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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Dated : May 2007

The person that you want to see the most now?
Nakamaru! I always received silly phone calls and short messages from him. But, it’s not like I’m thinking about him all the time. They are working hard with the Osaka stage play. I think they’re always in anxious mode, do not dare to relax. But this time, they got 1 person 1 room. Oh! Really nice. Ah? KT also went out together to eat hot pot? Together with the staff too? Hey! If it’s in Tokyo, Kame and Koki are always absent! Ah, is it better because I’m not there? (smile). Ah, if they came back to Tokyo, will we meet? No, absolutely not! This is how KAT-TUN dynamics works.

The person that you want to see the most now?
Maa... here, should I say Akanishi? (laugh) Well, I can see “Anego” here (Osaka) as well but I didn’t watch (smile). I always went all out in playing games after we went back to hotel so I forgot about the drama (smiles). But, I will be waiting for the DVD! I will definitely buy them. I do receive calls from Akanishi sometimes, but it was not very clear. If it’s video call, he will be singing KAT-TUN’s song very seriously. Or if it’s short messages, he will just send things like “Ah~~~~~~~” (smiles).

Potato (Nakamaru, Akanishi and Ueda cross talk)
Dated : May 2008

N: Before my solo is Ueda’s solo. Since I’m too busy getting ready for my solo, I didn’t listen to Ueda’s song properly. Then, after my solo is Akanishi’s solo. By that time, I was totally relieved that my solo went well so I didn’t listen. Don't have the energy to Akanishi’s solo as well!(laugh)

A: You are too high tension! (laugh) I listen to Ueda’s and Nakamaru’s solo properly! Firstly, Ueda. I feel that Ueda’s solo has so many emotions to it. In aspect of composition, Ueda is really great! Ueda is Prince of song!

U: Ah, I know!

A: I take that back (laugh). Then, Nakamaru, I often feel that you are very versatile! Not only you can do beatbox, you always make me feel “He can do that as well!” You always surprise me!

U: Dance! You look cool only when you dance!

N: Yes, yes, I only look cool wh- HEY!

A: I think it’s a good thing for everyone to display their personality!

U: Indeed! Akanishi also often write the lyrics to his own songs. I think the first song (Murasaki) is very characteristic of you, it’s really good. Akanishi’s performance is very bold as well! You pay attention to so many things, even the special effect (smiles).

N: The main point of your performance is the exploding effect.

A: Shut up! (laugh)

N: Maa, in fact Akanishi is really good in song composition as well. Akanishi, whether it’s work or personal matter, he is the type that leads people, it’s good!

A: No matter what I will be the leader!

U: That is your personality defect. (smile)


The Person You want to be your older brother [Johnny’s Junior]

1. Akanishi Jin
Each year! But he seems like the type that wont study hard! Not related?
Jin : Although I don’t have much of the character of an older brother, I like being surrounded by kids! I like little babies too!

2. Nakamaru Yuichi
Maru: In real life, I have the role of Akanishi’s older brother! Obviously I should be number 1!
Jin: What are you saying! You’re completely wrong!
Maru: Because I am very strong!
Jin: Are you an idiot?!

Dated : May 2010 (KAT-TUN - When Eyes Meet)

When your eyes happen to meet a girl's eyes and your heart skips a beat, when you are entranced by someone's eyes and so on and so forth, the guys talk about when eyes meet and when people look at them. Unexpectedly(!?) honest sides of them come to light!


Where shall we go? Somewhere we haven't been in awhile, like an amusement park?

"Does she likes me?" that was a complete 100% misunderstanding (laughs)

It doesn't bother me now but, in my teens there was a girl who used to stare at me a lot. Like anyone would, I was wondering why a girl would be looking at me in such a small classroom. As I was being stared at I thought, "Maybe she likes me?", but that was a complete 100% misunderstanding (laughs). You definitely notice when you make eye contact with another girl. It can more or less have meaning. There are times when you can like a person at first sight. Not that it's happened to me (laughs). I've never stared a girl before. I wouldn't like it if the girl I liked or people around me found out I had feelings for her so I would try not to look at her. I guess I haven't stared at a girl that I liked before. You can leave a bad impression if you stare at someone without saying anything so I'm usually careful. Instead of staring, starting a conversation, becoming friends and slowly becoming closer is the best. After that, just let it naturally flow (laughs). Girls don't really catch my attention while I'm walking on the street, but the clothes they're wearing will catch my attention! I like the kind of fashion that is simple and calm, if she's wearing that, a lot of times I won't look at a girl's face but I'll look at her clothes. Up until now, the only experience I had where I felt nervous while looking to another person's eyes was that time I met Tom Cruise. I had no idea I would ever meet him and I've always been touched by his movies. I met him as part of my job but it felt like a dream. It was such a touching moment and yet, why was I dressed like a samurai showing him magic tricks (laughs).

Back when I first started appearing on TV I experimented with where people should look while having a conversation and realized that you could see what people were thinking. I thought I understood but it's really not just about where you're looking. If you're bewildered or moving around constantly people will see that and everything too. People will always notice if you're hiding something, so from the beginning I try not to have anything to hide at all.

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lineelu2001 & daphuni

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