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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


TV LIFE - 13th November 2010


Nakamaru Yuichi
What's recently changed?
It's a year that I became able to wake up early in the morning. Basically my eyes open around 7-8 o'clock by themselves. Before, during free days, I slept until around noon, but waking up early in the morning I feel good, and being able to use all the morning, the day becomes really of good use.
A memory of a present ♥
Among the member we exchange presents at birthdays, and I think that it's interesting to see how each one's personality comes out from that selection. The object that I've recently received and impressed me is a gas rifle to be used in survival games, received from Ueda and Koki. I was really happy.

Tanaka Koki
What's recently changed?

In my family now there's Momo-chan the monkey. It's a nocturnal animal so there must be darkness, I necessarly go to bed early. It's an healthy way of living: if I've nothing to do I go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 5 in the morning. But with this pattern of lifestyle, completely different from the one I had, I can't get used to the current situation.
A memory of a present ♥
My birthday is approaching, so I'm looking forward to the members' presents (laughs). Beside this, maybe it's Momo-chan's meal. Cutting fruits, boiling vegetables, measuring the weight, at dinner time I always feed him by hand. It takes time, but it's a present in the form of feelings.

Kamenashi Kazuya
What's recently changed?
I found one that I liked, so this time I'm changing the sofa! It's a custom-made one and I ordered it around 6 months ago, finally it will arrive from Germany. This is the perfect match for a black or purple shade. So now I must move the sofa I've been using until now to the bedroom.
A memory of a present ♥
I would probably be happy if you will give as present the electric teeth brush “Pocket doltz” (he's the image character) (laughs). By the way, what I want now is a very cool training system. But it costs 1.000.000 yen, so I'm still thinking about it (laughs).

Junnosuke Taguchi
What's recently changed?
Koki gave me, because he doesn't use it, the electronic drum I wanted. After I put it in the room, the scenery changed. In that room there's the piano too, it's definitely the work room. If I had a wide computer monitor, it would be perfect... maybe someone doesn't need it? (laughs)
A memory of a present ♥
Among the members there's the birthday present point system (laughs). Hiding the name, we line the presents and the one that is chosen because it's the favourite gains a point. At Uepi's (Ueda) birthday I got a point. I was happy~

Ueda Tatsuya
What's recently changed?
It isn't changed yet, but a thing I want to change; I want to become a person able to live alone (laughs). I'm a terribly lonely kid and I can't cope being alone. Even my physical conditions worsen when I become too lonely (laughs). Then I think I need someone to look after me.
A memory of a present ♥
When I broke my bone, from all the members of the band I received a bracelet with the prayer “Heal soon”. I received it the day after I injuried, they've started the arrangements for me immediately. I'm so happy. Thanks to it even the recovery was fast... maybe (laughs)


Ka : Even this time, we chose [the song] by ourselves among around 20 candidate songs that were handed to us.
N : We heard “CHANGE~” and thought at once that it was a KAT-TUN-style song, right?
J : The hook is catchy.
U : And we could figure ourselves dancing.
Ka : As a fact, we dance pretty much in the PV.
Ko : It was a long time we didn't dance like this.
Ka : Moreover, the key of the song is high. When practicing at home it didn't turn come out and I got depressed.
J : Practicing at home wearing earphones and then singing at high volume is embarassing.
Ka : Yeah, that would be a nuisance for the neighbourhood. I try to press a blanket on my mouth.
Ko : I press a pillow on my mouth and sing.
N : I sing not thinking of anything, I guess.
Ko : You surely are a nuisance to your neighbours! (laugh)
U : When I practice, I use the pool.
Other 4 : Eh?! A pool?
U : I sing when I go underwater...
N : If you mistake the breather timing it would be bad! (laugh) [The people] around you would suddenly hear you.
Ko : The people next to you would probably think “He's swimming following KAT-TUN's new song!” (laugh)
Ka : All of us properly practice. But it's pretty odd, since since voices that don’t come out at recordings or live concerts come out now.
Ko : Isn’t it the same with dance and choreography?
Ka : For this reason we check the choreography and similar things right before in the backstage. Not because we're serious, but more because we're overly cautious. Especially me (laughs)
J : Basically, I don't do indipendent exercises. I can remember all right away, so it's ok.
Ka : Taguchi can be trusted in choreography things. Ueda and Koki are free. About Ueda, it sometimes happens that he doesn't move [following] the camera angle. (laugh)
Ko : Ueda's choreographs are energy-saving.
N : Use energy in those situations...!
U : Eh? I do it properly!
Ka : He's good in making the atmosphere. Since he matches in a way or another, he deceives us! (laughs)
Ko : And also, Ueda is good in catching the wind.
J : In our PVs wind is used a lot, so it's important.
Ka : My hair become all messy, but Ueda is perfect and cool (laugh)
U : I don't do this consciously! (laugh)
Ka : Going back to the choreograph discussion, I've got the impression that the locations where we “show the 5 members [together]” are increased. So I think maybe it’s important to be more matching.
J : Before we were too much free. If you notice, it happened before that suddenly I'm the only one dancing! (laughs)
N : Eh?! I was dancing too!
Ka : Comparatively, I'm the type that wants to do things accurately. So this means there were only me and Taguchi.
N : As I said, I dance too!
Ko : Nakamaru follows the surrondings. If the 3 of us are fooling around, he follows our lead and fool around too, right?
J : I'm the type that gives great importance to the atmosphere (laughs)
N : I dance, I dance! I surely dance!
Ka : Koki and Ueda really... (laughs). I mean, even when we 5 line up, even if I match the position, you calmly go to a different position.
Ko : Speaking about me, it's because I don't remember where I'm supposed to be.
U : Me too. Or better, I don't mind.
Ka : You have to mind! (laughs) In the past, I got angry because I cared about this fact, but I've understand that it's your character and you don't do it meaning to harm (laughs), so recently I don't get angry anymore.
Ko : We don't do it with malice, we don't. (laughs)
U : Simply we're doing our best. As if we're in trance. (laughs)
Ko : Isn't good that our relationship has become one where we accept each other in this way?
Ka : Speaking about this, I thought that Koki for the lyrics of “NEVER X OVER” (presentation song of the members) has carefully observed the members. That you hit the target and took an objective view.
Ko : Since I was the one who wrote it, I wanted to make it funny, not cool. I wanted to spit out poison with love in it.
J : Even though we felt a bit of poison (laughs), 100 points!
U : The choice of words is amusing.
N : There are words with a nostalgic feeling.
Ko : Because I reflected upon it in order to make the fans happy too. I would like that they enjoy themselves too.
Ka: I want to sing it during a live~

translations credit to iside89

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