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Monday, 28 June 2010



Dated : 16th of June 2010

They won

Soccer World Cup

First match’s fight against Cameroon

The score was 1-0

Japan won


Good evening

I’m Nakamaru Yuichi

Yeah baby

Waking up the next day, [it felt like] it was the most refreshing morning of the year

But honestly now is not the time [to be] nyokinyoki«1

Japan won the fight of the World Cups’ preliminary league«2, and gained 3 points

That’s an excellent thing

I haven’t forgotten either, the American World Cup in 1994, the ‘Agony of Doha’«3 of Asia’s last preliminary round

That year was when I started playing soccer, approximately that is, and in Japan the J-League was started, and because of that national soccer fever was raised strongly, so soccer was the centre of my life

That was the first time Japan could have been able to participate in the World Cup, and so there was a feeling of [great] anticipation in Japan

However, right at the end«4 Iraq was allowed a run during stoppage time, and because of the point spread of the qualifiers tournament, [Japan] wasn’t able to participate

At that time, as a child, I was taking part in a soccer team coaching camp, and the surrounding adults who longed for [the Japanese] players to participate, flopped onto the ground in huge grief, even now I [still] remember that clearly

I’m really sorry for that moment

Then 4 years later, Japan participated for the first time in Cup in France

It [was] the ‘Delight at Johor Bahru’«6

[We] were attached to the French Cup, everyone in the soccer team gathered at the coach’s house and cheered in front of the TV

[Our] first world cup, we were completely defeated in the group league, but the world understood the difference of the cup, so passing that qualifying match always brings back [that] joy, even now it’s not forgotten

And again 4 years later Japan & Korea’s Cup, 2 wins and 1 draw in the group league, for the first time we participated in the Cup Finals, Turkey smashed [us] and because of that we were out in the world’s best 16 ranks

Then four years later the 2006 Germany [World] Cup was Japan’s participation in our 3rd consecutive world cup

In the Cup’s group league Brazil and the like had higher ranks, and that [remained] the same during the Cup. Despite being defeated in the group league, Japan’s soccer level was solid, and gave the impression that [they] had improved

And this time this Cup has become [Japan’s] 4th consecutive Cup participation, the group league’s important first match [is against the] higher ranked Cameroon

It was a success

It was worth my first time pre-ordering of pizza in a week’s advance

This group league, the way the 4 nations battle [against each other] means the 2 countries that are ranked the highest can participate in the finals tournament, so due to this system, 2 wins out of the overall 3 matches [means] you can go on to the finals tournament

Or 1 win, 1 defeat and 1 draw, but plus or minus the point spread, it is possible to be ranked 2nd

Therefore this match’s 1 win is quite important, it was a success

Next is the Holland match

Holland’s FIFA rank is 4th, and it is a fairly successful team, now there is a good flow [for the Japanese team] and we can face [the match] with more expectation, and you don’t know [what can happen]

In last year’s friendly match [against] Holland [Japan suffered a] crushing 0-3 defeat, but that matter doesn’t make much of a difference

In that match Japan kept up their excellent defence, but in the second half their physical strength had run out

So in the fight [against] Holland, I think it’s essential to relieve players«5 in the second half

Japan do your best to go on to the finals tournament

Well, today the 16/6, KAT-TUN’s NEW ALBUM went on sale

It’s a nice album so please buy it and enjoy the music

See you

Kachan, tsu-tsu-tsu

Translator's notes :

«1 Nyokinyoki – used to describe slow or gradual appearance/growth of things, such as plants

«2 Preliminary league – must be referring to the group stages here, I think. Or the qualification rounds for the world cup

«3 Agony of Doha, or Doha no higeki, term used by fans of the Japanese national football team to refer to the qualification match for their 1994 FIFA world cup match with Iraq, held in Doha in 1993. A win against Iraq would have earned Japan its first appearance at the World Cup finals as one of the two representatives from the Asian Football Confederation. Japan led Iraq 2-1 going into the final minute, but a late Iraqi goal ended the match in a draw. Instead, the World Cup finals spot went to arch-rival South Korea, which beat North Korea 3-0 in its final qualifying match. South Korea was even with Japan on points, but won the tie-breaker with the goal difference advantage.

«4 Literally it’s ‘at the end of the end’ i.e the extra stoppage time given after matches, which the Japanese called ‘lost time’

«5 you know, when they change players.

«6 'Delight at Johor Bahru' is basically what the Japanese call their success in their qualifying game against Iran. Iran and Japan played off a in the neutral venue of Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in what turned out to be quite a match, with Japan finally winning through 3-2 in golden goal extra time. oMayasuki Okano scored the golden goal and claimed his place in Japanese football history to send Japan through to their first ever World Cup Finals.

Translations credit to kk-me

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