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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 22 May 2011



U: Hello, this is Ueda Tatsuya (chuckles)
N: Good evening, this is Nakamaru Yuichi
U: Smiley Radio, Go! Show! Ha! It’s the #241 ep!
N: Rocket Start Corner!

(In today’s Physical Education lesson, I can finally do a handstand)
N: that’s all, Ueda kun can today’s rocket start?
U: yes
N: I get it, then let’s start today’s show!
N: btw this is a 14 years old kid, children like this kind of activities ne, really good, able to do handstand
U: naa…that’s good ne
N: aaah..handstand…never do it before naaa
U: eh? Handstand?
N: never do handstand before
U: never do before ne
N: well for me about see..when we were in Jr, maa even though I dislike it, but don’t we all have to do it?
U: acrobatics?
N: backflips practices etc
U: ahh, practiced before, hai hai hai
N: but now we can’t do it already, because we didn’t practice it
U: that’s true ne
N: so we can’t do this kind of handstand too, after reflecting about it
U: but for me…seems like I can’t stand the feeling of blood rushing to your head, so if I do handstand and such I’ll feel uncomfortable immediately
N: so even if you do handstand for a moment and come back up instantly also can’t?
U: if do handstand for a few minutes I think I’ll foam from the mouth (literally, not the idiom)
N: not good with handstand?
U: not good, will feel the blood rushing to my head
N: ooooohh
U: do you get it, can’t stand the feeling of blood rushing to my head
N: surprisingly?
U: like surprisingly cannot
N: then let’s play a song!
U: oh?
N: is it too fast?
U: maa that's okay
N: oh wait one more thing, very cold! isn't it very cold recently?
U: hai
N: let's talk about something related to temperature
U: hai sure
N: this year..don't we always hear it..autumn? there's no autumn this year!
U: nope! there's no autumn ne...regrettably there's no autumn this year ne (hahah in his grandpa ueda tone again!)
N: that's why autumn's things, like suits and such, can't wear them, isn't it a bit regrettable
U: but autumn is the autumn and spring aren't they the seasons most suitable for one to dress fashionably?
N: maa ne
U: don't need to wear too thick but not very thin too
N: btw during winter, like wearing leggings uhh, will it increase?
U: iya iya you ask me this i won't know it too right! (laughs)
N: but didn't ueda kun say before that you dislike leggings?
U: iyaa but if you ask me "will it increase" this kind of question i won't know too! maa but regardless, if you ask any guy honestly they won't like leggings
N: eh? but i'm speaking the truth
U: you're probably based on your feelings..
N: the minority?
U: i think you're the minority of the minority
N: ah, really?
U: never heard of a guy who likes leggings!
N: instead of saying like it's more like i don't dislike it
U: then what do you like about it?
N: then why do you dislike it?
U: because you can't see the legs! (laughs)
N: can't see then can't see! that's what i think...or is it wrong? like must see the skin?
U: iyaa i just dislike it! like..for example, your girlfriend, won't you want her to wear mini skirt? ne? you get it?
N: i get it i get it
U: but, leggings, no good! might as well wear tights
N: maa, okay..wait did we say too much about this topic
U: hai
N: sorry sorry, then, let's play a song?
U: uhh
N: so during this cold period, we should listen to KAT-TUN's new song right?
U: indeed
N: hope that everyone will listen to this warm song
U: i get it
N: then can you introduce the song?
U: let's listen to KAT-TUN's CHANGE UR WORLD.

[Topics that will make Tatsuya Ueda high]

N: last week, we had aponashi telephone ne..Kyushu's..
U: had it ne
N: nee, Kyushu dialect
U: uhh
N: like you wanted to have a conversation with girls who speak kyushu dialect
U: uhhh...are we doing it today?
N: no no no no, today won't do it
U: won't do it?
N: like that won't we be doing the same segment?
U: i see
N: let's read this first then
U: okay

(A few days ago at science class we learnt about Pheromone. Actually pheromone is sweat (not very sure about this part) but Ueda kun even though he'll release pheromone, his face won't have sweat, so i'm really wondering if pheromone is sweat? Ueda kun and Nakamaru kun what do you think pheromone really is?)

N: that's all...let me say something, can't you not use the bottle to hit the table and create the gada gada sound (laughs)
N: maa, it's like pheromone is sweat?
U: sweat...ahh it's not like that right
N: indeed not?
U: how to put it...i understand what she's compared to pheromone, sweat has a more ero feeling...i understand that, but we can't say that they are 100% similar
N: more importantly is the definition of pheromone. if it's smell then it's 100%, so apart from smell there should be other factors that are different
U: but don't insects have smells too? and if those who sweat a lot means that they have a lot of pheromone, then that means sumo wrestlers have a lot of pheromone
N: Old people's smell?
U: eh?!
N: eh?! are you saying the odour of old people?
U: noo, i'm talking about sumo wrestler!
N: ahh, o-sumo san, i heard it has old man (pronounced as o-san)
U: iya iya iya so because of high metabolism then sumo wrestlers must have ltos of pheromone
N: that means pheromone is exactly equivalent to sweat?
U: that's why i think they are different!
N: maa...then they aren't the same ne..and let me change the topic a bit, did you notice that my voice is a bit hoarse?
U: nope
N: then the next mail
U&N: (laughs)
U: what do you want to say?
N: iya, just wanna ask if what i'm saying now is unclear to others
U: nope nope, absolutely fine
N: no problem? recently i've been doing vocal training
U: actually you want to say this right
N: nope nope, just thought if it'll affect..
U: ahh ahh, no problem yo
N: so the conclusion is we're also not very sure what pheromone really is...shall we continue with the next one?
U: hai

(In the past 'herbivore men' are very popular, but do you know that now it's the 'cabbage roll men' that are popular? 'Cabbage roll men' types refer to those who, like a cabbage, has stuffings inside, so they look like herbivore men but are in fact carnivore men. Both of you, do you think that you're carnivore type, herbivore type, or cabbage roll type?)

U: for me i'm absolutely the cabbage roll type, or i'm an omnivore
N: eh, wait, there's no omnivore type
U: there's omnivorous type right, those who don't belong to any of that
N: don't belong to any of those 3?
U: don't i look like i'm herbivorous type? but inside isn't it especially...sorry, i'm not saying anything weird
N: iya iya even if you don't say it i'll understand. for men there will definitely be a carnivorous part right, if there isn't wont it be too weird
U: i think definitely will have
N: i guess because there's this component so it's called cabbage roll type right?
U: that's right, so i think there's no one who's absolutely herbivorous type right?
N: i guess so? but what exactly is herbivorous type?
U: like those who are absolutely harmless, even if it's two people alone they also won't do anything...people might feel that you're totally herbivorous type
N: don't i always get said as herbivorous type, but for men you can't just look from their outer appearance to judge if they will do anything, this also needs to depend on the situation
U: but inherently you should be total herbivorous type
N: yes yes
U: so actually everyone is the same, because if there's someone you like, then won't you want to go after this person, be in a relationship etc.
N: oh
U: herbivorous type will probably be more gentle in pursuing the girl?
N: uhh
U: like this then carnivorous type of guys will say directly "be together with me", "let's go somewhere to play"...the method of pursuing (the girl) will be different
N: ahh, like one who takes charge of everything and another who cares more about the other person's feelings
U: uhh uhh, will be more tactful ne
N: and it also asked what type we are...maa, then cabbage roll type...hardly hear of such a new term before
U: yes, won't be wrong
N: then ueda kun is omnivorous type
U: yes i won't be wrong, that's it na
N: what's omnivorous type, exactly?
U: like anything also possible, can change according to the partner
N: ah, like this?
U: i can't be wrong! that's it! ah, i'm actually this type!
U&N: (laughs)
N: like you only realized it now
U: i'll change according to the person
N: like will see what type the person likes?
U: ahh, like 'what does this person want me to be like'
N: ahh, isn't that important?
U: like if she'll say 'kawaii kawaii' to me i'll feel like calling her "sister" this kind of feeling...
N: will change accordingly ah
U: yes yes yes
N: to be able to do this isn't it the highest level?
U: but the toughest is how should you be like when you say "hi, nice to meet you"
N: ahh, that's indeed a tough question ne
U: yes yes..change according to the person is hard ne
N: indeed. that's all?
U: uhh

(KAT-TUN's questionable rumours)
N: recently received a lot of rumours about Red, ueda kun, isn't it time to join in Red Fox ne...want to participate?
U: let's start! the first mail! (totally ignored nakamaru)
N: understood
U: (laughs)

(Nakamaru kun's weight won't increase, heard that you're even doing reverse weight loss, is it true that you purposely give your weight greater than the actual one?)

N: firstly, i don't even know what's the meaning of reverse weight loss
U: it's the opposite of losing weight. people are trying to eat less and lose weight but you're eating more to gain weight, it's gaining weight, means gaining weight
N: and...i didn't lie about my weight
U: that's right...if it's females, may lie about it, guys won't
N: there isn't a need to lie, won't do any good
U: yes yes
N: now my weight is around 56.5? a bit stable already
U: but you did put on weight right?
N: put on put on
U: in the past not so much ne. indeed, recently i've also wanted to put on weight.
N: ohh, how much do you want to add on? 10kg is impossible right?
U: i want to be around 58kg..recently during health checkup my body fats percentage is a bit too low
N: how heavy are you now?
U: 54kg..maa around 54kg, because if i sweat the weight will change, but the body fats percentage is calculated by machine, and it's only 4 point something
N: is it alright?
U: and the person got a shock
N: won't it be good to have a bit more fats?
U: but if i add so much body fats in one go i think i'll become fat
N:after accumulating fats and doing muscle training, they'll become muscles right
U: like that if i stop exercising they will become fats again
N: ah, is that so? ehh
U: won't everyone go to the after eating too much we'll go train muscles
N: Ernesto Hoost also used 10 years to gain 10kg, seems like it's quite well known
U: that's why..must be careful of gaining weight
N: (laughs) i think the listeners will be laughing now..."why do they even know of such things"
U: iya that's because i'm a boxer. it's good to gain weight right, to climb up the level
N: maa
U: should gain weight by training the muscles and remain agile right?
N: yes..if not used to it, like if gain too much then won't be able to maintain your strength right
U: uhh, it's hard, putting on weight too
N: uhh..and Taguchi, isn't he a bit too skinny recently?
U: ahh, really? why does it feel like i've not seen Taguchi recently
N: that's what Koki said, also said that i'm too skinny, and surprisingly also said that Taguchi is skinny
U: ehh
N: let's see it next time
U: Taguchi will train his muscles too right
N: ah, mentioned it before
U: for about 4 days. "recently i've been training my muscles super hard".."how many days have it been?" if ask that he'll reply "the second day" like this
N: short attention span?
U: at that time it's super annoying. before Live, i think it's Osaka? i've already slept then i'll hear "uhhhh...uhhhh" (lol ueda kun, king of ero)
U&N: (laughs)
N: (laughs) that's the sound of passion
U: yes yes, that's super annoying! maa never mind, continue with the next one..

(Heard that recently at a shopping mall Ueda kun became like a lost child and got called over the public address system?)

U: that's definitely not possible!
N: maybe it's the same name? or a prank?
U: ahh, that's possible
N: is there? not now, like got lost when you were young?
U: iya from what i remember i've never been lost ne..
N: uhh, i got lost once before
U: really?
N: in Ueno zoo, when i was very young
U: iya, in fact you and Akanishi, and who's the other one..
N: airport?
U: weren't all of you called over the PA system in the airport?
N: ah yes, called before, called our names before
U: called your names ne
N: so embarrassing
U: boarded the plane late ne, you were eating soba?
N: yes eating soba
N: because we were just next to it so we thought it's okay and went to eat soba
N: didn't realize that it's earlier than expected
U: yes yes, mentioned this before
N: that was so embarrassing. and last time..i wasn't lost..this also happened when i was very young. i thought i was holding my mother's hand, but it's not
N: was still thinking how come it feels it doesn't feel like usual, so when i looked up and saw that it's the wrong person. like "who's this!"
U: indeed, likes this
N: had this kind of thing before
U: when did the hand change
N: that's right...getting lost is a bit unbelievable ne, why will he get lost
U: that's right. then that's all

(After reflecting ending corner)

(hmm i don't really get what they're saying this time...)

N: this week's R-ONE word is this: "Ernesto Hoost also used 10 years to gain 10kg, seems like it's quite well known"
U: it's interesting?
N: very interesting
U: really? i was thinking should not stare into blank space and waste time
N: ah, Ueda was serious about catching the important part
U: yes yes
N: i see..indeed, very amazing, professional player
U: yes, used 10 years, 1 year 1 kg right
N: how did he have such a long term plan. but i won this time
U: uhh
N: then see you next week
U: onegaishimasu

translations credit to kattunsaikou


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