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Saturday, 20 August 2011


TV LIFE - 11th of January 2011

2010 was a year of great change. The first tour outside of Japan was a great success too, so what do the boys feel about the activities of this year?

J: If we have to sum up KAT-TUN's 2010 in one sentence, it would be “We can change” [T/N: in English in the original text]. The new single is simply “CHANGE UR WORLD”.
Ka: You're right. The number of members changed too, and before this, there were individual changes while the solo activities of each one piled up; due to all of this, the balance of the group is changing yearly. Rather than being a year of reconfirmation, it was a year when the members tried to understand every member's mind direction.
Ko: It's true, we gathered many times to talk. I don't know about the other groups, but anyway I've the confidence that in this 2010 year, among Johnny's, we were the group that talked the most! (laughs)
N: As expected, we have realized that if we don't talk, we can't understand each other.
Ka: It sounds like a lesson for couples in their stage of ennui (laughs). Because thanks to our meetings we escape from the crisis of divorce (laughs)
U: Of course our faith as a group doesn't change... mustn't change. This is because [keeping] the balance of the parts that might change is difficult, I think.
Neverthless, what you considered a disadvantage at that time, it could be positive to be the origin of our growth as we look at it on the long term.
N: Indeed. For the time being, taking 2010 as an advantage, it's valuable to be able to reunite and talk all together, for example when it's time to release a new song. Let's continue with this stance from now on too.
J: Even being able to do a tour overseas for the first time was a big event. It was something we've always wanted to do, so I was happy. But it's sad that we couldn't go to Thailand (because the show was cancelled due to the political unrest)...
N: Yeah. I really felt that our job is one that can be done only during peaceful times. I reconsidered and corrected my point of view a bit.
Ka: Oh, you said a wise thing!
J: But Korean and Taiwanese fans were amazing, weren't they? We rarely meet them, and more than being wild/enthusiastic, it was like the power was conserved and piled up and exploded.
U: What I thought when we were doing the Asia performances was that even if our cultures are different, the fact that we can transmit something to our audience, and the fact that we actually transmit it, doesn’t change. I was somehow happy.
Ka: I understand, I understand. With that meaning I felt the blessing during the domestic tour too. I think that the fact that we were able to do the Arena Tour had great importance too. If perhaps we had done only the Dome shows and then immediately done the overseas shows, the feelings would have been absolutely different.
Ko: “After having met our Japanese fans, we challenged the overseas [shows/world]”, right? Thanks to them, we could gain power and we received confidence.
Ka: The Arena Tour was fun, I want to do it again. We may ask Miyazaki Hayao-san to help with ideas for the set on the next tour.
J: You're exaggerating~ (laughs)
U: That's great. Then, starting with that, let's ask for a movie too!
Ka: Exactly (laughs). Because being a voice actor for a Gibli anime is my dream. I'm thinking about the live too, but I had an exchange of opinions with Nakamaru about the direction to take in 2011.
Ko: When did you talk?
Ka: Yesterday we had a date and we talked.
N: In a Cafè in Urahara, yeah (laughs).
J: I want to give my best in order to have a KAT-TUN TV program in 2011. I want to challenge many things I've not done yet.
Ka: I think there are many things we still haven't done as a group. For example, we have never done a theatre play all together...
J: With the members? So embarrassing! (bitter smile)
U: I can do it.
Ko: I just don't want to see Nakamaru's love scene.
N: You don't need to worry, there's no demand. (bitter smile) But if we would be able to do a drama as a group, it seems it would be fun.

translations credit to iside89

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