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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 22 May 2011



U: Hello, this is Ueda Tatsuya
N: Good evening, this is Nakamaru Yuichi
U: Smiley Radio, Go! Show! Ha! It’s the #244 ep!
N: Rocket Start Corner!

(A 500 yen silver coin from Year Showa 64 ** came out from the vending machine. Seems like Year Showa 65 only had 7 days.)

** Year Showa 64 is from Jan 1 to Jan 7 1989. From Jan 8 onwards, it's considered as Year Heisei

N: So Ueda kun, is tonight's rocket able to start?
U: to
N: I get it, let's start tonight's show!
U: KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya &
N: Nakamaru Yuichi

N: isn't it amazing?
U: what is? say it again
N: you weren't listening?
U: (laughs)
N: say it if you aren't listening!
N: it's that a 500 yen from Year Showa 64 came out from the vending machine
U: 500, what about the silver coin?
N: ah silver coin...arei?
U: it's becoming fewer now right?
N: ah yes yes that's right
U: seems like in the past there were a lot of those kinds, I had them too
N: they were from year showa 64? there were a lot of 10 yen coins too
U: yes yes, those with serrated edge.**
(** the 10 yen coins made in 1951 to 1958 have serrated edge)
N: ah, 10 000 yen..i think it's during Shotoku Taishi period? It was very long ago do you know about it?
U: uh? don't know
N: when we were born it was still Shotoku Taishi right? probably... ( i think he meant that when they were born the 10 000yen notes still have the face of shotoku taishi, i mean it's impossible for them to be born in the same era O.O)
U: uhhh
N: aren't you amazed? won't you feel like "it's amazing, this is a thing of the past!"
U: iya...i won't make a fuss over such small things..
N: really? but it's amazing!
U: uhhh
N: recently i've been thinking with amazement that "till now they still exist?!"
U: ehh
N: wa...not interested at all!
N: and like 2000 yen notes etc they still have right
U: yes yes
N: those are not very common
U: 'cos they are not very needed, the 2000 yen notes
N: honestly speaking...
U: there isn't any place to use them
N: about that, I gotta say that initially there was a period when people tried to make it more common. When I got it I did use the 2000 yen notes and the taxi driver even looked at it twice
U: thinking "what's this?"
N: like "eh?!"
U: there isn't anymore right..
N: nope there still is
U: still have?
N: but it's slowly disappearing
U: probably 1000, 5000 and 10 000 yen are the best, the shop owner will think that way too when giving back change
N: yup. anyway, the date has already changed to December, there's only 1 more month left this year
U: isn't it very fast? a while ago still felt that you've just entered 2010 and not it's already near countdown
N: oh, time to get New Year's gift money
U: keke indeed one will think of that ne
N: then let's play a song. last week was Neetman, so this week let's play GIRLS
U: go ahead
N: is it okay?
U: yup
N: then please listen to GIRLS

(Ueda and Nakamaru disussion corner)

(Recently Nakamru kun said that he'd like to chat with people from the gaming industry. I used to be the designer for the editorial department of a Famitsu. (N: WHAT?!) When Nakamru kun was interviewed in the famitsu, i read it and Nakamaru kun said that he likes "Neighborhood Association"** and "Message Board" sections. As the editor for these sections, I like them too and I feel very happy and nostalgic. Btw, when I entered the editorial dept it was the Virtua Fighter 1 period, and when I left it's during FFonline period. I didn't know KAT-TUN back then when i was in the editorial dept, but after resigning and getting married, I became a fan and even went to watch the Tokyo Dome concert this year. Now i'm not involved in any work related to gaming, I've also never played before the Metal Gear game that Nakamaru mentioned, but as an editor it's fun to see people play them.)

** it's the direct translation of 町内会, i think it's a segment in the magazine? and Famitsu is a line of japanese video game magazines.

N: received this kind of letter!
U: ohh
N: ne ne, the "Neighborhood Association" and "Message Board" were super interesting! Did you know that?
U: i do i do
N: i like that the most! you can send in entries, like interesting jokes etc and if they are used, you'll receive a Gavas
U: keke i've heard you say this before!
N: arei? I did?!
U: i've heard before the Gavas thing
N: i've sent in a lot of entries. have you sent in any before?
U: i've only sent in before once about Jump (i think it's dragon ball?)
N: ah, so you've sent before?
U: the Jump one was because I thought after reading it they'll definitely think that it's interesting
N: will definitely think that way right? but in fact it's probably not interesting at all
U: yup yup
N: i've also sent in about Jump before. ah what joke did you send in?
U: totally can't remember it (laughs)
N: i still remember it! it's a 4 box comic strip, about Jump, I thought that it's funny so I sent it over. I was confident about my drawing so in secondary i drew a comic strip of Vegeta (Dragon ball) playing bowling and after it was thrown the ball got spoilt
U: (laughs) so lame!
N: totally not used at all. at that time i was a bit affected, like "it's not published...", "what if it was published?"
U: (laughs)
N: indeed still a child
U: uhh
N: maa, did such things before
U: looking at it now it seems really lame right
N: super lame, but at that time i really thought it was the best
N: ahh...remembered it..
U: (laughs)
N: as boys..i think the rate of doing such things is very high, or at least minds such things
U: because sometimes it's really interesting, felt that it's so amazing and you can also get a prize
N: can get (a prize)
U: that's right
N: yes yes


(Recently Nakamaru kun has been gathering people from the gaming industry, so this is the first time that I'm writing in. I work at the gaming company's location of development, my job is a background designer. (U: wait, can you not be so excited when saying this? N: sorry sorry, it's amazing!) It's a job from designing the background of the games to completing it. A while ago we've even developed a Wii game, but sadly it's not the Metal Gear game that Nakamaru kun likes. I look forward to your new single and continue to work hard!)

N: it's here! Background designer
U: for games? That is to say she's someone who designs background for games right?
N: yup! The backgrounds nowadays are really awesome!
U: i know
N: To think about it the Famicom (Nintendo Family Computer) was still 10, 15 years ago right, less and less people are playing it
U: There isn't anything that can be used right
N: that's right! so with nowhere to play it there also isn't such (background designing) technique right
U: it bloomed in the blink of an eye
N: no matter how many times I look at the background I'll still feel impressed. Even for the games now
U: respond one by one? Like when playing games you'll say "the background is really amazing!"
N: yup yup yup
U: gross...
N: it's not gross!
U: (laughs)
N: you're very disrespectful to background designers!
U: indeed (laughs)
N: you...they're using all their might to produce it
U: complete the stages one by one
N: really really, this is not joking
U: but if play together we might get angry, for example like this
N: a one player for instance for Metal Gear I'll use binoculars to view the characters. For Snake i'll often use the binoculars to zoom in and out to see
U: the scenery?
N: see scenery (laughs)
U: (laughs)
N: really really, feel that it's amazing
U: (laughs) not because you need to find something, but because the scenery is good?
N: really! they are well-made
U: ah...the background designers must be really happy to hear such words, but honestly there are very little of such people right, guys who only focus on the background images
N: no, definitely have more! this generation there are a lot
U: but it's not everyone right, at the most there are only 20 to 30 percent
N: no no, i don't think that it's a minority
U: it's a minority definitely a minority
U: even Taguchi is also not as fascinated by the backgrounds as you
N: recently have you seen the graphics of Yuka...Mizutamari and such? (sorry I've no idea what he's referring to, probably some characters in an anime/manga etc?)
U: nope (laughs)
N: you will be very impressed
U: feel that it's very amazing?
N: uh
U: but the movies and such were really amazing
N: that's why
U: the game is just like the movie right?
N: yup! the games nowadays have changed the definition of games
U: maa..that's really amazing, isn't that good?
N: what is?
U: what is? (laughs)
N: how did you arrive at a conclusion so easily
U: no no the designer will be very happy
N: won't you be impressed by Monster Hunter and all those, because of the scenery
U: definitely will feel that "woah it's amazing!", but...won't use binoculars like Nakamaru kun did (laughs)
N: the difficulty is different! PSP's MAX and PS3's MAX are totally different. When playing PSP will probably feel "woahh, amazing!", for PS' current images I'll use binoculars to view. (lol i've absolutely no idea what they're talking about)
U: but when I'm looking FF's and all those amazing graphics I already feel that they are not games already. Even so I won't reach the stage of using binoculars to view them! Let's gather that (laughs)
N: about?
U: people who use binoculars to view background images (laughs)
N: ah that? the players
U: definitely won't have any replies (laughs)
N: basically let's gather and see
U: basically (laughs)
N: I've gathered those who are impressed by background images, Ueda kun do you want to gather anything?
U: now?
N: basically things that suddenly pop up in your mind
U: interesting games? like those played during friendly gatherings, any interesting games recently. like those played by college students, not that I want to do anything, just that those that seem fun (laughs)
N: recommended games?
U: games, can be played by everyone, 4 to 5 people
N: a lot ne
U: not TV games, but party those that college students play to get high
N: ahh..that seems not bad
U: want to hear more about it
N: please send in mails
U: hai

[Mail One KAT-TUN]

[Please listen to my troubles, it's that the hood of a hoodie is very hard to dry. I like hoodies hence I have many of them, but when washing then the hoods are very hard to dry. Other parts are dried already but only the inner part of the hood is not. (N: Laughs U: what's wrong) To dry the hood you'll have to dry the inner part then the outer part, is there any way that makes it easier to dry the hood? Please give me some advice]

N: sorry the reason why I laughed is because I feel that there are absolutely people with the same troubles
U: with you?
N: uh
U: ehh
N: yup recently I've washed a parka, even though I've dried it, the inner part won't dry! No matter how I dry it the inner part of the parka can't be dried!
U: ohh
N: what should I do?
U: why not just use a clothes dryer
N: if don't use the dryer method?
U: dryer... (hmm the 2 terms he used are different in japanese, but they both dryer in english)
N: so there isn't any other method?
U: don't think so because it'll be very troublesome, why not ask mother? (laughs)
N: ahh..that is the answer to the listener right
U: yup yup
N: ask your mother
U: isn't that the fastest..we..truthfully speaking..
N: don't have such knowledge
U: furthermore we're guys
N: that's right! I'm concerned about that too i shall ask my mother
U: (laughs)
N: btw Ueda kun is wearing hoodie today
U: house, you'll need to dry it outside
N: can't use dryer?
U: yup can't
N: but, hiding it is not okay rightt? for instance at the veranda won't there be fences which are as tall as chest level?
U: ah...that's right..the sun won't be able to dry the bottom
N: uh so according to the timing the sun will rise
U: ah that's right that's right, indeed won't be able to see the bottom outside
N: the short just ask your mother
U: ask your mother
N: that's all
U: uhh

(After reflecting ending corner)

(Vegeta (Dragon ball) playing bowling and after it was thrown the ball got spoilt)

U: ahh i see
N: ahh..nostalgic neh..but if send it out now won't have the confidence of it being used right?
U: might be used too you can't be sure, that's what I think
N: maa..that's right
U: think about it, you can try it
N: Gavas?
U: why not just talk about it when being interviewed by Famitsu? let it be published like this
N: ah..but won't the other party feel a bit awkward. (i think that) it's interesting but lame
U: so you must say that the picture is lame
N: "this is very lame" probably won't be able to say such sentence
U: what will the staff's reaction be
N: ma..shall .think about it
U: uhh
N: then see you next week, next week yoroshiku
U&N: onegaishimasu

translations credit to kattunsaikou


  1. I'm completely with Yucchi on video game backgrounds. I will spend several minutes just looking around at the amazing backgrounds and thinking about how beautiful and detailed they are.

  2. Eh, really? The same for me too but I'm the worst video game player ever... AHAHA