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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Saturday, 8 January 2011


R-One KAT-TUN No. 239

Rocket Start Section
When looking down from the plane, you'll feel that your existence is very insignificant

N: Ueda-kun, for today's Rocket will it be able to start?
U: it's a bit hard ne...
N: then it's unable to start? okay, then let's start today's programme!
N: a bit hard? this is k-taro san's topic material.. [hmm sorry i've no idea who this k-taro san is. any idea?]
U: Ehh?!
N: one of the line inside it
U: ahh so sorry! i didn't understand what you were saying..
N: doesn't k-taro san have a lot of refreshing materials? seems like that. and from one of the passages we've found this refreshing sentence, don't you think it's interesting? [hmm maybe he's an author?]
U: maaa..there's a bit of refreshing feeling..(laughs)
N: yes it is..this is his representative work
U: i see...k-taro san's representative work?
N: it's known to be super motivational!
U: i see..ahh..
N: and in the end ueda kun's reply is "it's a bit hard to be high"
U: that's right...i should have been more careful ne (laughs)
N: perhaps it'll be better if we hear it from k-taro san himself ne
U: maa that's right
N: maybe it's also because it was read by me just now
U: yes

N: saa..last last week there was the special 27 years old battle, and punishment was fun doing it, so maybe from now i think there will still be such plans...what do you think ueda kun?
U: uhh..maa nakamaru..because it's inevitable for us to bicker here, why don't you go and have a battle with other people instead..go outside..
N: eh? who's programme is this?
N: it's me and who's programme eh? btw..didn't i win all the scissors paper stone game?
U: i used it! in private
N: are you serious, you used it?
U: yes used it
N: see!
U: used it unexpectedly
N: see! eyaa even though i said "see" confidently, but it's actually not my secret. didn't manage to say this properly in the previous radio shows
U: but we did take photos for magazines
N: yes..those ike TVnavi definitely would have taken them. then let me say it briefly now... when playing "scissors paper stone", at the moment when we're saying "paper", most people will be clenching their fists that moment don't do "stone". you need to pretend to do "scissors" and let the person see it
U: yes yes yes
N: then the person will show
U: "stone"
N:'s our innate behaviour ne
U: because they will think that "i'll win"
N: they will think that "ahh..if he's showing "scissors" then if i show "stone" i'll definitely win!"...and so when we're saying "paper" ueda kun will show "stone"
U: yes yes
N: and i'll show "paper"
U: yes! and then i'll lose instead
N: yes yes you'll lose all of it
U: yupp it's like this
N: everyone can use this when you're playing "scissors paper stone". even though it's a bit sly..but hope that everyone will try it ne!
U: yup
N:'s time to play songs..from tonight onwards it seems like it's okay to play "Change UR World" which will be released on the 17th nov!
U: really? then let's play it!
N: shall we?
U: yes
N: then onegaishimasu
U: KAT-TUN'S "Change UR World"

[Nakamaru grandpa's preaching corner]
U:'ve not really been angry ne..
N: maa that's true..there isn't a need to get angry
U: that's true..your high blood pressure is not that high yet ne
N: eya what's that got to do with high blood pressure! (laughs)
U: ahh..because this section requires you to be angry ne..
N: that's why i can't get angry without any reason right..
U: ma ma that's right..then let's start

[ueda kun, nakamaru kun..grandpa..good evening (N: why do you have to say it again). recently when i went to the cinema to watch a movie that's been shown for quite some time,
the cinema's rather empty, and at the back there were 2 aunties. before the movie the 2 aunties were talking non-stop. even though they quietened after the movie started showing, but at the most exciting part, they starting talking in even louder voices! it's actually a movie that i've been looking forward to, but due to these 2 aunties i couldn't suppress my anger. (N: super annoying!) they should at least show some manners right...nakamaru grandpa, please reprimand them.]

N: it's suppppper annoying!
U: yes
N: I can really understand it, because i watch movies very often, so i can understand this!
U: yes yes
N: like what this person said, there are also some that you'll think "they're still kids they're still kids"
U: that's right
N: similarly, maybe there are also those who are older than us and they lack manners, i think there are such people!
U: i think there are such people too. because as adults there are also many who are very restless
N: eyaa, super annoying!
U: everyone don't wish to have this right..especially when you're watching a movie ne
N: yes, that's right. without everyone's co-operation we won't be able to focus
U: yup
N: i can totally relate to this...*hatsu!*
U: do you do that when you're angry?
N: (laugh)
U: do you imitate that when you're angry? [hehh i wonder what did nakamaru grandpa do]

[What i can't forgive recently is those who will move about when they fall asleep on the bus. when taking the bus in the morning, won't we always see those who are sleeping, and also those whose head will almost lean onto the person's shoulder. i really dislike this, that's why i won't really sleep when taking the bus, and really dislike those who will move about when they fall asleep. what do the both of you think about this?nakamaru grandpa onegaishimasu]

N:ahh..even though i want to get angry, but i'll also lean towards the side
U: ahh nakamaru kun's also the type that will lean to the side ne! i've been your victim for countless times!
N (laugh)
U: when in high school!
N: i'll definitely fall asleep when taking the bus
U: yes you will..
N: because we'll need to take into account resting time, so the travelling time is rather precious
U: ahh i see..what do you think actually, if you don't know the person next to you?
N: for's very often that i'll lean on strangers..actually it's not very often, just occasionally
U: i can do a lot of things, but always can't deal with being leaned on..
N: i'll slowly move away..
U: will move away? i don't think i can do that
N: then ueda-kun will just endure it? or will move away slightly?
U: rather than saying's more like..i'll just lend my shoulder for that person to sleep
N: based on the person?
U: yes yes yes
N: (laugh) then uncle? uncles can't right?
U: uncle? uncle..
N: because you won't move away right?
U: i'll just keep my head straight and then enn~~~~~slowly move away
N: all in all it's this type ne
U: this as compared to reprimand..
N: uhh, i can relate to this, sorry to the people around us
U: then this time you won't be able to give "hatsu" ne..(laugh)
N: but it's true it'll cause a bit of trouble, so one should take note..
U: maa that's true, because the people around us are strangers. and that's all for nakamaru-grandpa's preaching corner.

[from 14.44 MAIL ONE KAT-TUN]
Tat-chan happy birthday! did all of you do the activity to select a birthday present? who's present did you choose?
N: ahh..that's the "i like this present the most *meow*" plan
U: eh? the one in KAT-TUN?
N: uhh
U: what's that, the name..
N: i chose it casually
U: whoa i had a's become such a plan aye
N: ahh i chose it anyhow
U: the name?
N: because it'll be too troublesome to explain it everytime, so to come up with a name for it will be easier. so it's called "i like this present the most *meow*"
U: where did you learn this "meow" from, it's not your style
N: because it seems like there's something missing if we just say "i like this present the most"
U: i see..
N: so i thought why not add a "meow" behind
U: yes i've chosen taguchi's vacuum cleaner
N: the winner is taguchi ne
U: who's next? have you decided on koki that guy's present?
N: yup, and i've already bought it. it's already in the manager's car. it'll be too horrible if i forget to buy
U: uhh..but when it's taguchi's then it's horrible
U: eyaa but for koki..he has often been taken care of ne
N: maa will think properly
U: yes will think carefully
N: thought of it
U: compared to this, it's not bad right..will think of that..maybe can still something else, like the disney series, or anything that looks good..but that guy should have it already
N: uhh that's right
U: uhh..the most exaggerated one was when i've even considered of giving a dog
N: ahh..even thought of's a bit hard
U: to give a living thing's a bit...
N: yes it's a bit..
U: let's not say anymore
N: okay!

translations credit to kattunsaikou

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  1. I think it's pretty obvious that he could sleep on me on the bus anytime...I would never move away!