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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Dated : 14th November 2010

In 'CHANGE YOUR WORLD's video clip, to make the instrumental parts a bit better, we added dancing parts. So, this time I think the dancing during the intervals have become the highlights.

In the limited edition cd, the second (song) included is 'REMEMBER', as always, it's a song with a different flavour, so having 'CHANGE UR WORLD' with this different (song) I think is good.

This time, because Taguchi said 'beat box is a must!', I gladly participated in Taguchi's solo song as well. The recording was done completely under Taguchi's instructions, things like the beat box as well, and it felt like something different from what I always do by myself.

That’s why I want to listen to things like that beat box part too. Also Taguchi, Koki and myself, the three of us did a song, and because it's not something we usually do, it's rare (for us), it was extremely fun. We tried doing the song itself as cool as possible, so please do listen to it.

'GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME' in the regular edition is my favourite song. Though probably just because I think 'ain't the dancing cool~'. Because the vocals are rhythmical, it's also nice to listen too.

Since we heard the demo of this song, (we thought) when would be good to take it out, and it was done discreetly at the time of release. Eventually we chose the timing at our own discretion, and I think everyone wanted to hear it released quickly, and it's just included as a coupling (song) for this regular edition, but even so, it's a song that everyone in KAT-TUN is pleased with.

For this time's single, personally the (my) image in the filming of 'CHANGE UR WORLD's video clip making, as I prepared the second round of the game corner project, I hope you enjoy that.

Honestly, while I received help from staff-san, I thought up every little aspect of it by myself. Because thinking about and comparing when I did the first time in 'Going!', I really wanted everyone's advice too. To lead onto the third time. I think I did it well but… From here too I want to arrange (more) fun corners.

Starting 'CHANGE UR WORLD', and the other songs too, everyone was particular about the small aspects (of the songs), what we created is (in this) one (release). I hope our work will be enjoyed by everyone.

translations credit to kk-me


  1. Maru, are you spreading your arms so that I can hug u?

  2. He shows us how to jump from a building in a manly way AHAHA