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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Monday, 17 May 2010


MYOJO January 2006

Akanishi & Nakamaru Fan Mail Section

Question : Big girls not pretty?
My biggest concern is my face. Though I tried to stand as far back as possible from the camera, I still feel that my face is big. I have also tried the massage to make face thinner but it didn’t work out. How to make my face smaller?

Akanishi : Then, Nakamaru is irrelevant here. He has a big face.
Nakamaru : Shut up! My face is not big!
Akanishi : You’re not calm enough.
Nakamaru : In fact there’s no such thing… so long as you withdraw one or two steps from the camera lens, it would be okay already.
Akanishi : Then, why don’t you just ignore your face size? Sometimes, to follow the society thoughts too much is no good, when you grow up, it doesn’t matter all that much anymore.

Questions : Tired of the same menu day by day!
At my home, for 5 consecutive days, we will eat Oden or Curry, if I complain to my mother; I will be scolded, what should I do?

Nakamaru : Cook by yourselves, that’s what I do…
Akanishi : Those are the foods that are cooked for you, so you should not complain too much. Do consider the feelings of the people who cook, be a bit more mature!

WU February 2006
About DREAMBOYS 2006. KAT-TUN VS K8 (KAT-TUN cross talk)

N : Recently, Subaru seems to be really interested in Koki.
K : Eh, really?
-T : Eh, I can feel the subtle attraction of his love.
N : Feel that Subaru and Koki are very compatible. Furthermore, Subaru actually wanted to ask for Koki’s email address but since he’s shy, he asked it from me (laugh)
All : (laugh)
A : Feels like an innocent girl falling in love for the first time!

A : Ueda, it’s been a long time since you’re on the same stage with Ryo-chan
K : Ah, ah! Ueda’s best sparring partner, Ryo-chan! But the present Ueda already has strong defensive capability! (smile)
U : Maa, maa! In fact, I have a good relationship with him. We did that just for the show.
N : Yup, these two are okay.

K : The story is about KAT-TUN versus Kanjani8, but so far, there had been no arguments between us.
T : Actually, we’re all in a good relationship, and this time Akanishi-kun participate too (compared to DB 05)
-T : Ne! (super bright smile) You won’t bother us right?
A : Ah, I won’t bother you… HEY! Stop that!
N : No, you are really a bother! Maa, joking. But as long as you are around, it will be really noisy!
A : Are you praising me or what? (smile) But what I’m worrying about is that I always get a cold during this season (winter), if I’m absent from work, it will be troublesome to many people. So I will take preventive steps in advance.
K : Cold, no matter how hard it is, you must come! (laugh) But really, during the time Taguchi is absent from his injury, and Akanishi is with his drama, the six of us always manage to make it through such situations.

T : Ah, ah, say, Akanishi-kun will be shooting for ‘Anego SP’ right?
A : Ah, it had already been released in magazines (The informations)
N : I will not see that.
A : What sort of reaction is that! (laugh)
-T : Wait, that means Akanishi-kun will be in TV series again?
A : Yes, yes…
-T : Then I will not see it!
A : Oi, you’re making me mad! (laugh)
K : Ne Ne, today why are you in such a style?
A : Occasionally I will be in this style oh! (laugh)
-T : Just joking! We teased Akanishi because we loved seeing his big reactions!

WINK UP April 2006

Nakamaru opinion on Akanishi Jin (Advantages & disadvantages)

Nakamaru Yuichi
Since he always seem to be in a daze, and rarely panics, he’s a good opponents in playing ball games. From now on, please continue to have that part of you as my partner. However, your muscles, there’s no problems? (laugh) Your costumes had been adjusted so many times that it’s becoming troublesome, it’s better if you just maintain your current body!

POPOLO May 2006

Recently, a new side of Nakamaru that you found?
Akanishi : I found out… that he is a man (laugh)


Regarding KAT-TUN, what is the thing that you could not get rid of?
Akanishi : Off (break time).

Off time and in terms of members… ?
Akanishi : If I want to go out and play, then, maybe it’s Nakamaru!
Nakamaru : Akanishi is the type of person that fear loneliness (laugh)
Akanishi : Please write down the word “rabbit”. It will die if it’s lonely (laugh). Then, I’ll be a lonely rabbit.


Kamenashi to Nakamaru : Let's do our best!

Taguchi to Nakamaru : Doesn't this drawing on this new year card look like XXX?

Yaotome Hikaru to Nakamaru : I haven't received my birthday present yet.

Nakamaru to Inoo Kei-chan : It seems your level still quite low. This is some advice, but I think beginners should avoid red clothes, you should probably wear clothes that have the same colour as the map.

Nakamaru to Yaotome Hikaru : Please hurry up and get your internet connection ready.

Nakamaru to Maruyama Ryuhei : Are you well these days? I hear that humidifiers are good in preventing sicknesses. Please try it out.

Translations credit to lineelu2001
Dengonban scanlations credit to felixkeep

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