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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 18 September 2011


JUNE 2011

Celebrate!! 5 years since CD debut and 10 years since formation!!

---The day of the 5th and 10th anniversary, Tanaka-kun sent a message to all the members?!
Ko: yes, yes! And as a response I received from Nakamaru a really nonsensical picture. (laughs)
N: I thought it was funny! (laughs) It doesn’t matter how many years has passed, fundamentally we haven’t changed so much.
Ka: Yeah. But compared to the past, we’ve became able to talk, right?
Ko: We can also have serious discussions now.
U: Probably we achieved even a sense of responsibility.
Ko: In those 3 months after we were formed, we said “let’s do a serious chat”. “The KAT-TUN meeting” (laughs)
N: But there were also times we didn’t know what was the right choice.
Ka: It happens a lot, right? First, there’s the time “let’s do our best as a group”, and then we start solo activities… For KAT-TUN, wasn’t that time long? I think that now is the time when each one achieves power through individual activities and then enforce the unity of the group again. There’s the feeling we reached a new start.

--What do you think the “KAT-TUN-style” is?
N: As expected, the rap must be the charming point.
Ko: Stupid!
All: (laugh)
N: it disproves the Johnny’s image…
Ka: Bald head! (laughs) The first time I met Nakamaru he was bald, right?
N: No, it’s wrong (laughs). I had hair.
Ka: They let us act freely, so we are said we aren’t Johnny’s-like, but recently it seems that more than us, among the young generation people similar to us have increased… How to say, I’ve got the feeling we destroyed the “Johnny’s-style”, so we also feel a bit of sense of responsibility for that… (laughs).
Ko: It’s not that we ourselves don’t want to be Johnny’s-like…
Ka: Isn’t your face’s fault, Koki? (laughs)
N: Because you don’t have a Johnny’s-like face (laughs)
Ko: (laughs) Taguchi has a look “I’m different”
J: Why?! (laughs)

--This spring many people had a new start in a new environment; among KAT-TUN’s members too, there’s someone that has started a new TV program! In this new [working] place, what is your endeavor?
Ko: I’m already into the flow.
U: Me too. After I reach the place…
Ko: Because you don’t need to feel nervous.
U: Yes, I think you must read that moment’s atmosphere and correspond with it.
Ko: Taguchi is a steel heart. (laughs) [T/N: meaning he follows his own rules.]
J: (laughs) If [the new environment] is school, I think it’s fine to look for friends starting from familiar matching interests.
Ka: right. For me, during “Going! Sport&News”, I seal my KAT-TUN self. Because when we appear as KAT-TUN we are the main focus, but “GOING” is a sport program and the protagonists are the baseball players.

--The best part of the new song “WHITE”!
U: It’s a positive and cheerful song. It’s a melody line that can be listened to by a wide range of class of people and it lets a new side of KAT-TUN to appear, among all KAT-TUN songs.
N: It’s refreshing~ Since it’s also in a cosmetic CM, I’d be happy if even women in their 20-30s will listen to it.
Ko: There are also many coupling songs, what’s your favourite one?
Ka: I like “PERFECT”.
U: People who listen to this song can become energetic. I also like how the strings in the intro are inserted.
Ko: It’s beautiful, right. And Taguchi?
J: I like “PERFECT” too. It’s a song with a strong message.
Ko: because it’s a cheering song for the present era. I’m touched when I hear it in the CM and I think “Our song is like this”.
N: The refreshing image of the song perfectly fits the CM, I was happy.
U: It’s like the original freshness of the song grew even bigger with the CM.
J: Since it’s often broadcasted as CM, I’d be happy if you will remember it as a KAT-TUN’s song.
N: Both the song and the CM have a multiplier effect for each other’s image.
Ko: “Yuuki no hana” is a KAT-TUN-like cheering song. It’s our way to express support in our own style.
Ka: Since it’s a song that was created when we said by ourselves “We want to do such a song!”, I think it has become a song that has a KAT-TUN-like message.
J: Because what we can do is all of us to sing a song and then deliver it to everyone. I would be happy if something will be delivered to the heart of the listeners after listening to it.
U: Also the lyrics, it’s a song composed with all of our ideas, so I’d like you to listen to it with knowing this basis.
Ko: “SILENCE” is cool too!
N: Yes. After the earthquake, when everyone had lost their energy, we thought of the people living in the East Japan and wanted them to go back to positive emotions like “Let’s do our best!”, so we created this song.
J: In the lyrics, smiles are compared to “flowers”, but we would be happy if you will make many “smiles” bloom while you listen to it.


Rain man: NAKAMARU (4 votes: Kamenashi/Taguchi/Tanaka/Ueda)
N: Because~~ I’ve got frizzy hair and are weak to the rain (laughs)

Troubleking: TANAKA (Unanimously)
Ko: It’s me, right. I thought it goes without saying.
Ka: You’re a problem wherever you go!
Ko: because I’m called “the walking troublemaker” (laughs)

Travelking: TAGUCHI (4 votes: Taguchi/Tanaka/Ueda/Nakamaru)
Ka: Taguchi goes to Hawaii, to the hot springs, to many places!
J: In Macao I stopped to MGM (A great casino chain famous in Las Vegas)
All: Oooh~ (laughs)

The king of shopping: NAKAMARU (3 votes: Tanaka/Ueda/Nakamaru)
N: I’m good in judging between the “pay attention” side and the “it fine not to pay attention” side, right? It’s this, right? Eh?! It isn’t? (laughs)

Crybaby King: TAGUCHI (3 votes: Tanaka/Ueda/Nakamaru)
U: Taguchi cries at moments I don’t quite understand (laughs)
J: Because I’m very easily moved. Even for films, I cry constantly.
Ko: Also when we took part at the “24 jikan TV” you cried a lot (laughs)
N: When he goes to theatrical plays, he will surely cry watching a sword-fight scene (laughs). Even at “SHOCK”, Takki’s play, he cried!

translations credit to iside89

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