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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Dated : June 2006 (credits to ata2308)

It was the first concert tour after debuting. Does it feel different now after the debut?

Nakamaru : There isn’t any difference. Isn’t, isn’t, isn’t.
Tanaka : Isn’t it [the debut] for a visitor to remember the songs easier?

I hope that everyone has learned them. The album, single and DVD are recording amazing sales.

Nakamaru : I don’t care about the figures!
Tanaka : Because figures are everywhere.
Nakamaru : Well, compared to the past you listen to the music more properly now. The whole song is learned even though it has several pieces (it’s longer). I don’t think something like that would be possible without publishing a CD. If I dare to say, it’s like a having a divided love. That’s why we don’t worry about figures. Ne?
Tanaka : Yeah, since it’s just a number.
Nakamaru : Those two doesn’t fit together (laugh).

What kinds of things happen during the concert?

Nakamaru : While our excellency moved (under the stage) I hit my head really bad! It has become a heeding bump (?). I could see stars at that moment. I cried because it was so painful. Though I was much closer to tears, when the concert was over (laugh).
Tanaka : I didn’t cry, the children in the hall all cried really loud (laugh). While performing near the guest seats, a mother embraced her child and wanted to give it to me, it was a good child, a really good child. Though the moment the child saw my face, the child made this eyes (frightened eyes) and went all “Kya~!”.
Nakamaru : It’s the view which looks at an evil spirit (laugh).
Tanaka : The mother looked away after it too.
Nakamaru : That should have been a completely awkward atmosphere (laugh).
Tanaka : Whenever I passed the visitor front, the mother looked away (laugh). Don’t I seem like a man who would help a lost child in front of the station?
Nakamaru : Koki is really kind.
Tanaka : For some reasons I wasn’t surrounded by children (laugh).

Recently do you do stuff together?

Nakamaru : We always play together.
Tanaka : After “Dream Boys” we went to an amusement park.
Nakamaru : Yeah, we went, we went. I like to go to both, amusement parks and theme parks.
Tanaka : We went to the go carts, after that to the haunted house, and get on the jet coasters too.
Nakamaru : Ah, and we went to watch that, didn't we. Like the guy who did it in a live house in Yokohama. (?)
Tanaka : Oh, we went there. It’s sort of like beat boxing, just that the people do it for 1 or 2 hours.
Nakamaru : It was interesting.
Tanaka : I bought a CD. And my appetite for food came back in the family restaurant.
Nakamaru : Speaking of food, the last time we shared a hotel room, we called the room service and ordered it, ne.
Tanaka : We ordered a menu for two persons together and put the food on the bed and ate facing each other. We are lovers already (laugh).
Nakamaru : A fillet steak, corn soup and salad. But we shared the corn soup and the salad (laugh).
Tanaka : It was like one [entire thing] is too much isn't it? Let's spilt it in half (laugh)
Nakamaru : We watched western movies too (laugh).
Tanaka : In one movie the subtitles didn’t appear (laugh).
Nakamaru : I was seriously scared. Because there weren’t any, we needed to work hard (laugh) (to understand the movie… I think xD)

Since both of you have such a good relationship, don't you have things like "no one else but me knows about this"?

Tanaka : I know the number of moles on Nakamarus nose.
Nakamaru : Liar even I don’t know it.
Tanaka : Ah, it's one of those things I notice unintentionally.
Nakamaru : This site of Koki is really effective. That’s why his appearance is so amazing. When it's time for the meal, he eats properly (laugh).
Tanaka : But Nakamaru can be selfish sometimes. Just like a real woman. Every time I want to do nothing, he always comes to visit me. “I came to pick you up” is what he always says. Sometime ago before a live, Nakamaru had some things to do in Ginza and he said “I want to meet you in Odaiba”. What do you think is the reason for the person to come to me? To polished his car?! For a date (laugh).
Nakamaru : No, because I’m a poor guy I say “Where… where… do you want to go”. However I always pick you up at your neighbour house. I’m gentle.
Tanaka : Nakamaru is the one that I’m the most comfortable with. Since we are together in KAT-TUN our relation is really good, that’s why we are always together.
Nakamaru : I’m also comfortable. From now on let’s be a family. I become a Nakamarukoki (He say’s 中丸聖 … I don’t know how I should read that ^^;;)
Tanaka : I will go to the bride (laugh). My girlfriend will become my bride (not sure …)

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