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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 24 October 2010



(From 6.42 to 9.33)
U : maa something like girls talk is very hard ne
N : eh? it is?
U : it's very hard, very hard~~
N : it's hard?
U : eyaa... i think that if we talk dirty it'll be cuter aye~
N : are you sure~
U : really! This "K-Chan News"... is it Koyama's? I think that the topic on "What do you consider unfaithful?" is quite cute
N : then what do you talk about in girls talk?
U : it definitely include some topics that can't be talked about... ne~! it's like how some people will only reply "uh uh"
N : that can't be it right...
U : no! really! it's really like this...
N : maybe it's just different for some cases
U : because that kind of cute topics won't continue whenever there are guys around right... like "what do you consider unfaithful" that kind
N : so it's a kind of talk between girls that happen when guys are not around ne
U : yes it is ne
N : how's that?
U : eya... then let's continue our show?
N : no i don't mean to continue the show. so let's talk about topics involving love... how's that?
U : sure... then you shall set a topic?
N : topic... hmm what shall i ask..."what kind of actions done by the opposite sex will make your heart flutter?"
U : that question was asked just now!
U & N : (laughs)
N : it was?
U : it's also frequently asked in magazines right... to answer such questions, i don't even remember what i replied ne... things like physical touch and such, i really don't know how to deal with that
N : ahh... really an idiot ne... a guy that's no good with physical touch
U : no! no... i guess i'll mind, like i'll think... "ahh... this person... what does she want?"
N : like that one will definitely mind ne
U : but it's really quite troubling... because if she's not the type that i like, then i'll change into "don't touch me!"
N : wooa! that's so hurtful! ne... after hearing this, it's better for girls not to touch aye!
U : what about you nakamaru san?
N : working ladies!
U : hahaha why is that so!
N : my heart will flutter (laugh)
U : ladies in office wear right? that's super popular ne (laugh)
N : my heart will flutter ne! for now, isn't it very hard to find jobs? so everyone's working very hard isn't it... to think of "i'm working very hard to graduate from university, but why during such a period during high unemployment?" yet still fighting hard to continue, that's really cool ne
U : ahh... it's like having a goal in sight?
N : it's a bit different from having a goal... just purely feeling that everyone's working hard ne!
U : i see...
N : my heart will flutter!
U : so you like that type ne...
N : i'll feel like i want to encourage her and help her
U : to let her soar to greater heights in society... you like this type?
N : Yes! because look at us, we don't have such experiences right...
U : maa that's true ne
N : maybe that's why too
U : I see, hai~


(From 14.17 to 16.07)
N : Every tuesday...
U : aye! not yet! this hasn't ended yet!
N : is it now?
U : hai... have you decided on the song for nakamaru's punishment game?
N : every tuesday 12 midnight..
U : nonono... have you decided?
N : i don't know how to sing "hato popo"...
U : so anything is okay! if you've already decided then let's start now!
N : then "inu no omawarisan"
U : "inu no omawari"?
U & N : (laugh)
U : "inu no omawarisan" is okay ya?
N : haha do i really have to sing least give me a tempo
U : *dong**dong**dong*
N : drumming?
U : just do it like this! maa... if you laugh then you'll need to restart! because you have to do this seriously!
N : haaaa?
U *dong**dong**dong* are you able to start?
N : then...let's start... (in a small voice) i can't say i don't want to...
U : then let's start! nakamaru yuichi's "inu no omawarisan"..douzo
N : there's still a "-san" ne
U : *dong**dong**dong*
N : (singing) the little kitten that got lost...where is your home..where is your don't even know what's the name of your house...meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow... you don't know anything...inu no omawarisan (the dog police) is very troubled...*bark bark bark bark* *bark bark bark bark*
U : thank you very much! hahaha
N : i feel even lower than expected now
U : why?
N : i don't know too...
U : maybe because you're shy... thank you very much!
N : this is so hard...if it's beatbox then no matter how long it'll be okay...for this there isn't even any tune
U : because beatbox is your special skill aye... then let's end!
N : then... every tuesday midnight's R-ONE KAT-TUN! we are
U : Ueda Tatsuya and
N : Nakamaru yuichi...see you next week
U&N : bye bye~~

Working lady + older than Yucchi = me? *cough*

translations credit to kattunsaikou
video credit to mangasinlove


  1. working lady + older than Yucchi does = me... and I could really use someone sweet and gentle to support and encourage me...please excuse me while I go cry frustrated tears LOL

  2. "i'll feel like i want to encourage her and help her"

    ~Yuchi's quotes always make me melt~

    p/s : I'm a working lady who needs some encouragement from you Yucchi ~meow~