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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Monday, 31 May 2010


MYOJO - December 2009

In Shin-Minami.

"Uwa, this brings back memories," without thinking, words seem to flow out of Nakamaru's mouth. This is the place where all 6 of KAT-TUN used to practice dancing every week before they debuted. Also, this is where Nakamaru and Ueda always walked home together.

U : This was also where we first met?

N : Nah, that was at Roppongi Studio.

U : Ah, I see. I don't remember at all...

N : It's because I can't forget the shock I felt the first time I met you. From the middle of a bunch of Johnny's-looking guys, there was this youngster with short hair who said, "Who the heck are you!", I was shocked.

U : That was before I had started any activites yet, that's why I had that crew cut. In those days I was such a tough guy.

N : Nah, you weren't tough at all. You were just a bratty kid that hadn't been used to city life.

U : Hey, being in Roppongi, Shibuya and Tokyo was a first for me in itself.

N : Ah, so it really was like that?

U : Yeah. You know, I didn't have a first impression of Nakamaru at all (laughs). And yet we became good walk home buddies, when did that happen. We also used to stop by places like game centers (arcades) and hormone-yaki stands (grilled organ meats).

N : I loved Shinjuku's Takoyaki place the most. It's so delicious that I'd jump out of my car just to eat it.

U : There was a time where we went to Shinjuku even though it suddenly got windy and started raining.

N : Ah~! Yeah yeah. Around when we were in high school. I didn't bring an umbrella and as I was thinking, "What am I going to do...", Ueda disappeared without a trace.

U : No, that was you who disappeared wasn't it?

N : Was it me? Anyway, I thought that I had to get to the train station and finally I asked people walking near the area to let me share their umbrella.

U : Then I thought why not find a cute girl to share with (laughs). Ah I shared an umbrella with a nice lady. But thinking back on that lady who shared the umbrella with me is such a dear memory now isn't it?

N : Why do you do this! What train of thought are you going with this!

U : It's true, when the thunder clapped loudly the lady got scared with a "Kyaa" and clung to my chest.

N : Liess!! Liar!

U : It's true it's true. I remember I said, "Are you scared of thunder?".

N : Uwa, what a waste~ (laughs). That actually would have been a good memory.

U : When it's the two of us, somehow when we spend a lot of time together, we end up going to a lot of places.

N : If we're both busy we don't go anywhere at all. Outside of Ueda I used to rarely go out to eat with other people.

U : I make a fun atmosphere, that's why.

N : What's that supposed to mean..

U : Well when we go eat out with lots of people and I show up late, Nakamaru looks so quiet and meek unlike his normal self.

N : Generally speaking, I'm not a loud type of person. When I look at Ueda, I feel like I'm not having as much fun, then it's like if I don't have fun and join in it's a waste! I just end up feeling that way. Ma, when lots of people gather together that's where he shines, Ueda. Rather, Ueda can bring up the energy in me.

U : Welp~ It's because I'm a man who's socially sensitive.

N : Ma, I'll leave it at that. I went on a trip with Ueda too. That was... Nasu Kogen right?

U : How many years ago was that? Quite awhile huh? Nakamaru said "I want to squeeze a breast for milk" (laughs).

N : No no no, it wasn't like that!

U : No, it was wasn't it?

N : It wasn't me, was it?

U : It was you. Nakamaru said "I want to milk a cow " so I suggested, "There's some cows at Nasu", yep.

N : Uh no... it just naturally came up that I wanted to try it once. Wasn't it like that?

U : Uh said "breast-squeezing". But when we got there it was already closed.

N : Oh right, we didn't make it... Well when we got there it was already 5pm.

U : In the end we didn't do anything, we went to a hot bath and went home. You know, generally if I were to go somewhere I wouldn't want to go with Nakamaru, I'd want to go with a girl.

N : But it's me you're with! When we went to Hokkaido people around us were saying, "Why did you two guys go together?", but it just naturally happened that way with Ueda.

U : It's not like I want to go places with Nakamaru, but when do feel like going somewhere, why's it Nakamaru...

N : In that regard, same here! It's gradually been 10 years of "Somehow it's Ueda", "When did it become Nakamaru?". We also started working in the same year. It seems as natural as air, and it seems that we've both forgotten a bunch, but between the two of us, we have quite a few memories.

Translator notes :
If anyone would like to add their thoughts on "乳しぼり" I'd appreciate it.
"乳" can translated as "milk" or "breast". So it could have been translated as "I want to milk something", Nakamaru probably meant it in the polite way, while Ueda probably took advantage of the pun and meant it in a dirty way. Plus Ueda did all the talking so I assumed he wanted people to get the wrong idea so I purposely put in the version with "breast" in it hehehe.

Translations credit to daphuni

Sunday, 30 May 2010


MTV Taiwan JK Pop
Dated : 4th June 2009

U : Hello everybody in Taiwan! We’re KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya and...
N : Nakamaru Yuichi.
U : KAT-TUN’s new album, “Break the Records - by you & for you-” is on sale now.
N : Please support us.

N : Hello everybody in Taiwan! We’re KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru Yuichi and...
U : Ueda Tatsuya.
N : You’re now watching...
U : MTV JK Pop.

How did the album title, “Break the Records - by you & for you-” come about?

N : “Break the Records” is actually the literal meaning...
N : Of breaking the records.
N : KAT-TUN had previously held a national record of holding a Tokyo Dome concert for 4 consecutive days in a row.
N : Hence, this album has the meaning of breaking the previous record.
U : I see...
N: Therefore, both the titles for the concert and album are the same.
U: It’s profound.
N: Profound.

Please recommend a song from the album and the reason behind the recommendation.

U : “Hana no mau machi”.
N : That song is indeed good.
U : It’s really a good song.
U : Very good
U : I hope Taiwanese fans will listen to it.
U : And sing it a lot in karaoke, ne?
N : That’s exaggerating.
U : What about Nakamaru-kun?
N : For me...
N : I hope everyone can listen to “Shun Ka Shu To”.
U : What type of song is that?
N : This song talks about even though a couple went through the seasons... They broke up in the end.
U : Yes.
N : Thinking back about the things... That happened in that one year, but parting with goodbyes after that. A song of sadness. I recommend “Shun Ka Shu To”. Of course, we’ll be performing this during our concert.
U : Yes. The lyrics is great.
N : If you’re interested, please listen to our album.

How do you feel about KAT-TUN breaking the records to hold a 8-day consecutive concert in Tokyo Dome?

N : We’re very happy. There was no experience of holding it for 8 consecutive days. Moreover, without the fans coming. We won’t be able to do this. With regards to many fans coming to watch us. We’re very happy

Please talk about what you’ve been doing and your interests. (Ueda Tatsuya has been boxing, are there any changes recently?)

U : None.
N : None?
U : None.
N : Really none?
U : None. The question is about boxing, whether there are any changes, right?
N : Changes because of boxing.
U : Hmm, about this... hmm...
N : After picking up boxing, haven’t you started eating chicken breast?
U : Yes, I’ve been eating chicken breast. Some time ago, I ate 20 pieces at one go.
N : 20 pieces!
U : 3 of us ate 20 pieces. 3 people together. Cutting chicken breast into cubes or making into chicken meatballs etc.
N : That’s exaggerating.
U : Or putting them into a hot pot with vegetables.
N : That’s exaggerating.
U : I ate a lot. I’ll eat till that extent.
N : It’s a big change to the physical body. Not only boxing but changes to the diet.
U : Indeed.
N : Do you intend to show your body during the concert?
U : About this...
N : No?
U : No no no, if there is a chance. I’ll show it to everyone in the future.
N : I see.

Your message to Taiwanese fans.

N : Everyone in Taiwan! Please definitely listen to our album.
U : I really want to go to Taiwan to eat xiaolongbao.
N : Please continue to support KAT-TUN.
U : We’re KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya and...
N : Nakamaru Yuichi
UN: Bye bye!

Video credit to teohjh
Translations credit to snowaltz (konoaida)


Translations credit to makiyo21

Saturday, 29 May 2010


KAT-TUN speaks up about bullying at the teen idol magazine Myojo's homepage.

Kamenashi Kazuya

I can’t say anything cool but you who are being bullied will become incredibly strong. The pain you’re going through is making you sad but you’ll have the asset of being someone who “understands pain”. People who understand pain are friendly and strong. On the other hand, people who bully are losing something they can never get back. Both the bullied and the bullying, the ones who aren’t either, me, we all in, not in our head but in our heart want to think about all people we are connected with. For both you and me, our lives have just started. Even if it’s hard now, it’s bad to stop and end your life now. You’re living in a now where you can’t ever loose to anyone. Don’t ever lose.

Taguchi Junnosuke

Exterminate bullying!

Bullying is definitely a bad thing! Having said that, it’s bad to blame someone else! It’s just not one person who’s at fault, the whole society is. Think about it, it’s not about hurting another person; it’s about first working hard at polishing yourself. It’s because we live in that kind of society that if we don’t do that, we won’t be able to live in the world ahead.

Tanaka Koki

To all of you, who're being bullied, don't ever loose! Those who bully people are the ones who are weak and want someone else to be weaker than them. That's why, even if you get bullied, you are NOT weaker than the idiots who bully you, be aware of that! If it's so bad that you'd want to kill yourself, if you have that kind of courage, use it to hit (them) instead. Even if you don't win, something will definitely change. 'Cause people, you, are not that weak.

Ueda Tatsuya

Around the world there are nice people and not very nice people. Since there are people who get deceived in the world there must also be people who deceive. It’s the same with bullying. Since there are people who are getting bullied, there must be people who bully. That might be reality. However, I won’t ever accept the mentality of bullying the weak. Is there something fun in bullying someone who can’t resist? If you’re going to bully someone pick someone who’s your equivalent. To fight one on one, fair and square is the way we should live.

Nakamaru Yuichi

I guess people who bully just have small hearts. It you think about it logically, even if you’d hate for it to happen to yourself you still do it to others, isn’t that really embarrassing? I think you’ll definitely regret it when you grow older. The one who gets bullied must suffer each day, and is already doing their best so I can’t cheer them on like that. But what I can say is, now is not everything. When a little time has passed, the situation will change and so will your feelings. For that sake I want you to try and get pass now.

Translations credit to citzera


Video credit to teshi_love

Friday, 28 May 2010

Thursday, 27 May 2010


MYOJO - February 2009

N : Ueda’s good points… Indeed, what should I say, it’s that, that, hmm...

U : None? (laughs)

N : There is. He’s very manly when he interacts with people, he’s easy to get along with.

U : I don’t like to separate who are my friends from work, therefore basically I have no friends only from work. Friends are friends. From that point of view, Nakamaru is a great friend, though I’m not sure what his good points are...

N : What do you mean by you don’t know?!

U : I’m glad that I can get along with him as a normal friend.

N : It’s been a long time since we’ve known each other, we don’t have much to fuss about the other. It’s okay even if we can’t meet for awhile or talk for sometime.

U : We don’t really talk even when we eat together.

N : There are no words during meals, and after eating, we said, “Bye” and separated. Is this the period where we get tired of each other? (laughs)

U : And Nakamaru, if he’s caught on camera, no matter how exhausted he is, he’ll immediately become energetic, I think that’s amazing.

N : Not as much when it comes to boxing for you (laughs). That kind of passion and the energy which he injects into is terrific.

U : If I can place all that enthusiasm into work...

N : Please do that.

U : Oh, and also what I’m envious of is that Nakamaru seems very genuine?

N : What “seem”?!

U : Whether it’s work or in private, whether the person is of higher position or younger than you, they have a good impression of you. Basically, you will speak respectfully, saying, “Ah, is it like this? Okay.” You’re a very, very good young man!

N : It’s normal to use honorific during first meeting.

U : At this kind of moment, (Nakamaru) uses honorific language to build walls gradually in between yet also not rejecting the other party, and with a smiley bomb that seems sincere...

N : Please stop analyzing.

U : Hence, I’ve been trying to be like you recently. For guys, somehow or another it doesn’t matter. But if I were to imagine myself as a girl, I’ll probably say, “Indeed, Nakamaru-kun is the type of man to marry to!”

N : I’ve not received such comments before. It’s just your imagination (laughs). However, if I have to say, I’m envious of your interpersonal relationship. Should I say you’re amiable or liberal?

U : On the other hand, I have a lot of troubles. Ehe[1] (hearts)

N : What ehe (hearts)? Because of your quick temper, you always get into fights/quarrels even though they are friends, and I’ll say, “Okay, okay, cool down...” as the peacemaker. And then with a “gong”, I got hit on my head by Ueda’s friend. Then, I thought, ‘Go and hit Ueda!’

U : Gyahahahahahaha.

From, “Yoisshou!”[2] what characteristics do you see?

U: Nakamaru worries too much. Or perhaps I should say, he’s a pacifist?

N: A worrying pacifist.

U: He vexes about my solo songs. Surprisingly he has very negative thoughts… what a type who falls ill easily!

N: Ahahaha… oi you, don’t spill trashy stuff about me!

U: It’s not that I don’t worry, but I’m the type who forgets about them after sleeping for one night. If the matter cannot be resolved even if I think about it, I won’t think!

N: Ah, I want to be like that too. I’m the fearful type. There are also times when I become worried even while looking at you.

U: That type of sincere and gentle feeling? He’s indeed popular, Nakamaru. Popular, right?! (jealous) bo-bo-[3])

N: You’re so noisy (laughs). Ueda looks cool but he’s actually a foolish cute guy. He will be in a good mood when he’s eating with his friends, and he will exclaim, “Yoisshou!” as he walks in (laughs).

U: And I’ll be asked, “Have you drank (alcohol)?”

N: Ueda’s character has been shown in his solo live, doing freely what he wants to do.

U: “Yoisshou!” this kind of feeling.

N: I don’t know. (laughs) People who watched said things like, “I’m surprised”. But the members like us would just say, “Ah, this is totally Ueda”.

U: I’m totally exposed.

N: He’s totally not cool at all.

U: Therefore, in private, I’ll try to be one who is “constantly smiling”, the gap (between what people expects and what I really am) will make me popular (smiles widely!).

N: You’re making me worry like this.

Translator's notes:

[1] “Ehe” is the sound of giggling.
[2] “Yoisshou!” may be a term they use when they’re happy. My editor and I didn’t manage to find out what exactly it meant.
[3] “Bo- bo-“ is a slang which people uses to sound cute. Other examples include “ne” and “nyan”.

Translations credit to snowaltz (konoaida)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Nakamaru’s Page No. 129
Dated : 01.10.2007

Hokkaido is big.

Yesterday I ate sea urchin on rice and crab.
Today I ate honey dew and natto.

Nakamaru Yuichi.

A few days ago, I went to Hokkaido for 3 days 2 nights with Ueda.
It was great (shining).

We went to the lavender fields and Sapporo Clock Tower. They were nice. The best thing was the food. The sea urchin on rice which I ate on the first day was really delicious.

This is limited to 10 sets a day.

Ueda ate the same thing. And we finished in around 15 minutes. I was touched because it was so delicious. Everyone, how about choosing Hokkaido as your next vacation destination?
Hehehe... nature is good

Tuesday, starting from 12am
Please listen to R-ONE KAT-TUN

To Inohara-kun, congratulations on your wedding. I knew of the wedding through the noon’s show (Wide Show). I had performed in Senior’s concert tour before and felt that you are a person who is easy to get along with. I was surprised by that. I wish that you will continue to have a fulfilling and blissful personal and work life.

From your Junior

To the cast of DREAM BOYS. It’s been hard on you.
Thank you for the amazing stage show.

I’m going to listen to Yorokobi no Uta to sleep tonight.
See you next time!

Video credit to teshi_love
Translations credit to snowaltz (konoaida)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Monday, 24 May 2010




Q1. What is an object Nakamaru is currently interested in?
In response to Nakamaru's serious drawing of a giraffe, Koki drew Mario."You aren't even trying to get it right are you!!" says Nakamaru. "Yep! "

Q2. What color has just flashed across Nakamaru's mind?
"Uwah, nothing is hitting me... mm... mm..." as Nakamaru nods, he only thinks of white and so follows his answer with white. Koki wrote sepia or so we thought, on the edge of the paper he recorded a small word, white. Correct answers : 1.

Q3. What city just came to Nakamaru's mind?
For some reason they both started drawing at the same time. Nakamaru says "The drawing was good but I couldn't spell the word". With a shameful voice he ends with "Kumamoto", the word Kamenashi taught him how to write. Koki says "It's okay, you didn't have to draw the address to your house".


Q1. What's first thing that just came into Koki's mind right now?
Koki proposes the first question. "Eeh, that's difficult", Nakamaru says. Though he is bewildered he tries hard to guess. Nakamaru gets pissed when he sees Koki's drawing of what looks like a piece of lint fiber, "What the heck is that!!". "It just came into my mind, I couldn't help it", says Koki.

Q2. What does Koki want to eat tonight?
"I want to eat this kind of meat", says Koki. "It has to be meat", says Nakamaru. It took an awful long time since Koki was constantly drawing and erasing, drawing and erasing. It's not a real test if you're going to be like that!!

Q3. What does Koki's ideal girl's face look like?
"Ehh... so tough...", both of them are confused and are having a hard time. Koki says, "Why am I Krillin from Dragonball!!"

As a result, they succeeded in telepathy with only one question. There weren't any supernatural abilities between them.

Translations credit to daphuni

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Female Host : But it seems that KAT-TUN has an issue with Nakamaru.

Koki : Yeah, of course during regular hours there isn't much to complain about, but during the time we're on the stage... well, on this stage, we'd really like him to be more of an aggressive idol. We want him to exude a more star-like aura on stage.

Tamori : What do you mean?

Koki : Hes really a great singer, but...he's way too ordinary. (everyone lols)

Koki : The fact is that when people first see him, they're struck with the fact that he's basically just a university student. Well, they're not wrong, but if he'd just...

Tamori : How is that so? What does he do?

Kame : Um, the switch between his characters is a bit off. Before we usually enter the studio, before the doors open and were all gathered there. Well sort of psyche each other up like, WAH! and he'll be all worked up, but the minute he steps in front of an audience he's like (Kame shows Marus posture)

Kame : He shuts down completely.

Koki : He regresses to the type of ordinary that would make you mad.

Kame : Another problem is how he seems to try to escape when we touch him. Like if I come over and lean on him, he'll get shy in such a way that I have to stop.

Koki : He runs away.

Kame : Then I'm left alone to do some weird dance.

Maru : I honestly wonder myself what one is supposed to do in those situations. Like if one of them's close to me, I always think what do I do.

Kame : You should act happy.

Maru : That's something I can't do.

Tamori : Eh?

Maru : I have no talent in that area.

Tamori : Why cant you do it?

Maru : I can't figure it out.

Tamori : But an idol, you know, as soon as he touches the stage he must behave like an idol.

Maru : Exactly. That concept, I understand, and well, recently, Kames stage presence has been pretty intense. (he's making reference to Kames habit of loving on the other members when he's on stage)

Taguchi : That's member-ai, you know!!

Maru : It's actually amazing to the point that it looks real.

Koki : It's those kind of comments that make it seem like you're an ordinary guy.

Tamori : But you're supposed to do it together, aren't you? I mean, not just watch what the others are doing.

Kame : Like today for example. Nakamaru was the first to come in, but he immediately chose to sit farthest down there. (Kame points to where Ueda and Junno are sitting)

Tamori implies that if it's true that he switches off then it means his motivation for his audience isn't there.

Maru : It is there. It's just on stage and at concerts when it's time to talk, I can do fine, but my motivation is definitely here as well.

Tamori : You say that, but what will you do?

Koki : Like today, he can work harder.

Kame : Exactly. If you're gonna be like, I'm in Johnny's then you have to appeal that fact.

Maru : Like during the dance parts.

Tamori : You get it, when the camera focuses in on you, then you've gotta give something back like, yay! Try to do something like that today.

Everyone is impressed by this idea.

Maru : So you mean, like, have something mysterious prepared?

Then Junno, Kame and Koki talk about how people really want him to do this and they're all watching, banking on it. Maru starts rubbing his leg nervously and Tamori says, doing something like this has to be stopped! (or something like that)

Koki : It makes him look nervous.

Tamori : You have to come out and show them that you are an idol.

Koki : Tamori-san is really instructing him on how to be an idol?! (because Tamori is a comedian)

Tamori : You get what I'm saying?

Maru : Ok, I'll do my best.

Tamori : Put your hand out and yell. YAY!

Maru : yay. (everyone lols)

Then they head off to sing.

Video credit to nakamarusomethingkun
Translations credit to ladywoot

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


DUET May 2010

Spring is the season that brings the sensation of a refreshing breeze. How are the KAT-TUN members enjoying their lives? When we asked them directly, they responded with a colorful "rainbow" of ways they were having fun spending each day.

First of all, I have happy news. I've safely passed on to be a 3rd year college student! I received fairly good grades too so I feel like I studied hard this time around. When you become a junior in college you can take seminars but you have to take the seminars at the Saitama prefecture campus. From Tokyo, it takes 2 hours by car so I got a bit lost. Outside of studying for school, there's lots of things I want to study for myself. This year I especially want to study Kanji. I'm used to normally writing everything on the computer so even though I can read Kanji, I feel like there are tons of Kanji that I can't write anymore. I want to be able to write basic level essentials. Also, there are lots of books I want to read. I've only been reading how-to books lately. 5 to 10 years from now I guess I'll be able to recommend a lot of useful "know how" books. I have a lot of aspirations (laughs).

Actually I made plans in march (3rd month) to go to Okinawa with some friends. My schedule couldn't get settled in time so I couldn't make the RSVP and missed the chance to go. When you think of Okinawa you think of going to the beach and eating Okinawan food but I had a different plan in mind. You don't see it other than in the news, but Okinawa has a self-defense base that I wanted to check out. I learn a lot from seeing things with my own eyes. It's something I'd like to see in person.

Speaking of spring, it's the season for shell collecting isn't it. I have a bit of a bitter memory regarding shell collecting. In middle school we all had a trip to go shell collecting but it was really cold, on top of that it was raining really hard but we decided to stick to the plan and go. Just when we managed to reach the beach and were feeling relieved, they told us, "Today, we won't be able to go shell collecting". Just like that we returned home walking back with those thoughts, I wonder why they left us with such rough memories. Even now, when I see news about shell collecting I recall those traumatic memories. Also, Spring is about cherry blossom viewing. I would recommend Yoyogi Park if you're in Tokyo. Other than cherry blossom viewing, I also like to walk my dog there a lot. My puppy loves it. Speaking of which, earlier a male stranger suddenly came up to me at Yoyogi Park and said "Show me the bottom of your foot". I refused with a, "Nah, I'm good." but what the heck what that all about? Foot fortune-telling?!

Translations credit to daphuni

Monday, 17 May 2010


MYOJO January 2006

Akanishi & Nakamaru Fan Mail Section

Question : Big girls not pretty?
My biggest concern is my face. Though I tried to stand as far back as possible from the camera, I still feel that my face is big. I have also tried the massage to make face thinner but it didn’t work out. How to make my face smaller?

Akanishi : Then, Nakamaru is irrelevant here. He has a big face.
Nakamaru : Shut up! My face is not big!
Akanishi : You’re not calm enough.
Nakamaru : In fact there’s no such thing… so long as you withdraw one or two steps from the camera lens, it would be okay already.
Akanishi : Then, why don’t you just ignore your face size? Sometimes, to follow the society thoughts too much is no good, when you grow up, it doesn’t matter all that much anymore.

Questions : Tired of the same menu day by day!
At my home, for 5 consecutive days, we will eat Oden or Curry, if I complain to my mother; I will be scolded, what should I do?

Nakamaru : Cook by yourselves, that’s what I do…
Akanishi : Those are the foods that are cooked for you, so you should not complain too much. Do consider the feelings of the people who cook, be a bit more mature!

WU February 2006
About DREAMBOYS 2006. KAT-TUN VS K8 (KAT-TUN cross talk)

N : Recently, Subaru seems to be really interested in Koki.
K : Eh, really?
-T : Eh, I can feel the subtle attraction of his love.
N : Feel that Subaru and Koki are very compatible. Furthermore, Subaru actually wanted to ask for Koki’s email address but since he’s shy, he asked it from me (laugh)
All : (laugh)
A : Feels like an innocent girl falling in love for the first time!

A : Ueda, it’s been a long time since you’re on the same stage with Ryo-chan
K : Ah, ah! Ueda’s best sparring partner, Ryo-chan! But the present Ueda already has strong defensive capability! (smile)
U : Maa, maa! In fact, I have a good relationship with him. We did that just for the show.
N : Yup, these two are okay.

K : The story is about KAT-TUN versus Kanjani8, but so far, there had been no arguments between us.
T : Actually, we’re all in a good relationship, and this time Akanishi-kun participate too (compared to DB 05)
-T : Ne! (super bright smile) You won’t bother us right?
A : Ah, I won’t bother you… HEY! Stop that!
N : No, you are really a bother! Maa, joking. But as long as you are around, it will be really noisy!
A : Are you praising me or what? (smile) But what I’m worrying about is that I always get a cold during this season (winter), if I’m absent from work, it will be troublesome to many people. So I will take preventive steps in advance.
K : Cold, no matter how hard it is, you must come! (laugh) But really, during the time Taguchi is absent from his injury, and Akanishi is with his drama, the six of us always manage to make it through such situations.

T : Ah, ah, say, Akanishi-kun will be shooting for ‘Anego SP’ right?
A : Ah, it had already been released in magazines (The informations)
N : I will not see that.
A : What sort of reaction is that! (laugh)
-T : Wait, that means Akanishi-kun will be in TV series again?
A : Yes, yes…
-T : Then I will not see it!
A : Oi, you’re making me mad! (laugh)
K : Ne Ne, today why are you in such a style?
A : Occasionally I will be in this style oh! (laugh)
-T : Just joking! We teased Akanishi because we loved seeing his big reactions!

WINK UP April 2006

Nakamaru opinion on Akanishi Jin (Advantages & disadvantages)

Nakamaru Yuichi
Since he always seem to be in a daze, and rarely panics, he’s a good opponents in playing ball games. From now on, please continue to have that part of you as my partner. However, your muscles, there’s no problems? (laugh) Your costumes had been adjusted so many times that it’s becoming troublesome, it’s better if you just maintain your current body!

POPOLO May 2006

Recently, a new side of Nakamaru that you found?
Akanishi : I found out… that he is a man (laugh)


Regarding KAT-TUN, what is the thing that you could not get rid of?
Akanishi : Off (break time).

Off time and in terms of members… ?
Akanishi : If I want to go out and play, then, maybe it’s Nakamaru!
Nakamaru : Akanishi is the type of person that fear loneliness (laugh)
Akanishi : Please write down the word “rabbit”. It will die if it’s lonely (laugh). Then, I’ll be a lonely rabbit.


Kamenashi to Nakamaru : Let's do our best!

Taguchi to Nakamaru : Doesn't this drawing on this new year card look like XXX?

Yaotome Hikaru to Nakamaru : I haven't received my birthday present yet.

Nakamaru to Inoo Kei-chan : It seems your level still quite low. This is some advice, but I think beginners should avoid red clothes, you should probably wear clothes that have the same colour as the map.

Nakamaru to Yaotome Hikaru : Please hurry up and get your internet connection ready.

Nakamaru to Maruyama Ryuhei : Are you well these days? I hear that humidifiers are good in preventing sicknesses. Please try it out.

Translations credit to lineelu2001
Dengonban scanlations credit to felixkeep

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