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Saturday, 19 March 2011


Dated : 16th of March 2011

It's been a while since the last update of "Nakamaru's Page".
My deepest regard to the people affected by the Tohoku region Pacific Ocean offshore earthquake.

Recently, we got to send a (J-web) Message as KAT-TUN, and all the members are worried about everyone at the disaster-struck areas.

During the earthquake all the KAT-TUN members were in Tokyo.
We've never experienced such violent shakings before, but everyone is alright.

I've seen the image reports of the huge earthquake and tsunami.
There are also images of places that I’ve visited before such as Kesennuma, seeing the places that I’ve memories of being engulfed in tsunami is very shocking and heartbreaking.

The shelters will be cold at night.
There is a lack of supplies.
Also heard that the lifelines have all stopped operating.

In addition there are a lot of aftershocks, it's a situation that is both physically and emotionally agonizing.

I'm sad that I can't do anything, but I'm praying that everyone will be alright.
For the self defense force, and people helping out in the relief efforts, as well as rescue workers from other countries, I pray that they will be able to save more lives in Tohoku.

And as reported by the news, Japan now has insufficient energy supply.
Kanto regions are also having planned blackouts.
Apart from having planned blackouts for the Tohoku region, we can also conserve energy by ourself.

For me, apart from the fridge, all the other appliances that are not in use have been unplugged.
As for things to keep warm, if you wear thicker clothings it should not be a problem.

For Tohoku, let's start by conserving energy together.

The small things around us, simple things that could be done by everyone are unquestionably
the necessary measures that must be exercised now.
Everyone reading "Nakamaru's Page", let's do so too.
One person’s action might not be able to save a lot of energy,
but if everyone who is reading this page can do so together, we'll be able to conserve a lot of energy.
Let's become one.

Also, everyone please be careful of aftershocks.

Nakamaru Yuichi

translations credit to kattunsaikou

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