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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Saturday, 8 January 2011



For the first part there wasn’t much. Ueda and Nakamaru talked about how they might change the Rocket Start Corner to a new segment, because they felt that it was a bit boring and they want to do something more lively. Then they promoted their CUW single. Nakamaru asked Ueda which disc he’d like to recommend and Ueda said Disc 2, because his solo song is inside, while Nakamaru said he likes the LE 1 because of the PV Making which includes the game segment that he had planned.

[Mail One KAT-TUN]
I read on the magazine that Tacchan steam boils chicken breast and vegetable so as to gain muscles, I tried it today because it looks delicious. It’s really yummy. Normally when the both of you are cooking do you follow recipes?
Nakamaru kun, apart from cookies, what else can you make? [this part was added by ueda]

N: that’s not written right!
U: (laughs) how’s it?
N: cooking? I don’t really cook
U: no?
N: the most is roast…like roast meat. I’ll do that, but I don’t really cook those more complicated ones
U: I can do it really well!
N: soup?
U: nononono, I can cook very well, really!
N: what can you cook?
U: like stir-fry…maa but like curry which I eat pretty often then I do it more…beef stew and such…and normal soup too…I used to make pork soup
N: pork soup is really good ne, it’ll be amazing if we can eat it everday…chicken breast meat is delicious right? I’ll eat chicken breast meat with plum or basil right
U: yes yes
N: that’s really~~ yummy right
U: yes very delicious, chicken breast meat is really good, and those with muscle and without
N: ah, there’s such a thing too?!
U: yes there are those without muscle, buying those will be better
N: oohh
*growling sound*
U: (laughs)
N: …what’s that?
U: (laughs) my stomach
N: it growled for such a long time….ooooooonnhh…thinking of chicken breast meat?
U: chicken breast meat ne
N: the next mail?
U: uh

Recently Nakamaru kun has been playing indoor survival game, how do you play it? Please tell us the details.

N: I see…ueda kun, see, is also interested right?
U: because I played it in primary school
N: is it? then it’ll be really fun to play now too right?
U: uhh, indeed!
N: maybe females don’t know about this, how to play it, because they have never played it before
U: not many girls play it right
N: when asking to play survival game together, most guys will think “ahh, it’s a game among guys” right? Like this…if girls said to play survival game together, it’s hard to think of how to play..
U: because females don’t really play it right…when guys talk about survival game won’t there be many images of war etc
N: uh..then let me explain it…need to use soft air gun…use that to play. Most survival games are played outdoors, in forest and such, ours is the indoor type…maa it’ll rain and such too
U: must we use guns? Like hand to hand combat is that ok?
N: like CQC? [Close quarters combat]
U: yes CQC! Is that okay?
N: ummm….it’ll be trublesome when 2 people entangle together right…we’ll try to avoid it most of the time
U: ah so you can’t hit
N: even if you dislike also can’t
U: maa that’s true
N: (laugh) it’s a game a game!
U: that’s true
N: iya it’s really interesting! I’ve been to it twice
U: really?
N: very interesting!
U: that’s good’s’s Red Fox?
N: yes Red Fox…let me talk about the airsoft gun
U: eh still need to talk about it?
N: iya I won’t say a lot, just talk a bit about it
U: okay okay…actually when you think of “バイオハザード” [in English it’s Resident Evil] you’ll be able to picture it right…use guns to bang bang bang, isn’t it like that?
N: even if it’s like that, you still don’t understand how to play the game right?
U: what~~
N: know how to strike, but you don’t know the detailed rules right? Like no matter which part of your body is hit by the bullet, you’ll need to shout “Hit!”, it’s a rule
U: ahh
N: then the person that was hit will need to leave. If you hit all the opponents you win
U: ohh
N: next I’ll talk about the gun…mostly it can be categorized into 2 types, gasoline gun and electric gun. Now we’re mostly using gasoline guns, but in winter, because it’s too cold, the bullet won’t come out. So before the game we’ll need to warm it
U: uhh…is there a need to talk about this too?
N: iya…she asked how to play it I want to do a good introduction
U: uhh
N: maa..for electric’s okay to not use it..but electric guns….
U: are there females who play it?
N: yes there are
U: then…can I form a group?
N: uh
N: this…how to say it…like a female group
N: like ueda kun and other girls form a group?
U: uh, and then battle. Like with Red Fox
N: iya, I’m fine with that
U: is it very hard?
N: but if there are girls then it’s very hard to move
U: no no! those girls who are really serious, wasn’t there a self defense force, like that
N: ahh
U: those who seems like a fighter no matter what
N: how to say it…isn’t it very boring if you are with girls and can’t talk with them?
U: uhh very boring, that’s true…can’t we continue until we strike the head? Like in reality even if we hit the hand we can still continue
N: uhh but for survival game…
U: just being hit once and you’re out?
N: most of the times it’s like this
U: I see!
N: and…
U: oei!
N: it’s enough?
U: it’s enough!
N: then we’ll talk about it next time
U: uh
N: that’s all?
U: okay
N: that’s all for Mail One KAT-TUN

[Ueda and Nakamaru discussion corner]
My friend used to tell me that “it’s quite obvious when you are disinterested in what I’m saying”. True I was not interested in what she was saying so I wasn’t listening, but I know that it’s not a good thing. How can I listen to something which I’m not interested in? Please give me some suggestions.

U: you’ll need to try hard
N: ah, need to be willing to do it
U: like think of how the person feel
N: that’s right. Put yourself in the person’s shoes. But if the conversation is about catch ball then you’ll need to respond right. But it’s important to know how to listen
U: yes so you’ll need to try hard
N: need to try hard
U: like this, if you listen attentively then it’ll be alright
N: it’s nice to be listened to too, that’s our suggestion
U: yes yes…it’s good to listen attentively
N: people who lend an ear to others are good
U: that’s right
N: then that’s it
U: yes

It’s my parent’s wedding anniversary, what present should I give? Ueda kun and Nakamaru kun, if you are a father what present will make you happy?
N: iya...will be very happy
U: what to give…like holiday vouchers?
N: I was thinking of that too
U: a present that will let the both of them relax, it's good right
N: how old is this person
U: 16
N: is it, then should consider something that won’t require a lot of money. The most important is the thought.
U: then I don’t know…something like cooking…it’s good to do that in a family right?
N: have you done anything before? For your parents’ anniversary
U: uhh, nope
N: no right…birthday will have…anniversary nope
U: don’t have…then let’s continue?
N: we haven’t give a concrete solution! We don’t know too, what will make them happy?
U: anything will make them happy, from the parents’point of view
N: I’ll do that too, it’s the thought that counts…we don’t have a concrete advice, shall I search in on the web?
U: search for wedding anniversary?
N: see if anything will come up
U: I think cooking is good enough, she’s just 15!
N: do it herself?
U: she’s in her teens, like in sec 3 or high sch year 1…to be able to receive cooking from her, and hearing “congrats”, won’t you feel super happy?
N: will be super happy
U: actually even if you do nothing, children are cute themselves
N: I think so too!
U: maa, will be very happy
N: then the suggestion is homecook food?
U: uh
N: isn’t that great? That’s it then
U: uh

[After reflecting ending corner]
N: this week’s word is this: “my stomach growled!”
It’s super loud ne
U: really long ne…I think so too
N: it’s probably recorded in right, the sound
U: recorded in! definitely!
N: your stomach is hungry right…then that’s it, see you next week!
N&U: onegaishimasu

translations credit to kattunsaikou

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