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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 28 November 2010



Reporter : The music from the beginning of CHANGE UR WORLD is very strong. It has been a while that KT do not try a "Band" style music. Why you are choosing this song? What is your thought when you first heard it?

Koki : I always think with a principle whenever I choose the songs, which is the song should be catchy and a KT-style.

Maru: Because it is the theme song for Going! Sports&News, we took quite a long time to choose the songs. Should we continue the style of ‘GOING!’ or should we change to other style.

Kame: Yes. We thought of using Remember as the theme song, since Remember’s style is quite similar to "Going!’

Koki: In the end, we’ve chosen "Change Ur World", as "Remember" is a nice song too, so we've decided to put it in limited edition.

Kame : I found it unexpectedly that Nakamaru was the one who insisted to use KT style music as theme song. He is the one who wants to do KT style.

Reporter: Why you found it unexpectedly?

Kame: Most of the fans think that Nakamaru is not that ‘Rock’ and he is the one who lack of KT style member, I think? However, he was the one who wants all of us to get back to KT style music. I found it surprise.

Maru: Yes. I think we haven’t sung any KT style music recently. So I think it is the time for us to get back on track.

Koki: No matter what we are singing, we are KAT-TUN. But "Change ur world" is really a KT style song.

Junno: The first impression of the song was....the song does not really fit into KT style. However, when all of us sing it with microphone, we wanted to make it to be KT style music.
When we first heard the demo of the song, the "A major" was pretty low and it is lowering the whole emotion of the song. But ever since we start to record the song, we still think that this is belong to KT, it is a KT style song.

Kame: I felt the same way too! At first, I was thinking "Is it really a KAT-TUN style music?" however after the recording with all members, it became KT style.

Ueda: I was thinking should we change the A major in the beginning.
Reporter: Everyone is having different opinion towards the songs.

Junno: That is because I was suggesting to change the music key in the beginning.

Ueda: But to me, I think it's good to keep it as A major.

Maru : My personal opinion is B major is the best

Junno : I see

Maru: The music itself is awesome!

Ueda: A major is leading the B major tone !

Maru: If that’s the case, SABI is weakening.
** Sorry to say, I am not sure what SABI is**
** I am assuming they are refering to A major & B major of the music"

Junno : No, I think SABI is outstanding enough. Change ur world is a very great song as it can mix five different styles ( 5 different style of KT members)into 1 song.

Reporter: I believe after listening to "Change Ur World", a lot of people think that the song is born to be KAT-TUN music?

Kame: Yes. Our juniors told us "This is what we want to see for KT style" The juniors even think that it is KAT-TUN style music. However, I actually not sure what KAT-TUN style is.

Maru: It is a feeling that makes you want to dance. I think dancing is KT’s fascination, it is more stronger and tense than Going!

Kame: I guess so. At family seats ( in the concert) the kids were yelling "Kame" and dancing at the same time. You need to wear the ear plug for our concert!
** According to the interview, Kame was imitating the kids wearing ear plug in the concert, so apparently the kids wear the ear plug to KT concert because KT’s music is too loud**

Reporter: I think it is because of loud music.

Kame: (laugh). That’s KAT-TUN. Johnny san even told us "YOU concert is too loud!" But there is nothing we can do. We are KAT-TUN, and that’s us! ( he is referring to the loud music is KAT-TUN style)

Junno: I think it is something that we should happy about.

Kame: What’s wrong with you? You looks like "Sempai" with this comment (laugh)

Maru: This single contains all new songs, it is like mini album. There are 3 different editions, there is Ueda’s solo , NTT’s...

Junno: This time, every song can be released as separate singles, so the content of the single is rich and strong.

During the interview, KT were talking about the how they recorded the songs.
Kame is recently hooked with manga- One Piece .
Kame was being asked “ What would you like to challenge in future?”
He hoped that five of them can do the drama together!

translations credit to l3in8

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