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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 14 November 2010


I'll grab Yucchi's bun and eat it coz that's only the way to get his kiss even it's only an indirect kiss EHEHEE


Abrupt quiz 1! “Who am I?”

1) Big.
2) As you can see, dexterous guy.
3) Approximate way of living.
4) Surprising, a crybaby.
5) Full of spiritual challenge.

1) Mine isn't a wig.
2) I'm blood type B.
3) I'm not an MC.
4) I've got lots of interests.
5) I injury a lot.

1) I love my family (including my 2 dogs)
2) I love nature.
3) I love cars.
4) I love baseball.
5) I love clothes.

1) I walk on 2 legs. [Trl: … thanks! XD]
2) I'm a man.
3) I've got brown hair.
4) I'm moody.
5) I play boxing.

1) I'm blood type O.
2) I've got dogs.
3) I like military things.
4) I've got 6 notebooks, but I work using only 3 of them.
5) Alias, “Snake”.

Abrupt quiz! 2 “This back of the neck, who is?”

Abrupt quiz! 3 “Who is tweeting this?”
(Answer with the name of the applicable member)
(Note: keep in mind that the word used here can mean both "tweeting" and "murmuring")

A) I'll pay attention to identity fraud.
B) I've got problems because of Twitter. Think about me a little more ♥
C) No. I don't “twitter”.
D) I'm eating ghosts~
E) Girls Generation... [Shojo Jidai in Japan]

Abrupt quiz! 4 “Who wrote this ranking?”

-Ranking of favourite stories.
1) One Piece
2) Hajime no Ippo
3) Bakuman
4) SAW
5) Battle Royale

-Ranking of places I want to go
1) Loch Ness
2) Macchu Picchu
3) Makao
4) Mexico
5) Egypt

-Ranking of precious things
1) Family
2) Fans
3) Metal Gear Solid
4) Members
5) Throat (and oral cavity)

-Ranking of tools I want
1) Doors to everywhere
2) A small light [Trl: 1 & 2 are items from Doraemon]
3) A broom that flies in the sky
4) Miecchin [Trl: A magical item in “Magical Taruruto”. Goggles that allows to see through walls and clothes.]
5) A tool that can stop the time for everyone except me.

-Ranking of my favourite foods
1) Pear
2) Peach
3) Curry
4) Yakiniku
5) Pasta

Abrupt quiz! 5 - “Who wrote this KAT-TUN?”

Abrupt quiz! 6 - “Who remembers this?”

A) I went with other 3 members to this survival game we like! I was so waiting that day I almost had dreams about it! Like the kindergarten children that see the excursion in dreams before doing it. When we arrived at the place of the game... daan! I had forgotten at home the main weapon I bought for that very day! So I rent a weapon, but I was very disappointed, I went ahead and left out the supplement weapon too... I want to return again! [Trl: not sure about the second half, I can't read well.]

B) If I remember correctly, it was November 1998... The day I had the audition to enter the company, me, another one junior member and his mother ran under the Tokyo Tower with all our might. Yes, why? Because only those 3 went to the wrong TV station as meeting place. Who would have thought that I'd be in the same group of him... The meeting time was already passed, if we wouldn't had run that day, now I wouldn't be here... Right, Nakamaru-kun?

[Trl: I swear, the scan was so cloudy here I don't know how I managed to read (A) and (B) memories! So here my translation is pretty "free", but I tried to give and keep the sense. I guess I've lost half of my already poor sight. Sigh. ;__;]

C) I suppose I was 3 years old; on a tricycle, I boldly thought to go down from a slope with a certain difference of height. But that height, for a 3-year-old boy's ability, didn't seem impossible at all. I violently rushed face ahead and I get injured. However, the face was supposed to losing blood from everywhere, but I wonder why only the T-zone get skinned, and my mom said “Your face has become a scab shaped as “T” letter! Hahaha!” Listening to it, I carry it as a heroic episode.

D) Due to my father's transfers, I changed school 3 times in kindergarten and elementary school. During kindergarten 1 time, and during elementary school in 2nd and 3th classes, I guess. Without emitting the aura “Now I won't become familiar with this class”, common among transferred students, I had enough of trying to be shy in front of strangers. I'm a kid that can do greetings properly, so my first impression is good (laughs). I said I pretty get used to change school, but at the end if was painful to leave the girl I liked. It's sad to live far from friends too, but (being separated from) the loved one is a particular kind of pain.

E) Since when I was little, I had a life full of wounds. During arts and crafts lesson, I cut my own hands roughly with chisels, playing I stabbed the palm of my hands, and I don't know why, but I managed to stab perpendicularly with a pen my own instep. When I was in 6th grade, I was playing on a fence and I fell down. They say my thigh was speared, my face opened in two, it was quite a tragic incident, people came to visit me. Even yesterday, when I went with Nakamaru to play a survival game, I was shot and injured. Even if now I'm an adult, my days are full of scars.

QUIZ ANSWERS! (How many did you do right?)

Abrupt quiz! 1:
A=Taguchi, B= Koki, C= Kamenashi, D= Ueda, E=Nakamaru.
With only the “blood type O” Nakamaru was exposed, but the one concerned didn't realized it... Ahahah!

Abrupt quiz! 2:
Head A=Taguchi. “It's a good shape. Maybe the curls have become a little bit thin... When I was a kid, during studying time, little by little pulled them out by myself~”
Head B=Ueda. “Maybe they're plain. I've never checked seriously my back head so I don't know. I don't really care about my back head”.
Head C=Nakamaru. “Eh, I've got more curls than I thought. When I was little, I remember that the barber complimented saying “They've a good shape”.”
Head D=Koki. “Top left is a bit caved in, but since I had an head like a Buddhist priest for a while, it's not that makes me ashamed to look people in the face!”
Head E=Kamenashi. “They're plain! Really standard. Since I like the sensation of back hair a bit out of order, I've got the bad habit to cut them with my own hands, against one's better judgment .”

Abrupt quiz! 3
A) Nakamaru. “There are too much people that steal one's identity on the net! I text in different places.”
B) Kamenashi. “One time somebody wrote on Twitter my whereabouts, so a crowd of people was waiting in front of a store. I was a bit in trouble...” [Trl: thanks a lot to annneonet for correcting the sentence :)]
C) Koki: “I'm rebellious.”
D) Taguchi: “By the way, “ghost” is a kind of soba with deep-fried bean curd and tenkasu [crunchy bits of deep-fried dough produced as a byproduct of cooking tempura].”
E) Ueda: “I murmured it seeing Myojo magazine.”

Abrupt quiz! 4
- "Ranking of favourite stories." = UEDA
"'One piece' is undeniable. I can't take it off. I read it infinite times. And I'm moved every time. "Hajime no Ippo", among the ones that play boxing, there isn't a single person that didn't read it, it's a masterpiece that can make you declare it. "Bakuman" is a manga I'm reading right now that makes me wait impatiently the next week issue. "SAW" was a movie that had a great impact on me. I'm bewitched by the series, but at the end the first one is the best. I can't forget even "Battle Royale". Thus, considering it, from the tenacity to the violence, I'm a boy.

-"Ranking of places I want to go" = KOKI
"Basically, the places I want to go are strange or mysterious ones. Loch Ness obviously because Nessie lives there, I would depart even tomorrow. I want to go there right away. Macchu Picchu is the city in the sky that can be designate as world inheritance, I can't take away this one. Egypt has pyramids. The weathering is pretty going on, so I think I have to hurry and see them. Mexico is for multiple reasons. Macao I guess I'd go only for tourism (laughs)."

-"Ranking of precious things" = NAKAMARU
"This was difficult, you know! There were thing I couldn't put in the ranking. Except for the throat, necessary for a singer, all is at same rate 1st place. I'll do this way. I guess there are opinions like “Metal Gear and family are together?!". After that, "money" isn't in the ranking, and I think it may sound a lie, but money is at 6th place. But things that can be bought by money come before. Ah, Metal gear is 1st place too... (Nakamaru struggles greatly with his self-contradiction)"

-"Ranking of tools I want" = KAMENASHI
The joke is because: "If I had "doors to everywhere", it would be impossible to take picture of me in a photo magazine, right" [Trl: I guess he's speaking about paparazzi?]. As I thought, when I've no time, I want to go to lots of places, and to grant this wish, this is the only way! The small light is to become little, I want to meet Arietty! [Trl: character from a book, then a Ghibli movie]
If I go to the kindergarten with flying broom, I may become very popular with kindergarten children. I will be able to gain new fans.[Thanks to majuko for helping me with this sentence] Miecchin is an item from “Magical Taruruto-kun”. Allows to see through clothes. The desire of all men. [Trl: *facepalm* Kame, you're always the same! XD]
Then, with the item that stops time, I'd play extravagant pranks. First of all, I'd write Nakamaru's face ♪

-"Ranking of my favourite foods" = TAGUCHI
I like pears and peaches very much. This year thanks to the intense heat, they are sweet and juicy. From the start, since I like fruits, I don't find bothersome to take off the peel. I'm dexterous in peeling. Then, standard curry. I like the orthodox Indian curry too, but I prefer our chicken curry best. Related to yakiniku, recently if there are cuts of tongue and liver, I'm satisfied. My stomach has become an adult one! I like pasta with peperoncino [Trl: hot pepper], or pasta that doesn't taste as sauce!

Abrupt quiz! 5
Top Left= Taguchi. He put spirit! Look at the picture here. [trl: Check the last page of scans ^^]
Top Right= Ueda. He said it was unconscious; (here) the characteristic is the U that became bigger no matter what.
Bottom left=Koki. We wonder why he wrote it on a corner of a coloured paper in small characters.
Bottom center= Nakamaru. Undisputed, he's good.
Bottom Right: Kamenashi. The characteristic is the form of the characters, written with a facile pen.

Abrupt quiz! 6
A=Taguchi. B=Kamenashi. C=Nakamaru. D=Ueda. E=Koki.

translations credit to iside89
pictures credit to tanaka-kj


  1. Forget indirect kisses...I'd go for the real thing. He's little. Just grab him and kiss him! LOL!!

  2. thanks for sharing this...

  3. eskarina1000 - oh~ I just asked for indirect kiss only coz I want to avoid being hit by bricks AHAHA

    yat - you're welcome^^

  4. Ah...but a real kiss would be worth being hit with bricks...sigh