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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Saturday, 12 February 2011


During the round table discussion, they were revising game rules!?
kame: In the year 2010, everyone got presents for each members' birthday and we played a game where the birthday boy would give a point to the person who gave them their favorite gift.
nakamaru: A popular nickname for the game being, "This present, I'm pleased with nya".["nya" = "meow", the sound cats make] For Taguchi's birthday recently (11/29), koki was the one who got the point, wasn't it (Article materials gathered early December).
koki: Yeah. I gave him an arcade game.
taguchi: I was really surprised by that, ah, it made me so happy.
koki: The moment I found it I was like, "This is it!". "Yosh, with this I'll definitely score that point".
ueda: Rather than thinking about whether Taguchi would be happy with this gift or not, you were thinking more about whether you would score points?
koki: Yesssss. Hey, the rules say, if you get 3 points, you win a prize, anyone'll try hard for that (laughs).
taguchi: Hahaha, so that's how it was.
kame: This is just my thought, but, for the time being we have a maximum to how much we can spend right? But I've been thinking it'd be better if we could drop that rule. I mean, you could be picking something out and think, "This will be great", but if the price is over the limit you wouldn't be able to buy it. That's always been frustrating.
ueda: Then~ how about we get rid of the maximum?
koki: No wait, let's keep a rough estimate for the maximum, and agree that it'll be okay if we go over the limit a bit.
taguchi: Let's go with that.
nakamaru: To think that in the middle of our POTATO interview we're settling rules (laughs).
ueda: But it's good that we've decided on a course of action from here on out.
koki: To prevent any confusion for the time being, let's stick to the rules we've been using for Kame's birthday (2/23) which is up next, then switch it to the new rules after that.
taguchi: What if you said "I didn't go over the limit" no matter what the price of the gift was?
kame: Awww, I don't want that~[yada-yo~], why is there a need for lies between members (laughs). Isn't it OK if we just go a bit over. What does everyone think?
nakamaru: ...But if we go with that, I have a feeling I'm totally going to lose...
kame: Eh~, do you mean that Nakamaru-kun doesn't want to spend over the current limit for his members?
ueda: That's mean~ [hidoi~]. So Nakamaru is that kind of guy~.
nakamaru: You're wrong! (laughs) I haven't even gotten 1 point yet, not to mention, if we drop the limit I won't have any prospects of winning.
kame: Maa, the most important thing above any price is the happiness of the person when they receive their gift.
koki: The most important thing for me is getting points though (laughs).
nakamaru: Ah, figured it was that (laughs).

When it gets warmer I want to go fishing!
kame: By the way, what has everyone been doing in their private life?
ueda: Lately Kame and Nakamaru have been eating out together and stuff.
kame: Well, frankly we're in the middle of a fight now so it's kind of awkward...
nakamaru: What the heck.
kame: We couldn't meet eye to eye on our opinions so I don't really want to talk about it...
nakamaru: Hey, this is the first time I'm hearing this (laughs).
kame: ...and that was all a lie. Indeed, we have been eating together and stuff. Ueda and Taguchi seem to have been hyped up talking about games nowadays too.
ueda: Yess. Taguchi is teaching me all about games now. The other day I also bought a game that he recommended.
taguchi: That game has been really popular recently... (The rest of the conversation that continues is all about games)
koki: Taguchi, you're talking for too long!
ueda: Maa all you need to take from this is that I might be obssessed with games thanks to Taguchi's influence.
nakamaru: Ueda seems cool from the outside but surprisingly, he's the type that gets incredibly engrossed into one thing.
kame: By the way, how about Koki? Have you been into anything recently?
koki: It's not something I've been into but the time it takes to take care of my pet dog and monkey has been long~. M
y monkey, Momo, eats lots of fruits and vegetables so I've been diligently cutting them for her. My place feels like it's slowly becoming a zoo so it's fun.
nakamaru: I see. Then you don't really go outside much?
koki: Not much now. Ah, but Taguchi has been into fishing lately right? Bring me next time.
taguchi: Sure! There have been more women anglers (women fishing) too.
kame: Ah, you meant, "We can fish for women" as a Taguchi joke.
nakamaru: I don't get it~~ (laughs).
ueda: So random, he'll say whatever works.
kame: If the people who get it never respond to him, nobody would ever get it (laughs).
nakamaru: You're so nice Kame.
taguchi: Maa, but really I want to go fishing. It's a bit cold this time of year so I'll go around Spring.
koki: Ah, speaking of spring, I'll be busy so it'll be impossible!
taguchi: Hey don't decline (laughs).
ueda: You won't know yet if you'll be busy in the spring or not (laughs).
kame: By the way, how many times has Taguchi been fishing?
taguchi: ...I had a bit of a boom and am at about my 7th time.
ueda: Then, you mean 5 times (laughs).
koki: So that means we can't call you a fishing master you know.
kame: Not a genuine one I guess.
taguchi: Eh~that's not true~. I properly went to the fish goods shop...
all: Fish goods shop!?
taguchi: I mean, not the fish goods shop, the fishing gear shop! (laughs)
koki: You failed with a slip of pronounciation (laughs).
taguchi: But hey don't misunderstand, I properly bait when I fish. ["bait" sounds like "misunderstanding" in japanese, which means he purposely said 'fish goods' so they would misunderstand him]
kame: ...I'd like to request a cancellation for that pun you just made.
ueda: Definitely no good, that one just now.
taguchi: Aw how come nobody is hooked, even though we're talking about fishing.
koki: Ahhh~?
nakamaru: ...Shall we move on to the next topic.
kame: So, does anyone else have other current events~?
nakamaru: Ah, I have one! There was a store that was shot in one of kame's dramas awhile ago but recently I found out that the store was being managed by my friend's grandma.
kame: Eh~really?
nakamaru: Yup really. It seems they praised kame, "He had such good manners, he is a good kid~".
ueda: It's a small world isn't it.
nakamaru: Yeah, I was surprised! There are such things as coincidences huh...Sorry, this isn't the kind of talk we can expand on but I just wanted to mention it once (laughs).

In 11 years, Kame and Koki will perform as a duo!?
kame: So in our last words, let's all talk about our goals for 2011. Starting with your personal goals, Nakamaru?
nakamaru: I've decided "Travel once this year" as my goal so I'm going to find time and think about where would be good. It will depend on my mood at the time so I won't know the destination until then.
koki: If I have time too, I want to travel to many places.
ueda: You know, I want to go to a hot spring and relax!
all: Awww~~hot springs!
ueda: Ah, but I'm not inviting any members <3>
nakamaru: Ehh, we got rejected by a face that's somehow smiling way too much (laughs).
kame: My grandma lives in Tochi so I think I'll visit her and go to the hot spring nearby and ski, it'd be nice to pass time lei~surely there.
taguchi: I'm thinking about getting a ship license. I heard it takes around 2 days to get.
kame: Taguchi will become a full-on "man of the sea" (laughs).
nakamaru: Oh yeah just a while ago weren't we talking about a "Beyond beautiful woman of the sea"? Taguchi will become the opposite version of that.
ueda: Beyond gorgeous fishing master. ["Ikemen sugiri" fishing master]
ueda: Hahaha, so we're taking it there huh~. Maa, anytime you guys want to go fishing contact me!?
kame: You'll come back when there's a concert right (laughs).
ueda: But you know, without Taguchi it'll become 4 and the balance would be bad so Nakamaru take a break.
nakamaru: Oi~! (laughs)
koki: Well, if you do that it'll become 3 people and if that's the case, moving around would be difficult so Ueda you should take a break too.
ueda: Oi~! (laughs) kame: You would return for the recording right. We'll need you for the beatbox part.
nakamaru: OK-. If you contact me I'll be there right away!?
taguchi: Wow it's amazing, We were all supposed to talk about out goals for 2011 but before realizing we ended up talking about Kame and Koki acting as a duo (laughs).
koki: Not bad.
kame: Maa, let's leave everything we just said here today (laughs), and finally ask what are KAT-TUN's goals for 2011?
nakamaru: It all comes down to what we want to happen in reality, which is a tour.
all: Exactly!
koki: Because we want to travel everywhere nationwide and see our fans. Not to mention, we were finally able to tour overseas after 10 years and if there was another chance we would love to do it again.
taguchi: Yeah, I'd love to do it!
koki: We're also planning to do some live concerts outdoors so there's always that to look forward to.
ueda: Anyway the only choice we have to try harder than we have before.
kame: Yeah. Also I think it's important that we continue to make more and more time for the members to discuss things.
nakamaru: Mm. That's essential yeah.
kame: It would be great if it were a year where we as KAT-TUN and as individuals grew.
all: That would be great~. Yeah~~!

translations credit to daphuni

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