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Friday, 18 June 2010


Dated : 11th of June 2010

Nyokinyoki, good evening!

I’m Nakamaru Yuichi.

KAT-TUN’s new album ‘NO MORE PAIN’ will be released on the 16th of June.

This time the album will include ‘Going!’ and ‘Love Yourself (Kimi ga kirai na Kimi ga suki)’, ‘THE D-MOTION’ A Side songs as well as other songs – solo songs and the live’s opening, the song planned to be used as the leader, ‘N.M.P (NO MORE PAIN)’ has been recorded too.

‘HELLO’ is in the regular edition, and for the first time the limited edition has a DVD as well as an enclosed Premium Booklet.

Personally the song I like the most is ‘RIGHT NOW’.

The intro section was processed to add the effect of my beatbox.

I think it turned out well.

The 'first time' limited edition is limited in number so please make sure to pre-order quickly.

On another subject, the other day I went with Masuda to have a meal and we had Monkey Banana Tempura.

Although it was the first time I ate it, it impressed me with its sweet aroma and curious texture. Looking back I think it was quite tasty. By the way before that we had rounded lotus roots*.

It was a peaceful dinner.

Now this week’s ‘Tensai wo Tsukuru! Galileo Nouken’ will be on air on the 12th of June from 19:54.

Everyone please watch and challenge the brain activation question.

See you.

Kachan, tsu-tsu-tsu**.

Translator's notes :

* served pickled with rice vinegar, sugar, chilli and/or garlic. Kind of like an entree? Had a taste the last time I went for karaoke, it was quite nice ^^

** here he's imitating the sound of hanging up your phone, and how the line goes dead after that. aint that cute?

Translations credit to kk-me

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