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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Saturday, 20 August 2011


TV GUIDE - 11th of FEBRUARY 2011


That is : the members think “the Ultimate side of him is this”!

From Koki : The feelings towards work. Of course everyone thinks work is important, but Kame is the one who always thinks about it carefully. In a certain meaning, he’s the best idol.
From Tatsuya : He’s good at baseball! I saw him at the Johnny’s sport event, and even someone that doesn’t know a thing about baseball like me understands he’s good.
From Yuichi : As first thing, his professional consciousness is high! Since he gives his best in whatever he does, when you look at him from beside, you can absolutely feel his professionalism.
From Junnosuke : It should be that star-aura, right. The action of suddenly take the sunglasses off in the intervals between the songs is absolutely impossible for me! (laughs)

KAME (about the song) : It’s a song with lots of expressions. I sang it entering in the spirit!
You can say it’s a KAT-TUN-style song too, but with the feeling of being a song that carries lots of faces inside it… “after that intro there’s this chorus?”, I myself was almost surprised. I think we can call it a song with a wide extension. I sang it with the heart entering in the spirit. But at the recording… I unexpectedly had a hard time! (laughs)

From Koki : He laughs easily! He opens his mouth wide and laughs loudly, so being together is refreshing, and even if you slip, if Taguchi laughs you’re saved (laughs).
From Tatsuya : He’s selfish! (laughs) He goes his pace, like the youngest children. I’m continuously spreading “you’re being selfish~” lines though (laughs)
From Yuichi : Maybe the acrobats. I think he has lots of dynamism because he’s tall. I can’t, at such a level you can say I “entirely and completely can’t do it”… (laughs)
From Kazuya : The “Ultimate” of Taguchi? As expected, his puns, right? (laughs) Because after all, he calms down everyone’s heart!

JUNNO (about the song) : When I listen to this song, the members surface in my mind.
It has the feeling of “refreshing rock”, a song that is simple to remember at first catch. Even the lyrics have the theme of “ring/wheel”, so while thinking about friends, you think “there are many people I sympathize with, huh”. Me too: the members surfaced in my mind. In the PV we dance a lot; I guess you will enjoy the different atmosphere from the CM!

From Yuichi : The motivation towards the rap, and how he builds up his own style. I would like that even more people listen to Koki’s raps.
From Tatsuya : His rap is incredible! Listening to it, for example during the concerts, I can feel “Ah, he’s good!” even if we’re band mates.
From Kazuya : His raps are the best! They’re really incredible. Even for us KAT-TUN is something that can’t miss.
From Junnosuke : He has humor, he will surely make each place excited. When we do the radio together, I keep laughing aaaall the time! (laughs)

KOKI (about the song) : It’s a refreshing, KAT-TUN-like piece
If I have to make a comparison, I’d say it’s “a song refreshing in our way”. After that, I like the gap. The image of the intro and the A-melody is completely different from the chorus, and even in the PV first we dance a lot and then it becomes slow: it’s like really opposite stuff are mixed together. Quietness and movements, light and shadows, white and black… I think it’s a song that permits you to enjoy that gap, both with eyes and ears.

From Koki : He continues doing hard stuff like boxing… he’s a hard worker. To me, I’d like to have that strength, even if I’m a stuffed guy (laughs)
From Yuichi : His stoicism. Looking how he gives himself into boxing, his attitude of continuing doing [what he’s started doing] no matter how much harsh may be, is impressing.
From Kazuya : After all, it should be the “lightness of his footwork”. Both his boxing and the way of get himself into shape are “ultimate”!
From Junnosuke : His stoic side, I suppose! Both in KAT-TUN’s activities and in boxing, he always puts all his force! He’s never inefficiently, even backstage! (laughs)

UEDA (about the song) : The image of a car turning at a curve on a mountain appeared.
The first time I listened to it, both the melody line and the sensation of speed the chorus has made me think that it was perfect for a car CM. It may be clichéd, but doesn’t it fit an image like turning at a curve on a mountain arriving from a straight road? (laughs) Moreover, the bare sound of the piano and the violins that sounds like they have been inserted as they are, may be a bit refreshing.

From Koki : He’s careful at everything! (laughs) I’m the type which is fine with doing things roughly, so if I’m not next to people like him, I’m troubled.
From Junnosuke : He is the kind person that can’t be hated by anyone. Since he has a side prone to worrying too, there are many people that follow to help him as allies.
From Tatsuya : He’s careful! His bag and house are clean; he has the image of being perfect. Only about time and hours he isn’t perfect (laughs)
From Kazuya : At the end, after all it’s probably the beat box. Because his way of reaching the best doesn’t stop halfway. I’m always stimulated by him.

MARU (about the song) : The “spirit” to add when singing at the karaoke is in the B melody!
The melody is catchy, the lyrics are simple to remember, it has the feeling of running at full speed exactly like the CM suggest. it’s really a “song for a car” (laughs) I especially like the part “No! No! No!” in the chorus, how that part remains in the ears. I think it’s simple even to sing at karaoke! If you sing it, put some emotion in the B melody; try to add a bit of modulation!

CONCERT [T/N PLEASE NOTE : This is an early February issue. Probably taken in January. The dates may change.]

*From May until October: 5 Great Dome tour
*Middle July: First open-air live at industrial complex

Kame: The details of the lives aren’t decided yet, but we’ll show you how we have grown up with the experiences we have had until now.
Junno: The 5 great domes were our aim, so the spirit is incredible! I want to do the industrial complex [live] with a manly feeling.
Koki: I’m happy that our dream has been granted, and it would be amusing if we can do a different live at each Dome. I’m looking forward to what we will do at the open- air event too.
Ueda: We have arrived here with the idea of wanting to perform at the 5 great domes, so we’re really happy. It seems that even the open-air event will turn out being fun.
Maru: The Dome tour will have the strength where we pour everything we have cultivated until now. At the open-air event, we will show a different taste from what you’ve seen until now!

The destination is whichever way the wind carries us?! The delusional long trip talk!

Ka: Ok! Today we’re going to talk following the theme “If KAT-TUN goes on a drive…”. It would be a “delusional drive date” of 5 guys~!
J: Let’s do a 1 night trip at a hot spring.
Ko: Where? Hakone?
N: Let’s entrust the plan to Taguchi.
J: The budget is around 6000 yen for 1 night?
Ko: It’s ok even if it’s hard to reach, but I want to enter in the hot spring.
N: That’s because you go on a trip, so the hot springs are important. Hot springs or camping.
Ko: Camping is fine too, but this time let’s go to the hot springs as Taguchi’s plan. Nakamaru puts the car and Kame drives. Then, halfway, Nakamaru will put me on my place with a comment because I will go too hyper. Ueda would be the one saying selfish stuff.
U: Then I can suddenly say stuff like “I want to eat OO” at a parking?
Ko: If it’s Ueda saying it, we can tour by feet all the parkings.
Other 4: We would never do that! (laughs)
N: By the way, of course we would use the new Solio, right?
Ka: Of course. I’ll put the car too!
N: Then, let’s go with 2 cars then?
Ko: We would get into them with a 1:4 ratio (laughs)
N: What’s that?! That in this case it would better go with 5cars?
Ko: We will use Solio to go touring.
J: Yes, fall in love. [*]
Ka: Hot springs are fine, but I want to do marine sports too. And billiard or Ping-Pong. But even if we enter all 5 together in the hot spring Taguchi will exit right away. Koki and I would take a long bath though…
J: Because it’s hot!
Ka: Well, let’s leave behind Taguchi’s hot spring discussion. I went recently to Guam for a recording and inside my heart I was thinking all the time “Ah, it would have been fun coming with KAT-TUN…”.
Ko: You’re suddenly saying touching stuff.
Ka: Because when we went all together to Guam was very fun. That’s why on this other occasion I thought “I will keep dear the group”.
N: Yes, you said a good thing. Are you possibly aiming to raise your degree of good impression? Ehy, Kame is slightly smiling?!
Ko: Write that he’s grinning! (laughs)
Kame: (laughs) By the way, I want to make so much noise and have a bunch of fun frolic all together!
N: In this case at the end Ping-Pong is the only choice, right? It’s settled.
J: During the driving we will be listening and singing to “ULTIMATE WHEELS” added at the hard disk beforehand. It sounds funny!
Ko: We would perfectly be the 5 guys of Solio; from outside we would look like the CM.
U: Then, at the end, what are we doing at night?
N: Sleep! And playing throwing pillows.
Ko: And chatting about favourite girls.
U: Is this a school trip?!
Ko: Ah, and the Ou-sama game? [**] “Number 1 and number 2 kiss~! Number 1 is Nakamaru, number 2 is Kame~”.
Ka: You want to do it with us 5?! (laughs)
J: “Kiss~! Kiss~! (beating the time with his hands)
N: This isn’t funny at all!
Ko: Then, in the morning, shocking waking up! [T/N: like jokes, waking up people scaring them, etc.]
U: We did these shock games in the past, right? Like scaring Kame.
Ka: I was the guy that was never shocked, right? We aren’t changed at all.
N: It’s time to think about the returning at home. The goal is my house, right?
J: Ah, then I get off halfway and go back home with a taxi?
Ko: In this case, we will leave you at your house.
Ka: And after Taguchi gets off…
Kame+Koki: We will go for another night out as 4 people!
All 5: Ahahahahah! (huge laughter)
Ka: “4 Solio guys!” [T/N: the original Solio slogan is “5 Solio guys”]
J: Eh~ Please~!

translations credit to iside89

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