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Monday, 25 October 2010


ORI STAR (11th October 2010)

Ori Star : I would like to ask your feeling toward KAT-TUN World Tour 2010 which just finished.

Maru : We are very grateful that Oristar is constantly writing about us

Koki : Because your review made it great, that made us delightfully. (Laughs)

Ori Star : Nah, besides Only Star’s feeling, so how was the feeling to the world tour. (Laughs)

Koki : Different places came different atmospheres and different ways to have fun. But wherever we went, we all enjoyed very much.

Ori Star : There was surprises in overseas concerts.

Ueda : Korea was the first foreign country we did a foreign concert and it really impressed us. Of course, there was a surprise in Taiwan also, I was very happy about those.

Koki : Ma...because, the concert was overseas, so they could do such surprises, while in Japan there're regulations in watching concerts.

Maru : For us, it's no longer a given information but this concert directly made us realized the presence of our fans. In front of us, they enjoyed together with us and supported us. Those are the most valuable moments.

Koki : About Korean fans' reaction, they called my name (and clap along) “Koki! Koki!” (Note : Probably the so-called Korean cheering parts.)

Ueda : For me, it’s half-half “Ueda!” and “Tatsuya!” (Laughs). Eventually, they didn't stick to either name until the end.
Maru: Their craziness level was superb.

Kame : Yes, it was the first time so it was kindof very special, actually. Next year we would like to be shown different ways.

Junno : The “Iriguchi, Deguchi” was also amazing. I’m so happy that the words can be conveyed. Even by speaking normal Japanese speaking but we still got the reactions from fans.

Maru : However, using the word “Iriguchi, Deguchi” there, it wasn't that funny, was it? (Laughs)
Ori Star : There were many things happened during the tour.

Ueda: (Reading Oristar no.09/20 along) Not only in the past but also at this moment I’m still having fun being a KAT-TUN. Afterall, I’m still the same person, notthing's changed.

Maru : (Immediately responding) Don't you borrow the comments of Arashi's Matsumoto-kun (Laughs).

Kame : What?! Your facial expression was like “if it's this guy, then it's (borrowing) for sure."

Ueda : No No No (I didn't)~! (Laughs)

Ori Star : Local newspapers also published about the last concert in Taiwan with 4 encores. That was fabulous, the fans kept asking nonstoppedly.

Koki : It was the last of the last.

Kame : That was brilliant! We had even changed our clothes at backstage.

Koki : Both juniors and staffs had already said “Otsukare deshita” but then a staff came to our room “Sorry, but …(the fans asking an encores)..they are not stopping” that make us have to say “Otsukare” twice (Laughs). (Note : Otsukare deshita = a greeting for one who is coming off work.)

Kame : Actually, it’s slightly complicated. We enjoy encore but doing what they ask everytime, it would be out of control.

Koki : For instance at Tokyo Dome, after the announcement everyone has to leave.

Maru : Probably, the overseas regulation isn’t too strict. Anyway, we could feel the overwhelming passion of our fans so we were very much delighted. Moreover, there was our news in the local newspapers, I was so glad.

Junno : Also, it seems common over there to reveal the concert grosses.

Koki : That surprised us.

Ori Star : While we gathered information for publication, we were surprised about Ueda-kun's accident in the first day's concert.

Ueda : So there were much enough information, weren't it? (Laughs)

Ori Star : Not that much. Could you please tell us more details such as what happened behind the concert or member reactions?

Koki : First of all, we were in the situation that whatever happened, the show must go on.

Junno : There was Kamenashi-kun's solo and then the song Going! but only 4 members came out. We didn’t release our power as usual due to Ueda absence.

Ori Star : How about the four of you with Ueda’s accident? Also please tell about the annoucement at Taiwan's last show!

Maru : That’s very suspicious word, isn’t it (Laughs)?

Junno : When Ueda came to backstage, I didn't think it was this serious. But it seems his injury got worst over time. I thought he was fine because he even joked that “Look! It's (toe) bending”.

Koki : It looks like the adrenaline has been cut out.

Junno : Kamenashi-kun still didn’t know, right?

Kame : Un.. I didn't know this because I did my solo after Ueda's and continued to do with the Nakamaru's Clinic very enjoyable (Laugh). After finishing this, I went backstage to change clothes but found Ueda lie down with staffs surrounding.

Ueda :It was more than a pain at that time, I couldn't feel my left foot.

Maru : Talking now seems like a joke. But at that time when he took the socks off, he went extremely grumble “my toe thumb bend down~!”. But when I looked at both his toe thumbs, they both bended just as the same (Laughs).***

Kame : Ueda's toe thumb was especially bending down, you know (Laughs).

Ueda : Because, I know my toe well (Laughs)

Maru : If there was a bone fracture, then there should be a swelling. But you looked normal, no swelling.

Koki : Right, so I told him “Don’t worry Ueda! No swelling should be no fracture” (Laughs). Afterthat, I heard his toe thumb was indeed broken. I felt guilty for having said that.

Kame : I returned to backstage and found Ueda sitting down with no energy, as if the tiredsome after finishing concert. I knew he was unable to go out. What we would do in the next song, we discussed over this with producers and the injured Ueda.

Maru : A discussion together.

Kame : Un...we talk about, should we stop going for once ? Or what should we do? And can we just don't mention anything until the end, can't we? It seems that no matter what we had to go out with only 4 of us. That would definitely feel strange and to let everyone go back home with the (?) question marks, we would feel bad and would be a sorry to those who carried Ueda's uchiwas. Therefore, we must explain the situation to everyone. I know (when 4 of us went out), among the cheering applause, they transmited their doubts too. It was like this : Starting Going! - Bang - Kyaaaaaaa - Hmm??

Koki : A sudden flatten (Laughs). But no matter what we had to perform Going!

Maru : Before Going!, I and Kame did the “Doctor-Clinic” skit. I had already known that Ueda was carried to hospital but Kame still knew nothing so still managed to joke about "hospital" (Laughs).

Koki : Kame came up with “Doctor” jokes innocently while there was the real "Doctor" at back stage (Laughs).

Junno : It's good to be able to joke about it now, isn't it?

Ori Star : On the second day Ueda-kun came back on stage as if nothing happened. Even other 4 members didn’t have to take care you that much, you looked real cool.

Kame : There, we talked with each other that if it was necessary, then we came to support. Others than that, just perform like normal.

Ueda : I'm the type that hates the sympathy.

Ori Star : At the last show, you even announced “We'll come back next year” also.

Kame : It seemed that newspapers published about that. We really intend to do so (Laughs).

scan credit to koichitanjyobi
translations credit :
JPN to THA murasaki-kyokai
THA to ENG i am mayfairy & yuijbj

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