Tsuneyasu ran up to the chief umpire and requested they changed goals for the (next) PK, and the chief umpire accepted that request

It was unheard of to change the goal in use halfway through the penalty shoot out

'It's 0 versus 2 in the PK, it's impossible now!'

'It's nice (of) Miyamoto, but it's too late!'

I remember shouting that (kind of thing) in my heart

And after that, the goal keeper Kawaguchi Noukatsu(hope I read his first name right) was directed by the Gods (and) saved continously, and somehow with the results of the PK being 4 against 3, Japan reaped a dramatic victory

That moved me deeply

I remember that clearly even now

Kawaguchi was a god

He was a real God(-like) defender (lack of grammar here kinda makes me doubt what I just wrote, LOL)

After that in the semi-finals against Bahrain, at the end of extra time it was a 4 v. 3 victory

The final match, a struggle with China, was a victory of 3 v. 1

Just how many goose bumps did the tournament give (me/people/everyone?)

And this tournament, up until now, in the preliminary league, finishing two matches, (it was) one win, one draw

In the first match against Jordan it was a 1 v. 1 draw

In yesterday's match against Syria there was quite a lot of unsatisfactory judging but somehow it (ended up being) a 2 v. 1 victory

The game against Saudi Arabia is left (to be played)

Until now, looking at the feeling in the two games, because Japan can control the (games) quite well, it means the inevitably the opponents aim (for) the counter and the set play (so regardless of win/loss, they rely on the goal tally etc.)

So though (Japan) has the authority to control the game, it should be careful in regards to the counter (of wins/losses/goals etc.), (Japan) has completely picked up the first point in this period of time in a relatively calm (manner)

Also, managing to hold on, otherwise coming and gaining points in a power play against opponents, aiming to gain additional points in the counter in the Asian Cup preliminary rounds, isn't Japan currently developing an ideal game(?)

Also, looking at the individual level (of the players), and as the defending player Yoshida is a representative of Japan from now on, hasn't it become a state where (Japan) won't fail to (succeed)

Currently there is insufficient chances for the main object to hurt the defending formation (of Japan) and etc., in this tournament the experiences have been piling up and I want to point out more and more feelings/experiences

I'm also anticipating the next match against Saudi Arabia

Do your best Japan!!

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Nakamaru's Page No. 642
Dated : 10th of January 2011

This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Today is Coming of Age Day ne

Coming of Age Day is a
'Becoming conscious of turning into an adult, surviving on your own account, a celebration encouraging young people' day, I guess

In one part for the Coming of Age ceremony there was also some areas where snow was falling but it seems that nation-wide it (the weather) cleared up

Everyone who came of age
Omedetou gozaimasu
Please grow up to be exemplary adults

Well then from around 12 o'clock midnight on Tuesday there's a radio programm I'd like you to listen to

It's Bunka housou's 'R-ONE KAT-TUN'

This time it's 'the popular corner - That's it! Let's go to OO! This time as well local listeners express (themselves) and brag!'

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

Nakamaru's Page No. 643
Dated : 12th of January 2011

Nyoki nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Winter break has finished and I've stared my class work

Because the end-of-winter-break classes (last) until the end of January, this short term is really coming to an end

As this end-of-term task is also out, I want to and go (ahead) and gain a credit with a quick, efficient attitude (/behaviour)

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Dated : 7th of JANUARY 2011

Everyone who finished Friday
Otsukare sama

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Today after this there is the recording for 'Tensai wo tsukuru! Galileo Nou Ken'

By the way, it's sudden, but thanks to everyone's support, up until now 'Nakamaru's Page' has been able to be updated with a frequency of three times a week

However I don't have much free time for the update frequency of once per two days, and there's the sense that it's also a time interval in which I can't offer my own ideal topics/subject matter

Because of that from now on, for the sake of spacing out the interval, I think 'Nakamaru's Page' will update once a week

To offer (more) fun isn't an excuse, but I thought, for the sake of improving the subject matter of 'Nakamaru's Page,' I decided that there's no other way

However, I've thought over it again, as well as the ideal subject matter (some part here I don't get, sorry!), and I realised that the dispatch (rate) in 'Nakamaru's Page' might be important

Quantity over quality

It's like that, the best that can be required from 'Nakamaru's Page' is quantity over quality (eh, I'm still a little iffy on this part xP)

So that means even if the contents is rather weak, the three-time update is the correct answer

I of course want to go on without changing the three times a week update frequency

'The blog with the purpose of updating for everyone' I realised that that (the purpose) was harvested early this year

I'll confirm that one more time

The three time a week updated is unchanged

It was useless to make you read all that(!) (emoji here that I can't get to work)

It's just that I was worried I wouldn't have nothing to write(~)

So, as I finished writing this post, I forgot an important matter

KAT-TUN's live has been settled

Things like the 5 major city's dome concerts, the conbinato concert

The extra-large event will undoubtedly be of the highest class in the history of KAT-TUN

I hope we create memories together of the summer of 2011 (when the concerts happen)

Even though it's (too) soon, I want to begin with the plans

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

translations credit to ss_translations


Dated : FEBRUARY 2011

Q1: What food are you into now?
Mandarin oranges. Actually I'm just about to eat some mandarin orange jelly (laughs).

Q2: In your personal life, what's your favorite time of day?
The time when I'm sitting on the sofa in my living room without a care in the world.

Q3: What fashion style are you into now?
Simpleness..Jeans, t-shirt, warm outerwear.

Q4: What's a fashion item you use alot?
Low-rise jeans. The looseness is nice.

Q5: What's your favorite movie genre?
Well that's gotta be romance of course.

Q6: What's your favorite spot this winter?
The veranda at my place. Because I'm able to see beautiful stars.

Q7: What's something you recently bought that is among your favorite things?
My watch. It has a character on it but its black and cool.

Q8: What's your number one hobby now?
Cleaning. I'm constantly cleaning up my living room and bedroom.

Q9: Teach us how to relieve stress!
Bathe. Immerse yourself in hot water and you'll feel refreshed.

Q10: What spot in your place is your favorite?
The sofa. It's the best if Ran & Jelly (dogs) are next to me!

Q1: What food are you into now?
Yogurt. The ones that are a bit harder in texture.

Q2: In your personal life, what's your favorite time of day?
When I'm playing games!

Q3: What fashion style are you into now?
Pairing a grey hoodie with a black jacket.

Q4: What's a fashion item you use alot?
Hoodie. Nowadays you can buy a cheap one in any color.

Q5: What's your favorite movie genre?
I like sci-fi. Don't really watch horror.

Q6: What's your favorite spot this winter?
There seems to be a movie theater where you can shout in, I want to go there once.

Q7: What's something you recently bought that is among your favorite things?
The final box of DVDs from a favorite offshore drama.

Q8: What's your number one hobby now?
I'm soo into watching those DVDs right now.

Q9: Teach us how to relieve stress!
Don't hold on to any stress!!

Q10: What spot in your place is your favorite?
Dining table. You'll always find me there (laughs).

Q1: What food are you into now?
It's not "now", it's meat 365 days a year! I live for meat.

Q2: In your personal life, what's your favorite time of day?
Watching video sharing sites. Sleeping with my beloved dog Sakura and Rai.

Q3: What fashion style are you into now?
Poncho. I bought it online.

Q4: What's a fashion item you use alot?
Piercings, I'm also always wearing necklaces.

Q5: What's your favorite movie genre?
Crazy suspenseful horror genres I think.

Q6: What's your favorite spot this winter?
Ginza. Starting in the afternoon I'm in cafes and stuff (laughs).

Q7: What's something you recently bought that is among your favorite things?
Deck Jacket. I also bought a bbgun to use for survival games.

Q8: What's your number one hobby now?
There are a lot but if we're talking frequency it'd be weight training.

Q9: Teach us how to relieve stress!

Q10: What spot in your place is your favorite?
Bedroom. I also watch tv and playing games on my bed.

Q1: What food are you into now?
Yogurt. When I get a little hungry I find myself eating it.

Q2: In your personal life, what's your favorite time of day?
After working out, the time when I think to myself on way home "What should I eat?".

Q3: What fashion style are you into now?
Nothing. I wear whatever I think of at the moment.

Q4: What's a fashion item you use alot?
A giant comb thats in the shape of a famous mouse character.

Q5: What's your favorite movie genre?
I'm into suspense. I like works that have a strange outlook on the world.

Q6: What's your favorite spot this winter?
Hot springs. It's been almost 10 years since I've been to one so I want to go!

Q7: What's something you recently bought that is among your favorite things?
A cellphone game I play with my friends where we have to hunt for monsters.

Q8: What's your number one hobby now?
As usual, getting the body moving!

Q9: Teach us how to relieve stress!
Hanging out with your friends for 12 hours straight and cutting loose.

Q10: What spot in your place is your favorite?
Living room. Sitting on the sofa watching anime shows.

Q1: What food are you into now?

Fried shish kebab. I like foie gras and asparagus.

Q2: In your personal life, what's your favorite time of day?
The time when I'm listening to music or drawing illustrations in my room.

Q3: What fashion style are you into now?
Knitwear! Also, collared shirts.

Q4: What's a fashion item you use alot?
On top of knitwear, dark colors. Today I'm wearing grey (laughs).

Q5: What's your favorite movie genre?
Documentary and war films. I'm bad with love stories.

Q6: What's your favorite spot this winter?
Minato city. You can see the beautiful Tokyo Tower the best from there.

Q7: What's something you recently bought that is among your favorite things?
A cushion with a massage function!

Q8: What's your number one hobby now?
Listening to music.

Q9: Teach us how to relieve stress!
Watch the sun.

Q10: What spot in your place is your favorite?
The sofa in the living room.

translations credit to daphuni


Part 1 - New single “CHANGE UR WORLD” interview
An interview about the feelings inside the long-awaited song!

“I think it would be good if this song gives the input to change something”

'There was this spontaneous feeling “It's time to attack!”'

---This time's single, “CHANGE UR WORLD”, has a hard rock sound, it's very cool.
Ka: Thank you. This time we ended a big tour, composed by the “Arena tour” from May to June and the “World big tour” from July to August, and soon after we started working on it, so I think that, emotionally, this fact had a huge impact. We started working on it maintaining the feelings of the live tour.

---There was something like “we want to do this kind of song”, or about the image you wanted to have?
Ko: There was this spontaneous feeling “It's time to attack!” inside of us. We also thought that even the fans wanted to see finally a “it’s time to attack!” version of KAT-TUN. I think that this time the song became a very KAT-TUN-like one, that allows very easily to understand our “attacking side”.
U: The image is “KAT-TUN returning to their starting point”. Especially compared to the song before, “Going!”.

---There was something that you were conscious of during the recording?
Ka: (*) The hook [during the bridge/chorus] is high and was difficult. But on the opposite side, the A-melody is pretty low. This means: we dance during the intro and after that there's the A-melody, and promptly appears the high part. For this reason, we are pretty conscious of that part and we sing giving a nuance.

---This means that you pay attention to those points even during the recording, since during the lives there are dances and choreography.
Ko: Because from the beginning we're a group that started doing lives, before recording CDs. Even when we record an album, we choose the songs keeping an eye on the live. For this reason even when I record the rap I want a “live sensation”, so I always sing moving my body.
U: For me, I don't care about the mike's booth, I put the mike stand and I sing leaning on it.
Ka: Following the song, when there's a mood song the stadium illumination becomes darker or I sing wearing sunglasses. In my case, I enter too much into the song and sometimes it almost happens that I think “The clothes are different!” (laughs) So at the end, since during the recordings I become really sensitive, I end up paying very much attention to small things like that [T/N: he’s referring to the difference between hook and A-Melody he noticed]. While recording a song long barely 4 minutes, to be honest, there are lots of emotional ups and downs.

---While keeping in mind the live performance, there are little details too. The charm of KAT-TUN's music is that has both such a daring side and an accurate side.
Ka: This because we don't think about everything beforehand, but we try to do most of it it after we have arrived at the stage. In my case, I decide the harmonizations on the spot, or I sing trying different wordings. (**) On the spot I listen to the staff's requests, and I continue adding my own point of view. For these reasons, it's as if, while continuing asserting ourselves, on the scene we become one entity and create [the performance].

---I understand. Then, changing topic to the lyrics, they have a strong message in them.
Ka: I think that maybe [the message] collected into the released song. This time is important that the meaning of the lyrics is understood.
Ko: This was something that we strongly wanted. Or better, up until now the important thing was how good was the feeling at listening, or the sound itself, instead of the meaning of the words. But if there are people who are inspired after hearing the lyrics, it means there are people who are encouraged by them too. With that spirit, we slowly began to think we wanted lyrics which can be listened.
J: Even regarding the PV, this time the contents are in accordance with the message of the lyrics. So I think that [this song] became a product where what has to be conveyed was adequately conveyed.
U: I think that the chorus line “Let's try to change this world” (kono sekai wo kaete miyou ka) is good. Since I suppose that in the present times there are really lots of people who aren't satisfied, we address to those people. I think it would be good if this song gives them the input to change something.

“We have united many different points of views; it took time, and I think that the “KAT-TUN style” came up”

---I thought that the line “I won't let anyone decide how far I can go” (doko made ikeru ka nante dare ni mo kimesasenai) is very KAT-TUN-like. There are times/parts that you are singing to yourselves?
Ka: There is quite a large number of that kind of songs. Or better, they fit the circumstances of that moment. Of course at the end we add our opinions too, but the composers look at the “us” of that period and write the lyrics. We read the lyrics and often even ourselves think “Oh, that's right”. For example “REAL FACE” that Suga Shigao-san wrote for us: it has the image of “always aiming at the risky point, at the limit”... That image which refers to us, united to many different points of view; it took time, and I think that the “KAT-TUN style” came up [T/N: in CUW song].
N: This is a song that raise our feelings too, when we read the lyrics.

---This time the single is released in 3 different versions. One of the two limited editions contains “GIRLS”, the song of Taguchi-san, Nakamaru-san and Tanaka-san.
Ko: During the tour there was a proposal from Taguchi, “I want to try to do a reggae-syle song”. I listen to reggae songs, but I've never done a reggae-style rap up until now, so I thought it seemed interesting.
N: Taguchi divided all the parts of the song. When I went to the studio, I thought he was a real director (laughs)
J: Half of it was because I was excited (laughs). But it isn't normal to direct the members' singing. It was a very good experience.
Ko: Nakamaru and I already did a song together, but it was the first time we had a “3 people pattern”.
J: I look forward to sing it live!

---Beside that, the coupling song of the regular edition, “NEVERxOVER”, sings about the character of each member using the rap.
Ka: Koki wrote about the members watching from an objective point of view. But it really hits the right spots!

---[The song] includes parts written as jokes, but you can feel the love towards the members.
Ko: If they were only praises, it would have been sickening, and it would have been the same doing just the opposite, so I reflected a lot about a balance, it was a desperate struggle.

--- Who was the most difficult to write about?
Ko: Myself. It's gross to praise oneself, right? But I didn't want to write bad things about me either (laughs)
N: But when [we listened to] the demo Koki created, it was obvious that he was all fired up just for his part (laughs)

---”NEETMAN”, Ueda-san's song which is the coupling song of the other limited edition, is a song that was performed even during Ueda-san's solo tour.
Ko: From the members' point of view, it's a very Ueda-like song.
U: It's a song that reflects my private life self. My friends said “That's clearly about you”.

---About the contents, is it an aid song for NEETs?
U: [The contents are] “NEET people have a core made of 'the idea of being NEET'!”. (***)

---This single is rich of so much variety. What do you want the listeners feel listening to this single?
Ko: Since there are lots of song types, I think it has become a single that presents KAT-TUN. I'd be glad if even people who haven't listened to KAT-TUN up until now will think “KAT-TUN are interesting”. Simply, I think “This single became a very amusing one, isn’t it?”.

---I'm sure that fans want to hear this song live very soon.
Ko: I'm happy. But we haven't decided something yet.
Ka: We have recorded them, but there are songs we haven't sung all 5 together yet. After the lives are planned, we must start practicing.
J: Regarding that, we're really looking forward to do them live too. At the end, lives are incredibly fun. By the way, we have done many lives up until now, but even every time something changed, because we like to leave everyone astonished with surprises too. The live performances that are filled with all those things, for us KAT-TUN are really important places, so we want you to listen as soon as possible [these songs] there.

Part 2 - About things you want to “CHANGE”
We asked what they want to change about their own character and tastes, and which changes (or evolutions) they want to make!

---Picking up the title, there's something you want to change? For example your own personality, or your tastes?
J: For me, since the gum of the sneakers I usually wear came off, I want to change them with a new pair (laughs)
Ko: If we talk about that, the back of the leather-soled sandals that I always use peeled off, so I want to reupholster them.
U: I want to change the car's battery. It's already finished...
---Those are unexpectedly ordinary answers... (bitter smile)
Ka: We're really very ordinary, as you can see. Even though we're wearing black clothes (laughs)
---How's Kamenashi-san?
Ka: I'm a kitchen knife.
All: *roar of laughter*
J: Because it's really common (laughs)
N: There's something that I've recently changed. I bought a new bed. As expected, bedding is very important. Up until now I didn't worry too much, I simply thought that it's good enough if I can sleep. But I've listened to other people’s opinions, I realized they were right, and I dished out the money.
---Because there are different types, following the person, or the pillow's height.
N: For this reason I measured the feeling of sinking, for example.
U: At the end, you decide the comfort if you can rest your backbone or not.
Ko: But if you get used too much to your bed, you won't be able to sleep to the hotels we'll stop by during our tour, right?
----By the way, among the members, there's something you want them to change?
Ko: This question is a bit... If we start talking, we won't stop (bitter smile)
N: Since before, we were bugged by member's trivial things, but recently we became able to think that “a person is a person”. We respect both the good and the bad parts.
---This is a mature point of view.
Ka: Because he's 34 years old (laughs)
N: Yes, yes. And Ueda has my same age.
U: Don't involve me in your discussions!

translations credit to iside89

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These are screencaps taken from a show called Aritayama Zoo
Dated : 23rd of April 2008



screencaps credit to lulu
video credit to jone_records

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WHO WANNA BITE HIS BANANA FIRST??? \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/

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Here yee! Here yee! All fans of Nakamaru Yuichi! There's another Yucchi centric blog that you should visit daily. It's called yucchieveryday . Thanks Lulu for your contribution to spread Nakamaru Yuichi loves. Yay, another source for me to stalk and repost Yucchi pics! LOLOLOL

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