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Sunday, 26 September 2010



East End x Yuri’s ‘Da. Yo. Ne’ was a really big craze, wasn’t it? In those days I was in primary school and I didn’t even know about the existence of rap. That song was little Nakamaru’s first rap experience. Me and my friends from class would remember pointless lyrics and compete against each other to see who could say them the fastest. Ah…those were the days.

Back when I had absolutely nothing to do with Johnny’s, I watched a show called Hachi ji da J’ with Takizawa (Hideaki) and some other Jnr’s guys and they would often sing Can Do! Can Go! by V6. I used to be left thinking ‘Ahh, I can’t believe there are guys this cool in the world…’ but then later at my dance audition, the song we danced to happened to be this! When I was watching it on TV I never thought one day I would be trying to remember the choreography.

Then when I had joined the agency, I quickly appeared in a Kinki Kids concert, so as a Jnr the first choreography I had to remember was 'Cinderella Christmas'. Before then, I’d never seen a concert. I was actually in the first concert of my life, moreover the two guys from Kinki were right before my eyes, in Tokyo Dome, with all these awesome people… to tell you the truth, I can’t remember a thing (lol). But, even now if that song is played I can dance it perfectly. Actually, I can dance most of Kinki’s songs!

If we’re talking about songs I can remember, then the earliest I can think of before my debut was a song called ‘Crap’ which I wrote the lyrics for. It’s a special compilation, but anyway it’s the kind of song to get you pumped up! –Is how we tried to make it, and it turned into a real crowd starter.

Since then I’ve written lyrics for a lot of songs. Out of them, 'Key of Life' is the closest to my ideal, the one I’m most pleased with. I like touching, sorrowful songs. I’ve never composed a song, so I want to try one day. Hmmm… Of course it’s going to be a sorrowful one.

As for what I’ve been listening to lately, mostly Michael Jackson. When I go for a drive, it’s Billy Jean to start and then my favourite, Smooth Criminal over and over on repeat. Then when I’m over that, I put on my English Conversation Teaching Materials CD, ‘English Conversation 8 Second Exercises’. The ‘8 Seconds’ is the time you have to practice repeating, it helps so that you can remember practical English. It’s a steep teacher (the CD Sensei…), but I’m being taught kindly.

Picture credit to aznongaku
Translations credit to zurui-koi

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