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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Saturday, 1 January 2011

GOOD BYE 2010, WELCOME 2011!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, MINNA-SAN!!! May this New Year bring newly found prosperity, love, happiness and delight in our life.


To all of the silent visitors, thank you for visiting this blog. I know you're there because the counter keep increasing LOLOLOLAHAHA... It's okay to not leaving any comments here but please appreciate Nakamaru Yuichi Fans hardwork. Without them there are no Nakamaru Yuichi updates, translations, fanvids, photos etc. I'll be glad if you can also say thanks to the person which I credited the source where I found. Btw, please correct me if I'm mistaken in crediting. So, please enjoy yourself and keep supporting Nakamaru Yuichi & KAT-TUN!!! I hope they will gain more popularity this year. PEACE (^.~)v

Hugs & Kisses,
Ana a.k.a Lada Hijau

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  1. Happy new year to you too : }
    I try to comment in all posts
    but my english is not good XD
    I hope that you keep posting
    things about our Nakamaru ❤
    And yeah I hope too hey will
    gain more popularity this year *O*
    They are awesome!!!
    Kisses, ciao! >3<

  2. Ah~ don't worry dear... you no need to leave comment on every entry. Just appreciate them and enjoy yourself enough *huggles* (^_~)

  3. Happy New Year. The gif is so funny.
    Did you watch Johnny's New Year Countdown Concert?
    Yuichi was cute as usual.

  4. I sent you my e-mail address. I guess you didn't get it. It's

  5. I just got the 2010 concert DVD on Friday. Of course I spent the whole weekend watching it. I was very pleased to see how energetic Yuichi was after the overall lackluster performance on the 2009 concert DVD.

  6. Thanks for translation. Of course I always support yuichi. He is my favorite in Kat tun. Hope he will get more popular. He is getting more attention now. 