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Thursday, 27 January 2011


Dated : 14th of January 2011

Everyone who finished Friday
Otsukare sama

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

The 2011 soccer Asia Cup is now in session ne

It's a tournament that decides the strongest soccer(-playing) country in Asia

Talking about the Asia Cup, the strongest memory that remains (in my mind) is the 2004 tournament

In the quarterfinal match of Japan with Jordan, the score was 1 v. 1, so they went to PK (stands for penalty kicks i.e. penalty shoot out)

The condition of the pitch was bad(.) The first and the second left-footed kicks by Shunsuke and Alexander Santosu, both of them, once they kicked, their feet (something something & they) missed, so the score became 2 (Jordan) v. 0

At that time, the feeling of it being unsatisfactory flowed because there was no fairness due to the bad conditions of the pitch (ground) and it looked like (the team?) would give up halfway in hopelessness, but after that the captain Miyamoto Tsuneyasu ran up to the chief umpire and requested they changed goals for the (next) PK, and the chief umpire accepted that request

It was unheard of to change the goal in use halfway through the penalty shoot out

'It's 0 versus 2 in the PK, it's impossible now!'

'It's nice (of) Miyamoto, but it's too late!'

I remember shouting that (kind of thing) in my heart

And after that, the goal keeper Kawaguchi Noukatsu(hope I read his first name right) was directed by the Gods (and) saved continously, and somehow with the results of the PK being 4 against 3, Japan reaped a dramatic victory

That moved me deeply

I remember that clearly even now

Kawaguchi was a god

He was a real God(-like) defender (lack of grammar here kinda makes me doubt what I just wrote, LOL)

After that in the semi-finals against Bahrain, at the end of extra time it was a 4 v. 3 victory

The final match, a struggle with China, was a victory of 3 v. 1

Just how many goose bumps did the tournament give (me/people/everyone?)

And this tournament, up until now, in the preliminary league, finishing two matches, (it was) one win, one draw

In the first match against Jordan it was a 1 v. 1 draw

In yesterday's match against Syria there was quite a lot of unsatisfactory judging but somehow it (ended up being) a 2 v. 1 victory

The game against Saudi Arabia is left (to be played)

Until now, looking at the feeling in the two games, because Japan can control the (games) quite well, it means the inevitably the opponents aim (for) the counter and the set play (so regardless of win/loss, they rely on the goal tally etc.)

So though (Japan) has the authority to control the game, it should be careful in regards to the counter (of wins/losses/goals etc.), (Japan) has completely picked up the first point in this period of time in a relatively calm (manner)

Also, managing to hold on, otherwise coming and gaining points in a power play against opponents, aiming to gain additional points in the counter in the Asian Cup preliminary rounds, isn't Japan currently developing an ideal game(?)

Also, looking at the individual level (of the players), and as the defending player Yoshida is a representative of Japan from now on, hasn't it become a state where (Japan) won't fail to (succeed)

Currently there is insufficient chances for the main object to hurt the defending formation (of Japan) and etc., in this tournament the experiences have been piling up and I want to point out more and more feelings/experiences

I'm also anticipating the next match against Saudi Arabia

Do your best Japan!!

See you
Gachan, tsu- tsu- tsu-

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  1. Yuichi sounds like a sportscaster here. It's so nice to see his passion for soccer.

    I hope he realizes that most (or all) of the readers are female. They don't care much about sports and survival games. Haha...
    He's lucky because I like soccer, so reading this is enjoyable =)

  2. It is nice to "hear" him talk about something he's passionate about. I happen to also love soccer and survival games, so I'm really happy to "listen" to him ramble on about them. In the last World Cup, I rooted very strongly for Japan, and was so heartbroken not only that they lost, but how they lost.

  3. Don't ask me about soccer... I'm totally fail LOL