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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Tuesday, 14 December 2010



Rocket Start Corner
At this year’s Dome concert, the 4 girls beside me, who seem to be like primary school students said this after seeing Tatcchan’s uchiwa ,”As expected of Ueda, his collarbone is really nice ne”
N : So ueda kun, is today’s rocket able to start?
U : Nope
N : okay got it. Let’s start today’s show!
N : that’s so cold..
U : no, because i really can’t stand my name being called directly.
N : that doesn’t matter right!
U : no…I just don’t like it..
N : I see I see I get it, but it’s also not said by the person who wrote the mail.
U : furthermore they are primary school students right?
N : that’s what she guess
U : ah…like this…if she only talked about coller bones I’ll be able to say that I can get high, but because of saying“Ueda”directly..
N : so if it’s just collarbone then it’s okay? But because of saying“Ueda” directly then it’s now not okay?
U : yes, like what I’ve said…ah I’m just narrow minded/heart is small.
N : so small
U : (laughs)
N : for this year’s Dome concert, the DVD release date has been decided!
U : oh! When is it?
N : 29th Dec!
U : 29th? That’s quite soon
N : so…just nice that at the end of the year won’t we be going back to our hometown to welcome the new year, then we might need to stay awake all night right? So at that time you can use the DVD to kill some time.
U : that’s right
N : please buy it
U : yes while watching it you’ll enter the new year without realising it.
N : (laughs) shouldn’t we avoid that?
U : (laughs)
N : (watch it) a bit before the new year comes
U : and when you realize it the year is already over
N : it’s like didn’t even realize it and ah the year’s over. It’s quite a pity ne. Btw today’s a holiday, it’s Labour Thanksgiving Day
U : I see…
N : it’s a day when everyone give thanks to one another. Heard that Tackey & Tsubasa’s Tsubasa kun gave the manager clothes as presents
U : eh…if that’s the case then I’ve also given clothes to the manager before!
N : Because it’s like “why not try giving him this?” right?
U : no…because I heard that he wants it so I gave it to him
N : ehhh
U : and after receiving it he said “iya, such glamorous clothes, I won’t be able to wear them”
N : there’s a feeling of “even if you feel this way there isn’t a need to say it!”
U : (laughs)
N : we’ve never given Johnny san presents for thanksgiving, but did give him birthday presents.
U : yes yes yes, we did give before
N : didn’t we give him dried plum too? And he said it was delicious too. Apart from this weren’t there other backup presents.
U : Taguchi was thinking hard and kept saying “hmm what should we do..”
N : something like “won’t a hat be nice?”
U : (laughs) hat..
N : or belt, something like that…there were a lot of suggestions. Thinking of presents is surprisingly very interesting
U : maa…if talk about coming up suggestions for presents, then we are…
N : really played a lot of pranks
U : pranks are fun
N : something like “eya isn’t it good?”
N : like “isn’t this quite suitable? And recently doesn’t KAT-TUN exchange presents among members? After this has started, the no. of times that I need to think of what presents to buy for others has increased. Isn’t it Taguchi’s turn next?
U : ah…Taguchi…
N : eh?
N : haven’t you think of it?
U : umm…most of the times after someone’s turn there is more than one month in between right before we start the next one, but Koki and Taguchi’s birthdays are very near.
N : that’s right
U : so it’s like before we forget about it the next one has started
N : and btw it’s soon
U : I have yet to buy that guy’s..Taguchi..
N : I went out and saw one that seems okay. Surprisingly Taguchi loves boring things, so I was thinking of things like sweets and such.
U : what did you get from Taguchi? Like a humidifier?
N : yes
U : then just give that?
N : give the exact same thing back?
U : because that guy also wants it for himself too
N : ahh, I see…but I don’t even know where I can buy it
U : but I’ll probably not win it this time. I feel like this time Koki will probably win it
N : eh?
U : I’ve already seen what Koki bought
N : ah, is it that good?
U : that…it really has a large advantage
N : are you serious, then let’s think carefully
U : uh
N : time to play songs…the release date for “Change Ur World” has already passed, so we can also play other songs. How’s that?
U : then, “Change Ur World”
U : eya no no (laughs). Change Ur World has already been played many times, felt like it’s been repeated lots of times. So play “Neetman” is not bad.
N : eh?
U : thought that I’d say “Change Ur World” right
N : I see, then let’s listen to “Neetman”
U : is it alright to play “Neetman”? then okay
N : onegaishimasu
U : please listen to “Neetman”

Nakamaru grandpa's preaching corner
U : so how’s it, recently have you been saying (like scolding and nagging) your sister at home or other kids around you?
N : nope nope (laughs). What “recently”, I’ve never scold the kids around me before okay!
U : recently it has lessened
N : what has?
U : people who can make you angry…the kids around you
N : I can’t lose my temper anyhow right. Not like they commit a crime and they have their parents to teach them too
U : ah parents…the times have really changed
N : no matter what it’s not for me to intervene right
U : not for you? but we do hope that ojichan can preach
N : if it’s really extreme then I’ll say them
U : I see. Maa, you see, if you preach here, they won’t complain about you since they can’t see your face!
N : eya! It’s revealed, revealed!
U : then let’s start!


I’m a girl currently at 2nd year of university. I like a senior from the same club, who already has a girlfriend. But I did spend a night as his house, we hugged, and kissed in the end. (N: what?!). To fall for such a dishonest guy, please scold me.

N : (loudly) that’s wrong!
N : that’s wrong! Because he already has a girlfriend!
U : uh
N : it’s bad for the girlfriend too. Feel like this guy doesn’t care about it
U : this guy is really a playboy right?
N : uh…it’s not good for anyone. And the most pitiful is the guy’s girlfriend!
U : yes! That’s right!
N : so, since we can’t scold the guy directly, then we shall say to the girl first. Maa, please stay clear headed. That guy has yet to break up with the girl, so it’s not good to stay over!
U : uh. If this continues it’ll become a bad habit. Always committing the same mistake, falling for the same type of horrible guy, and in the end you yourself will become a horrible woman too.
N : oh! That’s well said!
U: yes I’m much better than nakamaru ojichan
U : maa, it’s like that…
N : uh
U : recently nakamaru ojichan has not been very helpful
N : why is that so?
U : it’s because you’re scared right?
N : eh?
U : to be complained
N : eya, no no, it’s not like that! Maa it’s because recently the questions have all been rather difficult
U : it’s like a mixture of good and bad
N : uhh, there’s always a grey area, so it’s hard to say that it’s absolutely wrong
U : you need to address the root cause!
N : yes, we need to work hard too!
U : understood! That’s all for Nakamaru ojichan’s preaching corner!

KAT-TUN’s questionable rumours

[Yucchi dyed his hair in order to raise his spirits]
N : totally unrelated!
U : it’s about your timing right? Heard that it’ll be nicer if you dye your hair as the same colour as your eye colour
N : ah is that so?
U : like if it’s your hair’s blonde or black then it’s good to dye it brown [ah sorry not very sure about this line]
N : eh…
U : heard that it’s the best
N : really?
U : uh. Let’s continue

Ueda kun ate and looked at the mirror at the same time, often saying “ah this mirror is not good”, and prepared to change a new mirror. Is that true?

U : this…if it’s correct…so what?
N : feel like you don’t want to talk at all
U : right? I’ll take a mirror wherever I go right? But…that was done on purpose!
N : on purpose? The narcissistic image?
U : like holding a mirror and such
N : ah that’s true, it’s been exaggerated right. It’s during the junior period right?
U : yes, during the junior period
N : during the jr times, when changing don’t we have a full length mirror to 2 people. Ueda kun really took a long time looking at the mirror
U : probably seen me looking at the mirror, and used it as a rumour to spread in front of the audience. At that time I was still a junior, so I thought that I can’t possibly stand up and refute it right
N : yes yes
U : and because the audience laughed at it, during concerts, so if I were to refute it then it’ll spoil the atmosphere, so i did not clear things up
N : ahh
U : don’t you have times like that?
N : used to have it too
U : but if you think about it now, even if we refute it will stil lbe laughed at
N : uh
U : during that time we don’t have such experience, the first time MC in front of the seniors
N : ah, that’s right. We don’t really dare to talk during MC
U : yes yes
N : we’re rather passive ne
U : yes yes
N : so this misunderstanding has remained until now?
U : yes…but I do admit that I look at the mirror longer than others
N : so this rumour is …
U: fake!
N : ah, fake…
U : it’s fake
N : I see…so this rumour is fake
U : yes

Ueda seems to be bad with taiyaki

U : taiyaki…I just don’t like the bean stuffings
N : serious?!
U : feel like it’s not smooth. If it’s been paste then it’s okay
N : why do you dislike bean stuffings?
U : eh, I just dislike the sweet taste of the beans
N : feel like “beans are not supposed to be sweet!” ?
U : my impression of beans is that they should be like soya bean or natto
N : then those also can’t right? Those Red adzuki beans
U : no no no. can’t take it…and I hate raisins too! Even though there isn’t any link between the two
N : (laughs) you really dislike a lot of things ne.
U : yes yes I dislike a lot of things…dislike sashimi too, and mackerel…can you eat them?
N : yes can eat them
U : don’t you dislike anything?
N : nope!
U : oh, lying!
N : normally I like all kinds of food
U : that’s true…you even ate insects before on a show
N : that’s because I don’t have a choice! And it’s also not food right!
U : but it can be eaten?
N : that’s because…there’s no choice but to eat it…I had to eat it no matter what…but for the other food I’m okay with them
U : red bean? Ehh…it’s so rare, do you really not have any?
N : absolutely don’t have, until now there isn’t any
U : Then you definitely can’t go on “食わず嫌い”, that’s right, since you don’t have any food that you dislike
N : ah…is that so
N : so for taiyaki…
U : I don’t dislike it!
N : then what about bean stuffings?
U : not that I can’t eat it…but the one that I’ll *pui* after eating is raisins.

Then nakamaru talked about the release of the DVD, as well as the mail address

After reflecting ending corner
N : this week’s word is this: “raisins too”
U : ah raisins…
N : yes..that phrase is very interesting
U : food in the school canteen will always have raisin bread right?
N : yes there is, probably there still is.
U : do you know?
N : about?
U : milk and stuff. Don’t you think that it’s unbelivable, during secondary school days they will make us drink it
N : uh
U : don’t you feel brain washed?
N : why?
U : can’t we not drink milk? Think about it carefully why must we drink milk from the start
N : to obtain nutrients quickly…
U : then pig’s milk is okay right?
N : maybe it’s because (cow’s) milk has the most ingredient and such
U : then what about human milk?
N : that…no one will have such thoughts right!
U : no one will?
N : I’m not sure too. But even if there is, will there be a lot of people who drink it? Won’t you wonder who’s milk it is?
N : you won’t be able to drink it when eating bread right?
U : that’s true…okay then never mind
N : you’ve been thinking about this? I think that you’re more unbelievable!
U : then see you next week!
N&U : onegaishimasu

translations credit to kattunsaikou


  1. I get the impression that Ueda-kun would be an incredibly interesting guy to talk to.