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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Monday, 25 April 2011


Dated : 19th of April 2011

Questionable KAT-TUN rumours

N: The other day, Ueda-kun commented on some, "Wouldn't it be good if those were real stories?"
U: Yesyesyes.
N: There are some... Well, we got several today....
U: Seriously?!
N: Real ones too.
U: I'm all excited! Our listeners too.
N: Right... Well, let's mix them...
U: Can we do 'no comment'?
N: Aah, when we can't answer?
U: Yes
N: Well. It's okay if we choose not to comment this time, right?
U: We can do it? All right!
N: Yes. OK, let's start with the first one!
U: Yes.
N: There is something I've always wanted to ask, but was afraid to and never did. It's about Nakamaru-kun having been in love with Tatchan's sister during their Junior-time. Is this true? I really wonder about this.
U: This worries me.
N: What is this?
U: Is this story true? But then only Nakamaru-kun didn't know about it.
N: No, this is obviously a lie.
U: Eh? So I can ask my sister? "Did Nakamaru do anything to you?"
N: Are you stupid? Wouldn't you have heard about this somewhere before?
U: So it's complete fabrication? It's not true at least a little bit?
N: No, I already said it wasn't.
U: Really?
N: If it was, what would you do?
U: Eh? No, no just because.... Well, my sister is already married now. So that would make you ex-girlfriend... and ex-boyfriend now?
N: That would be way too awkward
U: Well, but I'm aiming at Nakamaru-kun's sister.
N: Are you an idiot? My dad would hit you.
U&N: (laughs)
U: Well... so this one is a lie?
N: Yes.
U: It's just a rumour, but I heard that Kamenashi-kun's private life is really gloomy, is that true? Well, I like Kamenashi-kun either way, but how is it?
N: We should send this to Kame's radio programme...
U: Yes. I don't know anything about Kame's private life.
N: But as for the image... if you asked whether plain or flashy, it would be flashy?... at least that's how you imagine it.... if you think about it, it could possibly be plain?
U: "Possibly"?
N: Well... he always says he's watching DVDs.
U: Really?
N: If I ask him, "What did you do on your day off?" the answer is mostly "watched DVDs", isn't it?
U: Eeeeh, is it?
N: Yes.
U: Yes...
N: The end.
U&N: (laughs)
N: OK, the next one. During his junior time Tatchan got mistaken for a girl and hit on.
U: Did not happen.
N: Right, that did not happen. Being mistaken for a girl...
U: Ah! But, my hair was long. I did get groped.
N: Seriously?!
U: By the person behind me, yes.
N: Who was thinking, "this might be a girl"? ... but you were wearing your school uniform?
U: Yesyes.
N: But... you were wearing pants... Does that mean you were groped by someone knowing you're a guy?
U: Ah, right... But my hair was quite long, like this. In high school, it was brown and long.
N: One time, right, we got hit on, the two of us.
U: Right! By girls.
N: Isn't it normally the girl who get hit on?
U: Yesyes.
N: If you think about this now...
U: If you think about this now, we should've gone with them...
U&N: (laughs)
N: Back then, we were only cautious of them, like "What is this? Those girls".
U: Yes, yes. But I think they were maybe a bit older than me.
N: Yes, they had been a bit older.
U: Right. How would it be like if maybe girls did something like that now? There are almost no ~straight forward~ people like that anymore.
N: True... others act as intermediary.
U: I only noticed it ten minutes later, "Hey, weren't they just hitting on us?"
N: Yesyes! At that time, although we were Juniors... and had fans...
U: We did, at that time, yes... That was a close thing.
U&N: (laughs)
N: If you say it ambiguously like that, it sounds real. Well, such things happened.
U: Let's continue. I just randomly saw this on the computer, but is it true that Nakamaru-san is recently obsessed with strawberry jam buns?
N: ...There are almost no real rumours, somehow. But for this, I've liked them for quite a long time now. I eat them during times when there's an important job to do or I have to do my best.
U: For the sugar?
N: Yes.
U: How lame
N: What? But recently, it's not just that, but also glucose?
U: Ah, it's in candy and stuff, right, glucose.
N: Yesyes.
U: And chocolate.
N: There's the pure stuff too. I eat that. During Shuuichi, too, I just eat them.
U: I see.
N: I recommend it.
U: Eehh~
N: Well, let's continue. Is the rumour true that, when Nakamaru-kun and Ueda-kun went together to a cafe, Ueda-kun made Nakamaru-kun carry the tray and instead of each having their own muffin, they shared one together?
U: No way!
N: What kind of rumour is that?
U&N: (laughs)
U: This, even if normal people heard that, they'd be "this is not interesting" and would understand that it's a complete lie.
N: ...yes.
U: Right? Somehow... it's enough. Somehow...
N: The concept of this corner has been questionable from the beginning.
U&N: (laughs)
N: after all, we cannot handle any more questionable rumours.
U: Yee~s.
N: But, how interesting can we make questionable rumours? Isn't that Ueda-kun's ... skill?
U&N: (laughs)
U: We went with that pretty well now.
N: But there really weren't any real-sounding rumours...
U: There weren't! If they had been like... ah! About love affairs or different experiences or love, I thought people waiting for those would jump at them. Stuff that is difficult to answer.
N: Yes. Maybe those kinds of rumours don't really exist? Almost?
U: No, they do! Don't students just randomly spread rumours like that? And when they ask "it seems like that", we can say if it's right or wrong, like that.
N: Well, so how about we limit it to that and ask again?
U: Yee~s.
N: Real rumours about love affairs revolving around us.
U: Yes, so the same basic idea after all. Everybody will surely go for it But now, no stuff like, how gloomy or something Kame is, that is irrelevant.
N: If you say it like that, this corner will be all about us
U&N: (laughs)
U: Ye~s. Only complicated stuff, OK?
N: Well, like Ueda-kun said, how about we limit it and ask again?
U: Let's do it!
N: If nothing comes out of this now
U: we give up.
N: we give up.
U: Yes.

N: This week's highlight word is this one: "I'm aiming at Nakamaru-kun's sister."
U: Hahahaha!
N: (laughs) Ueda's words during discussing questionable rumours.
U: How is it? If you gave in, which one would it be?
N: I wouldn't give in! Are you stupid!
U: (laughs)
N: Like, the older one (of the two) or the younger one?
U: Yesyes.
N: You'd get hit! I want you to never say that to my parents, even as a joke. Koki too.
U: I get it, I do.
N: Please don't even say it as a joke.
U: Well... But from that point of view, it might sound kind of real. Like, "Is it like that with your sister?"
N: Isn't that annoying? Being told that as a joke?
U: Yeah, that's definitely bad.
N: I know, right...

translations credit to parasol-odori


  1. Is it just me, or did they say they never get hit on? I find that very hard to believe...and if it's true, then they need to meet some of their American fans.

  2. N: One time, right, we got hit on, the two of us.
    U: Right! By girls.

    Whatever it is, they should meet fans who live outside of Japan more often... ehehehe

  3. i really had fun reading this!! XDDD

    N: You'd get hit! I want you to never say that to my parents, even as a joke. Koki too.

    hahahaha- so, beware Koki!!

  4. @lada're right, fans outside of Japan, I apologize for saying only American fans (it's a national disease that we tend to only think of ourselves).

    Now that I read it again, Ueda feels to need to clarify "By girls." Perhaps gay men hit on them all the time? (Although I have absolutely nothing against gay men, I fervently pray that Ueda and Nakamaru would prefer to be hit on by girls, what with me being a girl and all)