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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 24 April 2011


I've only posted a few parts of the interview which is related to Yucchi. You can find the rest at the link below.


Kame, by Nakamaru

Born on Feb 23, 1985 in Tokyo. Hobby/Special skill. Both baseball. (He's a pretty good pitcher.) Habit. Rolling his eyes quickly, like when making a double eyelid. Qualifications. Driver's licence for medium-sized bikes and a normal driver's licence. Attractive feature. Lips. Weak point. Maybe the pressure that came with having to fulfil his role in the Hall of Fame as best Jeanist, he cannot go to the conbini wearing uncool jeans. That's a weak point in his heart. Indication of a good mood. He plays the funny man1 perfectly. When in a bad mood. He doesn't easily switch over into work-mood. His best impression. Hiraizumi Sei, and the frog in Spirited Away. A one-liner. "Let me meet Sen." If he was compared to an animal. A rabbit and a turtle. He is a xx-idol. According to circumstance-idol, a flexible idol. He can deal with anything accordingly. If somebody said that, he'd definitely get pissed off. "Kamenashi!" (He reacts a bit nervously when addressed without honorific2.) If somebody said that, he'd definitely be happy. "Star!" Favourite food. Ramen. Least favourite food. Umeboshi. Preferred ramen flavour. Tonkotsu. Favourite game. Powerful Pro Yakyuu. (As expected, he's very good at it.) Favourite manga. One Piece. Song he's best at in Karaoke. A long time ago, Kame and I often went to Karaoke... What would we sing now, maybe Mr. Children? Yes, Mr. Children! Yesterday's dinner. Meat or fugu. A secret. I know it, but won't say anything this time. But the next time. His mental age? 28. Ring tone. I dunno. Age he gets married? 35. Probably not out of the blue. Ambitions for 2011. Becoming best Jeanist again!

Koki, by Nakamaru.

Born on Nov 5, 1985 in Chiba. Hobby. Going on walks with his dog. Special skill. Rap. Habit. Frequently changing his hair style. Qualifications. I don't think he has a driver's licence for bikes, but it seems he can ride them. Attractive feature. The freckle below his eye. (I chose this randomly.) Weak point. His fingers are short. (When we play thumb wrestling, he gave up from the start. He's the type of guy who doesn't want to enter competitions he cannot win. With my fingers, I won by a landslide.) Indication of a good mood. Playing the boke, like he's reluctant to do it. When in a bad mood. No matter what, he winds up. His best impression. Cell from Dragon Ball. (He resembles him a lot) A one-liner. None. If he was compared to an animal. A wolf. (For people close to him, it cannot be anything else but a wolf) He is a xx-idol. A Yankee idol. If somebody said that, he'd definitely get pissed off. Basically, he gets angry at anything. It depends on his condition on that day. If somebody said that, he'd definitely be happy. If he gets praised, he'll be happy and get all embarrassed. Recently, he received praise over a self-designed jacket and it made him pretty embarrassed. Favourite food. Meat! Least favourite food. Bell pepper. Preferred ramen flavour. Maybe tonkotsu. We used to go eat that a lot. Yesterday's dinner. He definitely had meat. A secret. I'm not going to say anything this time. His mental age? About 16. Whether good or bad, he's young. Ring tone. Never heard it. Age he gets married? Possibly 35~36. Somehow. Ambitions for 2011. He'll let his hobbies intensify more and more. Like the search for the Kappa, in all seriousness.

Nakamaru, by Ueda.

Born on Sep 4, 893 in Nara. (Meaning, he was born in a gorgeous city (laughs). Hobby. Collecting stuffed animals. Special skill. Human beatbox. Habit. When he sees a rucksack, he immediately wants to put it on his back. Qualifications. The qualification to weld. (Because he went to a technical high school.) Attractive feature. His rucksack-wearing figure. (If there was a ranking in a magazine about “Guys who look good wearing rucksacks”, he'd get first place.) Weak point. His chin. Indication of a good mood. He turns a bit into a pervert. When in a bad mood. He gets stress pimples. His best impression. He's allmighty. (If being shaken, he'd do anything.) A one-liner/quick trick. Belly dance. If he was compared to an animal. A cheetah. He is a xx-idol. Super idol. Only on the inside. If somebody said that, he'd definitely get pissed off. If he's being undressed during a concert, he gets pissy. If somebody said that, he'd definitely be happy. “Nakamaru, your face somehow has well-formed features.” The point is the 'somehow', if you add that, it gives off the feeling of being realistic. Favourite food. Water bugs. (Lie) Least favourite food. Crab. Preferred ramen flavour. It's really tonkotsu I think. Favourite game. Metal Gear Solid. Favourite manga. Futari Ecchi. (laughs) Song he's best at in Karaoke. Stuff by EXILE. Yesterday's dinner. Water bugs ♥ A secret. If I said it, everybody would be disappointed, so I won't. His mental age? 23~60. Ring tone. He surprisingly had AKB. Age he gets married? 40. (And he'll carry on being an idol.) Ambitions for 2011. Producing a game called “Nakamaru's ambitions”. In the game, his aims will be achieved.

Nakamaru, by Kame.

Born on Oct 2, Showa 2 [1927] on Kumejima. Hobby. Gate ball. Special skill. Rice planting. Habit. His hair is frizzy. Qualifications. Licence of driving around on a Supercub. Attractive feature. The way he walks. Weak point. The two freckles on the left side of his neck. (You have to be careful, he loses his consciousness if being attacked there~) Indication of a good mood. When he gets up at four in the morning. When in a bad mood. He goes to bed at 7. His best impression. The Showa star Kayama Yuuzou. A one-liner/quick trick. Removing his false teeth. If he was compared to an animal. A water strider. He is a xx-idol. Showa idol. If somebody said that, he'd definitely get pissed off. Uncle, or old man. [Oji-san] If somebody said that, he'd definitely be happy. Young guy. [Oniisan.] Favourite food. Umeboshi, fugu. (Because we went to eat that recently.) Least favourite food. Suiton. (He seems to have eaten it too much during the war.) Preferred ramen flavour. Shoume. Favourite game. Gate ball. Favourite manga. Sazae-san. Song he's best at in Karaoke. “Moon Light Yokohama”, “Yokohama Tasogare”. (Nakamaru surely knows them too, right? ♪Yokohamaaa~ (sings enthusiastically) Yesterday's dinner. Rice porridge made with Jurokkoku rice. A secret. He wears a full set of dentures. (← of course not true) His mental age? 84. (Isn't it obvious, he was born in 1927.) Ring tone. Even though he's an old guy, it's peculiar how Nakamaru-jii-chan only there chose Every Little Thing. Age he gets married? He won't anymore. Ambitions for 2011. Living strongly... at least surviving another year.

Nakamaru, by Nakamaru.

Born on Sep 4, 1983 in Chiba. Hobby/Special skill. Beatbox. Habit. Repeatedly saying “I see”. (It's a good interjection if you neither agree nor disagree.) Qualifications. Normal driver's licence, beginner's level in calligraphy, beginner's level in fountain pen calligraphy. (I also feel like I should have some technical qualifications... but I forgot it all.) Attractive feature. Hands. Weak point. Eyes. (I'm afraid of pointy objects. It depends on my condition at that moment, but sometimes I feel weak just seeing a pen or chopsticks.) Indication of a good mood. I'm determined to try acting as boke. When in a bad mood. I'm silent. Your best impression. Snake. (Whether it resembles him or not is another question.) A one-liner/quick trick. I can make the sound of bones cracking with my mouth. If you were compared to an animal? If possible, an indoor dog. I am a xx-idol. I'm a military idol. If somebody said that, you'd definitely get pissed off. There's no specific phrase. If somebody said that, you'd definitely be happy. I think everyone would be delighted if they received praise. Looks, character, sense for belongings, intellect, home... anything makes me happy. Favourite food. Seasonal fruits. Least favourite food. Menma. Preferred ramen flavour. Tonkotsu. Favourite game. Metal Geal Solid. Favourite manga. Das Kapital, Reading Through with Manga. Song you're best at in Karaoke. I haven't been to Karaoke in a year. There's nobody who'd go with me. Yesterday's dinner. Beef. Miso soup with pork and radish. A secret you can say now. Please just leave me alone this time. Your mental age? I'd like to be 27. Ring tone. I have the sound switched off. Age you get married? (ideally) 32. Marrying still in my twenties is definitely impossible. Ambitions for 2011. I want to take part in seminars and successfully graduate from university.

translations credit to parasol_odori

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