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Saturday, 8 January 2011


R-ONE KAT-TUN No. 236 [Second part]

N: We've just given you the presents, you think that it'll just end like this? :D
U: hahaha, ahh, so the sequence is like this?
N&U: (laugh)
U: ano..i said the same thing during Nakamaru-kun's birthday, it's like this ne!
N: there's no script okay! there's a birthday wish for ueda-kun from the production team
U: oh!
N: there's a birthday present!
U: really?!
N: please listen to this!

ehh Ueda-kun, Happy 27th Birthday!
we've met again, i'm the director of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting inc, Kurimori.
maa this is the second message after the one during new year.
Recently when I was listening to the radio, I will often hear Ueda-kun say things like "I don't want to die" on the show.
Because it's a show for young people, how about saying something more cheerful?
maa but people will die one day, so words that motivate fans to work hard in order to have a long life are good too.
I'm already 63 years old, if there's some "Secret to Longetivity", i wonder what will it be? maa, just don't think too much ne.
Just remember that it's good to be healthly and keep an open mind.
ehh..then Ueda-kun! Happy 27th birthday! (U: thank you very much!). Please remain energetic and well! Live forever ne!
that's all. i'm the director of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting inc, Kurimori.

U: do i say this..
N: how's it..?
U: feel very grateful...but why is there a feeling that he's angry..
U&N: (laugh)
N: (laugh) i see!
U: (laugh) uhh Kurimori san
N: hai. kueimori san didn't say anything that's not allowed on this show aye
U: yes you're right..nakamaru kun...ah..when i was planning the punishment game..
N: hai! there is!
U: met with the director ne
N: received Kurimori-san's message from the help of Orai-san
U: thank you very much!
N: because he's a senior in life ne!
U: that's true ne...and he's already 63 years old, but still working as a director, going to and fro for work.
N: yes
U: uh..but as a director, won't there be a lot of stress..
N: that's for sure!
U: there will definitely be such stress
N: definitely will have
U: but all these stress can be released right?
N: I'm not sure about the work of the superiors too...but i think that there will still be stress
U: there will definitely be if it's about politicians then i'm not so sure..
N: ueda-kun also has stress right? like what to say during Live, like when the fans give you a cold look, won't you feel that suddenly everything becomes very serious?
U: hai~~
N: under such situations you must have a way to face it right?
U: can't see them!!
U&N: (laugh)
N: (laugh) can't see it?!
U: just take it as i can't see them!
N: this kind of reply...for those who experienced it for the first time, they won't understand it! maaa so we've received the director's message
U: thank you very much!
N: by the way, why did we ask kurimori-san to leave a message? it's because we don't know whose message Ueda-kun will be happy to receive from! even though we've searched from all aspects, we still don't know!
U: ahh..
N: and because of that, we found orai-san..
Staff: (laugh)
N: told him to help, something like that..
U: ah i see!
N: even though we've already received help,but..still want to clarify it here...whose message will ueda-kun be happy to receive from?
U: w..hooo? uhhh...
N: everytime it's also kurimori-san, we've to listen to it every year ne
Staff: (laugh)
U: (laugh)
N: because till now this is the 3rd year that we've received it!
U: uhhh...what to do..who....uhhh..
N: Yumiko Shaku san?
U: we've already had Yumiko Shaku-san's last year...can we have it from overseas too?
N: that..don't think about it!
U&N: (laugh)
N: be more realistic ne
U: to do..
N: for instance which kind of voice do you fantasize about etc
U: ah! i see! voice of voice artist..ah! that's not bad ne!..this is the best! the voice of Nami! (in one piece)
N: uwaahhhh~~
U: this is really awesome ne! it's not any normal manga, but to receive it from one of the manga characters
N: i guess you'll be really happy!
U: it's definitely one of a kind!
N: because if it were me, things like "cast snake" will make me really happy until i feel like flying!
U: Just say something about the manga world that kind of thing..
N: so if you have to choose now, then it'll be One Piece's Nami?
U: Nami! Nami's voice!
N: i see!
U: hai!
N: ma..then we'll have to wait fot the next time? if there's still a chance, to have such a person to send you birthday wishes you'll be very happy right?
U: hai! hai, if there's such a thing i'll be very happy
N: finally know happy birthday to ueda-kun again!
U: thank you very much!
N: that's all for the section on ueda-kun's birthday celebration!

Mail One KAT-TUN
I'm currently learning karate, this time there will be a test for black belt. To be honest,
i'm not very confident for the test. Even though i've always been working hard, but if i don't
take the test i'll lose my drive. Is there any way to push myself harder? Please motivate me!

U: huh? do you really dislike the black belt test?
N: seems like there's a lack of confidence
U: i feel that to be like this, there's already no way..
N: like you've already lose to yourself?
U: no matter what you do, like what i've said before, just like boxing, if you do things with the mindset that you're gonna lose,
U&N: you'll definitely lose
U: so even if the people I train with are professional boxers, i can't appear weak and give up
N:'s like that?
U: yes mentally..
N: will definitely win
U: if you think that you'll definitely lose, then there's really nothing to fight for
N: ahh, is it thinking like "this is person is a pro.."
U: like "the opponent is very strong.."
N: will you win like that?
U: for me i think that it's possible to win
N: for the question on "is there a way?", so other than maintaining a positive mindset, there's no more ways right?
U: it's just that one can't have the "i'll definitely lose" mindset. will not definitely lose right? isn't that what happen when we get distracted?
N: uhh..that's what i feel too
U: because it's a test, you'll think what point you'll get, like that?
N: eyaa...i don't know much about karate, but won't there be fighting?
U: won't you get a point (ippon)?
N: arei? karate has ippon?..arei?
U: uhh how do i explain..don't you have the image of people holding red flags in karate?
N: how is karate like..?
U: >.<
N: (laugh) arei? what is karate like? isn't there like kicking and such?
U: won't you get ippon from attacking straight on in front? i'm not very sure too
N: free style kicking?
U: eh? isn't it right?
N: what is karate?...oh no..the info's all messed up hahaha
U: it's diffrent for different schools?
N: how is it like..i'm also not sure! i don't know about karate no matter what test you have,
whether you have confidence or not, the result will be different, right?
U: uh! that's what i think too. especially if it involves fighting..
N: yea..
U: that won't do1 if you don't have confidence,,
N: our suggestion is to have confidence!
U: so keep up your confidence level and work hard!
N: hai! i see...then that's all!
U: hai!

N: we have a notice here...recently we've done some recording ne~
U: ah! about this, yes yes
N: do i put it..should be within this year, even though i'm not very sure too
U: maa it'll be released ne
N: yea it'll be good if it's released ne
U: eya, it'll be released!
N: it will?
U: because the recording has already ended, so it'll be released, won't be wrong!
N: eyaa...we're not sure too
U: uh
N: maaa it'll be good if everyone can look forward to it
U: hai

[then it's the info about how to write in and such]

['Reflecting will cause one to progress' Ending corner]
N: This week's R-one word is this:
"because if we die, everything will be over"
U&N: (laugh)
N: (laugh) Ueda-kun said this somewhere ne
U: (laugh) why does this sound like some recording..
N: like "mitsuo"? [sorry i don't know what that is...
U: yes yes yes
N: (laugh) that's what you said after you received the presents ne
U: (laugh) hai
N: what Ueda-kun will be the last time that it's gonna be accepted in studio!
U: hai! maa..this time i've really accepted this plan..all this time, if it were Nakamaru-kun who said it, then it'll be irritating!
N:'ve received the presents from staff ne
U: hai, i'll eat them
N: hope that you'll like them!
U: hai!
N: hai..then see you at next week's R-ONE KAT-TUN!
U&N: onegaishimasu!

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