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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Posted by KAT-TUN on 15th of March 2011

Dreadful things are happening.
Immediately following the earthquake, we confirmed the safety of the members by mail, luckily all were unhurt and safe, but we are worried about everyone's family, loved ones and the victims of the disaster now.

Aftershocks etc... still worrying, but prepare properly so you can calm down and act when it's important.

Conserve energy etc... even just one second, starting from things around us, are there things we can do?

There are still people suffering. It's not someone else's problem. It ought also change everyone’s feelings.
Everyone is connected, we become one.

And then we pray from the bottom of our hearts for the safety of the people in the affected areas.


Kamenashi Kazuya
Taguchi Junnosuke
Tanaka Koki
Ueda Tatsuya
Nakamaru Yuuichi

We become one.

translations credit to nono96
origional message from johnnys-net


  1. thank you very much.
    I'm worry about them so much
    crying all the time
    I hope all of them safe and have food enough for eating

  2. Thank you so much for translating this and posting it. I feel so awful for everything that's happening. I've donated money and am trying to get my company to do a company wide collection, but I wish there was more I could do. I'm glad all of KAT-TUN are safe and I hope they stay that way.

  3. I'm glad that they are safe.
    I feel sorry for all the victims.
    Stay strong Japan!!!

  4. Can I ask you something? Has Nakamaru updated his blog lately after earthquake had happened?

    After 11 Mar , even though we know that he was safe but I don't know anythig how he was, how he lived ,where he is now, still living in Tokyo

    I'm so sorry to ask you so much. I'm really worry about him.

  5. Dear all,

    Let's keep praying for their safeness ne~ btw, it wasn't me who translated it. This has been translated by nono96^^

    anonymous - sorry for my late reply dear... I've just posted Yucchi's page. I hope it will help you to reduce your worry. Btw, may I know your name?