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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Saturday, 26 February 2011



What is your ideal proposal phrase?
I'd like to be straightforward with simple words, "Just marry me". Except, I'd be extremely nervous about the situation!

What KAT-TUN song would you like to play at your wedding reception?
"NEIRO". A lot of KAT-TUN's songs have risque lyrics. Therefore a non-offensive song would be good, and if it were this song then I'd feel safe (laughs).

Current memo, "My Latest News"
I changed the way I parted my hair but, did you notice!? It was parted from the right side for a number of years so when I changed it, the hair kept trying to swing to the left. My bangs were confused (laughs).

What is your ideal proposal phrase?
We would get invited to a friend's wedding. As we would watch their joyful figures, out of the blue, I would say "It's about time we get married too!?" (laughs).

What KAT-TUN song would you like to play at your wedding reception?
"PRECIOUS ONE". When I want to space out in my thoughts with a KAT-TUN song, somehow I think this is a good song (laughs). For some reason or another!

Current memo, "My Latest News"
Lately, I think my eye sight has been getting worse. When I watch tv, I slowly end up moving forward. It would be better if I could sit at a natural distance.

What is your ideal proposal phrase?
While watching a sunset I would say, "The sun will set today but the sun between me and you will never set", and while she's laughing I'd propose, "This is how I am, but, be with me for life".

What KAT-TUN song would you like to play at your wedding reception?
"Yorokobi no Uta". Ah it would be nice to sing this with the members at the after party (laughs). It'd be like "This is today's special guest, KAT-TUN".

Current memo, "My Latest News"
When I read the recently popular "KAGEROU", I found it amusing. It was easy to read, so it might be good for young people who don't like reading.

What is your ideal proposal phrase?

It would be like a normal day while watching tv, where I thought it would be okay to just say it. Something like, "From now on in my life, for breakfast every morning, I want to drink your miso soup!" (shyly).

What KAT-TUN song would you like to play at your wedding reception?
"Yorokobi no Uta". The chorus says "I love you" and all. When my cousin got married, he used that song for his wedding ceremony entrance.

Current memo, "My Latest News"
Jimon-san took me to a crab resturant. Jimon is such a foodie. The crab course was delicious.

What is your ideal proposal phrase?
I think I would say something normal like, "I love you. Marry me." but I would properly plan out the timing. It'd be like, "So I have something to say" (laughs).

What KAT-TUN song would you like to play at your wedding reception?
"Love yourself ~kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki~". I think there are a lot of love songs but this song is about a girl and it says that you are good the way you are.

Current memo, "My Latest News"
I went to see Miyao(Shuntaro)-kun's performance in "The Nutcracker", he co-starred in a drama with me awhile ago. It was so good, I was moved!

Koki-kun's bridal candidate is a "gyaru" type
(aka gal or a lively young girl, see gyaru at wikipedia and more gyaru styles)
nakamaru: If Koki is getting married in the future, I think someone younger would be good for him.
koki: Probably (laughs). But, rather than age, I think my marriage life wouldn't work if it wasn't someone who was stronger than me and could kick me in the ass.
ueda: It wouldn't do if the person didn't gently care for Koki (laughs).
kame: But if you're too kind to Koki, Koki will end up leaving for somewhere (laughs).
nakamaru: Type-wise he seems that he would be suited for a wildly energetic girl!
taguchi: Speaking of a gyaru, what type? A calm girl or a super hyper one?
koki: Hm yeah. There are many types of gyarus.
kame: A strong-willed gyaru would be good.
nakamaru: I know exactly! Surprisingly, I think he would like that type.
ueda: But if we're talking about a strong-willed girl, don't you think Koki would get irritated by her?

nakamaru: No problem, Koki would use force to twist her arm (laughs).
koki: Maa I guess (laughs). But I think I'm fundamentally not cut out for married life. If I ever got unsteady on my feet, the wife would mutter things about me on her twitter (laughs).
all: (Explosive laughter)
kame: It has to be a person who can understand Koki.
koki: In otherwords, a girl who wants a guy to stand on his two feet.
ueda: Yeah!
nakamaru: There is that, yeah.
koki: An open-minded woman is good huh. Also, if a man's purpose was to protect that woman, he would be able to try his best everyday. the end, they are simple (laughs).

Kamenashi-kun's bridal candidate is an "oneesan" type
(aka a sophisticated girl, literally translated to older sister)
nakamaru: A girl that has a "shuu" straightforward feeling to her would be a good match I guess. koki: That expression is too old (laughs). Give us a more concrete type!
taguchi: "oneesan" type!
kame: You're talking about her personality right!?
nakamaru: And her appearance?
kame: I think for me it'd have to be a girl who is open-minded. She would be very understanding and be able to handle many situations. There is a part of me that is moody, so she would be have to be able to go with it, so to speak.
ueda: But you know, we met that group "Perfume" earlier right. What do you think about that kind of "soothing type" of girl? [ [wiki Perfume]
kame: Ah--, they were speaking coolly, indeed it was soothing (laughs).
koki: But normally, guys do better with an "oneesan" wife.
nakamaru: Yeah, all guys are like that.
taguchi: This is a personal opinion but if you can't depend on your partner, wouldn't you not be able to trust them with your bank book? [it's fairly common for the wife to be in charge of all household finances in japan]
koki: Wow we're having such a realistic discussion (laughs).
ueda: But about that, he has a point (sweats).
kame: Guys work outside of the house so I would be happy if I could entrust someone with matters inside the house.
ueda: Yeah, I agree!

Nakamaru-kun's bridal candidate is "a girl with sense"
kame: A girl that could influence Nakamaru and be decisive would be good, wouldn't it (laughs)?
nakamaru: That's correct!
taguchi: A girl with good sense would be good.

nakamaru: Oi. Does that mean I lack some sense (laughs)?
taguchi: If you couldn't make a decision, I thought it would be good if your partner had good sense. When it comes down to it, you have to decide things on your own right?
nakamaru: That's true but if my partner has her own will, I think life would be easier in everything. If it came down to deciding on something, I would be troubled if she told me "Anything is good".
koki: If you asked "What do you want to eat?" and she said "Anything is good", would you be troubled?
nakamaru: Super troubled!
ueda: At those times, you do a countdown!
kame: What do you mean?
ueda: You say, "Which one do you want, okay, 3, 2, 1!" (laughs).
taguchi: Nice, you can also help them develop instantaneous replying power.
nakamaru: Even so, there are people who say "anyhthing is okay"! If you say "Make a decision", there's a chance they'll get angry at you (laughs).
koki: Then when you ask, "How about beef don?", they'll say "Not really..". From the guy's point of view, they should have said "I don't want beef don" in the first place (laughs).
taguchi: What about a girl who says they want to eat something expensive?
koki: Then pay with your own money (laughs).
nakamaru: That's correct!

"When a man gets tied to a woman who is put together, he might be happy"
Ueda-kun's bridal candidate is "a girl who is put together".
nakamaru: I think a girl who has a good grasp of her surroundings and can take care of household matters would be good for Ueda.
taguchi: Why?
nakamaru: Because Ueda can't get things in order himself (laughs).
ueda: I'm bad with housework. If she asked me to help out, I would try to help but basically I wouldn't want to (laughs). Even though I put my clothes away, I'll realize I would have wanted them folded.
kame: Also you know, what about a girl who changes Ueda without him noticing?
ueda: Yes yes, that!
kame: Then, Ueda would innocently run around picking up things he dropped unaware that he was (laughs).
ueda: I think I would believe I was the authoritative one, but in reality, I would be in the palm of my partner's hand.
kame: When you look at it from that angle, you would see Ueda on his partner's palm running around waa waa-ing.
koki: I think that's good. In the end, that's what you'd call a man standing. But......personally speaking, Ueda's also not cut out for marriage.
ueda: Really? I wanted to have a wedding ceremony one day though.
taguchi: A western ceremony? Japanese-styled ceremony?

ueda: It'd be nice to have a western-style ceremony in a chapel.
kame: Me too (laughs)!
taguchi: Then how about a compromise. Wear a kimono in the chapel, have chinese food at the reception.
nakamaru: No no don't do that (laughs).

We want to hurry up and meet our future wives!
Taguchi-kun's bridal candidate is "a girl who is like a goldfish".

koki: I wonder what kind of future wife would be good for Taguchi.
kame: Taguchi is influenced easily by other people so someone with a lot of common sense would be good.
taguchi: You may have a point there. Not to mention, young people like people like koki who are overflowing with a sort of wildness. So they probably wouldn't want to be my partner (cries).
koki: That's because someone like me can show my partner a completely different world (laughs).
ueda: A world no one needs to learn about (laughs).
kame: Also, in Taguchi's case, his wife would be a goldfish......
ueda: Taguchi would be poop (laughs).
koki: Even as a joke that's a bad one (laughs).
taguchi: At least call us a pair of ducks (laughs).
koki: Ducks it is then (laughs).
nakamaru: Maa, a person who can support you mentally is good.
koki: Speaking of, anyway you put it, women are support to men.
taguchi: By the way, when anyone gets married will they invite the members to their wedding?
nakamaru: I'll invite!
koki: Even if I get invited I may not show. Well nah it's not that, its's troublesome to let the members see my wife's vows (shyly).
ueda: Why? I will invite!
taguchi: Me too. I want people to sing "Yorokobi no Uta" (laughs).
others: Eehhh~ (laughs).

translations credit to daphuni


R-One - 5th of July 2006
They were talking about how yesterday was Jin’s birthday. They were talking about birthday celebration. Ueda gave Jin a necklace. He said he chose that one after looking at 1000 necklaces! Maru gave Jin 3 POLO shirts. Ueda then said that Jin will definitely not wear that. Jin told them he wanted to appear on R-ONE but his voice is expensive so he wrote them poem.

N: Talking about recent private events… a few days ago, I went out to have dinner with Ueda and after that we went to buy things.
U: Ah, this sort of situation often occurs for both of us.
N: The sort of conversation we has is mostly, “Uwah, this shop is great!” “Eh… the cashier, don’t you think she looks like ____ (celebrity)?”
T: Sounds like high school boys! (laugh)

-T: Speaking of eating, Kame and I went to search for restaurant after work ends, and usually, we found out super delicious restaurants!
K: Yup, no matter where it is and what is it, it always is delicious!

K: Akanishi, recently, what have you been doing?
A: Ah? What have I been…? (feel troubled for some time)… Um, I think I should ask everyone what you people have been playing lately.
N: We are not talking about that topic now!
U: You listen properly!
A: Anyway, Taguchi would definitely say, “I am interested in billiard!”
T: I am interested in billiard!

T: But, recently there is a problem. I am too strong and so I have no worthy opponents.
U: What?
N: This fellow, he said that about himself?
A: Well, when you and I fight, it is interesting how none of us would lose!
T: But that is the last time right? However, now I am 100 times stronger!

T: Enough! Let’s proceed to the next topic! (laugh) Akanishi-kun, say something!
A: Ah… I still do the usual thing, play tennis… next time we go and play together?
All: Let’s do so!
T: Eh! Such positive reactions! Say, between my billiard and Akanishi’s tennis invitation, which would you choose?
U: Tennis!
N: Tennis~~!
K: Well, of course, for me, it’s tennis! (laugh)
T: What do you mean by ‘of course’!
A: Maa, we are just bullying Taguchi now. (laugh) But, really, recently we went out to eat together and the opportunity for us to play together privately increase too.
N: Indeed, the previous relationship is good. But recently, I feel like it is deepening.

A: Maa, isn’t it nice for us to help each other? This will make our relationships more harmonious too (laugh). But come to think of it, how come I almost never have any meal privately together with Kame?
K: Ah, very rarely right? (laugh) But, there is always the ramen stand near the office building (laugh)
N: Hey, what does that means!
U: Couldn’t it be… that these two went out to have ramen together?
A: …Try… Well, next time where should I go and have a meal together with Kame?
-T: “Try”?! What do you mean by that! (laugh)

-T: Moving on to other topic! A few days ago, I went to the Karaoke with Nakamaru, we even sang a few KAT-TUN’s songs! (laugh)
N: YES! When we saw our names in the catalogue, I felt really moved.
-T: Yes, really happy. We even sang “Seishun AMIGO!”
K: Heh, recently I haven’t been to Karaoke.
A: Then, next time we go!
T: Un, “Try” to go. (laugh)
A: Or, let’s all of us go after this work is done? (laugh)
U: Let’s go! Let’s go!


Dated : 9th of December 2009

Who is the most particular or fussy about food in KAT-TUN?
Junno and Koki both initially answered “Ueda”. Junno however started saying that he is actually quite fussy about food and Koki agreed. Koki said that he is not fussy at all and eats everything. Junno said Jin eats everything too and that generally, KAT-TUN is not fussy about food. Koki concluded that Ueda is the most fussy. Koki went on to say Kame is not fussy or particular and he knows where the good food is. Junno and Koki elaborated that Kame is knowledgeable about food places that are more expensive and high class. Junno felt that Kame would take note of the place after eating if the food is good. Junno and Koki rounded up with saying that Kame knows where all the good food places are while Junno is quite fussy about food.

Who is the most prudent or cautious?
Junno said Koki is meticulous. He also mentioned Maru, and that he thought that Maru has to be dedicated to be able to update his j-web every day. Koki remarked that Maru is a nut case; he had to write everything that he observed, to the point that no one understood what he was writing.

Who is the one most likely to be late?
Koki said that recently everyone would be punctual. However, Maru was often late in the past. Junno added that Jin used to be late too and Ueda would always be punctual. Junno and Koki concluded that everyone would be punctual and reach around the time of meeting.

Who lies the most in KAT-TUN?
Koki said that that would definitely be Ueda. Ueda will lie and pretend it is nothing. Even after he lied, he would not say, “I bluffed you.” He would lie and pretend nothing happened.

Who can act as a spoiled child to the point of being willful most in KAT-TUN?
Junno and Koki said there is none in KAT-TUN though they were unsure if the members act like that privately. However, talking about acting like a spoiled child (1), both Junno and Koki pointed Kame. They said they felt that Kame is good at doing that, and as a result, people older than him would like him. Hence, Kame is good at concluding decisions(, to get everyone to agree on a decision). Junno concluded that in KAT-TUN, there is no one who is overly willful, but Kame can act like a child. Koki added Kame had said that Koki can act like a child (to get his way) before.

translations credit to konoaida


WINK UP - JUNE 2004 (Ueda Tatsuya)

Who would you like to become in KAT-TUN?
I’m me, I don't wish to become another. (Nakamaru : You're being difficult~ This is just an interview question, think about it!) Taking today’s opportunity, let me tell you that actually I love to "bully people" (laughs), therefore I'm bullying the interviewer now. Will you publish what I've just said? Okay, I'll answer properly (laughs). Frankly speaking... Changing to whoever is okay (laughs). Ah, but I don't want to change to Akanishi because I don't want to live a life where I'm troubling others (laughs).

What mobile phone model are you using now?
The colour is black, I'm lying, it's actually blue. My mobile phone spoilt a few months ago so I changed a new one. The photos which I took in the past were lost, including those taken in New York. Regarding emoji, the number of emoji I sent = the amount of importance the person is to me. Therefore I don't put any emoji (in my messages) to Akanishi... Actually, I don't even message him. (Akanishi : What? Your messages to me are purely emoji!) Ah~ Please ignore him. Would you like to see my outbox? (Akanishi : Would you like to see my inbox?)

What is it that you want to eat now?
I want to eat food made by Nakamaru... (laughs) Talking about Nakamaru, during the Christmas party at my house, Nakamaru's father made sushi for us, they were really delicious! Nakamaru's dad is the best!!

translations credit to konoaida

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Screencaps from Sushi Oji The Movie and its bonuses.

screencaps credit to shellfishness

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