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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


LOL~ I'm wondering what kind of strength did he use. I hope he can explain it more specific next time (<.<) ehehehe

Manual No. 51 - 4th January 2011

Again a Happy New Year.
Greetings from the mobile phone screen.

[photo of a plastic(?) rabbit]

It's Nakamaru.

This is the rabbit ornament in my home.

This year is the year of the rabbit.

After the countdown concert and after visiting the shrine for the first time in the New Year with everyone from JE I tried to watch the first rising of the sun.

[photo of a sunrise]

The morning sun seems to appear.

And yet before the sun ascended I used up all my strength and slept

It was a pretty scenery.

This year, too, I want to supply as many pictures and information as possible in Johnny's web, and to introduce them

[photo of one of his dogs]

I wish you all have a wonderful year this year too.

See you, bye

translations credit to nono96


  1. Yeah Yeah Nakamaru, supply us many pictures
    and information we want know it XD
    So sweet <3333 thx 4 translate ; )

  2. Thank you so much for the translation! I don't think I want to know what he was doing shortly before sunrise that he used up all his strength...I don't think my jealous heart can take it :-)

  3. mari-chan - yup, you're right and I'm most eager to know ihihihik^^

    eskarina1000 - nah~ just hope that he didn't do the same thing that we're thinking about LOLOL... btw, I got your address & will email you soon^^