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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Really?... but I was born with dark skin. I can't change my skin colour to white even if I used a thousand tubes of Sofina Whitening *face palms* Luckily, they mentioned about cheering up Office Ladies with their songs... LOLOLOL~ I feel counted!

Dated : 14th of May 2011

WHITE, the new song that they want to deliver regardless of the scene or age

---“WHITE” is a song that has another different atmosphere compared to your 2 previous singles.
Ko: yes, but actually we dance a lot even in “WHITE”.
U: Surely the time we won’t dance will never arrive, for us…. So depressing! (laughs)
N: No no, let’s do our best! (laughs)

---The point of view of the lyrics?
U: The first one is from the eyes of a woman, the chorus is a general point of view, and the second one is from the eyes of a man. For this reason, we would like you to listen and notice this too.
N: If [the song] impresses adult women too, it will be good.
J: I think it would be nice if it can become a song loved by everyone, regardless of the scene or the age.

---It’s the CM song for the Sofina whitening, what do you think about women who pay attention to white skin?
J: Women who pay attention to everything are fine, right?
U: Yes, it’s fine.
Ko: You know, I think “Women pay attention, men just pay”. [T/N: ROTFL. Koki says a word play that sounds like “Women use attention, men use money”. Koki, you’re smart XD]
All: Ooh~
Ko: I think it’s a wonderful thing to be conscious of beauty, but more than that Sofina (emphasizes and) exists to become beautiful.
J: Sofi~na~
Ka: At the end, that peace of mind is important. With a Panasonic beauty’s feeling. Fufu (laughs)

---Which production is the PV?
Ko: I think it’s since “White X’mas” that we always say we want to film a PV without dance. I thought “Finally we could!”
Ka: The project says we all went to the same University; then 5 years after the graduation we go back another time to that University.
J: In the scene where we pass around the picture of our 5 in the pass case, looking at a picture of the debut time, Koki was bald! (laughs) So we were all naturally laughing (laughs)
N: A behind the scenes info (laughs) [*]

---About the dressing room corner’s special clip?
Ka: Nakamaru’s project!
N: it’s the best! Because it had many improvements.
J: It was very amusing! It’s a darts competition. Like 1, 2, 3, darts! (wide smile)
Ko: ….amusing, yes. (bitter smile)
J: Even a miracle happened. Particularly Uepi’s miracle was incredible. I’m trying to lift up the hurdle of “It’s amusing, so watch it!” (laughs)
N: Ok! (laughs)

---It passed 1 year from “Going!”, another song with the same white image.
All: (surprised) it was so long ago?!
J: Indeed, we sang it at the lives.
N: So old!
Ko: Well, Nakamaru grew old!
U: Yeah~
N: Ehy, Ueda is my same age! (laughs)
Ko: You danced only this much, but you can dance only other 2 years!
All: ahahahah! (laughs)
N: No no no! (laughs)

KAT-TUN’s coupling song “PERFECT” performance’s behind-the-scenes

--- “PERFECT” was sung very soon at a music show.
Ko: We did it with all our might because we too wanted to communicate, and we received really favorable reviews by Arashi’s members and the staff around.
J: It was good. It was really worth doing it!

---The dance in perfect step is the best part.
Ka: There have been results for practicing reeeally a lot.
Ko: Because we were able to meet many times and made our bodies absorb [the choreography].
J: My feet were full of blisters!
N: Yes, we had blisters!
J: On top of that the theme of the choreography is “to join”, so both the positions follow it and how the steps matches are the main point.
Ko: Because there are lots of songs during the lives with unison dance.

---After the performance, Ueda-kun was talking to Kamenashi-kun…?
U: This guy got the choreography wrong!
Ka: ……… yes. (bitter smile)
Ko: We all noticed it, because he was wrong of about 2 counts (laughs)
Ka: After the highest note, I mistook completely the enter timing (laughs)
U: When we ended singing the song, I scolded him for 20 minutes! (laughs)
N: Recently you’re saying many lies! (laughs)
U: Uhahaha! (laughs)
Ka: As compensation, I gave Ueda the dog he currently has.
U: True, true! (laughs)
Ka: Saying “sorry” (laughs)
N: Don’t enforce a lie with another lie! (laughs)
Ko: And then I entered as mediator and said “Come on, come on, Ueda, don’t say too much, Kame did his best too!”
N: Then at the end they came to me to consult and we settled everything! (laughs)

---In the meanwhile Taguchi?
U: He was taking notes!
J: ahahah! (laughs)
Ko: Taguchi is the secretary! (laughs) Well, the fact he mistook the choreo is true, but from that line on they were all lies! (laughs)

---The rap is strong too.
Ko: This time it happened by chance, but I wanted to support people who are giving their best, saying “you’re not alone!” and “if you do your best you’ll be rewarded”.
J: You really thought about it~ The word count of it is more than the main part.
Ko: It’s more than the first chorus (laughs)
U: It keeps changing every time. This person called JOKER, I think he’s a man of talent that born every 50 years.
Ka: There are few of them, yeah. (laughs)
Ko: Our songs are really saved by this JOKER-san (laughs)
N: It’s you! (laughs)

---In the chorus there is Nakamaru-kun’s effect voice hidden too.
N: At the end of the chorus, yes!
J: The “e-e-e-e“ part!
N: It’s the chorus, but I wonder if the effect takes too much and it can’t be recognized as a human voice (laughs). But during concerts I want to do it live.
J: I want to do the “uh!” at the end of the “TOMORROW” in the chorus all together. I would like that even the audience says “hyu!” with a shrill feeling.

The songs and messages which include the present thoughts of the five boys

---“Yuuki no hana” is a sweet song, it starts with the piano.
Ka: About this song, we created it with the keyword “it’s directed to the stricken area’s [victims]” inside of us.
U: The intro reminds a bit about “Battlefield’s Merry Christmas” [T/N: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence in English].
J: It has that kind of atmosphere.
Ko: It’s really a good song! It worries me that it starts from me though (laughs)
J: It’s strange that Koki starts singing.
Ka: But the lyrics “pierrot” and “come next to me” are Koki-like.
Ko: The “Ueda and I” harmony is also weird, and Ueda’s falsetto is beautiful. Even Kame’s singing voice has a different feeling.
Ka: This song is good, almost to want to make it a single cut!

---“SILENCE” is a song that only KAT-TUN can do.
Ko: The rap in this song is sung in a bit “sigh-like” way.
U: It’s a KAT-TUN-like song, we want to make sure not to lose such an element either.
Ka: “WHITE” and “PERFECT” are songs that they let us sing inside the image of the CM. Considering this, the remaining 2 songs are the ones created with our message, so more than saying they’re rich of variety, probably they include lots of elements.

---Considering all the songs, the harmony is impressive, what is your favourite combination?
Ka: I like Nakamaru’s voice! We harmonize together very often too.
J: I like Nakamaru-kun’s voice too!
U: My part has the image that I’m often with Taguchi.
Ko: Ueda’s high notes are beautiful, Taguchi’s harmony fits too, so the originality creates good stuff and I like all of them.
J: It seems the next combination patterns will become fun~
Ka: Because they aren’t fixed, right?
U: It will be good if we can create new expressions with many combinations.

---Then, send a message to the fans who are giving their best in different situations!
J: I think there are many people like Office Ladies and salary men that suffer of letdown/depression, so I’d like them to cheer up with these songs!
N: There are also many people who are giving their best on work activities. Now I think it’s difficult, but there is also the stream of the society, so if listening to our support songs like “perfect” they become more positive without giving in, I would be happy.
Ko: Now the feeling “I would like you to be strong and do your best” is stronger than before, I want to be strong and do our best together. If even one person thanks to our performances will think “I will give my best even more”, as response we will do our best too. I think it would be good if we can create this wheel.
U: As first thing it would be good if the audience listen to the song and enjoy it. Then, probably the best would be if their positive intentions rise, or better if they can become happier.
Ka: I think there are many people who are living in a difficult situation, but I think also that the “feeling” of that time is very strong. It would be good if even from this single such a feeling firmly arrives. I would be glad if, even just a bit, they could become happier, if both we and they could be positive!

translations credit to iside89

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