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Sunday, 9 January 2011

NAKAMARU'S PAGE NO. 635, 636, 637

Nakamaru's Page No. 635
Dated : 24th of December 2010

Nyoki nyoki
Merry Christmas
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

From today we'll participate in Suzuki's launch of it's new car, 'Solio'

KAT-TUN ended up being the characters of the CM

The shooting of the CM has been completed, and it looks like from tomorrow it shall go on air

Incidentally, we actually tried riding 'Solio,' and at first I was surprised at how wide it was inside

It's really wide

From the outside, my guess of it's width was completely far off

It has a lot of other strong points, such as it's fuel consumption and (ability) to turn sharply, etc.

Anyway, please watch the CM

Also there is the 'Music Station Super Live' today from 19:00

The Live's format is a live broadcast

Watch it, ne

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

Nakamaru's Page No. 636
Dated : 27th of December 2010

This is Nakamaru Yuichi

It's the end of the year ne

There's only a little left of this year

Even at this age, we (I) receive a New Year's present from the company president on New Year's Day

Now during this age, it's not something to look forward to (as in, he's old -27- now so it's not really as appealing as when he was a kid)

I looked at 'Suzuki's Solio home page sometime before, but they were showing the video of the CM's making (don't really get this part... sorry)

By the way, the song used in the CM is KAT-TUN's new single, 'ULTIMATE WHEELS'

It goes on sale next year, the 2/2

We're currently in the middle of working on the coupling song, too

Please look forward to it

Well then I hope you'll listen to the radio program that'll be on from around 12 midnight on Tuesday

It's Nippon Cultural Broadcasting's 'R-ONE KAT-TUN'

This time it's 'Thank you for this year as well! We're ending it with a lot of mails. Continuing the Aponashi Telephone Special, this time it's the Futsuota Special!'

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

Nakamaru's Page No. 637
Dated : 29th of December 2010

Nyoki nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Yesterday and todaw we had recording and radio recording (and more)

I've included the strawberry daifuku I had (today)

(photo: strawberry daifuku on plastic container)

The strawberry season is soon right

And also today the KAT-TUN Live DVD was released

This time the footage is from the filming at Osaka's Kyocera Dome

If I remember correctly, that day the place was really hot, and all of the members felt a heat rush (i.e when blood rushes your head)

Looking at the footage, our faces were red

There were two types, for those who chose one, please look forward to them

Well then on TV Asahi from 15:30 on the 31st, please look at us appearing on 'Toshiwasure! Johnny's singing contest'

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

translations credit to ss_translations

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