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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Monday, 22 August 2011


R-One KAT-TUN NO. 277
Dated : 27th of July 2011

First off, they're talking about summer holidays and the homework they had to do during the holidays when they were students. Maru said that for free studies he once decided to check which kind of ships or boats would pass on the river close to his house. So he sat there from morning till night, but since he didn't bother to inform himself beforehand and was Sunday, there was only one ship the whole day, where he decided it didn't even count because it looked questionable. He did sketch it though.

Regarding Run for You release : Maru reminds everyone to not forget to preorder it, Ueda first says that you don't really need to, but Maru wants you to get the limited version with the video :D
Ueda says that for the making, Maru's backstage corner takes up 70%, but that it was fun and should be fun to watch too.

- Run for You -

Ueda & Nakamaru consultation corner

A girl is asking whether it wouldn't be too strange to invite the person she likes (from a different school) via mail to a firework display.

Ueda suggests that it might easier to invite them if they go in a group and not to worry whether it's strange to be the one doing the inviting. He mentions that girls becoming more 'carnivorous' but guys more 'herbivorous' (soshoku danshi) and Maru tries to start a discussion about how the phenonemon is connected to the economy (I believe he mentioned that before) but Ueda isn't having any of it. Maru, always the mother hen, also warns them to get home on the agreed time and not stay out longer despite how fun it is to earn your parents' trust and you can go out again.

A girl fell in love with someone in middle school and confessed after graduation via mail. She got rejected, but they still exchange mails and she still has feelings for him. Should she confess a second time?

Both agree that doing it a second time is kinda questionable. The third rejection, you know it's pointless, but for the second, chances are not completely zero. And people change after starting high school (Ueda says they start wearing make-up, as if that is a major point XD)
If she gets rejected a second time, it would be better not to try it a third, or you seem pushy. Then they say since she's only 16, there are still plenty of chances to fall in love and she shouldn't be depressed if it doesn't work out.

KAT-TUN questionable rumours

N: It's been quite a while.

U: Right~

N: Well, let's read the first: I heard that while Ueda-kun was working with Shaku Yumiko-san in "Konkatsu", he confessed to her, but her manager said it's a NG. I apologise if this is a question you can't answer.
Ueda-kun, is this true?

U: Noo... Well, certainly... nonono, I didn't confess. We became good friends, but nothing else.

N: Your face is red. (laughs) Ueda-kun, why are you red?

U: Nonono.

N: Were you told by the manager that it's a NG?

U: He didn't, he didn't! No one said it's a NG. The information is true, but the content...

N: True?! Which part is true?

U: We were in "Konkatsu".

N: Ah, that you were just on good terms?

U: Right.

N: Did you confess?

U: No, I didn't. No confessions. (laughs)

N: No confessions...

U: Already for the first round we got an attack~

N: This is quite close... Wouldn't it be better to go steadily instead?

U: This really sounds true, it feels like a real rumour.

N: Isn't that good? Isn't this maybe the aim of that corner?

U: True.

Radio name Minami-san, from Hokkaido.

N: Minami-san, living in Hokkaido?

U: Yes. You have something to add?

N: Minami-san (means south), but she's in Hokkaido.

U: (laughs) Is it true that when Nakamaru-kun goes on go-kons, he becomes taciturn and pretends to be cool in front of girls?

N: They really go for it, today. (laughs)

U: You never went on go-kons, right.

N: Right.

U: But in case there are people you don't know. Like, how do you react when you meet my friends for the first time.

N: Well, I... it's different depending on the situation.

U: But Nakamaru-kun definitely has a 'cool' image.

N: It's like, I'm sorry if it's spoiling the mood in that case...

U: Nono, it's pretty much spoiling it.

N: No, wait wait wait! Then I do talk. I make an effort to make it interesting, the communication.

U: It's your image, though. When I'm there, it's like I'm all hyper, but next to me I only see Nakamaru-kun looking at me with a cool glance. You have this really cool glance. Seeing it I even calm down a bit. (laughs)
What about that?

N: That's why I said it depends on the situation. There's nothing I can say.

U: I see. So it's not really a lie.

N: I can't answer this question clearly.

U: Is Nakamaru-kun not interested in girls? (laughs)

N: No, no. I am. This is not a rumour. Isn't it just a simple question?

U: But seriously, you maybe have that kind of image. "Has he no interest in girls?"

N: I do! If I didn't, it would be strange.

U: How much?

N: The same as any normal guy.

U: What does 'normal guy' mean?

N: A healthy guy.

U: How much when speaking of KAT-TUN?

N: Speaking of KAT-TUN... That's a different measure. Because there are several people (in KAT-TUN) who are overly into girls, like Ueda or Koki. Higher than the average Japanese guy. And showing that interest on the outside....

U: Ah, hiding it or not.

N: Saying hiding or not... Well, I think normally I'm not open to that extent. Staying within reason... but, that's normal, so.

U: So you don't show it on the outside?

N: But isn't that just normal?

U: I heard a very real sounding rumour. I heard that Nakamaru-kun has a loli-con and likes middle schoolers, is that true?

N: Let's clear up first that this is a lie.

U: But, PS. I love Nakamaru-kun either way (laughs)

N: Wait wait wait! Don't believe it!
The previous mail was also like that... Why do I have that kind of image? What? Why? (laughs)

U: Yeah, why is that?

N: Is it better if I make up some kind of character? I'll try... I-

U: Oooooh~ do it do it!

N: Should I say all the time "I love girls!" instead?

U: But this one asks the same.

N: There are more?

U: I heard Nakamaru-kun likes girls younger than him. Is that true? And by the way, how much younger is still OK?
It's because you have younger sisters, that only younger girls come forth.

N: As love interest, I don't think the real age matters that much. If we're close in mental age, that would be good.

U: As long as the mental age fits, there can be any age difference?

N: Right!

U: All right. OK, all those rumours here were true.

N: What. What kind of interpretation are you using here?

translations credit to parasol-odori

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