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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Dated : 12th November 2010

Change your world is a rock number that attacks strongly.

The title gives the sensation that you have pretty returned to an aggressive style.

J: (With all this emotions) we're back!, Do you know this?
Ka: I don't know, what's that?
J: Howl's moving castle, Spirited Away... No, Princess Mononoke!
N: Let's continue!
All: Uhuhuh (laugh)
Ka: Well, it's not that we took Going! off. Simply, I think that this time it's a song that fits in the image that everyone embraces in KAT-TUN.
J: The idea is to move forward. While the world evolves, we approach intensely from a new direction making full use of the technology too.

Even the music is heavy and cool.
J: Yeah, it's around 3 tons, right (smiling widely)
Ka: Since it's the theme song of the show too, it's a positive (song). Moreover, we wanted to do a strong rock feeling.
U: Let's change the world!, something like that.

What are the image and the view of the world shown in the PV?
Ka: We use lots of CG this time too!
Ko: (With a proud look) A young boy wakes up and in front of his eyes a box is floating. It's like our own mental world, or better the shell, and breaking it he can go outside. We see that, right!, we make up our mind about something and exit from the house.
J: You remember it well!
Ka: I break a wall, Koki sets free from chains, and Ueda extinguishes a vivid fire.
Ko: Taguchi repels water!
Ka: Yeah, and Nakamaru falls down! (laugh)
Ko: The sorrow on that face when he's falling! (laugh)
U: uhuh (laugh)
N: Ah ah ah ah! (laughs)
Ka: Like, What's left is up to you.
J: His expression was blank! (laughs)
Ka: The CG of Ueda's part is incredible too!
U: I extinguish the fire, and since around me there's a fire I was said to do a suffering face, but even so, actually there was nothing [around me], so I didn’t know how to do it! (laughs)
Ka: In my case, because it was used soybean flour for the wall, I was completely covered by it, and my eyes really hurt a lot! (laugh)

From the song presentation of the members to the solo - the recording of these wide-range songs!

The other recorded songs are wonderful too.
Ka: Ask to Taguchi! There's nothing to do, he wants to talk about it! (laughs)
J: Let's do it later, please!
Ko: (laughs). First of all, let's start from give me, give me, give me.
N: About this one, it's a very good song, so we were thinking when are we going to use it?.
Ko: Yes, shall we put this in the album?. Because it was cool.

It’s an effect-style which follows The D-MOTION and RIGHT NOW.
N: It seems that among the fans is pretty popular. (T/N: he’s referring to the effect-style)
Ka: When we recorded this, it was full of effects.

Being effected, there are difficulties in singing it?
U: We can hear it delayed, right?
Ko: We try to record it many times and choose the best. It's a bit difficult, but we're used to, right?
J: That shows how much we did it.
Ka: It's really difficult to sing it during lives!
Ko: Even if they put the effector to help us.
Ka: That's one of the difficulties, and then there are things like what are the place size and the length of the wiring that make the difference a lot!
N: The tune is very sensitive, so a little slip becomes a clear slip. For this reason if we do it during lives, we become off-key.
Ka: No, I particularly don't...?
N: Ah, you don't...?
Ko: Kazuya doesn't! (laughs)
Ka: Kazuya isn't affected! (laughs) But Yucchi sometimes does! (laughs)
N: I do sometimes, yeah. (laughs)
All: Ahahahah! (laughing)

Then, Remember?
Ko: At first we discussed about making it the A-Side, right?
Ka: We wavered between this and CHANGE UR WORLD.
Ko: At the end, at the stage when the mix was ended, we decided for CHANGE because is gaudy and it matches the TV program too.
J: The chorus is refreshing!
N: It seems that (a vast) age range would like it.
U: Yes, it has a new feeling.

NEVER X OVER is the member presentation's song.
N: Koki really worked hard!
Ko: I worked hard! I didn't sleep for almost 2 days while working on this song! (laughs)
Ka: But don’t you receive royalties for it? (quick grin)
N: Fairly, you are the type that works hard if money is involved! (laughs)
J: For money?! (laughs)
Ka: I sing Taguchi's part, even though everyone is praised.
Ko: I make fun of him the most part (laughs).
Ka: I have asked Koki Did Taguchi give the OK to this?, he said that they thought about it together, and (Taguchi) was Yes yes, it's like that to even the scheming part, so I thought it was fine (for me too).
J: Well, if at the end there's the Iriguchi deguchi Taguchi part, I'm fine.
Ka: Ah, so it's ok like is it?
J: If there wasn't that (line), it would be junk (wide smile).
Ko: I would have absolutely put that line. (laughs)
All: ahahahah (laughing)
Ko: Erm, just one thing, the part where I look like the type who split the bill...
Ko: You know, Nakamaru told us to end with the go Dutch character.
N: But you put an indirect allusion anyway! (laughs)
J: it's not like doing it directly (laughs)
Ko: I say that recently you treat us to meals! (laughs)
N: Because since that time I pay attention to it! If you search on the web it pops out go Dutch!
Ka: Really!?
N: It's disappointing (laughs) as a person! But it's a misunderstanding!
Ka: Nakamaru, I want to go eat sushi!
N: Fufu, it's terribly expensive! (laughs)

There's a part for the fans too, the - part. (There's an asterisk that explains: the – of KAT-TUN represents the fans)
N: yes! What is written into the parenthesis must be learned by fans.
Ko: it's different from the presentation songs that we've done up until now because it's in the booklet. So we thought that we would like (them) to learn and sing it all together.
N: Ah, I look forward to the live!
Ko: Next one is Taguchi's... no, let's consider Ueda's Neetman!

Did you choose that among the many songs you announced during the solo tour?
U: Since it was a song I originally composed for MOUSE PEACE, I thought that I wanted to release that one with a proper form.
Ko: Even the arrangement!
U: Yeah, the chorus and the guitar, everything, is the same guitarist that does them.

Is it important that they let you record and publish it with the same team you composed the song with?
U: Yeah, I think that this is very important. I would be glad if you will remember this, and have fun again when we'll play it in the future.

All the members went to watch Ueda-san's solo concert, right?
N: (with an extremely high voice) Ah, it was so amusing!
U: Ahahahah (laughs)
Ko: It sounds like a lie! (laughs)
N: I thought the set and the performance, he's ok doing something like this?
J: Things like fire and water, right?
Ka: I thought he seems having fun, he's doing what he likes to do.
Ko: Yeah, he seemed to have fun!
J: He made changes from the first one. I really thought that.

With which kind of sensation did you watch it?
N: I was looking for faults. Because at the end I wanted him to become better!
Ka: I normally enjoyed it!
Ko: I felt like I was a father who went to watch his son's activity! (laughs)
U: Koki came the first day, I was nervous the most.
Ko: I ate half of the melon he received as a present! (laughs)
J: Eh! (laughs)
U: My parents sent ti to me as a present, but I was really nervous and I couldn't swallow it at all! (laughs)
Ko: (imitating himself eating) The melon is delicious, Ueda(laughs)
All: ahahahah (laughs)

The first activity of Taguchi presents NTT. What's the future of that combination?!

Then, about Taguchi-kun's GIRLS, you've obtained the support of Koki-kun and Nakamaru-kun, right?
J: Because I somehow wanted to do it with beatbox and rap parts. This time I had them participating in this since the stage when I was choosing the song.
Ka: This NTT, which kind of Japan is?
N: It's East, right?
J: ALL JAPAN! (T/N: in English)
Ka: Ehy! (laughs)
J: There aren't such things like East and West! (laughs) This NTT is made lining up our 3 letters, the same way of KAT-TUN. Normally it would have been TTN, but (exaggerating the movement with both hands) we decided to reverse the order.
Ka: NTT idea is Johnny-san's one, then! (laughs)
J: I already said this yesterday, Johnny-san, I took that idea! (laughs),

What about how you handled with the recording direction?
J: After all my recording was finished, Koki entered the room, he sat casually on the table (outside the booth) and started saying Then, let's try, shall we?!. I joined that enthusiasm and we continued like that until the end.
Ko: You have been carried away all the time.
J: But I think I gave really accurate indications. For example Nakamaru-kun's beatbox part.
Ka: In which way? Try to properly press those buttons!
J: (while miming to push the button of a control panel, changes the tone) Erm, That's ok, but that one isn't kakka, but kukkakko! - something like that.
All: Yeeey! (laughs)
J: I'd like that the fans to sing it, for example the chorus.
Ka: It’s supposed to be Taguchi’s solo, right?
J: The handling may be like that, but from my point of view, that's already the feeling of presented by me.
U: Did Koki think his part?
Ko: Yes.
J: Koki is cool! I was very impressed by him.
Ko: This time the way I used the flow [of words] had a bit of reggae key.
U: It was a song that renewed how much Koki is great.
J: This time he's working considerably.
Ko: I worked hard!
All: Yes, yes!
J: For this reason I think that it would be good to be tied as NTT next time too.
Ka: You'll end to debut as NTT!
U: Which unit will you choose? Will you be TaNaka. or NTT? Because at KAT-TUN lives, if you perform in a 2 people unit then in a 3 people unit, we would be free, it's not fair!
N: If you asked us to choose between the 2, at the end it will be TaNaka.! (laughs)
All: ahahahah! (roar of laughter)
N: You know, there's what we have done up until now. Being said throw it away means this, right?
U: You're right (laughs)

Then, at the end, send to all the fans a message!
J: If you want to enjoy CHANGE UR WORLD, watch the PV in the first limited edition.
Ko: It doesn't matter which one you listen to, they're all amusing, so it's not in a bad sense but I'd be glad if you buy all the editions!
U+N: Uahahah (laughs)
Ka: I'd like that you enjoy the wide extent of the songs, since they really have various colours.
Ko: This time it's a value pack, a happy set!
U: yeah, all the songs are very different, so whichever you buy you can enjoy yourself. So it doesn't have a bad meaning at all, but I'd like that you buy all of them! (laughs)
Ko: If we say it too many times, it will surely take a bad meaning! (laughs)



1) Speaking about GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, what are the words you want to hear from a girl?
You're tall. I'm stoop and I don't weight a lot, so I don't seem very big. But when people meet me often say this to me, so at the end if I'm said that, I'll be happy!
2) If we consider NEETMAN, which kind of OO-man are you?
A man who wakes up early. Recently I wake up early, basically around 8am, one time even at 6am. At the point that I think I could go eat breakfast. Of course I go to sleep early too, around 12pm I'm already sleeping. I want to continue from now on waking up at 8am.


1) Speaking about GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, what are the words you want to hear from a girl?
You're sexy. If a girl says me this... Since I'm often said you're sexy, I'm happy. I'm watching you are words that make me happy too, both from men and women.
2) If we consider NEETMAN, which kind of OO-man are you?
A show-off man. Not only now and then, I basically act trying to be cool!


1) Speaking about GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, what are the words you want to hear from a girl?
You're a great person. You are someone of high caliber as a person, it would be nice. Because I want to be a great man (laughs). Men have a high sense of pride, I think that who can throw away that is a great person.
2) If we consider NEETMAN, which kind of OO-man are you?
A man without self-control. What I desire, I want it in that day. When I want to eat, I eat, when I want to sleep, I sleep! I have no endurance!


1) Speaking about GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, what are the words you want to hear from a girl?
You're elegant. Usually I have only a rough image, so if she realizes such a thing when I've decided (to be elegant), and she say it, I'd be really happy. I'm thinking that for autumn/winter fashion I'll use shirts, a bit of adult feeling.
2) If we consider NEETMAN, which kind of OO-man are you?
A motivated man. Both on work and free time, facing everything one after another, I give the impression that I put my all energy in doing it.


1) Speaking about GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, what are the words you want to hear from a girl?
I'm always your ally. It would be good to be said such a thing. Actually, I would be happy to hear it, it’s a sentence I don’t hear often, and has an absolute sense. (T/N: that is, he feels the sentence as I’ll always and absolutely be by your side)
2) If we consider NEETMAN, which kind of OO-man are you?
Neetman. Those lyrics are absolutely written about me. Beside work, I'm inefficient. People say my house seems clean, but it's because I give this impression. But in reality it's disappointingly messy (laughs).

translations credit to iside89

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