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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Thursday, 9 December 2010



First, I want to health today. When waking up early in the morning, my throat is really sore, I've already caught cold several times this year. At time like that, food becomes hard to swallow and it's a disaster. It doesn't have any taste! Seriously, I want to change this easy to catch cold constitution of mine. From now till today's dinner! After that, I want to cook at Island Kitchen (a kitchen looks like a floating island in the middle of the room). I'll invite my friends over and I'm not the type that will go cook alone in the kitchen. I want to chat cheerfully with everybody while cooking. I wanna tell them my silly stories, wanna have one precious minute of laughing.


Things I want to change~ maybe hairstyle ne~ I want to brighten my hair color. Purple for example. I want to change it to an impressive color that can amaze myself and everybody!
Next, maybe waist, um, it's waist. I have waist pain, even though I'm still young. Lately I've played tennis with Okamoto-kun of Hey! Say! JUMP and it affected my waist. When I brushed my teeth the morning after, I squealed: "A~~it hurts~~", my lumbar disc was almost twisted. I feel so puzzled. Okamoto-kun is good at tennis, also runs fast and is strong as well...I want to change my waist a lot (laugh). I'll keep playing tennis, still, dear myself, dear my waist, try your best!

Recently, I've started raising a loris of the rare species Pygmy slow Loris. I like it since long time ago! I'd been searching all over Japan and finally I found it! Its name is Momo ❤. Now, by taking care of Momo, my life has changed. Ah, thing I want to change is actually shamisen (WIKI)! I started learning it since March. I can play 2 pieces so far. Lately, I've seen some people in the internet playing Eminem's songs by shamisen, "What the hell???" - I couldn't help but utter like that. I don't know much about the shamisen type that is used for nagauta (WIKI), and I'm thinking about a small change...maybe I'll move to tsugaru shamisen ne~ (WIKI)

I want to change my life. It's fictional though. Iya~ if I could become like NAKAMARU, it'd be great right? Always has a tranquil mind, not like me - a person always has passionate feeling, that's the reason makes me feel envious. Right, I always want to have a peaceful life. I also want to change my room. Not that I feel like moving to another place though, anyway, since my room is really messy, I wanna have someone cleaning it up for me. When receiving a vacuum cleaner from TAGUCHI, I tried hard to clean. However it was really annoying and in the end, my mother had to scold: "Your room is full of rubbish!!" A~ I want to stay in a nice room~

I'm now planning to renew wood furnitures and electric utensils in my house. It's "CHANGE MY ROOM!" (laugh). First, I wanna get a dishwasher. I really can't deal with vacuuming and doing laundry anymore, just by seeing the pile of unwashed clothes is enough to scare the hell out of me. I feel really uneasy when it's like forever to wash the soap suds off. Also wringing clothes doesn't go well with my strength at all! Moreover, what I want to have is a high quality bed. Maa~ sleeping in the bed that my parent bought for me since high school, or sleeping in a high quality bed in hotel...I don't know...

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  1. I hate cleaning, but I would clean for Yucchi! Maybe we could strike a deal (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)...

  2. I know that I've no chance to be his wife at all but can I apply to be his maid? lololol