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Sunday, 22 May 2011


Nakamaru's Page No. 689
Dated : 4th of May 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Everyone who's currently having Golden Week, how are you?

Yesterday I watched the game between the Giants and Tigers.

Taking part in the audio commentary was fun.

The Tigers won the game, but since both teams scored plenty of homeruns, the atmosphere was uplifting.

At the site, they played KAT-TUN's new song, DIAMOND.

I was delighted.

I'd like to go watch one again.

Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 690
Dated : 6th of May 2011

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

I'm sorry for the delay with this update.

I made those who are looking forwards to this worry.

I completely forgot I was supposed to update today.

I will be careful from now on.

We had a radio recording today.

Yesterday was vocal training and a meeting for "Shuuichi".

Recently, vocal training is fun.

I'm doing training to control my soft palate.

I'm giving my best!

On Sunday there's the news programme "Shuuichi" from 8 am until 9.55.

You can easily learn about the news of the past week.
Please watch it!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 691
Dated : 9th of May 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Yesterday was the recording of "Shuuichi" and "Galileo Brain Research".

Today I think I'm gonna draw the serial illustration for Wink Up.

The other day, Masuda mailed me, praising my illustration in Wink Up.

Receiving praise makes you motivated, right.

By the way, on Tuesday at 12 in the night there's a radio programme I'd like you to listen to: R-One KAT-TUN on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

This time, the topic is "We cannot always present mails in this programme. This time, we will present plenty of them!"

Please enjoy!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 692
Dated : 11th of May 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Today were the interviews for duet, POTATO and TVnavi.
And the PR recording for our new song at MUSIC JAPAN.
Plus, we did the choreography for the second chorus of WHITE.

On May 18th, our new single WHITE will finally be released.

The B-Sides are PERFECT, Yuuki no Hana and SILENCE.

I want everyone to listen to them quickly.

Preorder the first release with the videos early~

Classes at uni started again.

This semester I registered for quite a lot of courses.

Mostly subjects I'm very interested in, for example about media literacy or environmental issues and so on.

I'll do my best that my motivation to study will continue.

Last week Saturday I took a pic of the Tokyo Tower from the NTV building.

[pic of Tokyo Tower in the typical sea of buildings that Tokyo is]

It's a great view.

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

translations credit to parasol-odori

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