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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


LOL~ I found a new favourite quote! Thanks Yucchi... ehehe



In KAT-TUN, what are you No. 1 at?
Even though I think I maybe also said 'my height' five years ago... I wanna say 'my tallness' again now (laughs).

His answer five years ago → My height (laughs)

What's a side of Nakamaru-kun one wouldn't expect?
He doesn't listen to what I'm saying (laughs). Even though I warned him that Kame has a wine cellar, he bought him one for his birthday!

His answer five years ago → He might look like he can't cook, but he can. His speciality seems to be omuraisu.

Your impression when looking at this pic from 5 years ago
I thought this was a pic from last month (laughs). But I grew up a bit... I was young after all. I mean, I have a healthy complexion (laughs).

Your impression when looking at this pic from 5 years ago
Uugh. I'm having my ears pierced... I attempted to wear this ear ring I've been wanting for a long while, but at this time I noticed that it doesn't suit me and I stopped it (laughs).

In KAT-TUN, what are you No. 1 at?
It's Beatboxing after all. From now on I still want to make it my weapon and I want to reach a level that even surpasses what is humanly possible.

His answer five years ago → Beat box. My next aim is to become a living national treasure!

How do you see yourself in ten years?
I'd like to get married in my thirties. Korean? Ah, unfortunately I lost interest in that (sweats).

His answer five years ago → I will learn Korean and everyone will refer to me as 'the walking library'!

Your impression when looking at this pic from 5 years ago
I have close-cropped hair (laughs). Because people still call me 'the kid with the shaved head'. And as expected, I look young~ especially around the eyes!

What's a side of Ueda-kun one wouldn't expect?
Ueda is... adorable! Everybody says he's mysterious, but he gets lonely easily, he's like a spoiled child and the most like the youngest child.

His answer five years ago → Actually, when Ueda joined Johnny's Jr., he had a crew cut (laughs).

In KAT-TUN, what are you No. 1 at?
The number of my hobbies. Bikes, shamisen, cars, fishing, survival games. One of my hobbies is also to look for a fiancé for my pet dog Sakura (laughs).

His answer five years ago → Rap! It's the one strongest weapon I have.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'd still like to continue boxing all the while. If I carry it on for another 10 years, how strong could I get? I'd really like to know that.

His answer five years ago → Becoming stronger!

An unexpected side of yourself?
It's not unexpected, but I'm more selfish than people think!? Recently the others often get all, “Who do you think you are!” on me (laughs).

His answer five years ago → I quickly lose my temper (laughs). Then I kick the waste basket in my rage and lie about it.

Your impression when looking at this pic from 5 years ago
I look young (laughs)! It must be during the time when I went from blond to black. But since it somehow gave a visual kei-impression, I quickly gave it up again (laughs).

Your impression when looking at this pic from 5 years ago
So young! I really was young... Plus, my face was more slender than it is now. Maybe because I still had the body of a child, right.

A person you look up to?
I still like Nobunaga. People who use their head to deal with things are great. He's the one I'd like to play in a historical drama.

His answer five years ago → Oda Nobunaga. His way of living was really cool.

How do you see yourself in ten years?
I'd like to play with my kids (laughs). I'd like to marry... As for work, I feel the same as five years ago. Because I still think the same.

His answer five years ago → I'll give my best as an actor. I'd like to appear in movies.


Going out in the nice and warm sun!

Departure to this month's shooting location, a picnic spot along the Tamagawa. Everyone's tension is high from the start! Shortly after arriving the members discover a patch of clovers on the shore of the river. On Koki-kun's shout of “Look for happiness!” he and Nakamaru-kun start an intense search for four-leaved clovers. Next to that, Kamenashi-kun worries, “Because the wind is strong today, let's take the pictures at the bushes over there. My hair gets all messed up (laughs)”, acting on his own.

Nakamaru = Pochi*? Taguchi dashes off
(*typical Japanese dog name)

Meanwhile, Koki-kun, having gotten sick of the clover-search, gets on the bike and starts racing off & Taguchi-kun runs fervently after a plastic bag that flew off. Then there's Kamenashi-kun, putting the frisbee on the ground, going “Pochi, Pochi! Catch this!” in a silly make-believe game, while Nakamaru hits him, “Who's Pochi!”. Ueda-kun tries to make the bamboo propeller fly, but gives up after they get carried off by the strong wind. (tear)
As expected (!?), they couldn't be gathered together before the shooting, making the staff impatient.


Why Koki is on top...?

Lying down on the picnic sheet for the shoot, they all fret that, “No matter how you look at this, the sheet was made for four people (laugh)”. Koki-kun, who lost the fight for the spots, panics the moment he lies down on top of the bushes, “Those are pricking my stomach!”, and he falls with a thud on the backs of the other members. ♪ Needless to say, Ueda-kun calls out, “Ah, you're heavy (sweat)”. After this, everybody's smiling widely over Kamenashi-kun's and Nakamaru-kun's imitation of Doraemon: “Shizuka-chaa~n!” “Takekoputa!” (laugh).

Playing too much... getting exhausted.

Finally, frisbee time! Ueda-kun announces his skills, “I can catch it in a cool way!” Watching this, Nakamaru-kun goes, “You guys, if you overdo this, you'll get all tired~” (laugh) On the way back in the strong wind, Kamenashi mutters, “We didn't fly a kite... [tako in Japanese]”, prompting a “Takoyaki~” from Ueda → “Not that kind of tako! (laughs)” (Kamenashi), causing all of them to laugh till the end.



Nakamaru Yuichi's five years are?

Kamenashi: With what timing again did Nakamaru become the character he's now? (laughs)
Nakamaru: Slowly, quite slowly (laughs).
Tanaka: Previously, his character also seemed more flashy, right? (laughs)
Nakamaru: Certainly (laughs).
Kamenashi: Your hair was long, too, right?
Nakamaru: But for that, there was a reason.
Ueda: Eh! Really?
Nakamaru: It was fashionable at that time, and I was easily influenced, I grew the hair in my neck out, pierced my ears, dyed my hair brown... At that time, I tried too hard, thinking “Since I am a Johnny's I have to be like this”.
The other four: Yes, yes.
Nakamaru: Then, I stopped pushing myself like that and did everything naturally.
Kamenashi: I see~
Taguchi: He really was Flashy-Maru (laughs).
Nakamaru: That makes me somehow nostalgic~
Taguchi: Ah, but you were really a guy acting your age, right?
Kamenashi: Right. In a way, you did what any healthy high school student does. After turning twenty, you steadily became like... a member of society (laughs).
Tanaka: True, in a way Nakamaru is someone who conforms to society!

Tanaka Koki's five years are?

Ueda: Koki changed his hairstyle extremely often~
Nakamaru: Does he plan to shave it again?
Tanaka: I dunno.
Nakamaru: Koki became unexpectedly an adult (looks down at him)
Tanaka: Hey! (gets angry) You, do you think you've got me all figured out? (laughs)
Nakamaru: Yes (laughs).
Taguchi: He finally works well with others (laughs). During the time of our debut, when we got a couple bowls of ramen as a present, Koki just ate them all (laughs).
Kamenashi: He directed his power into a good direction now, right?
Ueda: Like a jack knife that turned into a butter knife!
The other four: That's a good one!
Nakamaru: A butter knife is really gentle. It doesn't hurt people.
Tanaka: If you want to, I spread your butter (laughs).
Kamenashi: Plus, his style of clothes changed too, right?
Tanaka: When you watch old DVDs, I was really going all the way out there (laughs). I was surprised I really dressed like that.
Kamenashi: With your taste now, if you maybe came to my place, I could give you some clothes I don't wear anymore.
Tanaka: Really!? I'll come soon.

Ueda Tatsuya's five years are?

Tanaka: Ueda's air pretty much changed too, right?
Ueda: KAT-TUN rubbed off on me (laughs).
Nakamaru: Your looks back then were all “search for myself”...
Tanaka: And depressing (laughs).
Kamenashi: By the way, Ueda was totally not Johnny's-like at that time. Because he had blue eyes! (laughs)
Tanaka: He was even more Visual than me then (laughs).
Ueda: Yes. It was an expression of how we wanted to stand out.
Tanaka: The painful past?
Ueda: Yes. But only because of this past, we can now joke about it~
Taguchi: That's good!
Tanaka: We became the way we're now about two years after our debut, right?
Ueda: Yes. At that time, I sprayed my hair brown and showed it to Kame, asking, “How is it?” Kame said, “Brown is not bad, but somehow normal.” And I thought, “On the contrary, that's it!” Because I was always terribly flashy, I wanted to be “normal” this time.
Tanaka: So, you're saying it's thanks to Kame's words that you probably went into a strange direction?
Ueda: Maybe (laughs).

Taguchi Junnosuke's five years are?

Nakamaru: So, Taguchi is the next topic. Speaking about him, he has a lot of hobbies, right?
Tanaka: They change every year. Like billiards, darts...
Ueda: Previously, I did billiards together with Taguchi. He's very good.
Nakamaru: He goes very far with everything.
Ueda: No, just a bit better than anyone else (laughs).
Tanaka: After reaching a point above mediocrity, he wants to move on to the next (laughs).
Ueda: Apart from that, he's the King of Selfishness!! (laughs)
Taguchi: Eh! Really?! (sweat)
Ueda: I'm selfish too, but Taguchi succeeds that (laughs).
Kamenashi: I didn't plan to say that Taguchi is selfish, but when somebody tells a story...
Tanaka: He interrupts them (laughs).
Taguchi: Ahaha!
Nakamaru: But that's good. It's also his strong point!
Kamenashi: Yesyes.
Nakamaru: During shows, when he suddenly says strange stuff, the audience seems to laugh about it.
Taguchi: Doesn't that get less?
Nakamaru: You just needed to follow up with something now (laughs).

Kamenashi Kazuya's five years are?

Tanaka: It seems like Kame has built up his age in a lot of different senses.
Nakamaru: Saying that, wasn't he super skinny back then?
Kamenashi: Eh, talking about my figure?
Nakamaru: I happened to see some old pictures, and I was surprised!
Kamenashi: At that time, eating food didn't have any meaning. When I was concentrating on a show or something, I didn't feel hungry.
Nakamaru: You gave off the impression of slurping maybe about two noodles (laughs).
Taguchi: Recently, you became an adult in a good way.
Kamenashi: I'm also reading the newspaper~ (laughs) But I think I consciously put on this front.
Tanaka: I get that. I also keep thinking “you have to be sharp, you have to be sharp” (laughs).
Kamenashi: Back then, I refused having black hair. But now, I refuse being blond. That really changed. Thinking about it like that, we did kinda grow up.
Nakamaru: But somehow, it feels comfortable. Because of this, we'll enjoy KAT-TUN from now on too.
Ueda: It's been ten years since our formation, ten years.
Kamenashi: It's a state of change in a good way.
Taguchi: I want to look forward to the five of us in the future too!

translations credit to parasol-odori

Sunday, 22 May 2011



U: Hello, this is Ueda Tatsuya (chuckles)
N: Good evening, this is Nakamaru Yuichi
U: Smiley Radio, Go! Show! Ha! It’s the #241 ep!
N: Rocket Start Corner!

(In today’s Physical Education lesson, I can finally do a handstand)
N: that’s all, Ueda kun can today’s rocket start?
U: yes
N: I get it, then let’s start today’s show!
N: btw this is a 14 years old kid, children like this kind of activities ne, really good, able to do handstand
U: naa…that’s good ne
N: aaah..handstand…never do it before naaa
U: eh? Handstand?
N: never do handstand before
U: never do before ne
N: well for me about see..when we were in Jr, maa even though I dislike it, but don’t we all have to do it?
U: acrobatics?
N: backflips practices etc
U: ahh, practiced before, hai hai hai
N: but now we can’t do it already, because we didn’t practice it
U: that’s true ne
N: so we can’t do this kind of handstand too, after reflecting about it
U: but for me…seems like I can’t stand the feeling of blood rushing to your head, so if I do handstand and such I’ll feel uncomfortable immediately
N: so even if you do handstand for a moment and come back up instantly also can’t?
U: if do handstand for a few minutes I think I’ll foam from the mouth (literally, not the idiom)
N: not good with handstand?
U: not good, will feel the blood rushing to my head
N: ooooohh
U: do you get it, can’t stand the feeling of blood rushing to my head
N: surprisingly?
U: like surprisingly cannot
N: then let’s play a song!
U: oh?
N: is it too fast?
U: maa that's okay
N: oh wait one more thing, very cold! isn't it very cold recently?
U: hai
N: let's talk about something related to temperature
U: hai sure
N: this year..don't we always hear it..autumn? there's no autumn this year!
U: nope! there's no autumn ne...regrettably there's no autumn this year ne (hahah in his grandpa ueda tone again!)
N: that's why autumn's things, like suits and such, can't wear them, isn't it a bit regrettable
U: but autumn is the autumn and spring aren't they the seasons most suitable for one to dress fashionably?
N: maa ne
U: don't need to wear too thick but not very thin too
N: btw during winter, like wearing leggings uhh, will it increase?
U: iya iya you ask me this i won't know it too right! (laughs)
N: but didn't ueda kun say before that you dislike leggings?
U: iyaa but if you ask me "will it increase" this kind of question i won't know too! maa but regardless, if you ask any guy honestly they won't like leggings
N: eh? but i'm speaking the truth
U: you're probably based on your feelings..
N: the minority?
U: i think you're the minority of the minority
N: ah, really?
U: never heard of a guy who likes leggings!
N: instead of saying like it's more like i don't dislike it
U: then what do you like about it?
N: then why do you dislike it?
U: because you can't see the legs! (laughs)
N: can't see then can't see! that's what i think...or is it wrong? like must see the skin?
U: iyaa i just dislike it! like..for example, your girlfriend, won't you want her to wear mini skirt? ne? you get it?
N: i get it i get it
U: but, leggings, no good! might as well wear tights
N: maa, okay..wait did we say too much about this topic
U: hai
N: sorry sorry, then, let's play a song?
U: uhh
N: so during this cold period, we should listen to KAT-TUN's new song right?
U: indeed
N: hope that everyone will listen to this warm song
U: i get it
N: then can you introduce the song?
U: let's listen to KAT-TUN's CHANGE UR WORLD.

[Topics that will make Tatsuya Ueda high]

N: last week, we had aponashi telephone ne..Kyushu's..
U: had it ne
N: nee, Kyushu dialect
U: uhh
N: like you wanted to have a conversation with girls who speak kyushu dialect
U: uhhh...are we doing it today?
N: no no no no, today won't do it
U: won't do it?
N: like that won't we be doing the same segment?
U: i see
N: let's read this first then
U: okay

(A few days ago at science class we learnt about Pheromone. Actually pheromone is sweat (not very sure about this part) but Ueda kun even though he'll release pheromone, his face won't have sweat, so i'm really wondering if pheromone is sweat? Ueda kun and Nakamaru kun what do you think pheromone really is?)

N: that's all...let me say something, can't you not use the bottle to hit the table and create the gada gada sound (laughs)
N: maa, it's like pheromone is sweat?
U: sweat...ahh it's not like that right
N: indeed not?
U: how to put it...i understand what she's compared to pheromone, sweat has a more ero feeling...i understand that, but we can't say that they are 100% similar
N: more importantly is the definition of pheromone. if it's smell then it's 100%, so apart from smell there should be other factors that are different
U: but don't insects have smells too? and if those who sweat a lot means that they have a lot of pheromone, then that means sumo wrestlers have a lot of pheromone
N: Old people's smell?
U: eh?!
N: eh?! are you saying the odour of old people?
U: noo, i'm talking about sumo wrestler!
N: ahh, o-sumo san, i heard it has old man (pronounced as o-san)
U: iya iya iya so because of high metabolism then sumo wrestlers must have ltos of pheromone
N: that means pheromone is exactly equivalent to sweat?
U: that's why i think they are different!
N: maa...then they aren't the same ne..and let me change the topic a bit, did you notice that my voice is a bit hoarse?
U: nope
N: then the next mail
U&N: (laughs)
U: what do you want to say?
N: iya, just wanna ask if what i'm saying now is unclear to others
U: nope nope, absolutely fine
N: no problem? recently i've been doing vocal training
U: actually you want to say this right
N: nope nope, just thought if it'll affect..
U: ahh ahh, no problem yo
N: so the conclusion is we're also not very sure what pheromone really is...shall we continue with the next one?
U: hai

(In the past 'herbivore men' are very popular, but do you know that now it's the 'cabbage roll men' that are popular? 'Cabbage roll men' types refer to those who, like a cabbage, has stuffings inside, so they look like herbivore men but are in fact carnivore men. Both of you, do you think that you're carnivore type, herbivore type, or cabbage roll type?)

U: for me i'm absolutely the cabbage roll type, or i'm an omnivore
N: eh, wait, there's no omnivore type
U: there's omnivorous type right, those who don't belong to any of that
N: don't belong to any of those 3?
U: don't i look like i'm herbivorous type? but inside isn't it especially...sorry, i'm not saying anything weird
N: iya iya even if you don't say it i'll understand. for men there will definitely be a carnivorous part right, if there isn't wont it be too weird
U: i think definitely will have
N: i guess because there's this component so it's called cabbage roll type right?
U: that's right, so i think there's no one who's absolutely herbivorous type right?
N: i guess so? but what exactly is herbivorous type?
U: like those who are absolutely harmless, even if it's two people alone they also won't do anything...people might feel that you're totally herbivorous type
N: don't i always get said as herbivorous type, but for men you can't just look from their outer appearance to judge if they will do anything, this also needs to depend on the situation
U: but inherently you should be total herbivorous type
N: yes yes
U: so actually everyone is the same, because if there's someone you like, then won't you want to go after this person, be in a relationship etc.
N: oh
U: herbivorous type will probably be more gentle in pursuing the girl?
N: uhh
U: like this then carnivorous type of guys will say directly "be together with me", "let's go somewhere to play"...the method of pursuing (the girl) will be different
N: ahh, like one who takes charge of everything and another who cares more about the other person's feelings
U: uhh uhh, will be more tactful ne
N: and it also asked what type we are...maa, then cabbage roll type...hardly hear of such a new term before
U: yes, won't be wrong
N: then ueda kun is omnivorous type
U: yes i won't be wrong, that's it na
N: what's omnivorous type, exactly?
U: like anything also possible, can change according to the partner
N: ah, like this?
U: i can't be wrong! that's it! ah, i'm actually this type!
U&N: (laughs)
N: like you only realized it now
U: i'll change according to the person
N: like will see what type the person likes?
U: ahh, like 'what does this person want me to be like'
N: ahh, isn't that important?
U: like if she'll say 'kawaii kawaii' to me i'll feel like calling her "sister" this kind of feeling...
N: will change accordingly ah
U: yes yes yes
N: to be able to do this isn't it the highest level?
U: but the toughest is how should you be like when you say "hi, nice to meet you"
N: ahh, that's indeed a tough question ne
U: yes yes..change according to the person is hard ne
N: indeed. that's all?
U: uhh

(KAT-TUN's questionable rumours)
N: recently received a lot of rumours about Red, ueda kun, isn't it time to join in Red Fox ne...want to participate?
U: let's start! the first mail! (totally ignored nakamaru)
N: understood
U: (laughs)

(Nakamaru kun's weight won't increase, heard that you're even doing reverse weight loss, is it true that you purposely give your weight greater than the actual one?)

N: firstly, i don't even know what's the meaning of reverse weight loss
U: it's the opposite of losing weight. people are trying to eat less and lose weight but you're eating more to gain weight, it's gaining weight, means gaining weight
N: and...i didn't lie about my weight
U: that's right...if it's females, may lie about it, guys won't
N: there isn't a need to lie, won't do any good
U: yes yes
N: now my weight is around 56.5? a bit stable already
U: but you did put on weight right?
N: put on put on
U: in the past not so much ne. indeed, recently i've also wanted to put on weight.
N: ohh, how much do you want to add on? 10kg is impossible right?
U: i want to be around 58kg..recently during health checkup my body fats percentage is a bit too low
N: how heavy are you now?
U: 54kg..maa around 54kg, because if i sweat the weight will change, but the body fats percentage is calculated by machine, and it's only 4 point something
N: is it alright?
U: and the person got a shock
N: won't it be good to have a bit more fats?
U: but if i add so much body fats in one go i think i'll become fat
N:after accumulating fats and doing muscle training, they'll become muscles right
U: like that if i stop exercising they will become fats again
N: ah, is that so? ehh
U: won't everyone go to the after eating too much we'll go train muscles
N: Ernesto Hoost also used 10 years to gain 10kg, seems like it's quite well known
U: that's why..must be careful of gaining weight
N: (laughs) i think the listeners will be laughing now..."why do they even know of such things"
U: iya that's because i'm a boxer. it's good to gain weight right, to climb up the level
N: maa
U: should gain weight by training the muscles and remain agile right?
N: yes..if not used to it, like if gain too much then won't be able to maintain your strength right
U: uhh, it's hard, putting on weight too
N: uhh..and Taguchi, isn't he a bit too skinny recently?
U: ahh, really? why does it feel like i've not seen Taguchi recently
N: that's what Koki said, also said that i'm too skinny, and surprisingly also said that Taguchi is skinny
U: ehh
N: let's see it next time
U: Taguchi will train his muscles too right
N: ah, mentioned it before
U: for about 4 days. "recently i've been training my muscles super hard".."how many days have it been?" if ask that he'll reply "the second day" like this
N: short attention span?
U: at that time it's super annoying. before Live, i think it's Osaka? i've already slept then i'll hear "uhhhh...uhhhh" (lol ueda kun, king of ero)
U&N: (laughs)
N: (laughs) that's the sound of passion
U: yes yes, that's super annoying! maa never mind, continue with the next one..

(Heard that recently at a shopping mall Ueda kun became like a lost child and got called over the public address system?)

U: that's definitely not possible!
N: maybe it's the same name? or a prank?
U: ahh, that's possible
N: is there? not now, like got lost when you were young?
U: iya from what i remember i've never been lost ne..
N: uhh, i got lost once before
U: really?
N: in Ueno zoo, when i was very young
U: iya, in fact you and Akanishi, and who's the other one..
N: airport?
U: weren't all of you called over the PA system in the airport?
N: ah yes, called before, called our names before
U: called your names ne
N: so embarrassing
U: boarded the plane late ne, you were eating soba?
N: yes eating soba
N: because we were just next to it so we thought it's okay and went to eat soba
N: didn't realize that it's earlier than expected
U: yes yes, mentioned this before
N: that was so embarrassing. and last time..i wasn't lost..this also happened when i was very young. i thought i was holding my mother's hand, but it's not
N: was still thinking how come it feels it doesn't feel like usual, so when i looked up and saw that it's the wrong person. like "who's this!"
U: indeed, likes this
N: had this kind of thing before
U: when did the hand change
N: that's right...getting lost is a bit unbelievable ne, why will he get lost
U: that's right. then that's all

(After reflecting ending corner)

(hmm i don't really get what they're saying this time...)

N: this week's R-ONE word is this: "Ernesto Hoost also used 10 years to gain 10kg, seems like it's quite well known"
U: it's interesting?
N: very interesting
U: really? i was thinking should not stare into blank space and waste time
N: ah, Ueda was serious about catching the important part
U: yes yes
N: i see..indeed, very amazing, professional player
U: yes, used 10 years, 1 year 1 kg right
N: how did he have such a long term plan. but i won this time
U: uhh
N: then see you next week
U: onegaishimasu

translations credit to kattunsaikou


Dated : 1st of February 2011

The best part in RESCUE... ehehe

Ueda: What should we go for theme, for Yamamoto game?
Maru: I have decided the theme
Ueda: Really? I am good at deciding the theme
Maru: That’s why I said I have decided the theme :)
Maru/Ueda: laugh
**They were playing rock,paper, scissors**

Maru: Yes! I won!
Ueda: I will attack after you!
Maru: Hang on, you will have limited permission to attack!
Ueda: laugh
Maru : But I would prefer you to do this Ueda: It’s only 2 of us, whoever attack is fine
Maru : So…I will attack first
Ueda: Yes
Maru: So, Let me start !
Ueda: What’s the title?
Maru: KAT-Tun’s singles releases ! Should we go in order? Or without order?
Ueda: Hmm...
Maru: Alright, let’s us start with single title!
Ueda: Muri muri muri muri !! ( impossible!) What should I say? It’s impossible for me!
**He said so many times! Cuteeeeee!!!! I thought Muri is the special word for Maru only? ***

Maru: Let's start the rhythm.
Maru/ Ueda: Hohoho
Maru: Ultimate Wheels
Ueda: Bokura no machi de
Maru: Keep the faith
Ueda: Real Face
Maru: Signal
Ueda: Yorokobi no uta
Maru : Oh no….
Ueda: Waaaa~~ it’s finished! It’s finished! I make it!
Maru : ...
Ueda: I make it!
Maru : I really have thought of the answers seriously….
Ueda: That’s your aim !
Maru: That’s absolutely right! Wait…I haven’t said out ‘Rescue” yet!
Ueda: Rescue wasn’t mentioned! That’s your miss! Your ‘Rescue” :)
Maru : And we haven’t mentioned “One Drop”
Ueda: One drop wasn’t mentioned neh~~
Maru: What else?
Ueda: We have Lips, Don’t you ever stop…
Maru : …….
Ueda : White Xmas, Love yourself, Going! , Change your world
Maru: I have thought of [Change Your World] rhythm …….I ‘m not good in this game!
Ueda: I can’t think that rapidly
Maru : I don’t even have any defeat!
Ueda: It’s hard to come up with KAT-TUN single neh!
Maru: Oooh..I don’t have confidence now!
Ueda: The theme is difficult
Maru: Anyway, Ueda got 1 point!
Ueda: So, how about the punishment game? Are we doing 3 games?
Maru: 3 games….So I can defeat you hey?
Ueda: OK OK!
Maru : Let’s us continue the next game!

translations credit to l3in8


KoyaMaru Graduation: Thank you for all you’ve done these last 5 years!
TV Pia No. 591
Dated : 16th of March 2011

Since 2006, Keiichiro Koyama and Yuichi Nakamaru have hosted NHK's “ザ 少年倶楽部 (The Shonen Club)” for the past five years. But as of the show's 10th anniversary special on March 10, the two will graduate from their posts. We caught up with them after their shoot to talk about their junior days, memories, and what makes the show special.

Q: How do you feel having finished your last shoot?

Koyama: Like it’s really finished now.

Nakamaru: Right!

Koyama: It really hit me!

Nakamaru: Yeah, I feel like I accomplished something. It’s sad though.

Koyama: Well, we did do it for five years.

Nakamaru: It became a part of our lives.

Q: Do you have anything you want to say to each other?

Nakamaru: So many things.

Koyama: I’ve got a lot of things too.

Nakamaru: Koyama always got things going like clockwork, and even though I was meant to do that too, there were times I let him take the lead. He let me do what I wanted to!

Koyama: I made sure that things are based on the script, and then Nakamaru would jump in from a different perspective. It’s like I was the foundation and Nakamaru was the cherry on top. We made a good team I think. (laughs)

Nakamaru: Well, having done it for five years, you’d expect that. (laughs)

Koyama: I did wonder why it was the two of us in the beginning. (laughs)

Nakamaru: I know! (laughs)

Q: When you found out that you’d be hosts, did you get together and talk about it?

Nakamaru: No, not really. I’d been told that there could be a change to the hosts as well.

Koyama: That’s right.

Nakamaru: So we didn’t have any, “let’s go for it team!” moments.

Koyama: But I think we managed to help one another out. (laughs)

Nakamaru: That’s true!

Koyama: He was so easy to work with. I think that by working with Nakamaru-kun, we were able to make that breezy Shonen Club environment.

Q: What’s the most memorable moment you had on the show?

Koyama: Well, hosting the show has been the biggest highlight of course, but the first time I ever performed on the show is up there too. Johnny-san told me to get into costume, learn the dance moves, and on the day he told me, “when I push you, run out to the center and dance”. When I watched the show on TV, they had labeled us as “Fresh Jr.” and I was dancing in the center.

Nakamaru: I remember when Koyama first went on TV. Juniors usually have two ways of coming on stage, either they just jump out, or they start coming on stage little by little. That day, the juniors that jumped out were all tiny kids and how old were you, Koyama?

Koyama: I was in high school! (laughs)

Nakamaru: Which was why I was like, “who is that!?” (laughs)

Koyama: I was surprised too. (laughs)

Nakamaru: My most memorable moment would be holding a mic for the first time. I sang “Boogie-woogie Cat”. But for some reason just before the shoot, they told us to take off our costumes and wear the clothes we had worn to work that day.

Koyama: Your private clothes?

Nakamaru: Yeah, and my clothes that day were really plain (laughs). Well, not really plain, but I do remember thinking that if only someone had told me further beforehand then I would’ve worn some better clothes (laughs). Actually, don’t you think that the juniors these days get to hold mics faster than we did? (laughs)

Koyama: I hope they can appreciate it as much as we did! (laughs) Cause we worked so hard for it eh.

Nakamaru: It’s almost like kids these days have too many opportunities! (laughs)

Koyama: They do! But I think it’ll raise their chances of being recognized so I hope they learn to work hard.

Q: As hosts of the show, what have you been able to get from this experience?

Koyama: I got to break down that wall separating me and the juniors. And learning how to ask juniors questions in a way that made it easier for them to answer. It was really hard, but I think it was great training for me.

Nakamaru: Being able to watch the show as a whole. Until this came along I’d only been interested in watching the bits I was in, but now I can start to think about what would make the show more interesting for our audience.

Q: Surely you’ll be invited back on the show as guests in the future?

Nakamaru: That is going to feel SO much easier!

Koyama: I know! We should just mess things up! (laughs)

Nakamaru: (laughs)

Koyama: But then again, we know how to host so I guess we can help out too.

Q: What’s your most memorable song?

Koyama: “青春のフィーバー (Seishun no Fever)”. That was the ending theme to the show where I had a mic for the first time. The ending theme changes every week so I can hear a song and remember when that was and what I was doing.

Nakamaru: The song where Tackey (Hideaki Takizawa), Subaru-kun (Shibutani), and Yamashita-kun (Tomohisa) came into it with their dance routine. They sung it as a medley on TV and it was one of our senior’s songs. I remember thinking that they looked so cool. It’s just that I’ve forgotten which song it was. (laughs)

Q: What advice do you have for the next hosts, Hey! Say! JUMP?

Koyama: A lot of the juniors today really admire members of Hey! Say! JUMP. So for them, I think they’re really excited that their heroes are hosting their show. It might be hard at first, but you’ll definitely learn something good from this experience.

Nakamaru: I’d recommend that they have more fun rather than concentrate on trying to do a good job. I think a lot of the skills will come to them naturally before they realize it.

Q: Finally, can you tell me what the highlight of “Shonen Club” is?

Nakamaru: I think it’s being able to enjoy seeing tomorrow’s pop stars. This is really a place where future pop stars grow up, but it’s also a really fun show by itself.

Koyama: It’s a show that has made a lot of Johnny’s & Associates history. You can enjoy watching these guys starting as back dancers and then moving their way to the top, months or even years before you spot them on music shows. There are a lot of gems in there who aren’t polished yet, so I think this is a show where fans can find the gems that will eventually shine.

translations credit to momoedgewood
thanks to tesshimassu



U: Hello, this is Ueda Tatsuya
N: Good evening, this is Nakamaru Yuichi
U: Smiley Radio, Go! Show! Ha! It’s the #244 ep!
N: Rocket Start Corner!

(A 500 yen silver coin from Year Showa 64 ** came out from the vending machine. Seems like Year Showa 65 only had 7 days.)

** Year Showa 64 is from Jan 1 to Jan 7 1989. From Jan 8 onwards, it's considered as Year Heisei

N: So Ueda kun, is tonight's rocket able to start?
U: to
N: I get it, let's start tonight's show!
U: KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya &
N: Nakamaru Yuichi

N: isn't it amazing?
U: what is? say it again
N: you weren't listening?
U: (laughs)
N: say it if you aren't listening!
N: it's that a 500 yen from Year Showa 64 came out from the vending machine
U: 500, what about the silver coin?
N: ah silver coin...arei?
U: it's becoming fewer now right?
N: ah yes yes that's right
U: seems like in the past there were a lot of those kinds, I had them too
N: they were from year showa 64? there were a lot of 10 yen coins too
U: yes yes, those with serrated edge.**
(** the 10 yen coins made in 1951 to 1958 have serrated edge)
N: ah, 10 000 yen..i think it's during Shotoku Taishi period? It was very long ago do you know about it?
U: uh? don't know
N: when we were born it was still Shotoku Taishi right? probably... ( i think he meant that when they were born the 10 000yen notes still have the face of shotoku taishi, i mean it's impossible for them to be born in the same era O.O)
U: uhhh
N: aren't you amazed? won't you feel like "it's amazing, this is a thing of the past!"
U: iya...i won't make a fuss over such small things..
N: really? but it's amazing!
U: uhhh
N: recently i've been thinking with amazement that "till now they still exist?!"
U: ehh
N: wa...not interested at all!
N: and like 2000 yen notes etc they still have right
U: yes yes
N: those are not very common
U: 'cos they are not very needed, the 2000 yen notes
N: honestly speaking...
U: there isn't any place to use them
N: about that, I gotta say that initially there was a period when people tried to make it more common. When I got it I did use the 2000 yen notes and the taxi driver even looked at it twice
U: thinking "what's this?"
N: like "eh?!"
U: there isn't anymore right..
N: nope there still is
U: still have?
N: but it's slowly disappearing
U: probably 1000, 5000 and 10 000 yen are the best, the shop owner will think that way too when giving back change
N: yup. anyway, the date has already changed to December, there's only 1 more month left this year
U: isn't it very fast? a while ago still felt that you've just entered 2010 and not it's already near countdown
N: oh, time to get New Year's gift money
U: keke indeed one will think of that ne
N: then let's play a song. last week was Neetman, so this week let's play GIRLS
U: go ahead
N: is it okay?
U: yup
N: then please listen to GIRLS

(Ueda and Nakamaru disussion corner)

(Recently Nakamru kun said that he'd like to chat with people from the gaming industry. I used to be the designer for the editorial department of a Famitsu. (N: WHAT?!) When Nakamru kun was interviewed in the famitsu, i read it and Nakamaru kun said that he likes "Neighborhood Association"** and "Message Board" sections. As the editor for these sections, I like them too and I feel very happy and nostalgic. Btw, when I entered the editorial dept it was the Virtua Fighter 1 period, and when I left it's during FFonline period. I didn't know KAT-TUN back then when i was in the editorial dept, but after resigning and getting married, I became a fan and even went to watch the Tokyo Dome concert this year. Now i'm not involved in any work related to gaming, I've also never played before the Metal Gear game that Nakamaru mentioned, but as an editor it's fun to see people play them.)

** it's the direct translation of 町内会, i think it's a segment in the magazine? and Famitsu is a line of japanese video game magazines.

N: received this kind of letter!
U: ohh
N: ne ne, the "Neighborhood Association" and "Message Board" were super interesting! Did you know that?
U: i do i do
N: i like that the most! you can send in entries, like interesting jokes etc and if they are used, you'll receive a Gavas
U: keke i've heard you say this before!
N: arei? I did?!
U: i've heard before the Gavas thing
N: i've sent in a lot of entries. have you sent in any before?
U: i've only sent in before once about Jump (i think it's dragon ball?)
N: ah, so you've sent before?
U: the Jump one was because I thought after reading it they'll definitely think that it's interesting
N: will definitely think that way right? but in fact it's probably not interesting at all
U: yup yup
N: i've also sent in about Jump before. ah what joke did you send in?
U: totally can't remember it (laughs)
N: i still remember it! it's a 4 box comic strip, about Jump, I thought that it's funny so I sent it over. I was confident about my drawing so in secondary i drew a comic strip of Vegeta (Dragon ball) playing bowling and after it was thrown the ball got spoilt
U: (laughs) so lame!
N: totally not used at all. at that time i was a bit affected, like "it's not published...", "what if it was published?"
U: (laughs)
N: indeed still a child
U: uhh
N: maa, did such things before
U: looking at it now it seems really lame right
N: super lame, but at that time i really thought it was the best
N: ahh...remembered it..
U: (laughs)
N: as boys..i think the rate of doing such things is very high, or at least minds such things
U: because sometimes it's really interesting, felt that it's so amazing and you can also get a prize
N: can get (a prize)
U: that's right
N: yes yes


(Recently Nakamaru kun has been gathering people from the gaming industry, so this is the first time that I'm writing in. I work at the gaming company's location of development, my job is a background designer. (U: wait, can you not be so excited when saying this? N: sorry sorry, it's amazing!) It's a job from designing the background of the games to completing it. A while ago we've even developed a Wii game, but sadly it's not the Metal Gear game that Nakamaru kun likes. I look forward to your new single and continue to work hard!)

N: it's here! Background designer
U: for games? That is to say she's someone who designs background for games right?
N: yup! The backgrounds nowadays are really awesome!
U: i know
N: To think about it the Famicom (Nintendo Family Computer) was still 10, 15 years ago right, less and less people are playing it
U: There isn't anything that can be used right
N: that's right! so with nowhere to play it there also isn't such (background designing) technique right
U: it bloomed in the blink of an eye
N: no matter how many times I look at the background I'll still feel impressed. Even for the games now
U: respond one by one? Like when playing games you'll say "the background is really amazing!"
N: yup yup yup
U: gross...
N: it's not gross!
U: (laughs)
N: you're very disrespectful to background designers!
U: indeed (laughs)
N: you...they're using all their might to produce it
U: complete the stages one by one
N: really really, this is not joking
U: but if play together we might get angry, for example like this
N: a one player for instance for Metal Gear I'll use binoculars to view the characters. For Snake i'll often use the binoculars to zoom in and out to see
U: the scenery?
N: see scenery (laughs)
U: (laughs)
N: really really, feel that it's amazing
U: (laughs) not because you need to find something, but because the scenery is good?
N: really! they are well-made
U: ah...the background designers must be really happy to hear such words, but honestly there are very little of such people right, guys who only focus on the background images
N: no, definitely have more! this generation there are a lot
U: but it's not everyone right, at the most there are only 20 to 30 percent
N: no no, i don't think that it's a minority
U: it's a minority definitely a minority
U: even Taguchi is also not as fascinated by the backgrounds as you
N: recently have you seen the graphics of Yuka...Mizutamari and such? (sorry I've no idea what he's referring to, probably some characters in an anime/manga etc?)
U: nope (laughs)
N: you will be very impressed
U: feel that it's very amazing?
N: uh
U: but the movies and such were really amazing
N: that's why
U: the game is just like the movie right?
N: yup! the games nowadays have changed the definition of games
U: maa..that's really amazing, isn't that good?
N: what is?
U: what is? (laughs)
N: how did you arrive at a conclusion so easily
U: no no the designer will be very happy
N: won't you be impressed by Monster Hunter and all those, because of the scenery
U: definitely will feel that "woah it's amazing!", but...won't use binoculars like Nakamaru kun did (laughs)
N: the difficulty is different! PSP's MAX and PS3's MAX are totally different. When playing PSP will probably feel "woahh, amazing!", for PS' current images I'll use binoculars to view. (lol i've absolutely no idea what they're talking about)
U: but when I'm looking FF's and all those amazing graphics I already feel that they are not games already. Even so I won't reach the stage of using binoculars to view them! Let's gather that (laughs)
N: about?
U: people who use binoculars to view background images (laughs)
N: ah that? the players
U: definitely won't have any replies (laughs)
N: basically let's gather and see
U: basically (laughs)
N: I've gathered those who are impressed by background images, Ueda kun do you want to gather anything?
U: now?
N: basically things that suddenly pop up in your mind
U: interesting games? like those played during friendly gatherings, any interesting games recently. like those played by college students, not that I want to do anything, just that those that seem fun (laughs)
N: recommended games?
U: games, can be played by everyone, 4 to 5 people
N: a lot ne
U: not TV games, but party those that college students play to get high
N: ahh..that seems not bad
U: want to hear more about it
N: please send in mails
U: hai

[Mail One KAT-TUN]

[Please listen to my troubles, it's that the hood of a hoodie is very hard to dry. I like hoodies hence I have many of them, but when washing then the hoods are very hard to dry. Other parts are dried already but only the inner part of the hood is not. (N: Laughs U: what's wrong) To dry the hood you'll have to dry the inner part then the outer part, is there any way that makes it easier to dry the hood? Please give me some advice]

N: sorry the reason why I laughed is because I feel that there are absolutely people with the same troubles
U: with you?
N: uh
U: ehh
N: yup recently I've washed a parka, even though I've dried it, the inner part won't dry! No matter how I dry it the inner part of the parka can't be dried!
U: ohh
N: what should I do?
U: why not just use a clothes dryer
N: if don't use the dryer method?
U: dryer... (hmm the 2 terms he used are different in japanese, but they both dryer in english)
N: so there isn't any other method?
U: don't think so because it'll be very troublesome, why not ask mother? (laughs)
N: ahh..that is the answer to the listener right
U: yup yup
N: ask your mother
U: isn't that the fastest..we..truthfully speaking..
N: don't have such knowledge
U: furthermore we're guys
N: that's right! I'm concerned about that too i shall ask my mother
U: (laughs)
N: btw Ueda kun is wearing hoodie today
U: house, you'll need to dry it outside
N: can't use dryer?
U: yup can't
N: but, hiding it is not okay rightt? for instance at the veranda won't there be fences which are as tall as chest level?
U: ah...that's right..the sun won't be able to dry the bottom
N: uh so according to the timing the sun will rise
U: ah that's right that's right, indeed won't be able to see the bottom outside
N: the short just ask your mother
U: ask your mother
N: that's all
U: uhh

(After reflecting ending corner)

(Vegeta (Dragon ball) playing bowling and after it was thrown the ball got spoilt)

U: ahh i see
N: ahh..nostalgic neh..but if send it out now won't have the confidence of it being used right?
U: might be used too you can't be sure, that's what I think
N: maa..that's right
U: think about it, you can try it
N: Gavas?
U: why not just talk about it when being interviewed by Famitsu? let it be published like this
N: ah..but won't the other party feel a bit awkward. (i think that) it's interesting but lame
U: so you must say that the picture is lame
N: "this is very lame" probably won't be able to say such sentence
U: what will the staff's reaction be
N: ma..shall .think about it
U: uhh
N: then see you next week, next week yoroshiku
U&N: onegaishimasu

translations credit to kattunsaikou


... but I still love their bakaness. Please don't change too much, KAT-TUN!!!

(TRANS) Monthly Television - KAT-TUN
Dated : 27th of APRIL 2011

KAT-TUN who have stepped into their 5th debut anniversary getting to recall about the past years. Now that they're thinking about it...

Koki : Kame was so slim.

Junno : Koki had a skin head.

Kame : Ueda's face looked drowsy* (Laughs). (*not sure)

Ueda : It was just at that time to get pictures taken like that, you know!

Koki : But Nakamaru's one looked disturbing.

Maru : What?!

Koki : There is a picture of you really lookinng disturbing alright.

Maru : Ah..getting to see these things right now, it's somehow awkward. So as our comments. I understand how they wanted us to say things laughable, but when it's written down here, I don't think it's laughable at all.

Koki : The problem of passing funny stuffs through letters exists sometimes but even we talk it out loud, the funny level is still low isn't it ?

Junno : Uepi did have an extreme comment too saying "I'm Victoria Beckham".

Ueda : At that time, many people said so.

Kame : Looked like Beckham ?

Ueda : No...looked like Victoria.

Kame : What's about David then?

Ueda : Saying David as another gag ?

Koki : You guys go apologize to Victoria right now.

Everyone : (Laughs)

Maru : As expected, comments are important. From now on, I wouldn't try saying funny things. I will only answer seriously.

Kame : As for me, myself now and at that time hasn't changed much. Reading those old stuffs, I don't think I feel awdward about them.

Koki : Kame used to say "no matter when I would like to keep my childish and naughty heart like wearing only an underwear in the room".

Kame : Even I said so, I don't do like that nowdays but of course, I have never forgot my childish heart.

Maru : Taguchi used to do backflips nakedly in the room.

Junno : That was before the debut.

Kame : You did it when we toured (concerts) somewhere.

Junno : It looked really messy back then.

Ueda : We played until tired. But at that time, it was full of smiling faces.

Junno : Un! It was even more fun than the concert itself.

Koki : You...say apologize to fans right now!

Five years from now when it's your 10th debut anniversary, what do you think your group will be ?

Kame : If we can be a team that can see KAT-TUN as important even when we work separately, it will be great. We're building that kind of base now. Although we've been together for so long but indeed our base is not strong enough.

Koki : If they say we're slow, then we're slow indeed. (<--slow in building KAT-TUN constitutionally).

Maru : You know...I've been decorating my room with KAT-TUN singles recently.

Junno : sure love the group so much.

Kame : That feeling is important. The stage that we will be able to show our present KAT-TUN is the coming live tour!

Ueda : We'd like them to see us at the present. If everyone can look for KAT-TUN's good points again, I will be delight.

translations credit to :
JPN to THA murasaki_kyokai
THA to ENG yuijbj


DUET - MAY 2011

Our pair for the second interview is Nakamaru and Kamenashi. What's the relationship between you two like?

Nakamaru: Actually, we're both of the same year [they entered JE at the same time]. That's why he's someone I can rely on from the bottom of my heart. Of course this doesn't only apply to Kame but to the other members too, but we both share the aim to work hard and when asking for advice, he's someone with whom I can talk about anything.

Kamenashi: Yes. But our types are completely different. Nakamaru is really a matter of fact person. Since he properly works out his thoughts at home even for meetings, he's deeply injured when the things he says there get rejected. But since I basically only say stuff I thought of spontaneously at that moment, I'm not really hurt even if I get told it's impossible (laughs).

Nakamaru: Kame is very sociable. And, even though I think he already knows this himself, he's a spendthrift if you ask me (laughs).

Kamenashi: Nono, it's not like that. Isn't this simply a case of different values?

Nakamaru: Kame's way of thinking is to buy good things when it's the right time. I basically don't have that, but recently it maybe did have quite an effect on me. The other day, I bought a pretty good drum type washing machine, since it's something I use everyday. But this one is really good, it's so convenient! I'm glad I bought it.

Even though your type is different, do you go out together?

Kamenashi: We actually never did that before.

Nakamaru: Hey... we did, we did! (laughs)

Kamenashi: ...that's how our relationship is like (laughs). When we say different things, Nakamaru's story is to 90% the right one.

Nakamaru: This is quite an old one, but didn't we go together to the cinema near Kinshi-chou?

Kamenashi: Eh, really? I know I watched “The Green Mile” with Koki, but I don't remember what I saw with you. This also has been a long time ago, but you came to my hometown, right?

Nakamaru: I did, I did!

Kamenashi: And, this was two years ago, we went to watch the Baseball Climax Series at Tokyo Dome.

Nakamaru: That was a great game~

Kamenashi: Surprisingly, of all the members, it's pretty much Nakamaru I do stuff with in my private time. Because, well, I get normal calls from Taguchi, but I couldn't imagine inviting Ueda or Koki to a café during the day (laughs). Daytime activities are usually with Nakamaru! Last year I also invited him and the two of us went to a drive together.

Nakamaru: Yesyes, Kame gave me a ride in his convertible. Until then, I didn't know that the warm wind goes all from your head to your toes when you're driving in a convertible (laughs).

Kamenashi: It was around the end of October, wasn't it?

Nakamaru: It was a bit chilly, right.

Kamenashi: Driving a convertible feels really good in spring and autumn. Today, right, would be a day for a drive. Going along the ocean where there's a cool breeze, with the heating turned on - your face would be a bit cold, but your body would be warm and it'd be like sitting in an open-air bath (laughs).

What are your next plans?

Kamenashi: I beat Nakamaru gaming, so he promised to treat me for sushi.

Nakamaru: I'd take you whenever.

Kamenashi: Nakamaru, aren't you 27 already?

Nakamaru: Yes.

Kamenashi: Well, then you'll have to take me to a high class sushi restaurant like a real adult.

Nakamaru: What?!

Kamenashi: Ah, but I kind of feel like drinking wine today. After this, I have a recording, but wait for me till it's over!

Nakamaru: I have a recording too.

Kamenashi: Well, isn't that perfect? Let's go to a restaurant I know!

Nakamaru: Is it... expensive?

Kamenashi: It depends on the wine. If possible, I want to start with champagne, continue with white wine and I also want to order a red wine. Depending on the food, I might want to drink a white or a red one. My ideal would be with three glasses arranged on the table, for white wine, red, and water.

Nakamaru: Seriously? All I've seen before is a glass of Coke and plum wine standing next to each other (laughs). And, speaking about good wine, where's the difference? Taste?

Kamenashi: The sourness is different. A good wine has a good sourness. It makes me feel happy.

Nakamaru: This is an unknown world to me. But I recently got some wine in the conbini and drank it at home along with some deep-fried garlic. ...Ah, thinking about it, it was also thanks to Kame's influence that I came to like garlic. Kame, you love garlic, right?

Kamenashi: Not just love, I'm obsessed (laughs). When I go for teppanyaki, I eat about ten servings of garlic chips. While people around me throw in warnings like, “Does it smell? Are you OK?”

Nakamaru: Before, I couldn't believe anyone who said they liked garlic. But now, I eat it every day. It's amazing!

Last one, what kind of work would the two of you like to try?

Kamenashi: To use how our characters are completely different, I think it would be interesting to act opposite each other in a drama. Like a police one, we could both do investigations, all “I do this” - “Why are you doing this!”

Nakamaru: I see, even though we're opposites, we successfully become one and solve the cases, like that? That sounds interesting, I want it to come true!

translations credit to parasol-odori


if I can't have a husband like him


“At my grandma's”
That picture was taken at my grandma's house ✩ I'm so young! Ah, at that time, I rode my bike to explore the next city for the first time. I thought, “Now I'm all grown up...” (laughs).

This is an experience you have as a boy I think, so I also made a secret base in a forest-like place called “Usagi hill” near the corner of the fields of the elementary school. Then, when I was watching TV, I somehow thought that Dracula was cool, so I dreamt of becoming Dracula (laughs). I thought, when you speak of Dracula, you immediately think of fangs, so I cut some out of paper and tried to glue them to my teeth... but in the end, no matter how often I tried, they didn't stick and I just ended up eating a lot of glue.

I also liked military stuff, and was really into the line said on Dengeki Sentai Changeman when changing their form, “Change Gryphon”, I remember repeating it all the time. And I think it's rare for a guy to also have played house? (laughs) I remember how I played it at home with my sister, and I was the cook, making a handwritten menu, taking my sister's order. My treasures during that time were a Gundam eraser and cards from the anime. Because I had a lot from winning 1 or 2 battles in the school, people thought I was so cool (laughs). If you had one of the glittering cards, you were a hero! If you think about it now, it was just rubbish though (laughs). But at that time it was a great treasure for me.

translations credit to parasol-odori


Nakamaru's Page No. 689
Dated : 4th of May 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Everyone who's currently having Golden Week, how are you?

Yesterday I watched the game between the Giants and Tigers.

Taking part in the audio commentary was fun.

The Tigers won the game, but since both teams scored plenty of homeruns, the atmosphere was uplifting.

At the site, they played KAT-TUN's new song, DIAMOND.

I was delighted.

I'd like to go watch one again.

Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 690
Dated : 6th of May 2011

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

I'm sorry for the delay with this update.

I made those who are looking forwards to this worry.

I completely forgot I was supposed to update today.

I will be careful from now on.

We had a radio recording today.

Yesterday was vocal training and a meeting for "Shuuichi".

Recently, vocal training is fun.

I'm doing training to control my soft palate.

I'm giving my best!

On Sunday there's the news programme "Shuuichi" from 8 am until 9.55.

You can easily learn about the news of the past week.
Please watch it!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 691
Dated : 9th of May 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Yesterday was the recording of "Shuuichi" and "Galileo Brain Research".

Today I think I'm gonna draw the serial illustration for Wink Up.

The other day, Masuda mailed me, praising my illustration in Wink Up.

Receiving praise makes you motivated, right.

By the way, on Tuesday at 12 in the night there's a radio programme I'd like you to listen to: R-One KAT-TUN on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

This time, the topic is "We cannot always present mails in this programme. This time, we will present plenty of them!"

Please enjoy!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 692
Dated : 11th of May 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Today were the interviews for duet, POTATO and TVnavi.
And the PR recording for our new song at MUSIC JAPAN.
Plus, we did the choreography for the second chorus of WHITE.

On May 18th, our new single WHITE will finally be released.

The B-Sides are PERFECT, Yuuki no Hana and SILENCE.

I want everyone to listen to them quickly.

Preorder the first release with the videos early~

Classes at uni started again.

This semester I registered for quite a lot of courses.

Mostly subjects I'm very interested in, for example about media literacy or environmental issues and so on.

I'll do my best that my motivation to study will continue.

Last week Saturday I took a pic of the Tokyo Tower from the NTV building.

[pic of Tokyo Tower in the typical sea of buildings that Tokyo is]

It's a great view.

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

translations credit to parasol-odori

Saturday, 21 May 2011



Tanaka Koki

WHITE – Something in the past you'd like to do over again
How I made my eyebrows only as thin as a toothpick until a couple of years ago. It's not like they're originally thin, but I thought I was improving them. That was just some years ago, but at that time I was sure it was seriously cool (laughs). Back then, doing make-up meant “no eyebrows (fixing them)” (laughs).

PERFECT – With that additional bit, it'd be perfect!
Kamenashi Answering mails
– He hardly ever answers. If he does once in a while, it's so late, you're just all “What reply is that?” (laughs)
Taguchi Brakes – He has the looks, isn't shy and the strongest person, but he goes too far with his dajare.
Ueda Going forward, forward – Ueda sometimes reads the atmosphere of those around him and then doesn't want to speak his own opinion anymore, but I think he should step forward and say it.
Nakamaru Unwind – Until some years ago, he was more carefree, but recently he's quiet, his conscience that he “has to be a good boy” seems to have become stronger.

PLUS... Recommendation! A bit of a gourmet
I saw this on TV and with the challenge “Could this actually be tasty?”, it became quite a hit. The salty-sweet sauce of canned yakitori with natto is really good. They also presented a lot of other things, but since this was the only thing I had at home, I could immediately try it out. I want to take up other challenges soon too.

Ueda Tatsuya

WHITE – Something in the past you'd like to do over again
When I was a child, I was a boy who bullied the ones I liked. I'm exactly that type (laughs). For the boy, it's just teasing, but for the girl it's annoying. I'd like to do over again when I did that in elementary school... though I'm still that type today (laughs).

PERFECT – With that additional bit, it'd be perfect!
Kamenashi Being reckless
– If he decides something, he goes for it headfirst, like he has no brakes. It's a good part of him, which I don't want him to change (laughs).
Taguchi Changing something, but... – It's difficult expressing it in words, but generally it's a feeling of “just a bit different” (laughs).
Tanaka A strong heart – Koki has surprisingly a delicate heart of glass. He directly faces people's words and actions.
Nakamaru Less seriousness – He's just too serious! If he keeps on like that, he will quickly turn into an old geezer (laughs).

PLUS... Recommendation! A bit of a gourmet
When I make curry, I use about 6 onions. Besides, I fry them thoroughly so that the natural sweetness of the curry comes out and it becomes tasty with only a mild spiciness. I take care to use vegetables not only in curry but other meals too, but I really like onions.

Kamenashi Kazuya

WHITE – Something in the past you'd like to do over again
There are some embarrassing failures, but I don't think I'd like to do anything over again. But as for a recent mistake, I went to get a massage and without noticing the paper underwear they have prepared for you, I wrapped the towel around my naked body and went to the treatment room, where they told me to take off the towel. The masseur froze, asking “Ah, what about the paper underwear?” (laughs)

PERFECT – With that additional bit, it'd be perfect!
Taguchi Cooperation
– It's no problem at work, but normally Taguchi is doing things at his own pace. But since it's funny like that, it's not bad.
Tanaka Salt (?) – No reason, it's just a feeling (laughs). But talking about seasoning [can also mean well-being], a bit of salt is important, right?
Ueda Soy sauce – This also is just somehow a feeling. But if you add some soy sauce to Ueda, it might be good (laughs).
Nakamaru ○ (A circle) – Because he's serious, Nakamaru is. He sticks to his integrity to the last, like emitting an impression of exactness (laughs).

PLUS... Recommendation! A bit of a gourmet
Because I like butter, I use it for all kinds of things, but what's easily delicious is adding some in miso soup! Miso soup itself is already tasty, but by adding butter, it changes a smidgen from Japanese style to Western style, so please try it. In ramen, there's also miso butter, and the taste is normally good.

Taguchi Junnosuke

WHITE – Something in the past you'd like to do over again
Starting with second grade of middle school, I had to wear glasses and even now my sight is quite bad, and I feel that this is because I maybe played too many video games as a child. Maybe if I had tried to keep it moderate back then, my eyes wouldn't have gotten worse. The time I spent gaming is also enormous. I don't even want to think about it (laughs).

PERFECT – With that additional bit, it'd be perfect!
Kamenashi Basketball – He's already pretty big in Baseball. He should make the world of Basketball more active and take part in it!
Tanaka Knowledge about Evangelion – Koki as self-proclaimed anime-otaku certainly knows a lot, but for some reason he's ignorant about all things Evangelion.
Ueda The taste of beer – He always drinks plum wine soda or other cute drinks, but I haven't seen him drinking beer before. Get to know the taste of beer too!
Nakamaru His tension early in the morning – Nakamaru is so low tension in the morning! Since he already appears in “Shuuichi”, I'd want him to raise it a bit~.

PLUS... Recommendation! A bit of a gourmet
If you add ra-yu [spicy oil] to seafood flavoured cup noodles, it's delicious! It tastes like a hundred times better, if you ask me. Basically Ra-yu tastes good added to anything. Today I ate gyoza without soy sauce, just ra-yu, and it was delicious.

Nakamaru Yuichi

WHITE – Something in the past you'd like to do over again
It was about 10 years ago... There was a time where it was weirdly popular amongst the Johnny's Jr. to have dyed, long hair. Me too, being a Johnny's, had to join in and do the same, that's something I'd like to do over again. Well, if it looked good on you, it was ok. But for me...

PERFECT – With that additional bit, it'd be perfect!
Kamenashi Painting talent
– I think generally he's good... but he has no sense for drawing. When you look at pictures he drew, you just feel disappointed (laughs).
Taguchi Holding back once in a while – It's great that he can come up with dajare instantly, but they're not something you always have to say. It's also important to hold back once in a while (laughs).
Tanaka Getting a hair cut – This is only my personal opinion, but I think Koki looks better with a shorter, neat hair cut.
Ueda Reason (laughs) – He frequently comes up with dirty stuff in the middle of conversations. Because he keeps talking all normally, you don't even notice it (laughs).

PLUS... Recommendation! A bit of a gourmet
Deep-fried garlic is the source of my energy. I eat it almost every day, I even bought a pot to use for deep-frying things and plates which are the perfect size for fried garlic. I lightly shake some salt over the fried, hot garlic and then eat them, it's excellent. With that I'm definitely energetic every day!

translations credit to parasol-odori

Monday, 9 May 2011


... actually, I wanna eat him. May I?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Nakamaru's Page No. 685
Dated : 25th of April 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

The other day, we did the choreography for "WHITE".

We're giving our best for the dance.

Since we'll be performing it at music programmes, please check it out

When I left the house recently before the recording of "Shuuichi", I took a pic of the morning sun.

(pic of sunrise from pretty far up, showing the Tokyo skyline)

It looks kind of dreamy.

By the way, on Tuesday at 12 in the night there's a radio programme I'd like you to listen to: R-One KAT-TUN on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

This time it's "All the way talk about boys' schools!".

Please enjoy!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 686
Dated : 27th of April 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Today was the shooting of the CM.

The weather was good but there was a strong wind.

Since I thought I could play a bit during the break, I brought a soccer ball.

But because the wind was too strong, it was impossible, to my regret.

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page 687
Dated : 29th of April 2011

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Yesterday was the second day of the CM shooting.

The temperature has been rising, hasn't it?

It's quite warm.

The day after tomorrow we'll confirm the choreography for "WHITE", and I think I will also check it before at home.

It's actually quite complicated~!

Since there's a video of the steps, I will repeatedly practise them while watching it.

When I cannot put the volume up, like during the night, wireless headphones are good.

(pic of headphones, I'm not sure about the brand, but they look like those Sony ones)

I'll do my best.

On Sunday there's the news programme "Shuuichi" from 8 am until 9.55.

You can easily learn about the news of the past week.
Please watch it!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 688
Dated : 2nd of May 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Yesterday after "Shuuichi" there was the recording of "HEY HEY HEY" and the interview for "TV fan".

While changing location, I took a picture of Tokyo Tower from the car.

(pic of Tokyo Tower, taken at a 30 degree angle for whatever reason ^^ reminds me more of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.)

The weather was not really good.

By the way, since I'm recently trying to gain weight, I'm eating a lot.

Today I had ramen.

(pic of bowl of ramen om nom)

I started out with a weight of 55 kilo, and now I'm at 57.

(pic of scale reading 57.55 kg)

For now I think I'll aim for 60 kg.

While looking through the photos I had saved on my cell phone, I found some nostalgic, pretty photos of the sky which I'd like to share.

(The following photos will be uploaded today at 10 pm.) They weren't uploaded to the j-web from the start, which means they were also missing from the blog, maybe they'll appear later

When I climbed the Fuji with Masuda, from the top of the clouds.

(pic of sun rising over the clouds)

It's the sunrise.

Then, a pic of the clouds from the airplane.

(pic of white fluffy clouds below)

It was the airplane going to Korea during last year's tour.

The clouds are somehow pretty.

And "Nakamaru's Page" will soon meet its 700th turn.

The project is also still in progress, but I'll introduce one photo which I won't be using for it.

(A hand-drawn pic of a block of tofu being watched by... fuck this, I'll upload it.)

Tofu-kun is sleeping.

By the way, on Tuesday at 12 in the night there's a radio programme I'd like you to listen to: R-One KAT-TUN on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

This time it's "Nakamaru's Ojii-chan-side is going off? Also presenting mails Nakamaru had asked for regarding this topic!"

Also, I'll be taking part in the secondary audio program broadcast of the Yomiuri Giants vs. Hanshin Tigers baseball game on May 3.

Please enjoy!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

translations credit to parasol-odori