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Saturday, 11 December 2010



Keyword Interview

C => Character habits

Arena 37 : Your own best habits ?

Koki : What is mine I wonder...
Junno : For Koki, you're good at taking care of others, aren't you ? Like for your younger brother, you usually give them birthday presents, new year's money and such. I haven't got any younger brothers so I haven't done things like that. I envy you.
Koki : Ah..thank you. So please take it (the answer) as what Taguchi just said (Laughs).
Maru : Mine is that I usually wake up early.
Kame : about 8.30AM, he often mails or even phones me. But that timing is really not proper to answer the phone. I really hope he'll change this (habit) (Laughs bitterly).

Arena 37 : What time do you usually wake up ?

Maru : I usually wake up at 7-8AM. When my body is in good condition, I tend to wake up at 6AM. I eat breakfast. And then in the morning half of the day, I can do what I want to do.

Arena 37 : What about Kamenashi-san ?

Kame : It should be that I live my life the way I feel. Thinking of what to eat, when buying clothes, wherever I am are all NO PLAN. But I like the way I am (no plan) like this (Laughs)

Junno : Mine is probably my kindness.
Everyone : Ummm....
Junno : Eh...then probably I don't make others feel like being stabbed.
Kame : compared to a plant, you're more of a cactus ne (Laughs).

Arena 37 : What about Ueda-san ?

Ueda : There're things in human that I like and hate. But for people, to like themselves is important too. (Translator : I'm really not sure about this sentence. Correct me if I'm wrong.)
Kame : Are you Luffy (Laughs) ? ---> (Probably Luffy from ONE PIECE manga/anime.)

H => Home

Arena 37 : Most favourite place in your house?

Koki : For me, they're....on my bed, bathroom, & bathtub. These are only 3 places that I live my life.
Kame : For me, I like all the parts in the house. No matter where it is in the house, I always feel confortable.
Maru : For me it's the area around the TV. There're the TV screen, speakers, and the game console lining up. I love to stay in front of those stuffs.
Junno : Mine is the dining table.
Ueda : Mine is the bed.
Koki : I recently went to Ueda's house. There were nothing much. In the living room, there were only the TV and a sofa.
Ueda : That's because when friends come, sometimes we like to practice boxing. The living room is cleared so we could do that.

A => Angels

Arena 37 : For you all, what is your angel ?

Kame : So tough!!
Maru : Indeed, it's my pet dog.
Kame : Our family.
Koki : Mostly like that.
Ueda : Mine are friends.
Junno : Ummm.....(he's thinking).
Kame : The fans, right ?
Junno : Yes. All the fans.
Koki : Everyone agrees that (angels) are the fans.

N => Nice good, great

Arena 37 : What is the thing happened that you think it's so nice ?

Kame : When Koki told me he bought me my favourite manga "スカーフ (Scarf)", I thought it was so nice. --> (Not sure which Scarf he refered to.)
Koki : Now I'm keeping a pet monkey (= a loris). It's been sick for a while and not eating anything so I brought it to the hospital. Yesterday, I saw him/her able to eat some grapes so I think this is so nice.
Ueda : At the meeting that friends arrive at the same time.
Junno : When buying stuffs at convenient store and the total payment is 777Yen.
Maru : Nothing special (Laughs bitterly).

G => GOD god

Arena 37 : Anything you'd like to ask from God ?

Junno : I hope for world peace.
Maru : I'd like to ask for more muscle.
Ueda : I hope for an immortal life.
Junno : He finally makes a slip.
Maru : He's the guy like this.
Junno : Purirotto...something ?
Koki : Takkaraputo Popporunga Pupiritto Paro. (The spell used by Namek-jin, "Dende" to summone the dragon named "Porunga" in Dragonball manga/anime (and the dragon can bring dead people back to life)..... Gosh, he must be an avid fan to remember such spell. :D)
Arena 37 : Er...that's from Dragonball, huh? (Laughs)
Kame : For me, there'll be something I'd like ask from the god too. But right now, there's nothing special to ask.
Junno : Let me ask one more wish. No matter what I say, I wish everyone will laugh (Laughs).

E => Energy

Arena 37 : What is your energy resource ?

Koki : Beef. Beef and protein and rice.
Junno : Yogurt that I eat when waking up in the morning.
Ueda : Well-nourished food that's been designed.
Maru : Fan letters.
Kame : Fan letters, concert audiences, family and staffs who support us. All of these people.

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  1. I've always avoided writing fan letters, but if Yucchi gets his energy from them, maybe I'll have to start :-)

  2. You know, I've always think that if I sent a fan letter to him, it's only 0000000000.1% chance for him to read my letter AHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Same! I think he will never be able to read my letter. I hope he does if I write him a letter. He is my favorite in kat tun.