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Sunday, 22 May 2011


... but I still love their bakaness. Please don't change too much, KAT-TUN!!!

(TRANS) Monthly Television - KAT-TUN
Dated : 27th of APRIL 2011

KAT-TUN who have stepped into their 5th debut anniversary getting to recall about the past years. Now that they're thinking about it...

Koki : Kame was so slim.

Junno : Koki had a skin head.

Kame : Ueda's face looked drowsy* (Laughs). (*not sure)

Ueda : It was just at that time to get pictures taken like that, you know!

Koki : But Nakamaru's one looked disturbing.

Maru : What?!

Koki : There is a picture of you really lookinng disturbing alright.

Maru : Ah..getting to see these things right now, it's somehow awkward. So as our comments. I understand how they wanted us to say things laughable, but when it's written down here, I don't think it's laughable at all.

Koki : The problem of passing funny stuffs through letters exists sometimes but even we talk it out loud, the funny level is still low isn't it ?

Junno : Uepi did have an extreme comment too saying "I'm Victoria Beckham".

Ueda : At that time, many people said so.

Kame : Looked like Beckham ?

Ueda : No...looked like Victoria.

Kame : What's about David then?

Ueda : Saying David as another gag ?

Koki : You guys go apologize to Victoria right now.

Everyone : (Laughs)

Maru : As expected, comments are important. From now on, I wouldn't try saying funny things. I will only answer seriously.

Kame : As for me, myself now and at that time hasn't changed much. Reading those old stuffs, I don't think I feel awdward about them.

Koki : Kame used to say "no matter when I would like to keep my childish and naughty heart like wearing only an underwear in the room".

Kame : Even I said so, I don't do like that nowdays but of course, I have never forgot my childish heart.

Maru : Taguchi used to do backflips nakedly in the room.

Junno : That was before the debut.

Kame : You did it when we toured (concerts) somewhere.

Junno : It looked really messy back then.

Ueda : We played until tired. But at that time, it was full of smiling faces.

Junno : Un! It was even more fun than the concert itself.

Koki : You...say apologize to fans right now!

Five years from now when it's your 10th debut anniversary, what do you think your group will be ?

Kame : If we can be a team that can see KAT-TUN as important even when we work separately, it will be great. We're building that kind of base now. Although we've been together for so long but indeed our base is not strong enough.

Koki : If they say we're slow, then we're slow indeed. (<--slow in building KAT-TUN constitutionally).

Maru : You know...I've been decorating my room with KAT-TUN singles recently.

Junno : sure love the group so much.

Kame : That feeling is important. The stage that we will be able to show our present KAT-TUN is the coming live tour!

Ueda : We'd like them to see us at the present. If everyone can look for KAT-TUN's good points again, I will be delight.

translations credit to :
JPN to THA murasaki_kyokai
THA to ENG yuijbj

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