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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Friday, 4 February 2011


Dated : 28th of April 2009

[00:16] Maru said today is the release for their album, Break The Records -by you & for you-.

[00:29] Ueda sneezed and said that he has an allergy to pollen.

[01:02] Ueda suggested that Maru should cry after his successful bungee jump during the concert but Maru declined. Maru said that because of the bungee challenge, he is getting depressed and has started to dream about it. Ueda added that he too had dreams of his solo concert, Romeo & Juliet and his drama. Maru said that he had a dream where he failed to jump and another where he had fallen off a cliff. Maru said that he will try his best for the jump but he also apologised beforehand and asked the audience not to jeer at him if he really failed to jump.

[03:39] The song played is SADISTIC LOVE by KAT-TUN.

[08:47] Ueda Nakamaru Consultation Section

[09:01] Mail: The listener is a junior high year 3 student. Her friends have started to put on makeup and she wondered if it is better for her to do so.

[09:20] Maru and Ueda said that it is up to the listener but also not really necessary. No one put on makeup during their junior high school days. However, Ueda said that makeup will make a person’s complexion better by covering the imperfection. Ueda said that when he was a student, he would wear his uniform as it is and feel that that is the way for guys.

[10:15] Mail: The listener is going for her friend’s stage show. She wondered what gift she should bring for her friend.

[10:37] Ueda and Maru agreed that healthy drinks are a good choice. Ueda said he will be happy to receive fruits such as strawberries and oranges. He said that the cast received mostly sweet food. He added that a fool brought him sweet roasted chestnuts for his solo concert, to which Maru replied that that was him. Maru admitted that he did want to annoy Ueda with it. Ueda said the chestnuts were troublesome because they were unshelled and he did not have time to eat them before the performance. Maru said that he specially went to Shibuya station to buy the freshly cooked chestnuts.

[11:50] Mail: The listener has a guy whom she likes and this guy is sitting beside her (in class). However, the guy seems to be avoiding her recently and she wondered if he dislikes her.

[12:18] Maru said that perhaps the guy is shy and Ueda agreed that it’s possible because he is a junior high school student. Ueda said when he was younger, he also acted differently. He would prank and ended up being disliked by the one he fancied. Ueda thought that he would be able to leave a deeper impression but he said that this is not the way as they grow older, because he would definitely get rejected by the other.

[14:00] Maru said that he has received many suggestions on his hair style and they would talk about some of them.

[14:27] Mail: This listener likes Maru’s current hairstyle. She also likes black hair on Ueda and hopes that he will dye it again.

[14:50] Ueda said that his long hair seems to be popular but as an adult, he feels that short hair is refreshing. Maru agreed but added that Ueda seems to be more suitable for black hair. Ueda replied that he will not ask people on their opinions (of his hair colour).

[15:13] Mail: This listener loves Maru’s current hairstyle. She feels that it’s a cute hairstyle like Bo-chan in Crayon Shin-chan.

[15:30] Ueda said that people have different opinions on the same hairstyle. Even so, Maru wants to listen to the opinions and Ueda concluded that Maru is fickle-minded. Maru said he will keep his hairstyle for the time being. Ueda said there is actually no difference.

[15:57] Mail: This listener likes Maru with slightly longer hair. She thinks Maru’s best hairstyle was during his solo stage show. Even though his current hairstyle suits him, she feels that he looks like a junior high year 3 student and not an idol.

[16:17] Ueda said that listening to fans’ suggestion will lead to harder decisions. Ueda concluded that 70% of the listeners support Maru with long hair while 30% prefers short hair. Maru said that he expected this result. Maru mentioned that Koki has shaved his head again and Ueda said Koki is a good example for a person who decides on his own and keep his personal style. Ueda added that Jin and Junno are the same; Maru is the only one who always asks people about their opinions. Maru defended himself saying that it is because of his hair condition. Ueda replied that Maru should then style his hair according to its condition and Maru said that his current hairstyle is good. Maru mentioned that Massu has dyed his hair with two-tone colour. Maru decided that it is better to maintain his current hairstyle as he feels more at ease as compared to his previous brown or golden hair. Ueda said that no matter the hairstyle, they would have to follow the drama script if they receive one in the future. Ueda ended the topic by quoting Jin, “What matters is to be happy now”.

[19:38] Secret Question
Maru said it’s normal to peel 100% of it. Ueda said he cannot eat it but can probably peel it. Maru said he had not seen people eating without peeling. Ueda added that without peeling, the whole mouth would become hairy and itchy. Ueda and Maru found it difficult to believe that the listener will eat without peeling.

(T/N: Suggested question: Do you peel kiwi fruit before eating?)

translations credit to konoaida


  1. I love Nakamaru's hair as it is now. I prefer it black, and just a little bit longer than the shortest style he had. It suits him and looks really sexy.

  2. And oh yeah, I don't peel kiwi fruit before I eat it...partly because I'm lazy and partly because there are a lot of nutrients in the skin.

  3. (@___@) Really? I've never eaten a kiwi without peeling. I'll try later^^