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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Thursday, 27 May 2010


MYOJO - February 2009

N : Ueda’s good points… Indeed, what should I say, it’s that, that, hmm...

U : None? (laughs)

N : There is. He’s very manly when he interacts with people, he’s easy to get along with.

U : I don’t like to separate who are my friends from work, therefore basically I have no friends only from work. Friends are friends. From that point of view, Nakamaru is a great friend, though I’m not sure what his good points are...

N : What do you mean by you don’t know?!

U : I’m glad that I can get along with him as a normal friend.

N : It’s been a long time since we’ve known each other, we don’t have much to fuss about the other. It’s okay even if we can’t meet for awhile or talk for sometime.

U : We don’t really talk even when we eat together.

N : There are no words during meals, and after eating, we said, “Bye” and separated. Is this the period where we get tired of each other? (laughs)

U : And Nakamaru, if he’s caught on camera, no matter how exhausted he is, he’ll immediately become energetic, I think that’s amazing.

N : Not as much when it comes to boxing for you (laughs). That kind of passion and the energy which he injects into is terrific.

U : If I can place all that enthusiasm into work...

N : Please do that.

U : Oh, and also what I’m envious of is that Nakamaru seems very genuine?

N : What “seem”?!

U : Whether it’s work or in private, whether the person is of higher position or younger than you, they have a good impression of you. Basically, you will speak respectfully, saying, “Ah, is it like this? Okay.” You’re a very, very good young man!

N : It’s normal to use honorific during first meeting.

U : At this kind of moment, (Nakamaru) uses honorific language to build walls gradually in between yet also not rejecting the other party, and with a smiley bomb that seems sincere...

N : Please stop analyzing.

U : Hence, I’ve been trying to be like you recently. For guys, somehow or another it doesn’t matter. But if I were to imagine myself as a girl, I’ll probably say, “Indeed, Nakamaru-kun is the type of man to marry to!”

N : I’ve not received such comments before. It’s just your imagination (laughs). However, if I have to say, I’m envious of your interpersonal relationship. Should I say you’re amiable or liberal?

U : On the other hand, I have a lot of troubles. Ehe[1] (hearts)

N : What ehe (hearts)? Because of your quick temper, you always get into fights/quarrels even though they are friends, and I’ll say, “Okay, okay, cool down...” as the peacemaker. And then with a “gong”, I got hit on my head by Ueda’s friend. Then, I thought, ‘Go and hit Ueda!’

U : Gyahahahahahaha.

From, “Yoisshou!”[2] what characteristics do you see?

U: Nakamaru worries too much. Or perhaps I should say, he’s a pacifist?

N: A worrying pacifist.

U: He vexes about my solo songs. Surprisingly he has very negative thoughts… what a type who falls ill easily!

N: Ahahaha… oi you, don’t spill trashy stuff about me!

U: It’s not that I don’t worry, but I’m the type who forgets about them after sleeping for one night. If the matter cannot be resolved even if I think about it, I won’t think!

N: Ah, I want to be like that too. I’m the fearful type. There are also times when I become worried even while looking at you.

U: That type of sincere and gentle feeling? He’s indeed popular, Nakamaru. Popular, right?! (jealous) bo-bo-[3])

N: You’re so noisy (laughs). Ueda looks cool but he’s actually a foolish cute guy. He will be in a good mood when he’s eating with his friends, and he will exclaim, “Yoisshou!” as he walks in (laughs).

U: And I’ll be asked, “Have you drank (alcohol)?”

N: Ueda’s character has been shown in his solo live, doing freely what he wants to do.

U: “Yoisshou!” this kind of feeling.

N: I don’t know. (laughs) People who watched said things like, “I’m surprised”. But the members like us would just say, “Ah, this is totally Ueda”.

U: I’m totally exposed.

N: He’s totally not cool at all.

U: Therefore, in private, I’ll try to be one who is “constantly smiling”, the gap (between what people expects and what I really am) will make me popular (smiles widely!).

N: You’re making me worry like this.

Translator's notes:

[1] “Ehe” is the sound of giggling.
[2] “Yoisshou!” may be a term they use when they’re happy. My editor and I didn’t manage to find out what exactly it meant.
[3] “Bo- bo-“ is a slang which people uses to sound cute. Other examples include “ne” and “nyan”.

Translations credit to snowaltz (konoaida)

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