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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 22 May 2011


DUET - MAY 2011

Our pair for the second interview is Nakamaru and Kamenashi. What's the relationship between you two like?

Nakamaru: Actually, we're both of the same year [they entered JE at the same time]. That's why he's someone I can rely on from the bottom of my heart. Of course this doesn't only apply to Kame but to the other members too, but we both share the aim to work hard and when asking for advice, he's someone with whom I can talk about anything.

Kamenashi: Yes. But our types are completely different. Nakamaru is really a matter of fact person. Since he properly works out his thoughts at home even for meetings, he's deeply injured when the things he says there get rejected. But since I basically only say stuff I thought of spontaneously at that moment, I'm not really hurt even if I get told it's impossible (laughs).

Nakamaru: Kame is very sociable. And, even though I think he already knows this himself, he's a spendthrift if you ask me (laughs).

Kamenashi: Nono, it's not like that. Isn't this simply a case of different values?

Nakamaru: Kame's way of thinking is to buy good things when it's the right time. I basically don't have that, but recently it maybe did have quite an effect on me. The other day, I bought a pretty good drum type washing machine, since it's something I use everyday. But this one is really good, it's so convenient! I'm glad I bought it.

Even though your type is different, do you go out together?

Kamenashi: We actually never did that before.

Nakamaru: Hey... we did, we did! (laughs)

Kamenashi: ...that's how our relationship is like (laughs). When we say different things, Nakamaru's story is to 90% the right one.

Nakamaru: This is quite an old one, but didn't we go together to the cinema near Kinshi-chou?

Kamenashi: Eh, really? I know I watched “The Green Mile” with Koki, but I don't remember what I saw with you. This also has been a long time ago, but you came to my hometown, right?

Nakamaru: I did, I did!

Kamenashi: And, this was two years ago, we went to watch the Baseball Climax Series at Tokyo Dome.

Nakamaru: That was a great game~

Kamenashi: Surprisingly, of all the members, it's pretty much Nakamaru I do stuff with in my private time. Because, well, I get normal calls from Taguchi, but I couldn't imagine inviting Ueda or Koki to a café during the day (laughs). Daytime activities are usually with Nakamaru! Last year I also invited him and the two of us went to a drive together.

Nakamaru: Yesyes, Kame gave me a ride in his convertible. Until then, I didn't know that the warm wind goes all from your head to your toes when you're driving in a convertible (laughs).

Kamenashi: It was around the end of October, wasn't it?

Nakamaru: It was a bit chilly, right.

Kamenashi: Driving a convertible feels really good in spring and autumn. Today, right, would be a day for a drive. Going along the ocean where there's a cool breeze, with the heating turned on - your face would be a bit cold, but your body would be warm and it'd be like sitting in an open-air bath (laughs).

What are your next plans?

Kamenashi: I beat Nakamaru gaming, so he promised to treat me for sushi.

Nakamaru: I'd take you whenever.

Kamenashi: Nakamaru, aren't you 27 already?

Nakamaru: Yes.

Kamenashi: Well, then you'll have to take me to a high class sushi restaurant like a real adult.

Nakamaru: What?!

Kamenashi: Ah, but I kind of feel like drinking wine today. After this, I have a recording, but wait for me till it's over!

Nakamaru: I have a recording too.

Kamenashi: Well, isn't that perfect? Let's go to a restaurant I know!

Nakamaru: Is it... expensive?

Kamenashi: It depends on the wine. If possible, I want to start with champagne, continue with white wine and I also want to order a red wine. Depending on the food, I might want to drink a white or a red one. My ideal would be with three glasses arranged on the table, for white wine, red, and water.

Nakamaru: Seriously? All I've seen before is a glass of Coke and plum wine standing next to each other (laughs). And, speaking about good wine, where's the difference? Taste?

Kamenashi: The sourness is different. A good wine has a good sourness. It makes me feel happy.

Nakamaru: This is an unknown world to me. But I recently got some wine in the conbini and drank it at home along with some deep-fried garlic. ...Ah, thinking about it, it was also thanks to Kame's influence that I came to like garlic. Kame, you love garlic, right?

Kamenashi: Not just love, I'm obsessed (laughs). When I go for teppanyaki, I eat about ten servings of garlic chips. While people around me throw in warnings like, “Does it smell? Are you OK?”

Nakamaru: Before, I couldn't believe anyone who said they liked garlic. But now, I eat it every day. It's amazing!

Last one, what kind of work would the two of you like to try?

Kamenashi: To use how our characters are completely different, I think it would be interesting to act opposite each other in a drama. Like a police one, we could both do investigations, all “I do this” - “Why are you doing this!”

Nakamaru: I see, even though we're opposites, we successfully become one and solve the cases, like that? That sounds interesting, I want it to come true!

translations credit to parasol-odori

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